PlayStation E3 Live Broadcast Day 2 Is On Now!

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PlayStation E3 Live Broadcast Day 2 Is On Now!

Day 2 of E3 is the longest of the lot- a full 8 hours. While that may be bad news for our feet, it’s great news for you; you’ll get to see even more games!

Yesterday we focused on exclusive titles produced by our first party group. Today, we’re welcoming our publishing partners such as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios, Atlus, Namco Bandai, Square Enix and more to show off their wares for PS3, PS Vita, and PS Move. Enjoy!

(If you just see a white space above this sentence, please refresh the page to load the video player.)

Today’s Schedule (Pacific Time):
PLEASE NOTE: Schedule is subject to change.

Don’t fret if you miss any of these sessions live – we’ll be archiving them all on the PlayStation YouTube page. Video games!

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  • Woo-hoo! CS:GO has keyboard and mouse support on the PS3!

  • Nice to see they still don’t have their s*** together. GG, Sony Live Stream crew!

  • @45 – Yeah, I wish more developers would take advantage of this feature that’s been in the PS3 since launch day. >_<

  • LOL @ Tekken guy mentioning the competing platform on the Sony blog because he’s spouting his usual marketing dribble without thinking he’s being interviewed by a Sony rep. lol


  • Xbox doesn’t give you anything for gamerscore and their reward program gives you pennies.

  • Also they raised their gold prices then made the rewards program so your really not getting anything back.

  • Are these going to show up on the PS Store? It would be nice to be able catch the demos I’ve missed.

  • Sony has so much technology. Why can we not have this streamed straight to my PS3? Also, plus really does need a larger game save allowance.

  • hey. Lately ive been encountering some problems with my ps3 and ive only had it for about 3 months. Whenever i play gta assassisn creed brotherhood or infamous i encounter frame rate drops and laggy game play. Especially in assassins creed brotherhood when im running around. does any one know if this can be fixed.

  • where is assasins creed 3 liberations??

  • Fudge I missed the best one, Injustice God’s among us. we caan still watch the ones we missed later on right? Cause i caught just about all of yesterday’s. O__O

  • haha that made me chuckle blue eyed..if you want to complain, there is a section on this website specifically for complaints and suggestions and thats not the blog..i wouldnt be so annoyed by you if you posted every now and then but all you do is constantly spam the blog being a crybaby because you need your diaper changed and your GAME console wont do it for you..its a game console and if it plays games then that is the first and foremost thing that should matter,,you dont need to get on here every minute of the day going “wah wah wah why isnt the ps3 like the xbox?!” the label on the console should be an obvious no fanboy of any specific console but with your constant rants ruining the comments box, it annoys people like me..if you want changes, just go to another game console already or just wait till next gen consoles because thats where the changes are really going to come into play

  • Seriamente Sony que intentan hacer con el PS Vita?!
    Matarlo antes de bajarlo de precio?! Por que en el E3 no le dieron tanto soporte y por que ahora con los updates del PSN Store del E3 no le dan tampoco Soporte?! SHAME ON YOU SONY! WHAT A LACKLUSTER E3 FOR THE PS VITA! BRING SOME FREAKING LOVE TO THE PS VITA DONT KILL IT PLEASE!

  • “60 games for PS Vita” That doesn’t says they are new or they’re just add some game to the previous collection making it a 60 in total by the end of year one of the PS Vita not the 2012 year.

  • Can you show the screen capture more often? It’s sometimes frustrating when we can’t see the whole screen with the camera shot when the guest is explaining the game mechanics.

  • Now you guys seem to be ahead of schedule. Kind of hard for me to plan my day when your schedule is all over the place. Can you kind sorta get back on the schedule that’s posted please? :(

  • HA!! The augmented Vita challenge! That, my friends, is a joke. The winner gets passes to E3..which is very cool. The problem is…those contestants already HAVE passes to E3…at least some do…..

  • Jeff, I might have to ask this a few times, but if you see one of those Square Enix folks, could you ask what is happening with Lord of Apocalypse? That was a promising Vita MH type game.

  • I want a Assassin Creed 3 Liberation Trailer On my Vita psn store.

  • Will the white PS Vita have an Assassin’s Creed logo on the back?

  • @57, MrPAtrick, you’re pretty funny for a 16 year old. My favorite comment today. Since you recently made the switch you probably don’t know that the PS blog has an inordinate number of whiners, complainers & general malcontents. Yes, Slickety does more than his fair share, or 10 persons’ fair share, but I read the blog for laughs.

    @58, Drakont, thanks for posting the English translation of your comment. It’s cool when foreigners comment but since they want us to understand them, they should add a translation.

  • Instead of streaming the demos, why not let us download them ourselves to play at home?

  • Do you plan on showing gameplay for any more ps vita games? There been been that much so far and it would be much appreciated.

  • @michaelochs

    The title is actually “Gods Among Us”, not “God’s”. God’s would mean “God is”, Gods (plural) means more than one god.

  • @66 + lisatsunami Thanks

  • Sony Please bring some demos and videos to the Vita PSN Store, its no so hard to convert videos to vita! come on Sony please!

  • and bluexeyed-slickt keeps on trolling… did you not get your fill in the store update comment section?

