More DUST 514 Beta Codes Available in PlayStation Home

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More DUST 514 Beta Codes Available in PlayStation Home

Legions of you turned out last week for the virtual E3 booth in PlayStation Home, and one of the biggest showcases was the introduction of DUST 514, a PS3-exclusive PSN multiplayer shooter from CCP. As the excitement around DUST 514 is growing each day, I wanted to let everyone know that there are still some DUST 514 beta codes available.

More DUST 514 Beta Codes Available in PlayStation Home

Log into PlayStation Home today and make your way to the DUST 514 space, called The Event Horizon Lounge. It is found directly on the Navigator (once in Home, hit Start > Navigator > New and Recommended > The Event Horizon Lounge). Once in the Lounge, talk to the bartender. She’ll give you a little info on Mercenaries, and direct you to the Recruiter who can help you get a beta code. Once you’ve learned more about the EVE universe and secured your code, make your way down the corridor on the left and play the addictive game of Slay—a tabletop style game of world domination.

Lastly, of course there are rewards in the Event Horizon Lounge:

  • Dropsuit Challenge – If a user plays a game of Slay and wins, they get a free DUST 514 Merc Dropsuit outfit for their avatar. There will be new Dropsuits released every week (total of 4)
  • Also, if a user downloads the DUST 514 client, released later this year, they will also be rewarded a free Companion Drone

We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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