3…2…1…PulzAR! PS Vita Gets Augmented Reality Puzzle Game Today

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3…2…1…PulzAR! PS Vita Gets Augmented Reality Puzzle Game Today

We’re very excited to announce the release of PulzAR today, available on PSN for $1.99. In case you’ve missed our past PulzAR blog posts, here’s a word from the game’s lead designer to usher in today’s release:

3…2…1…PulzAR! PS Vita Gets Augmented Reality Puzzle Game Today

I’m Neall Jones, Lead Designer for the next great addition to the PS Vita AR games, PulzAR.

So, what’s PulzAR all about then? Well the Earth is in grave danger, somewhere just beyond our planet’s outer atmosphere five giant asteroids are heading on a deadly collision course with the planet. It’s up to you, the player, to command a network of laser powered rockets to try and blast the asteroids into a harmless meteor shower before they hit the Earth. The first Play Card placed is used as the Arena card and draws the level out, then the puzzles use up to 5 Play Cards to place the three types of objects in the game; Reflectors, Splitters and Color Filters. There have been other laser and light based games before, but none of them have let you see the game world and play it on your table top, something that can only be done with the PS Vita. The original iteration of the puzzles just used Reflectors with the Splitters and Color Filters part of the Arena; we expanded that to allow the other objects to be placed by the player too.

PulzAR 2

Moving the PS Vita around the play area will let you visualize the world in true 3D, you may see a solution you previously hadn’t thought of. Tilt the PS Vita up to the sky to view the asteroids bearing down on you. We hope you enjoy PulzAR and manage to solve all of the puzzles. If you need to get the AR Play Cards or want create a huge arena to play in (by scaling up the cards) then you can download them from here.

PulzAR 3

Table Top Tanks – Toy Tanks Pack

We’re also happy to announce the brand new DLC for Table Top Tanks – the “Toy Tank Pack.” For only $0.99, players can outfit their tanks and jets with a more whimsical, toy-inspired look – perfect for fooling your opponents into underestimating your power before you seize victory on the battlefield!

We hope you’re enjoying blasting your friends in the addictive Ad-Hoc battle mode too! It’s a wild multiplayer experience that is intensely fun.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned as we’ll have more announcements in the near future regarding AR Play, DLC, and much more.

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  • PrimeroIncognito

    Yeah it had mustard on it.

    But for some reason, the second part of my reply to Breakfuss isn’t posting… must be certain words are being blocked… just because I mentioned some things about how money is an illusion… the news regularly reports fabrications so it’s wise not to trust everything you hear, etc. Sony always finds ways to stay afloat no matter what. Reports of bankruptcy have followed them around for decades.

    Did you guys ever think they’re trying to catch back up after the company just returned from a very busy E3?

  • Chicken sandwiches rock! I had a big ol’ tenderloin sammich today. It was bigger than the plate! Couldn’t even see the bottom bun. Nom!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    “I have too many games right now and there’s no need to go out and buy some more”

    Yeah, really, I know. Me too. I’m still working on my backlog of games… It makes me wonder how people can complain about these late updates. As if there’s nothing else to play/do.

  • First off people calm down the PS Store will get updated @ probably around 11pm est to 8 ptf time. in the meantime i’m glad i pre-ordered my copy of gravity rush & i’m loving this amazing epic PS Vita title. looking forward to the PS Store update but til then i’ll continue with gravity rush til 11pm.

  • OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the STORE UPDATE??!!

  • Lol complaining about complainers. That makes so much sense.


  • PrimeroIncognito


    And what did you just do, genius?

    I’m not complaining, by the way. Simply trying to get through the thick skulls with some logic.

  • Im tired of pressing F5!!

  • I’m very old, so I’ve been playing video games before anyone had heard of the internet, and before the World Wide Web even existed.
    We never complained about late store updates, because we never had an online store. We didn’t have an online anything. The only thing we had online was our washing, because we didn’t have washing machines either.
    There were no patches. If something was released with a game-killing bug, you had to live with it. There was no DLC. If you wanted extra levels for the games you loved, you had to wait for the sequel to be released.
    We didn’t even have forums like this to vent our, totally misguided and entitled, outrage that we couldn’t get the game we wanted the absolute moment we demanded it.
    Also, I remember when all this was fields, and I fought in two World Wars for the likes of you.

