E3 2012: We’ll Never Stop Playing

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E3 2012: We’ll Never Stop Playing

Just a few moments ago we brought our annual E3 press conference to a close, which marked the official kick-off of E3 and one of my favorite times of the year. As I’ve said previously, gamers are PlayStation’s lifeblood and we will do everything in our power to continue to entertain and amaze you.

Nearly four months after the U.S. launch of PlayStation Vita, we continue to be overwhelmed by the positive response from our gaming community. As demonstrated a few moments ago, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of PS Vita’s capabilities and gameplay. With new titles like Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation, Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, in addition to a deep lineup of more than 60 titles that will be available before the end of the year, we continue to build PS Vita’s content library with jaw-dropping titles that demonstrate its full power and unique features. The next few months will be extremely exciting for PS Vita and our fans.

In the home, PlayStation 3 continues to deliver rich, immersive games that can only be found on our platform. PS3 provides developers with the industry’s most powerful palette to create from, and our extremely talented team at Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios is taking full advantage. We will bring more of what you love with hard-hitting adventures, fast-paced action and suspense-filled mysteries in four new PS3 exclusive titles: Beyond, God of War: Ascension, Last of Us, and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Words can’t do justice to these titles, so be sure to watch the new content we shared tonight. Our publishing partners also demonstrated some amazing content, including Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 3 and Far Cry 3, both of which will offer exclusive DLC for PlayStation customers.

In addition to the core games you love, we also introduced Wonderbook, a completely new experience for PS3 unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Wonderbook puts a physical book in your hands, and when paired with a PS Eye camera, brings to life stories and adventures that allow you to interact with them like never before. We’ve been working with one of the most popular book franchises in the world for our first title: WonderBook: Book of Spells is a collaboration between PlayStation and J.K. Rowling, creator of the magical world of Harry Potter. Book of Spells will feature exclusive and new original writings from J.K. Rowling, and will utilize PlayStation Move – in the form of a magic wand, to help gamers learn and master the art of spell-casting.

All of our platforms are enhanced by the industry’s most robust online entertainment network, PlayStation Network. We strengthened our offering for you tonight by announcing a free new library of games for PlayStation Plus members. PS Plus members now have immediate and instant access to an ever-expanding lineup of great titles that can be downloaded anytime. At launch, the game collection will feature 12 games, including inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet 2 and Saints Row 2. All of these games will be available to members starting tomorrow, and new games will be rotated in all the time.

PlayStation Suite – which as of today will be called PlayStation Mobile – is about delivering the world of PlayStation to open operating system-based portable devices. It’s our goal to make sure that wherever you are and wherever you go, PlayStation’s quality content is always available for you to enjoy. Tonight we announced that HTC will be our first non-Sony group partner to have its smartphones PlayStation-certified, which will help expand the PlayStation experience to even more devices and entirely new audiences.

PlayStation Nation has made PlayStation the global leader that it is today and I thank you for your support. As I said onstage just a few moments ago, our one wish for all of you is that you never stop playing. Keep pushing us. Keep driving us. We will continue to do everything in our power to meet and exceed your expectations, providing a gaming universe where you always feel welcome, challenged and amazed.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the PlayStation family…and the best is yet to come.

Jack Tretton

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  • Thanks, i bought 2 vita’s ( Just to support my favorite gamecompany and ofcourse my girlfriend loves the vita) and i got only to see an announcement of assinscreed : liberation? Please give me more gravity rush sort of games. Sony i know you can do it. I have been there from the start… Playstation 1 , 2 , 3 and now ps vita. C’mon!

  • Best is yet to come? Yes Yes , this means the press conference is not showing the best titles for my vita<3 :D
    I'm throwing all my money at you sony<3

  • Yo people stop complain and cry out I own PS VITA and there is no way in hell I am going to sell it because of first E3 in her life… Year isn’t over yet.. wait for next june see what happens. Sony on smart side partnership with Ubisoft is a killer move .. I really hope to see soon from Ubisoft some nice 3rd party exclusives in playstatiobn library.. New watch dogs should of been shown at conference tho insted of Far Cry 3- too old to be honest Ubisoft but graphics are pushoing bars this year.. Oh, and if Ubisoft in exclusive partnership with PlayStation who give a crap to Map packs Ubi way better than Activision

  • You won’t quit playing but you will quit making Vita games.

    Why do you still have a job Tretton? You’ve killed the PSP, US PS3 sales are way behind your main competitor and now you’re doing the exact same thing to the Vita. Completely incompetent.

