E3 2012: We’ll Never Stop Playing

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E3 2012: We’ll Never Stop Playing

Just a few moments ago we brought our annual E3 press conference to a close, which marked the official kick-off of E3 and one of my favorite times of the year. As I’ve said previously, gamers are PlayStation’s lifeblood and we will do everything in our power to continue to entertain and amaze you.

Nearly four months after the U.S. launch of PlayStation Vita, we continue to be overwhelmed by the positive response from our gaming community. As demonstrated a few moments ago, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of PS Vita’s capabilities and gameplay. With new titles like Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation, Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, in addition to a deep lineup of more than 60 titles that will be available before the end of the year, we continue to build PS Vita’s content library with jaw-dropping titles that demonstrate its full power and unique features. The next few months will be extremely exciting for PS Vita and our fans.

In the home, PlayStation 3 continues to deliver rich, immersive games that can only be found on our platform. PS3 provides developers with the industry’s most powerful palette to create from, and our extremely talented team at Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios is taking full advantage. We will bring more of what you love with hard-hitting adventures, fast-paced action and suspense-filled mysteries in four new PS3 exclusive titles: Beyond, God of War: Ascension, Last of Us, and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Words can’t do justice to these titles, so be sure to watch the new content we shared tonight. Our publishing partners also demonstrated some amazing content, including Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 3 and Far Cry 3, both of which will offer exclusive DLC for PlayStation customers.

In addition to the core games you love, we also introduced Wonderbook, a completely new experience for PS3 unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Wonderbook puts a physical book in your hands, and when paired with a PS Eye camera, brings to life stories and adventures that allow you to interact with them like never before. We’ve been working with one of the most popular book franchises in the world for our first title: WonderBook: Book of Spells is a collaboration between PlayStation and J.K. Rowling, creator of the magical world of Harry Potter. Book of Spells will feature exclusive and new original writings from J.K. Rowling, and will utilize PlayStation Move – in the form of a magic wand, to help gamers learn and master the art of spell-casting.

All of our platforms are enhanced by the industry’s most robust online entertainment network, PlayStation Network. We strengthened our offering for you tonight by announcing a free new library of games for PlayStation Plus members. PS Plus members now have immediate and instant access to an ever-expanding lineup of great titles that can be downloaded anytime. At launch, the game collection will feature 12 games, including inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet 2 and Saints Row 2. All of these games will be available to members starting tomorrow, and new games will be rotated in all the time.

PlayStation Suite – which as of today will be called PlayStation Mobile – is about delivering the world of PlayStation to open operating system-based portable devices. It’s our goal to make sure that wherever you are and wherever you go, PlayStation’s quality content is always available for you to enjoy. Tonight we announced that HTC will be our first non-Sony group partner to have its smartphones PlayStation-certified, which will help expand the PlayStation experience to even more devices and entirely new audiences.

PlayStation Nation has made PlayStation the global leader that it is today and I thank you for your support. As I said onstage just a few moments ago, our one wish for all of you is that you never stop playing. Keep pushing us. Keep driving us. We will continue to do everything in our power to meet and exceed your expectations, providing a gaming universe where you always feel welcome, challenged and amazed.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the PlayStation family…and the best is yet to come.

Jack Tretton

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  • DeadKillersRevng

    Looking forward for the 12 Plus games. And even though I already have Infamous 2, I have no regrets.

  • Only thing I found upsetting was that I bought Infamous 2 YESTERDAY and it just downloaded now after this horribly timed announcement. Actually not so horribly timed because obviously it was a thieving move.

  • Love that deal have not play infamous 2 yet now here my chance.

  • Again no Kevin Butler? What gives? Does the sensation KB causes make the suits jealous? Again no Last Guardian?

    Beyond and Last of Us were great enough to make up for everything.

    I will be following the coverage as much as I can this week,

  • Sharingan_itachi


  • @3. I did the same it was clear that was a thieving move indeed. That aside it was a good conference overall. But seriously I was disappointed by the lack of VITA GAMES. We already knew about AC and CoD. We knew they were coming at least but we cudve used some BRAND NEW announcements. Also that Cloud Partnership tinkg didnt happen and the “revamping PS Plus” was more free games instead of something more ground breaking. I dun think we actually saw 25 “new” gaming experiences. It didnt help that Beyond and AC Liberations were leaked days prior to E3 either. On the PS3 front though things look great. Also I would much rather have seen Dust 514 demo than FC3. They cudve just said yea we have exclusive DLC.

