PlayStation E3 Live Broadcast Day 2 Is On Now!

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PlayStation E3 Live Broadcast Day 2 Is On Now!

Day 2 of E3 is the longest of the lot- a full 8 hours. While that may be bad news for our feet, it’s great news for you; you’ll get to see even more games!

Yesterday we focused on exclusive titles produced by our first party group. Today, we’re welcoming our publishing partners such as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios, Atlus, Namco Bandai, Square Enix and more to show off their wares for PS3, PS Vita, and PS Move. Enjoy!

(If you just see a white space above this sentence, please refresh the page to load the video player.)

Today’s Schedule (Pacific Time):
PLEASE NOTE: Schedule is subject to change.

Don’t fret if you miss any of these sessions live – we’ll be archiving them all on the PlayStation YouTube page. Video games!

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    What are you guys doing at Sony on the side of the team that runs and fixes the ps store? You have psn down for a whole day the other day and for what? I mean for what? I was hoping you would be fixing the download list and make it organized for once so its not a task and college test to find a game or add on in our download list but nope we have to scroll through thousands of items to find something which can take hours at times. It pisses ya off. Also its been over 5 years I’ve had ps3 and you guys still haven’t updated the ps3 download a game thing. Why on earth do we have to Install a game after waiting HOURS downloading it? Is that why 360 charges for live? I mean they download a game and its done after that and on top of that they can play anything while its downloading and it stays downloading no matter what. On ps3 if you are downloading stuff you are limited at what you can do cause half the time if you start up a ps3 game while downloading stuff it puts the download in a pending state I mean wtf is that crap. Get these updates out we look 1990’s over here in features compared to Xbox Live and how that system does stuff I mean REALLY guys.


    Plus it was a downer to not hear a vita or ps3 price drop after E3. I was totally expecting one since vita isn’t selling well. I’d of totally bought a vita yesterday again if you had price dropped it and those WAY overpriced memory sticks it has but oh well no price drop means no sale.

  • Awesome! I’ve been wanting to hear more about Ni No Kuni. 2PM can’t come soon enough.

  • How about a Vita only post ASAP?

    I’m sure you’re getting tired of all the “Where the heck are the Vita games” questions.

    “We dun goofed, here’s the Vita stuff” or something.

  • I have two quick questions.

    1. Will you be bringing in Arkane Studios to demo Dishonored at some point? If so, please ask them about the no-kill playthrough option. I’m very interested in that as well as many others.

    2. I hear Hatsune Miku Project DIVA f is playable at the Sony booth. Does this mean you’re bringing it over here? Please please please please be true! And do a live demo if at all possible. THANKS! :D

  • why is it “day 2” when today is wednesday and E3 started monday? Is monday evening not counted because it was only the Sony Conference?

    …just wondering cause its throwing me off, sometimes


    Oh and thank god I beat those noobs that yell FIRST in the blog. I took that first spot so ha ha how you like those apples you first guys lol.

  • I look forward to two o’clock.

  • @capitolc Monday wasn’t an official day for E3. E3 officially began on June 5. The console press conferences on monday weren’t officially apart of E3.

  • @capitolc E3 proper officially stated yesterday (Tuesday). Think of Monday as just “Day Zero” conference day.

  • the female lead in The Last of Us is the young girl from one of my favorite movies back in the day, Lionheart!

    wow… I knew her face looked familiar. amazing how kids grow up.


    Oycomics… Monday was a huge part of E3 so don’t go trying to say it was all for nothing and it didn’t matter cause it did but it disappointed so I prefer to forget about it all together though lol.

  • hey does anybody knows if there is coming some news about the new sly game?

  • Can’t wait for the fantastic Persona 4: Golden!

    I hope someone has already signed a deal to publish the game in Europe :D


    I was wondering where I saw her before. Good eye Capitolic!

  • @BLUExEYED-SLICKT the reason why it does that is because those games have an online portion of the game and they do it so it wont slow you down while you are playing online

    and it never takes me hours to download stuff hell it only took me about an hour to download dc online and fully patch it so it is your connection and not psn

  • @#1 Xbox 360 has MANY games that don’t allow downloading while playing. You’re wrong about that. And I could be wrong, but I think Xbox 360 games DO install once downloaded, only it does it automatically and is shown being part of the download process bar. I think everything has to be installed unless MS has some interwoven thing with Live that makes it instantly available without install.

  • I only see 1 vita game on this list (persona 4 golden)

    Disappointed with this years E3

  • Ashley Johnson, the Girl that plays Ellie in The Last of Us, was in The Avengers as that waitress on TV. So make sure to pay attention to that when we ALL buy the Bluray of the movie!