  • @lisatsunami im actually 19, i just made my PSN almost 4 years ago..also im not a recent switcher, i just made the full switch a year and a half ago..i also read the blog for entertaining comments because some people actually post some informative stuff and others make me laugh so hypothetical high five to you guy or girl with the flower avatar


    Please show that game! T_T

  • After looking at all the vids, the excitement comes & goes out very quickly for me. It’s so busy there w/ gamers & journalists that… I swear to be on the E3 floor next year! Calendar marked! 8)

  • @32, ziggurcat (haha, cool name), let him be. He has multiple PSN Accts. & likes to post. So you never really know how to keep a conversation w/ him & his many identities.


    You know it luvtoseek lmao. I will sneak up outta no where want I lol. I’m rick James B**** lol. Anyways its called freedom of speech so if you guys can’t take the constructive criticism then don’t play with fire and reply to me in rants. I’m not ranting at you I’m ranting at Sony anyways. So why rant at me when this has nothing to do with you? I mean I don’t understand your logic to start a argument with me when it has NOTHING to do with you young people anyways.


    @ Ziggurcat…… Constructive criticism isn’t TROLLING little man.


    You ask me if I got my fill on another blog? I didn’t know they were handing out food I mean did they invent a need slide out port that beams me food through my ps3 that I didn’t know about? If so send me some Chicken nuggets and salad with a huge cherry 7up. Deal?

  • Have you sent me those chicken nuggets yet? I’m waiting here man. We already got the popcorn ready we waiting on ya to beam me scotty my food.

  • Come on Sony give the vita a 50 dollar price drop.


    Still waiting on my chicken nuggets!

  • Are you guys ever going to put GT5 on psn for download? Oh and I’m still waiting on those chicken nuggets, saladand my 7up. What’s the hold up?


    Also please bring all the Dirt games on psn to. THANK YOU SONY!


    That way if all the dirt games go on psn I will buy them all and you make more money and I’d be able to finish up and platinum Dirt 2 on this account cause I already platinum dirt 2 on my other racing account Nascar legend lol. I have 7 platinums on my main account lol. I have tons more accounts. I just love that freedom to make as mant psn accounts I want on all 3 of my ps3’s. I may buy another ps3 today or tomorrow. I love having all this time and MONEY on my hands to have fun lol.

  • What’s nice about Playstation+ is that I added all that free stuff from yesturday to my download queue and forgot about it and the next day, practically 50GB worth of free stuff was ready for me to play. lol. Gotta love automatic downloads. Soon, my 600GB hard -drive will be full. Time to invest in a 2TB drive. >=]

  • warriorprincess8

    No Vita content was disappointing at E3! You should have ditched the boring lame wonder book, I’m hoping I didn’t waste my money on this system. Sony do you ever learn from your mistakes? Stop trying to mimic Nintendo with move and give real gamers something to look forward to on the vita. Cause right now it feels like we’re getting crumbs

  • Sony Take note from Nintendo and its 3DS only conference if you want to reach the 10 millions sales for the PS Vita.

  • Sony Take note from Nintendo and its 3DS only conference if you want to reach the 10 millions sales for the PS Vita.


    You better tell the makers of Farcry 3 to fix all that SCREEN TEARING or I won’t ever buy it. I just watched the demo on the E3 videos on my ps3 and man that screen tear was terrible. Farcry 2 had lots of screen tear to I mean why can’t you developers ever make games like COD where I don’t think I EVER saw screen tear no matter what happens on screen at once. On BF3 I see screen tear but not as bad as Farcry 3 or dead island. I mean come on guys stop the stupid screen tearing or don’t charge us full price for a screen tear fest game when we turn the character.


    Am I day dreaming when I watched the book of spells thing on E3 on my ps3 and all I see as units of the ps3 was the OLD big fat 80 gig shinny glossy models? Have they been working on that so long that they didn’t have not ONE single test SLIM new model ps3? I thought that was funny when I noticed all the test ps3’s when they were on stage showing book of spells was all the FAT ps3’s. Why didn’t they use the new SLIMS at ALL?

  • iiONyKz-_MaQuIrO

    We wants some updates too!!! for Vita and Ps3! good work over there!

  • Its funny how some people are never satisfied. @BLUExEYED-SLICKT Its not Sony’s fault you have a very slow connection. Most games take only 3 – 5 minutes to download. a full retail download may take 8 – 10. How are you connected to the online. Is it wifi or wired? Wired is faster. 2nd how only is your router. I bought a new one a year ago and saw remarkable improvement. Do you have a PS3 slim if so use the N band its much faster than G or B. If its taking you an hour to download games something is seriously wrong with your internet provider.

  • @B00t3AbustaDAN1 Seriously free games for playing? You want Sony to give you money for earning trophies that don’t physically exist? That’s what credit is you know. Money. Sony and 3rd party developer work very hard on those games but you feel that since you play one well enough to earn trophies, you should get a discount or free game next time. That is truly insane. Sony does give free play with the PURCHASE of Playstation +. 17.99 you get 3 months of free play. And before you say “I shouldn’t have to pay for those games.” Yeah you should! Things are rarely free in this world.

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