  • So correct me if I am wrong, but Sony announced only 2 Vita games at the press Event?? We knew about the others because of this blog? The AC game, and the PS All-Stars game were the only game… Am I missing something?? Is Sony not supporting the Vita? I thought there would be a ton of news on the Vita, I guess I was WRONG

  • One year of Playstation Plus free? For who?

  • Hey Mr. T. Interesting you started the Press Conference the way you did — by which you did an excellent job so thank you, sir– about what you say being picked apart regardless of what you say or how you say it; ya know something like that, right?

    So, I’m now a little concerned. When you mentioned PlayStation Plus, you stated that it would be $5/month. This would mean, therefore, PlayStation Plus then went up in price? Check my math but 5×12=60. That’s $60, right? Is PlayStation Plus at present not $50? I’m confused.

    EXCELLENT CONFERENCE! ALL GREAT STUFF! But, I was hoping to hear with all the Ubisoft content this year, you were going to announce an exclusive partnership that would bring Watch Dogs exclusively to the PlayStation 3. That game was cheered on by the crowd almost as much as ‘Beyond’ and ‘The Last of Us’ so Sony still owned the show. THANKS! I’d been waiting a whole year for this! Excited to get playing all this new content. Thanks as well for listening to your fans and consumers. We’re certainly not going to stop suggestions either. Can’t wait to beat you senseless in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal as the final boss. I’m kidding…. You’re the man Jacky T!!!

  • Please dont let us down with the Vita

  • The lack of Vita support for this E3 was disturbing. I love the PS3 games though!

    What about Guerrila Games, Sucker Punch and Media Molecule?


    The Last Guardian
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

  • I hope that you get some more new Vita news, to quiet those who aren’t happy. I’m tired of dealing with people whining about it like the Vita has been out for 3 years and has only gotten a game every 4 months.

  • how can i get my free psn Plus?

  • im wondering why everything playstation plus is not up to date on the psvita it sucks to have it and cant really use it and why is playstation home not on vita that would make things alot more interesting and fun like the golf game dont get me wrong i love my vita but sometimes i wish i would have waited games so high poor people cant aford em and good game we have from the first psp r not up to date with vita psone classic we all love cant play sometimes i just want to pawn it but it pulls me back my girl love to play it just as much as me just wish yall would hurry up and drop the price of The system and the games so people less fortunate can enjoy the Best gaming experience of a life time think and good luck to future games and apps pls make them good i Have some great game ideas myself and some apps that would blow anyones mind

  • I will be broke by the end of the year. Soooooooooo many titles droping this year its sick. What makes it worse all of the creaters came with there A game. There isnt a game i dont think i wont be getting for the rest of the year. I CANT Wait. all this beta testing is driving me nuts, did i say i cant wait . I Cant Wait

  • Haters be damned. I’m excited.

  • I’m thinking should offer some kind of price matching say 30 or 60 days on things that are announced as freebies so things like this don’t leave people feeling ripped off. turning public image around to something more positive does pay dividends Mr. Jack tretton. Try it, you’ll see for yourself.

  • I’m very sad, you guys let the Vita dies in front of all of us, your faithful followers that bought it first day, I was kidding myself dreaming with a Resident Evil or a NEW MGS title, but I get nothing, we ALL know about the AC game since last year, we know about the CoD game too (6 months from release and we didn’t see a second of gameplay), and I don’t care about Battle Royale…. Well, I’m very sad to said this but if tomorrow Nintendo announces a revision of the 3DS I will sell my PSVita and bought a 3DS…. At least they didn’t let the console die…. I REALLY was looking forward to this conference, what a big disappointment….

  • @Erza Scarlet
    Good. One less complainer. Anyone who pays hundreds of dollars only to be dissuaded so easily doesn’t deserve to own a Vita.

  • I’m never gonna stop playing my Vita cause of all the new games you announced for it… Oh wait.

    Anyways, other than the criminal lack of Vita stuff and that awful Wonderbook stuff, it was a great presentation Jack. Probably one of your best. Good job.

  • By the end of the year the Vita will have a killer library of unique games not found on any other handheld system. I am sure that many triple A developers are hard at work on Vita titles which are coming next year. These titles such as a Bioshock or Killzone are just being developed now for a release next year. This fall we get Street Fighter X Tekken, PS All Stars, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Little Big Planet, Ragnarok Odyssey, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation (Oct. 30!!!). These triple A titles with the strong possibility of Black Ops showing up makes the Vita dominant to all handheld gaming competition, and I’m real glad I bought one at launch. I plan on purchasing all of these titles for the Vita as well as The Last Of Us on my PS3 this Fall!