  • @49 Provoking doesn’t help, especially since you’re sitting on psblog anxiously waiting for the update too.

    Back to FFXIV.

  • @58 lol agree. Doing F5 between questing hehe.


  • Whats up with all these people complaing like Sony will never update there store again. God, you people need to chill. Just wait a couple more hours and even then i don’t think you have the right the complain, i’m sure there not being “lazy” and they are working hard to get everything ready for the next update.

  • Please sony fix the install error on call of duty black ops map pack 2 . I bought it for nothing I want my money back

  • @59 Great, did you do without electricity as well? WTF is your point?

    @57 PrimeroIncognito Not everyone agrees with your “logic”. If you don’t like what I (or others) have to say, move along. I have the right to share my grievances with whom the company I spend countless of dollars with. What are you, a Sony agent?

  • Apologies for not staying on topic but does anyone know if there will be a summer sale anytime soon? I’m interested in purchasing some games but would prefer some discounts.

    PulZar looks great, hope we will see more great Vita games on the PSN store, when it updates.

  • @Breakfuss

    Electricity? I have my laptop wired up to a dynamo and a bicycle just to be able to post this.


  • Carlos_spicy8--o

    Wow extremely slow update. I feel sorry for the people waiting to buy Gravity Rush. I’m actually looking forward to this title. I love downloadable games!

  • Why is the update for 6/12 on playstation network not up yet? I am on pst and its 7:20pm. I don’t understand this from a business standpoint when you update a digital store late in the afternoon. Apple’s app store updates midnight est and customers on the west coast benefit from this and it is awesome. I am a big fan of playstation products and services but this does not make sense. Why not release a financially struggling product’s content as soon as possible so that you could please consumers? Someone please answer me!!

  • What time does the update today?

  • The big problem is the delay in updating the store, the missing standard sony. Each week the update comes out at a different time and this is frustrating. Chager home from work and connect the ps3 and see what we’re near the end of the day to update anything in the store. Unfortunate!

  • You gotta love those back in my day, we didn’t have indoor plumbing posts. like they’re meaningful or relevant. From a purely business perspective, these pathetically late store updates do nothing to enhance sony’s reputation, they irritate consumers and publishers/developers alike. And they cost sony and publishers real money in terms of lost sales. Can’t impulse buy something that’s not for sale because the monkey couldn’t figure out what button to push.

  • @66 Budapesti Well played, sir. lol.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Yo momma’s so fat, when she jumps in the air… she gets stuck.

  • Man I love anything with Mushrooms on it! Burger King has this mushroom sandwich for $2 and it’s just stuffed with mushrooms! Pizza with mushrooms is really good too.

    For chicken subs/sandwiches. I usually put Lettuce, Tomatoes, green peppers, cheese, pickles and mayo! The ultimate combo! Wish I could put mushrooms on them though! ‘Merica!

    Hope they give those 12 free games some love with Free DLC. I think choplifter was getting free DLC? Hard Corps is such a good game and I recommend it to everybody out there! Play the customizable mode with upgrades though because Arcade is brutal. Hope they give out the DLC, I would love to get back into it again (as another character).

    I’m playing some Dead Nation right now, thought it’d be nice to give the game some attention again.

  • I’m calling Sony this is unacceptable!!!!!!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    “You gotta love those back in my day, we didn’t have indoor plumbing posts. like they’re meaningful or relevant.”

    They are meaningful and relevant, actually. If you can’t see it, then… well, I guess we’ll just see you when you get here, young brotha.

    “And they cost sony and publishers real money in terms of lost sales”

    Lost sales? Explain. How can you lose what you never had? Do the games disappear from the store after the first day? Oh… I understand what you mean now. Yes, it’s the “I’m-so-mad-at-you-for-not-giving-me-exactly-what-I-want-when-I-want-it-so-I’ll-get-you-back-by-boycotting-your-product-and-never-buy-it-in-the-future-either-to-teach-you-a-lesson-that’s-right-my-money-is-so-important-and-powerful” mind state that so many of the bratty brats have these days.