  • sorry play station but I’m not buying a vita until I see some improvements and a fair price drop that isn’t close to the PS3 price.
    Finally: Release the PS4 already!!! It better be 10x awesome than the PS3,360,Wii,Wii U,”Xbox 720″, and all the handheld’s put together!!!!!

  • First time hearing about Injustice, looks really cool. I loved the most recent Mortal Kombat so I’ll be looking forward to this! I hope they announce a vita version too!

  • Just FYI but the E3 conference Part 1 released on PSN cuts off the reveal of Drake and Big Daddy for PS All-stars as Part 2 continues from Jack Tretton

  • @ BLUExEYED-SLICKT “Monday was a huge part of E3 so don’t go trying to say it was all for nothing and it didn’t matter…”

    ??? I said nothing of the sort.

  • Hey Play station!!! Here’s a tip for you!!! FREE IS BETTER!!!
    By FREE I mean why can’t you make it so that we could just use all those hard earned trophies as money to buy games and movies on the PSN!!!! FREE IS BETTER!!! You should no that by now!!!

  • I got the chance to see Ni No Kuni on the show floor yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful. It went straight to the top of my most wanted PS3 game list.

  • That Devil may cry boss is way to long! I understand they want it to be epic but god, less is more remember that

  • The free games on PS+ are great, but it would have been nice to hear that Sony is upping the limit on cloud saves. 150MB really is not enough, especially if they are going to be heaping this amount of content on us. A good problem to have, I admit, but the current storage limit really is insufficient for the sort of gamer that PS+ attracts.

    It also seems as if M$ and Sony are pretty much holding serve on the hardware side: we’re seeing no innovations announced (no new PS3 firmware, added features, etc.) and at the same time no price cuts either. Each seems to be waiting for the other to pull the trigger on a new console first. I think the gamers and developers are basically fine with that–I’m in no hurry to buy a new console, and I don’t think developers are in a rush to roll over to new hardware specs–but then Sony ought to refine and improve the current-gen experience as well. In that sense, and despite all the great-looking game offerings, Sony’s E3 showing seems less-than-satisfying.


    B00t3AbustaDAN1…. I agree man. It would be nice to award us plus members a multiple choice between some games for free for every platinum we earn or to award us a type of plus free movie rental or own a movie for every platinum we earn as long as we are a plus member. That would make earning a platinum mean something at least. I mean its fun we get to earn trophies now on games but I keep hearing on Xbox live they award live users like points towards free months or years of membership or free points to purchase stuff on Xbox live so why can’t we earn things for our hard work earning platinums huh?

  • @27, yep. I don’t have many games. But the Skyrim & Fallout saves are swallowing up the space. If the clould storage can be doubled, that’ll be great.

  • when are you going to post the videos from yesterday? i missed the one of the assassins creed for the vita, becuse it wasent aired when it was supposed to be. and i wont be home today for the rockband one either.

  • @13, there was an official blog post here concerning the new Sly title, along w/ a new trailer released yesterday. Day 3 of E3 may have more info.

  • bluexeyed-skilckt do you ever stop complaining?..if you dont like the way sony does things, just go to xbox already since every post you do is compare the ps3 to the xbox 360..i wouldnt say anything but i find it annoying that every blog post i get on, you just post over and over complaining..also xbox only gives you points for renewing gold and it only ranges between 20-100 microsoft points which isnt a person who made the switch to ps3, i assure you that its no different between the consoles, they both play video games and thats the only thing that should matter

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    Guys, these broadcasts you have been doing for the last 2 years now are so cool – BUT – why oh why, cant they be HD? these streams LOOK SO BAD ON PS3. I cant only be the one who watches on 42″ TV?

    Anyway, I also downloaded the conference last night and it was so sweet sitting on my couch, watching the whole conference in HD, being able to skip the boring parts and replay all the cool gameplay sections :) ….I expected GoW, and LoU to be impressive – but i was also surprised by that Assassins Creed 3 section – it looked prety good for a multiplat :)

  • @29 luvtoseek:

    I would say that 500MB – 1GB would be a more appropriate amount. Or, have a per-game allocation, much like Steam Cloud offers.

  • Love the feed. Props to Jeff for using inversion.

  • I’m hoping for another 15, 20 minutes on Wonderbook! It was an excellent sleep aid Monday night.

  • The Persona section was GLORIOUS!