  • im so sad about the lack of Vita games . what we should we do ? sell our Vitas or what. I love it so much but it needs games and tonight you guys show that the Vita is not important for Sony ,is more important to show 20 or more mins of Interactive Books than your new system that is failing and needs help and support.
    Bad Sony ,so bad.

  • correct me if im wrong please, but i do believe i heard “free psn plus”. and we do also need more vita titles. is the last of us coming to vita. that would be great.

  • Sony rocked the house like nobody’s business tonight. Great Crowd, best content of the show. The Last of Us blew the roof off the place, plus epic controller drop. Awesome. Beyond looked incredible. AC III, obviously unbeileveable, ACIII: Liberation, amazing, I might need to get a matching crystal white Vita to match my crystal white PSP.

    And out of all the hosts, seriously, Jack Tretton is the best, he knows he’s the man, his confidence is amazing on stage, and he doesn’t do the dumb thing practically ever other presenter or interviewer does in the game industry. He doesn’t try to be funny. He just is. Everyone else is so annoying and childish, Tretton is a pro.

  • I understand that many of you want more Vita software announcements, but Holy Crap, the fall Vita line up is incredible. Personally, I am going to be broke later this year if I buy 6 or 7 Vita titles, plus a few titles from the dominant, PS3 game lineup. More games are coming for the Vita. If Assassin’s Creed: Liberation looks that amazing on the Vita, I can’t wait to see what is in store for the Vita in 2013?!!!


    As long as you guys put the last of us on psn day 1 when it comes out I’ll buy but if you release all these new coming games disc only I won’t buy them. I am digital only now. No digital means no sale. Lets get these ps3 games on psn day 1 as well like you do on vita already when a new game releases on it.

  • For all the babies that keep cying over vita coverage. There will be live demos Tuesday through Thursday of Playstation 3 titles as well as Playstation Vita titles. Dont give your hopes up yet…


    Also why on earth why won’t you guys release a digital only version a ps3 with a 1 tb harddrive in it for 300 bucks huh? I am digital only and only prefer to buy digital now. I avoid disc at all cost cause sad to say a bluray laser just isn’t long lasting under just normal usage. Using digital more my ps3’s last a LOT longer in life span. Once that laser goes out its game over for those disc games and they are useless until you either buy another ps3 or go without yours for weeks until you are sent back a refurb from sony. If just a harddrive gives out its a easy no need to call sony fix. Its called just change out to a new hard drive and walla magic FIXED lol. I mean its just better digital and you guys never have released a digital only console at a cheaper price or the same price with a huge hard drive in it or put all new releases on psn to download. The future is going to be digital and its best to act now for us that love digital options only. I hope ps4 is like a vita and takes cards to. This disc stuff is so 1990’s I mean the lasers are a joke and never last long and a vita card system for a ps4 would be so much better at lasting or just make the ps4 digital only and it will last 10 or more years.

  • Yeah i heard free psn plus for one year too. How can i get? Someone response please

  • @ 8 & 29 the one year free was for every one that was there at E3 in person

  • The Vita needs more focus. Please announce something of substance within the next few weeks. Cross-play and ports are ok, but it needs original, ground breaking games to set the charts on fire.

  • Yo people! E3 is NOT FINISHED YET so stop crying like babies and enjoy the upcoming show…

  • @blue eyed slickt
    digital only is not the future of gaming as not everybody has an internet connection and physical media makes you OWN the product you BOUGHT for LIFE, not TEMPORARILY. Besides, what are you gonna do if the internet AND your hard drive goes down ?

  • There should’ve been far more PS Vita games, but overall it was a good conference… not their best.

  • Absolutely terrible E3. As a vita owner this thing is clearly hurting in just about every region in the world, and instead of showing off vita titles you show off some wizard interactive book thing? Really??? I expected better from the people who made the PS1, 2, and saved the PS3. Don’t be surprised if vita sales plummet because no one is making games for it.

  • @SolidOni_ds- They stated that more than 60 games will be RELEASED for the vita before the end of the year, just because they weren’t ready to show off at E3 doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. I wish there was more on the Vita front, but I’m still quite happy with what I did see.

  • The FREE ONE YEAR of PLUS is for EVERYONE IN ATTENDANCE AT THE PRESS CONFERENCE, Jack made that Clear. Black Ops II was shown during Microsofts’ Conference (as most gamers know by now that Microsofts has Activision in the palm of their wallets.