    Yeah, sure. You earned the right to complain because you spent some money. Are you serious? They already gave you what you paid for.

  • @76 Call them, they won’t do anything. They probably will tell you that they don’t know. They’re probably uploading stuff to there store or something, why are you so impatient. You people really need to learn patience.

  • wahhh.

  • I just got back into Dead Nation – forgot how good it is….

  • PrimeroIncognito


    The Choplifter HD Zombie DLC was supposed to be free for only a limited time. I downloaded it on the same day I bought the game, so I got it free. And mushrooms are gross, man. :D

    Now, before all you profile stalkers out there look at my account and say, “Liar! I don’t see Choplifter on your trophy list!”, that’s because I haven’t played it yet. I did play the demo, then bought the unlock key, downloaded the free DLC, and haven’t touched it since then, because of being involved in other games. That’s why it’s not there. :)

  • Primero, take off your SDF blinders, your counter arguments are as pathetic as the store updates. There is no relevancy to some old fart talking about way back when, where there was no online. My life sucked back in the old days, because I hung my wash out on a clothesline, and that has WHAT to do with anything,

    Yeah, lost sales, genius. Ask anybody who does sales for a living, and they will tell you the same thing, get them to sign on the dotted line, don’t let them out the door to think about it, because they won’t be back. As a consumer, yes, I have a right to complain. I’m not some sony fanbot barking away like some robot because people are attacking his company and going into SDF mode.

  • I wish people realized that sony does not read the blog. if they have problems complaints they should be emailing and calling sony. posting that on the blog does nothing at all.

    also does anyone read the author of the post of the blog? it seems they do not. I say that because again the only person seeing your blog post would be the author of the blog post.

  • @Incagneto

    They just go for the most recent post.


    phew! thanks! I just picked me up the free DLC. I think it was miss-able because it wasn’t on PS Plus. Yeah I don’t have it installed too but I did put everything in my downloads list so I can play them later.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    You can’t think clearly when you’re having a PMS attack. Take a deep breath, collect your thoughts and try again. You didn’t prove anything with that last rant full of vague and speculative nonsense. Perception is not always reality, and preventative measures that business people employ rarely predicts actual outcomes.

    And the only reason you have a right to complain is because you’re a free being living on this planet who has just as much right to speak your mind as anyone else, it has nothing to do with how much money you’ve thrown at any given company. But you should express your concerns in a more mature and respectable manner… if not only for preserving your own image, but also in the interest of getting more out of those you wish to discuss the matter with. Why should they feel like compromising with a snotty, narcissistic brat?

    Sony never asked you to spend money on their products, thus, they owe you NOTHING other than the product that was promised upon payment. That’s it. Period. It’s only an unchecked ego that leads one to believe they’ve somehow acquired the right to be a jerk to the same people when things don’t turn out so perfect. But that is life. Just deal with it.

  • @Incagneto

    Glad to see there are others who realize these facts

  • Finally updated. Oh ya downloading me some games.

  • Does anyone know who you can complain to about late updates? Someone needs to start a petition or something.

  • I understand they have a job to do and everything, but this is getting ridiculous. You would think that Sony would want to get the update up as early as possible. After all, the earlier the update, the earlier people start forking over their hard-earned cash. There is no update for me on this day as I have work early tomorrow morning. Bastards!

  • wolfetempest8469

    Funny enough, it is 10:21pm, and my vita shows no update for psn store. another very late update.

  • I’d appreciate a posting if there was a delay. Sony’s a business. This is not how you do business.

  • @88 your mom! lol sorry I had to do it. No offense.

  • @72 That first sentence put me to tears from laughing. XD

  • @ Sony,

    I can’t wait on you any more tonight. This was my only game day for the whole week and now the introduction of gravity rush and MGSV is ruined.

  • LOL @ incognito

    “they owe you NOTHING other than the product that was promised upon payment. ”

    they don’t even owe you that, that is just another thing you expect them to give you

    why don’t you go check your “ego” and do something other than argue with people on a video game board with your “ultimate wisdom”

  • *Gets nervous* Gosh I hope everyone at sony is ok…

  • I demand a refund for my PS+ subscription!!!!

  • Why is Sony making it so hard for them to take my money?

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