3…2…1…PulzAR! PS Vita Gets Augmented Reality Puzzle Game Today

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3…2…1…PulzAR! PS Vita Gets Augmented Reality Puzzle Game Today

We’re very excited to announce the release of PulzAR today, available on PSN for $1.99. In case you’ve missed our past PulzAR blog posts, here’s a word from the game’s lead designer to usher in today’s release:

3…2…1…PulzAR! PS Vita Gets Augmented Reality Puzzle Game Today

I’m Neall Jones, Lead Designer for the next great addition to the PS Vita AR games, PulzAR.

So, what’s PulzAR all about then? Well the Earth is in grave danger, somewhere just beyond our planet’s outer atmosphere five giant asteroids are heading on a deadly collision course with the planet. It’s up to you, the player, to command a network of laser powered rockets to try and blast the asteroids into a harmless meteor shower before they hit the Earth. The first Play Card placed is used as the Arena card and draws the level out, then the puzzles use up to 5 Play Cards to place the three types of objects in the game; Reflectors, Splitters and Color Filters. There have been other laser and light based games before, but none of them have let you see the game world and play it on your table top, something that can only be done with the PS Vita. The original iteration of the puzzles just used Reflectors with the Splitters and Color Filters part of the Arena; we expanded that to allow the other objects to be placed by the player too.

PulzAR 2

Moving the PS Vita around the play area will let you visualize the world in true 3D, you may see a solution you previously hadn’t thought of. Tilt the PS Vita up to the sky to view the asteroids bearing down on you. We hope you enjoy PulzAR and manage to solve all of the puzzles. If you need to get the AR Play Cards or want create a huge arena to play in (by scaling up the cards) then you can download them from here.

PulzAR 3

Table Top Tanks – Toy Tanks Pack

We’re also happy to announce the brand new DLC for Table Top Tanks – the “Toy Tank Pack.” For only $0.99, players can outfit their tanks and jets with a more whimsical, toy-inspired look – perfect for fooling your opponents into underestimating your power before you seize victory on the battlefield!

We hope you’re enjoying blasting your friends in the addictive Ad-Hoc battle mode too! It’s a wild multiplayer experience that is intensely fun.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned as we’ll have more announcements in the near future regarding AR Play, DLC, and much more.

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  • Cool. Ive had my fun with Tabletop Tanks, I will for sure try this out!

  • Vita FTW!

  • Stop making blog posts and update the store if you want my money from Gravity Rush!

  • Can’t wait to try this out ^_^

  • 3 2 1 …PS Store Update time! :) lol

  • Zechs34 thats the craziest avatar ive ever seen xD

  • $1.99? Awesome. Looks much more interesting than the tank game.

  • I’m pretty sure I threw out my AR cards…

  • greatt..

  • I like Table Top Tanks, and this looks like another solid addition to the AR series.

    The Vita needs a folder option now that we’re getting several games of certain types. How about we get an Android-inspired method of creating folders, where dropping one game/app onto another creates a folder that can by opened up by a tap? Then you choose what you want to open from the selections displayed. Then we can name the folders such names as:

    – AR Play
    – minis
    – PSOne
    – Demos
    – Vita Games
    – Social Networks

  • Thanks Shaun….great price and game looks like it’s a lot of fun too.

    Keep up the great work !

  • Thats great and all but wheres the update?
    Loving Gravity Rush btw!

  • *sigh*. I’m sensing a late store update. I knew this day was going to come again.

  • Is the US store getting the same PS Vita Sale as the EU store? ’cause that would be awesome…


  • Niicee…Table Top Tanks is really fun…i will also be getting this!

  • @13,

    Yea it is usually up by now, I hope it is nothing serious.

  • I’ll be getting this, and the tanks DLC. Bought the tanks game on a whim (I had a couple of dollars in my PSN account) and it proved to be huge fun for such a tiny price.
    Guys, stop moaning about the store update. It’ll happen. You know Jeff, Grace etc. are busy playing Gravity Rush…

  • can you update the store.

  • hahah this looks cool, deff woth $1.99

    And the fact you can scale the cards from the link to make a bigger playing field. Nicee

    imagin a AR card on the THDTV Screen and smaller ones around the room i guess It’ll be a seventh card or …

  • So awesome that on the day one of the most anticipated games gets released we get a late store update. Typical Sony.

  • update the STOOORRRREEEE sony… I swear…

  • PrimeroIncognito

    I just ate a chicken sandwich. It was delicious.

  • Sony is trolling us. Come on, update store please.

  • People! When the PlayStation store has alot of content to upload it takes longer than usual. Stay patient.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    “Sony is trolling us.”

    I hope so. Most posters here would deserve it.

    In fact, Sony should adopt a new policy – For every complaint on the blog crying about “late” updates, they should delay the update for another 5 minutes, just to piss off the whiners even more. :)

    It may be the only way to teach you to be patient. Seriously, do you think they’re not working on it?

  • 8:30 PM EST, and still no store update… :/

  • well hopefully its a kickass update with tons of new content. stuff for everyone. plus subs and non subs alike.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    I know for sure that pinball fanatics with a Vita are getting 2 new tables for The Pinball Arcade today… us poor bastards with only a PS3 have to wait until the 26th… but then we get 4 tables! (Vita also gets the other 2 tables on the 26th) And the Avengers Chronicles 4-pack for Marvel Pinball comes out next week!