  • I’m quite pleased. For all the advances Sony’s making, and I can understand why and prefer that Sony plays their cards close to their chest. Quite frankly, and I may be showing my age here, but E3 is NOT the glorious event it used to be. It’s 100% closed to the public now. It’s wretched. So not making a big fuss at E3 is fine for me. The Tokyo Games Show and GamesCon and PAX is where it’s at now, where you can hear announcements about the big exciting stuff, but at this point, E3 isn’t.
    Even still, like many have posted, E3 isn’t over, so who knows? Me personally, I’m not worried about it. We’ve seen how Sony goes, they pick up steam, then steamroll over everyone else in life expectancy.

    As for everyone else’s comments, acting like they’re big time business experts, LAWWWWWL. You’re funny.

  • you guys started the conference great but that crapbook thing killed it and as a psvita owner i’m very disappointed, you guys showed 2 games instead of 10, i wanted to see new exclusive psvita games being developed for the system, i wanted to see little big planet release date, i wanted to see killzone in action, i wanted to see call of duty in action instead we got a name and thats it wow, it was a great conference if you are a ps3 owner, pretty bad lackluster conference if you are a psvita owner, man i don’t know how to feel about it, just dont let me down because you will be loosing a very good costumer, nintendo might win me over today and i will most likely go back to my gaming roots next generation, i will give you the benefit of the doubt, i hope to start seeing the new unique exclusive psvita games at Gamescon.

  • Hey hey hey!! Nice games for PLUS. Final Fantasy VII also appeared for free? The Ubisoft surprised me, nice games. A. Creed III is very beautiful. Thank´s for all.

  • RIP Vita, we hardly knew ya. Well done Sony on a truly awful e3 conference. You dedicated the most time to some gimmicky story book crap, you clearly have no clue what your audience actually wants. What a sorry state of affairs…

  • wow thanls for the plus content Sony!!! But I want to ask you a thing:

    Please, make a filter system in our download list in the store. I can’t find anything that i downloaded 1 year ago, i have 600 item in my download list but no way to manage all!!! My ps3 has a 120gb hd, and now with this 12 new games, i will have to delete some of my games.

  • The additions to plus is pretty nice and I think more people will subscribe now. It would be foolish not to with all of those games coming and especially that is only month one.

  • Dear Sony,

    Where the heck are the Vita games

    You’re Truly,

    Vita Owners.

  • @50 (kairo617) That was pretty much what I wanted to hear from them, that they’re finally going to bring in PS1 classics. I’ve also noticed that their PSP support has increased since I last checked it, as I was actually able to download Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier onto my Vita. I’m interested in Battle Royale, as I enjoy Smash Bros., and that game being a clone of Smash Bros. just means the same fun for me, especially on the go, something that not even Smash Bros. itself has done yet. All in all, I was happy with what I saw, and I’ll gladly play stuff like Final Fantasy VII or old PSP games on my Vita to tide me over until new games come in.

  • Also, Who thought it was a good idea to encourage kids to put fire out with their bare hands?

  • “PS Plus members now have immediate and instant access to an ever-expanding lineup of great titles that can be downloaded anytime. At launch, the game collection will feature 12 games…”

    By “anytime” he means those 12 games will be available free FOREVER at the PSN store for Plus members? or just 1 month as usual? cause later he says “and new games will be rotated in all the time.” Because if it’s only 1 month, then what changes? and i’ve seen more than 12 games before for Plus… Unless the whole 12 games thing is about “Full PS3 games”. I missed all this part from the conference so i’m pretty lost here.

  • hey daddy jack (you know you have a 37 year old son here right?) can you hook up up with an advance wonderbook?

  • The lack of Vita support is worrying to say the least…

  • Was really hoping to see more of an emphasis on the Vita. 2 or so new games is great (and they are good additions) but i was looking for more. More games for it, I think, was necessary to get both the library growing as well as ownership.

    On a side note I was really hoping for a surprise announcement that monster hunter was coming to the vita. Wasn’t surprised when it didn’t come though.

    Hopefully we’ll see a lot more games coming out for the Vita, not just PS1 games.

  • During the presentation, Jack talked about the connected services available like Amazon streaming video and Hulu Plus. At the same time, several logos were shown on the screen behind him. One of the logos was ESPN, but I have heard no announcement regarding their service and the PSN. Does anyone have some info on this?

