More DUST 514 Beta Codes Available in PlayStation Home

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More DUST 514 Beta Codes Available in PlayStation Home

Legions of you turned out last week for the virtual E3 booth in PlayStation Home, and one of the biggest showcases was the introduction of DUST 514, a PS3-exclusive PSN multiplayer shooter from CCP. As the excitement around DUST 514 is growing each day, I wanted to let everyone know that there are still some DUST 514 beta codes available.

More DUST 514 Beta Codes Available in PlayStation Home

Log into PlayStation Home today and make your way to the DUST 514 space, called The Event Horizon Lounge. It is found directly on the Navigator (once in Home, hit Start > Navigator > New and Recommended > The Event Horizon Lounge). Once in the Lounge, talk to the bartender. She’ll give you a little info on Mercenaries, and direct you to the Recruiter who can help you get a beta code. Once you’ve learned more about the EVE universe and secured your code, make your way down the corridor on the left and play the addictive game of Slay—a tabletop style game of world domination.

Lastly, of course there are rewards in the Event Horizon Lounge:

  • Dropsuit Challenge – If a user plays a game of Slay and wins, they get a free DUST 514 Merc Dropsuit outfit for their avatar. There will be new Dropsuits released every week (total of 4)
  • Also, if a user downloads the DUST 514 client, released later this year, they will also be rewarded a free Companion Drone

We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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  • Anyone with an extra beta code?? please help me out @ MushThePainter, I’ve tried everything for a code so I’m SOL atm.. thanks in advance

  • Not cool, Sony and CCP. Not cool.

    Last week, I heard on the PS Blog’s E3 livestream that I could access Dust 514 beta access through the virtual E3 booth. While technically true, you wasted 30 minutes of my time – if I had known Event Horizon was a separate space, and that the “exclusive” Dust 514 booth in E3 was just a link to that space, I could skipped all of the E3 booth’s ridiculous fetch quests.

    So, after jumping through those hoops, I arrive in Event Horizon only to find a cumbersome and complicated strategy game that needed to be played before I could receive a code. I didn’t have the time to learn this last weekend, so I came back today (one week later) to play and get my code.

    Yep, the codes are all gone.

    Spare us the “don’t worry, more are coming this summer” bit. It’s like you DON’T want people to try your game and get hyped for it.

  • @36 – Slay is turn-based.

    @Everyone wanting a code – Sorry, I took seven of them, one for each person on my PS3 (and only, like, two-and-a-half of us would play it).

    @Cade – Alright, third time, second day that I’ve won a game of Slay, and no new suit (I have the Gallante one; new one is Amarr Heavy?). Do I have to talk to the recruiter again or something? Or, more simply, do I have to win on a map I haven’t won before? If the latter’s the case, what for people who beat every map in the first week? And, again, when do new weeks start?

    • The suits are swapped out on Monday mornings (GMT) and will rotate, so if you missed a suit, you’ll have another chance in the coming weeks.

  • @TJF588,

    Is that even allowed? Why would you need seven when less than half of you actually want to play? Furthermore, I’m fairly certain you only need a code for the actual client. Thanks for being a jerk.

  • I heard that their was a glitch and some people got the codes that way!!! Its gets me mad. I even beat slay I played all day!!! I thinks very unfair that some people got more than one code!!! :(

  • @Coc, Oh 7, that’s a lot compared to 10, 000.
    Last fall I got a few Ratchet and Clank A41 beta codes from the blog and put them on separate quick/blank accounts so that my devoted friends could play it and see if they liked it. (I didn’t give them my main account and I went an un-linked all of them) One even said that he tried going for them on the blog too.

    wait You …. you do realize that you only need one beta code, one download and everybody on your PS3 can play it…. If you had 7 PS3s for 7 different people then yeah probably did need to get them. You… you didn’t actually go out and win 7 rounds of slay for one PS3 did you?

    Oh as for the suits. The new suit is up. I think it’s Gallante, it’s the scout one. Last week’s was the Heavy suit, probably Amarr. I want to collect em all.
    I thought they mentioned somewhere that the DUST 514 space was up? Maybe in last week’s E3 post?
    You guys can wait, it’s not like you don’t have a boatload of games from this year or PS+ or anything. It’s only in 2 weeks! Plus it’s a little big laggy (being a beta and all) and it’s not your everyday generic FPS.

  • I managed to get a code and to be honest, I didn’t enjoy the Beta, it is not really my type of game but was curious of trying it out, if I had known some of you guys really wanted to try the Beta, I would have given you my code. It is already redeemed, which I’m sorry, I’m sure you would have enjoyed it more than me.