  • sony pls

  • @ 24. Making people wait shows they dont care about customers. Microsoft and Nintendo dont seem to have a problem updating their stores early in the day and on time. Heck Valve updates steam everyday at 12pm on the dot with more content than Sony does in a week. There is absolutely no excuse for this. Sony is just being lazy. If no one complains then it will never change.

  • Did they cancel the update today????

  • PrimeroIncognito

    “Making people wait shows they dont care about customers.”

    Who wants customers who whine all the time? I wouldn’t. Besides, it’s not that they don’t care… if they really made people wait, it would be all about demanding some damn respect. First of all, they’re only human… and they’re very busy people, they bust their asses every day for their customers, and yet they still have to put up with a bunch of ungrateful, over-privileged brats who harbor a grotesquely inflated sense of entitlement. Why don’t you just give them a break? I guarantee you they probably work 10x harder than you do…

    “Microsoft and Nintendo dont seem to have a problem updating their stores early in the day and on time.”

    I don’t know anything about the Wii stuff, but the only reason Microsoft is on time all the time is because they just set their updates for Wednesdays… a full day after the industry standard “New Release Tuesday”… they do that to avoid the people who whine about so-called “late” updates, but you guys have simply been deceived. In reality, Microsoft is always a full day late.

  • @ Everyone complaining about the wait for an update.

    The way I see it, the longer the wait…the better quality of product. If they just shot out quick updates with half finished products everyone would still complain. PlayStation gets it done and done right. The complaints never stop, no one is ever satisfied. Just wait, life will go on even if you have to wait longer for an update lol.. I am sure there are more than enough movies, games or social activities that PlayStation has to offer that you can do while you wait for an update.

  • por cada persona que dice update the store yo creo que retrasan el update media hora por cada persona que lo dice pq caramba esta brutal esto ya ! UPDATE PLEASE! :(

  • PrimeroIncognito

    “If no one complains then it will never change.”

    You guys have been complaining for years and nothing has changed. Complaining is NOT how you change things. Sony is a different company. They operate by a unique protocol. This is a good thing. They’re not just like all the others… and they’ve been in business for over 60 years, so I think they know what they’re doing…

  • leg humping sheep everywhere…Sony will come through in a bit, Microsoft and Nintendo is just as bad, just your monry sheep, just your money…

  • why have we not got the update yet

  • Jeez, I’m still working my way through LAST WEEK’S amazing update! Some people live to complain, though. And as for those people, the rest of us enjoy watching you throw your tantrums while we munch on popcorn until the update hits.

  • @31 (PrimeroIncognito) You’re missing the point. All people want expect of Sony is to update at the time SONY specified. How wanting consistency an inflated sense of entitlement? It’s called…good busiess.

    @34 (PrimeroIncognito) Guess you don’t keep up with the news much, eh? Sony has been in a financial vortext for the last few years. Playstation is division is about the only thing turning profit, and it looks like their determined to screw that over too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE and loyal Sony fan — always will be. But, it’s incidents like this that tarnish the very brand they’re attempting to salvage.

  • @21 – PrimeroIncognito

    How was your chicken sandwich, fine sir?

  • 10:20 pm here, no store update : /

  • Still no PSN update…
    Back to BF3 lol

  • @38 Agree Breakfuss. Doesn’t seem very professional. It comes off like they are rushing at the last minute and nothing is planned out in advance. We’ve seen that through countless errors and mistakes on Playstation Update posts.

    @37 If people want to complain, let them. They have the right.

  • PrimeroIncognito


    Well, like I said, it was delicious. :)

    The bread was the real highlight. Such a fine texture, and a nutty, grainy taste. Really hit the spot.

    So, have you gotten Rayman Origins yet? I remember you said you were going to buy it… and you have a matching avatar… if you don’t have it yet, I must say, it’s worth every penny of the current $29.99 retail price, just in case you were waiting for a price drop.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    “All people want expect of Sony is to update at the time SONY specified”

    And you missed my point. Specifically when I stated, “they’re human”… think about that for a bit, hopefully it catches. Have you ever been late to school or work? You were?!?! What?!?! How dare you!

    Dude, you have NOT A SINGLE CLUE what’s going on over there. Who knows… maybe some band of ninja assassins broke into the Store Team’s offices and sliced them all into tender little chunks of bloody flesh… :)

  • @+ AgitoKoyoto Did you even look at the list for today? It has to be one of the lightest releases in a very loooong time. So I’m sure that doesn’t have anything to do with it.

    And longer update time= quality? I almost spit my drink out me nose on that note. Naw, It’s just Sony taking their good ol time and nothing more. Anywho, I hope dude up there ^^ added Mustard to that sandwich. That would be epic right there! ;)

  • I haven’t, I have too many games right now and there’s no need to go out and buy some more. I will get it somewhere down the line though. I’m in love with the game too.

    I’m also curious about what in the heck goes on in those offices, how long does it take to upload everything? when do they start? Surely publishers/developers have the game ready at least a week in advance.

    the only thing I’m upset about right now is the store going on/off with errors. I was interested with some stuff in PS Home but I can’t buy a thing with all these errors. It seems they won’t go away until the store updates, at least.

    I love chicken sandwiches by the way.

  • Did you not read the news last week? There is only going to be one store update per month.

  • 9:45 basically where is the playstation store june 12 update !!!!!!!!! so much for being a playstation plus member :(

  • “@37 If people want to complain, let them. They have the right.”

    Not sure where you think I’m saying they don’t. It’s be a waste of perfectly good popcorn if they didn’t.

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