  • About 2 months ago I too WAS worried about the Vita and the lack of games coming out for the system. Now I am completely excited for the fall lineup of Vita titles. Street Fighter X Tekken, is obviously another port, nonetheless a game I would never purchase for 60 bucks on PS3. After the excellent MvsC3 on Vita, I am totally looking forward to this title on Sept. 30th for my Vita. As for the rest of the Vita titles coming out this year? PS All Stars and Sly 4 are brand new games, launched respectively alongside their PS3 counterparts. They are not ports in the sense that they are released 6 months later. My opinion is that the Vita is totally worth purchasing for the fall lineup as well as the existing crop of games that are out right now. I do not want new Vita games, such as a Metal Gear, Bioshock, GTA, God of War, Final Fantasy, etc. to be rushed by developers so that a lackluster game such as Burning Skies is released to appease our impatience.

  • (cont)…In my opinion there are MANY triple games for your Vita this year which justifies your purchase of the Vita. I was initially worried but now seeing as the Vita’s must-have titles and library has just exploded for 2012, my worries have dissipated. Right now? Gravity Rush, Uncharted, MvsC3, Rayman Origins, Mortal Kombat, Stardust Delta, Blazblue, Unit 13, and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. This Fall? We get Street Fighter X Tekken, Ragnarok Odyssey, Little Big Planet, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation, PS All Stars, and Sly 4!!! That is going to be 15 Triple A titles in the library by the end of the year. This blows 3DS and ios out of the water…but I guess there is nothing for the Vita right?

  • Blah blah blah Vita.

  • Thanks Jack.

    Don’t know about anyone else, but I thought Sony’s presentation was the best at E3 this year !

    Keep up the great work !

  • @ 66 – mauaus.

    Where have you been the past 2 months.

    Vita has been getting outstanding support, games and Apps and it’s not even 6 months since launch of the device !

  • Who needs Vita support?! WE GOT WONDERBOOK! That was 15-20 minutes (felt like 15-20 hours) well spent! That should have been five minutes tops and the fact that it got zero reaction from the crowd ought to be a clear indicator of how badly that presentation flopped.

  • PS3 demos were great but I fell asleep on the rest of the show. Now I know why it was closed to the public. To avoid all the booing!! Vita no comment!!! if u don’t have any thing nice to say don’t say it- but what do I know This is America Free speech for all. :)

  • Sony Sony Sony why do the vita this way. I purchased it at launch expecting something amazing and got something that can do the a quarter of the things my phone can do……. The screen looks amazing the duel control sticks are great. This is a amazing product and I just don’t understand why it was not shown as the shinning star of E3. The vita is the only console that has came out this year and nothing showcasing its true power? No big game announcements for it? The only thing that saved me not selling this damn thing is them saying they are adding ps1 classics because otherwise I would have gotten rid of this thing already. Step your game up sony. The vita will never survive in mobile gaming unless you show us something it can do that my iphone/android phone can’t do.

  • Sony killed it yesterday! The wii U looks like a flop after today’s presentation and the 3ds showcased 3 brand new mario titles, boring and predictable. Can’t wait for LBP, Sly 4 and Assassin’s Creed: Liberation on Vita this fall. Not to mention The Last Of Us, GOW: Ascension, and Beyond for PS3!


    Once again Sony won E3 with the best of the “Big 3” press conferences. I just watched Nintendo’s shockingly bad presser. How you can bomb so bad when you’re the last of the 3 to go and have a new console to show off is beyond me, but they managed to do it! Micro$oft showed ONE good exclusive game and the rest were ALL games I can play on my PS3. Other than that they talked about a bunch of apps, services – basically everything BUT gaming. Sony was the only one that focused solely on GAMES and GAMING. Game consoles are still for gaming right? I started this generation as a PlayStation hater, but I’m going into the next generation as a big PlayStation fan. Thanks Sony.

  • I can’t count how many times I read in these comments quit complaining about PS One classics support they are holding it for E3. I mean just to add insult to injury we have yet another its coming soon line? Does summer mean next month or August? Does coming this summer mean that the small handful of titles they announced will show up and we will be waiting another year for the rest of the titles to trickle out like the PSP titles?

    You can easily say well the reason there aren’t games is developers need to learn the console. Well that’s half an excuse in itself because they had access to them before the general public. Sony has zero excuse for not having PSP and PS One fully supported on day one. It’s their product! They should of been working on it from day one.