    Its called Free Speech Patrick16 and if you don’t like it that’s not my problem. Whine to someone that cares that you care that I voice my opinion and constructive criticism. I 90% of the time point out stuff that people like you are too chicken to express on here in the blogs. Things will never be fixed or improved unless we complain about them. Its people like you that stay quiet and silent is why we get no where in improvement. Its people like me that as you say COMPLAIN alot that gets the ideas in companies head to improve. So let me do my thing and you do as you do and stay quiet.

  • You guys owe it to yourself to the show assassin’s creed liberation today since it wasn’t shown yesterday…..


    “I 90% of the time point out stuff that people like you are too chicken to express on here in the blogs.”

    It is true that people on the Internet are nothing if not shy about expressing their opinions. Your courage is an inspiration to us all :)

  • Remote play? For 4 1st PS2 remasters ? Are you kidding me? The instant the Vita gets jailbroken, I’m doing it. And I’ve never owned a hacked system in my life. I won’t pirate games, but I will use my device AS ADVERTISED (and then recanted on a billion times). Says a lot about – my – consumer confidence in the brand. Watching Sony bumble with its glorious tech would be entertaining if it wasn’t so infuriatingly asinine. Its like that genius who can’t even get a sentence out without his crippling social retardation kicking in. So much promise, such awful execution.

    There’s no reason other that hackers should have a better handle on your system than your own engineers do. The PS4 better BLOW PEOPLE’S minds. If its just ok, consider yourselves done in the industry.

  • Btw. Ni No Kuni would have impressed far more than Wonderbook. I know you were trying to show diversity, but really, know your audience. Those weren’t the people who came to see Wonderbook.

  • my god. ask Jack Buser to get trophysupport for home games. there are so many nice games coming in 2012.. and they need a crowd. like it or not. more people will try them out, if there is trophysupport (its like a free add for some games).

    Nothing to add about the rest, but about not being able to play while downloading other stuff… Check either your machine or your connection. I played 2,5 hours of God of War yesterday while downloading Ratchet & Clank All 4 One and it kept going. That’s 14 GBs downloaded in one fell swoop – and that on the very day the game was available for free. And this has been consistent since the hack.

    PSN has improved a lot on its performance, and anyone who didn’t notice it is either not using it much or being deliberately obtuse to gain attention. Sure, PSN still lacks cross-game chat, a more organized interface in parts and all, but with the improvements and Plus it’s way better than Live now. The reason I still subscribe to Live isn’t even playing online anymore as there’s not much of a performance difference now, it’s just that the discounts I get on Live Arcade exclusives/deals compensate things. On Plus I get that AND free games, instead of the sense that I’m paying for something that should’ve been free so I better use the discounts to make it worth it. You don’t even get exclusive/early demos anymore that are not available for *everyone* on PSN the same day. LIVE is just smoke and mirrors now.

  • All I’m disappointed about from the conference is that there was no talk as to how the Vita ports of PS3 games are going to be distributed. I’m really hoping SOMETHING comes about because as it stands I’m not too keen on nor willing to purchase a game twice just because to play the same thing on a smaller screen. I was honestly hoping that would be part of Vita’s Playstation Plus entrance, but right now I’m getting a little scared for my little handheld. Resistance didn’t live up to expectations, and although I’m still looking forward to Gravity Rush, there haven’t been any new experiences since launch with Uncharted and Escape Plan that have made me really happy to own one.

    I’m not a Call of Duty fan, although Assassin’s Creed on the Vita certainly removes my number one gripe from AC3 (being Canadian, I’m not a huge fan of killing loyalists…you know, the guys who built my country). I like that LBP2 on Vita is a new game, but many of the cool cross play titles like Sly Cooper and Playstation All Stars would be AWESOME for my handheld…but I’m already going to buy them for my PS3 and I will absolutely not pay full price for the same thing only smaller :(

  • AWESOME FINALLY Counter Strike for PSN. THAT’S Why I LOVE ONLY Playstation!

  • Alright, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive looks like it’s using the tried and true formula, although I’m not sure if I’ll like the level design for Gun Game Arsenal maps. We’ll have to see. Oh, and keyboard + mouse support? You can see me on there around August 21st!

  • Do you guys know if Counter Strike: Global Offensive will have Steam support like Portal 2 had? I’m loving the fact you guys are implementing keyboard/mouse functionality and Move support, even though I don’t own a Move yet.

  • *Does a double take* Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be on PSN for $14.99! I was planning on buying this on PC but I might have to double dip on this game.

  • Loved the update in the ps store yesterday, SO MANY FREE GAMES, keep up the good work.

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