  • Yeah, I know that only one code’s really needed (though one of the profiles on the main PS3 is a friend’s, so his would be a legit use). I’m just so used to getting stuff on all the accounts. Anyway, one does not need to win a game of Slay to get a code.

    So, the Heavy suit was last week? Weak. I stayed up (graveyard shifter) on Tuesday just to beat a round before Home updated the next day. *sigh* Would this be karma?

  • Got my beta code two days ago! Dust 514 is the BEST fps I gave ever played.

  • lol, I ment have ever played

  • My code is not working

  • I need a code plz CCP EVE

  • I got the first DropSuit. Cade Peterson, do you know if they will be restocking the beta keys once a week? i was 2 hours late after they ran out.

  • Are there still any available keys? :D

  • Sorry john_eddy, i don’t know, but i just checked and they haven’t, i’m hoping they will add more tomorrow morning. because it would save me a lot of sleep:D. i missed the last one by 2 hours and i’m not going to miss one this time, i already signed up with 6 different emails(4 of which i made just for the occasion) but i don’t want to wait for june 29

  • Ahh that’s sad, thanks for the update… I’ll keep on watching though and waiting then gonna post here if they post more codes for the beta :D CHEERS

  • @ReptileHand Actually, you usually cannot access betas with multiple accounts using only one code. The code redeemer’s PSN account is allowed access to the beta servers, and ONLY the code redeemer’s account. You may still be able to download/boot up the game beta from a different PSN account or different PS3, but you will not actually be able to play. I tried this with the MAG beta and it did not work. But Dust 514 may be different, so who knows.

    @TJF588 Still though, you could have only gotten two, one for your friend, one for yourself, and let those other 5 users just play on your PSN account. It’s a beta anyways, so if you’re a “OMG MY STATS” kind of guy, it doesn’t matter since they’re wiped in the end.

  • Upon arrival to your Glorious HUB , i freeze, there is lagging and freeze, i had shut down my PS3 manually 2 times , to then wait 8 more mins waiting for the HDD repair , This just adds more Misery to having to come here and complaint to people that Dont give a squat.

  • rite i got my beta key, downloaded dust 514 beta and played for a few days, now everytime i try to log in it tells me that the server is down try again later (between 11.00-11.30) that was at 3oclock in afternoon and again this morning at about 9ish is there a prob logging onto dust at the moment or does the beta key only work for a few days then stop??

  • they must be out of codes all i get is x’s

  • I just went to the Dust Lounge on PS Home, did everything, got my code. But it doesn’t work. Tried it twice and checked it twice. Can i get some help?

  • omg i got my beta code but it says i can’t use it. it says they’re invalid or something like that. oh and to get the beta talk to the recruiter ;)

  • I’m having same problem as the last two ppl.. I got a code but when I redeem it PSN says “The code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid. Please check your entries.” Ive checked my entries and they are what I got for the recruitment kiosk.

  • beta only available on weekends

    @17 4:30AM Pacific (PDT) is 5:30 Mountain (MDT), 6:30 Central (CDT) and 7:30 Eastern (EDT). You can always google it, too to find out what time it is where you are

  • GotSum_DEATH_2do

    *H*E*L*P* i just beat ‘stay’ again to recieve my third ‘dropsuit’ , i watch all the videos and DID recieve a code – tried it (a few times) & it did not work – I even called SONY , they told me to check here ….. So who doesn’t my code work? (it was not xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) so it should be a good code = so what gives?

  • GotSum_DEATH_2do

    not who but “why”

  • So I stuck out with slay and beat a game… only to realize that codes had run out. Since I went through the trouble to get a code, does that mean I’ll have a better chance at getting a code? (I have registered for closed beta already)

  • Any New Beta Keys Coming???

  • Hey I received a beta key, downloaded the client, played the game, and now I get a message that my event expired or something along those lines… Why did I lose access to the beta?

  • Well I understand now, didn’t read the limited weekend part. Anyway I agree with what is becoming the majority that it is wrong to charge people to play your beta. Shame on CCP for this act, shame on Sony for being a part of it, and shame on all the other companies that are going to use this idea for their beta testers. Gamers pay for your games, and pay for your dlc, and even pay for the systems that play the games, beta was the one event that gamers didn’t have to pay for and now CCP has killed that. Way to take care of your supporters. I was excited about this game until the merc pack fiasco.

  • Okay.I did everything from playing slay and watching the videos. So when i went to the kiosk to get my code, all that came up was XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. Help me.

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