    Then you have SquareEnix PSP titles not on the PSN at all! Sony can point the finger all they want at Square, because at the end of the day people are still going to have a serious problem with the PSPGo and Vita because they can’t play these games. If a best selling title has an issue I would think you would help the developer for your audience instead of just saying it’s not our problem.

  • Sorry to see The Last Guardian missing :( The free PS Plus games are awesome.

  • Very disappointed with the lack of Vita games at the conference. I was hoping E3 would show me some games that would make me want to get the Vita, but it was almost completely ignored at the conference. Nintendo is having separate conferences for the WiiU and 3DS, it would have been nice for Sony to have done the same for the PS3 and Vita. Support for the PSP outside of Japan has been abysmal and it’s looking like you’re going to follow suit with the Vita.

  • Very good PS3 presentation, the upcoming games look amazing! I’ll have to follow the Wonderbook, might be good for the kids.

    The ONLY question I have on my mind still with my Vita concerns Remote Play. I really wish Sony would at least acknowledge that work is still being done on this feature. For myself, it looked like a great function that would accommodate how I play my PS3. It’s hard to monopolize the TV and with kids, hard to play more mature titles considering they are always an ear shot away. I wished there was at least some form of a timeline of when this feature would arrive.

    Other than that, I’m a happy Vita owner and cannot wait until next week!

  • @ 81 – jhaasi..

    Not sure if you saw all of E 3 Sony presentation, but they did confirm Remote Play will be enhanced last night.

    They also mentioned the Vita will have new DLC for LBP (not sure if it’s Karting or which one) and it will make the Vita a controller on the PS3…with ability to have some of the Touch features from the Vita on the PS3….

    That controller feature made my day !

  • For all of you crying the Vita is being neglected.

    Errrmmmm….it’s only been out since Feb 2012 in North America; not even 6 months yet.

    I haven’t seen any other console that has been supported as much as the Vita has in so short a time.

    Rememberl, it’s not all Sony, the Devs have to create the games for the Vita as well.

  • Totally thrilled with the PS3 and PS+ showings. The PS3 is here to stay, and I couldn’t be happier.

    But good god, where was the Vita, Jack? No first party support for the system at all. The system is struggling, and needed that one killer app to convince Playstation gamers to drop their DualShocks and march out to buy the Vita. Where was LBP? Killzone? Something?

  • I was hoping to see Final Fantasy versus XIII, but I guess SE won’t release it soon. Beyond by Quantic dream is a buy. I can’t wait for the R&C collection and R&C: Full frontal assault.

  • Jack Tretton you are amazing at what you do i work for gamestop as a manger and i get to see how people join the playstation 3 world and love it, As for me i will always only play sony and talk and show people how amazing the playstation 3 and vita is keep up the good work and see you at e3 next year.

  • @82 – GCCAN Thanks for that. I had actually read on Adriansang about some titles that now have remote play capabilities and hope that this is the start of more being enhanced.

    I saw the LBP DLC expansion plans and love the idea. This might be overshadowed though when LBP Vita is released – absolutely cannot wait for that title.

  • WHY SONY!!!!! you should of shown this beast of a game instead of that crap wonderbook. NO ONE I KNOW THAT WATCHED THAT WANTED ONE. I am a huge sony fan, but come on, you dropped the ball on this one BIG TIME! And you wonder why psvita sales are down (i own one and the games that are coming out look amazing, but you didnt even show them on E3,) no dedication for the vita.

  • This beast : SOUL SACRIFICE !!

  • Not sure if you people complaining about the lack of Vita titles can’t or won’t read but try paragraph two:

    “a deep lineup of more than 60 titles that will be available before the end of the year”.

  • Ok to me wonderbook is a good thing for kid’s if crap box can so it’s no good kinect off why cant sony have some kid games, For me having a kid soon wonderbook is a good why for me to get are kid in to gaming so i will buy it day one.

  • Seriamente Sony que intentan hacer con el PS Vita?!
    Matarlo antes de bajarlo de precio?! Por que en el E3 no le dieron tanto soporte y por que ahora con los updates del PSN Store del E3 no le dan tampoco Soporte?! SHAME ON YOU SONY! WHAT A LACKLUSTER E3 FOR THE PS VITA! BRING SOME FREAKING LOVE TO THE PS VITA DONT KILL IT PLEASE!

  • “60 games for PS Vita” That doesn’t says they are new or they’re just add some game to the previous collection making it a 60 in total by the end of year one of the PS Vita not the 2012 year.

  • Sony Take note from Nintendo and its 3DS only conference if you want to reach the 10 millions sales for the PS Vita.

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