    Anyway, GOW:Ascension went from MUST PRE-ORDER to eventually buy. Visuals are nice, but looks like gameplay is still the same. Although MP seems interesting.
    The Last of Us is sure to be awesome. Beyond should be great too.
    Sadly (?) got rid of my Vita a few weeks ago. Nothing for me on it. Uncharted was good tho. Will pick up again next year after seein how things go with it.

    N.I.N.T.E.N.D.O. FOR THE WIN!!

  • Wow, plus is looking really good right now.
    Guess it’s finally time to get on board.

  • I am from germany and stayed up until 3 am to watch the show, hoping you have some focus on the Vita. Well that show was terrible, not worth watching at all. 45 Min for this Book thing and Vita getting 3 games everyone knew about before + psn plus big revamp is just a stronger lineup this month… not so nice.

  • This was the first time in a while that as Jack was ending the event. I was like “IS THAT IT?…REALLY?”

    I know that E3 is not over yet, but this event basically sets Sony’s strategy towards the next year. They showed 3 big first party exclusives. But we already knew about them all. We hadn’t seem them in running. There was no shocking surprise moment. Not a peep about “The Last Guardian.” What a shame… it looks like this might become vaporware.

  • As of PS Vita, what it basically told me is “we are ashamed at our bastard child the PS Vita so we are just going to skim through here.” I think they should have spent a bit more showing or at least highlighting some more third party games that will come down the way. I’m sure there was many that are going to be on the floor at the expo why not use the time to highlight them more. As someone that still hasn’t bought the PS Vita because I’m waiting for a better selection, Sony basically told me it’s either still not the time to buy or don’t bother.

    The Wonderbook… its cool it reminded me of “The Eye of Judgement” which worries me. Look how that did. Is anyone still playing that? Do they still support and make new cards? How long until kids get bored with the Wonderbook?

  • The PS3-Show was really amazing.
    Will buy Tlou, GoW and Beyond on day 1 for sure.

    But there was not even one new game announcement for vita (except one PS3-port) and not even a single trailer for the biggest one (CoD)…

    Highly disappointed from vita and don’t understand how sony can let it die so fast… :/
    CoD and AC were already known since the first ngp/vita-presentation.

  • @ Jack Tretton

    sign me on board with PlayStation, I think I might have the next BIG game idea, seriously :)

  • Sorry Jack but I’m feeling underwhelmed . While not as bad as Microsoft’s the conference had no major announcements or surprises to back up what you are saying. Wasn’t expecting the PS4 or anything, If it wasn’t for The Last of Us, God of War and Beyond, this conference would have been just as bad as MS’s boring conference. Everything between these games felt like filler. Where is Last Guardian and especially Agent!?

    The other problem is the Vita. I love my Vita but alot like other people I’m concerned about the lack of games. I was hoping something like RE: Revelations being announced. AC looked great but you keep telling us there’s lots of games being developed for it. Where are they? Why don’t you let more casual style games that we see on mobile phones be developed. That way we can have the “minis” that are released weekly that appeal to the casuals and the more “Majors” like AC, Gravity Rush, LBP etc being made for the hardcore. The Vita is a great machine with lots of potential.

    The conference was just disappointing.

  • Loved all the Exclusives coming SONY thanks :P But i can’t see this knocking off the Xbox 360 off top place in sales each month in the US? Isn’t that the whole point of the PlayStation brand i.e being number 1? Come on SONY your making it to easy for MicroSoft i think. Why no PS3 price cut? Price cut = more sales. Anyway i am happy with the games coming. That is the main thing, brilliant games;)

  • OK! here i am to review Sonys E3!

    The Good:
    Awesome gameplay of GoW:A and The last of US! Great Exclusive content on FarCry3, Great addition to the roster of Battle Royal with the cross gaming with vita too, Assassins creed Liberation and COD vita! YOUTUBE! HULU and more apps! PS VITA AS controller! BEYOND 2 souls! Vita Bundle!

    THE BAD!:

    NO FFVS13?! FOR REAL!? 6 years and still nothing? THATS A WTF RIGHT THERE!, No New VITA ANNOUNCES!!! what the hell sony really? no bioshock vita gameplay, NO MONSTER HUNTER?!! WHAT THA F^$&CK!!!! Sony Lost time showing the kiddie games! SONY LEARN THIS!! E3 ITS FOR HARDCORE GAMERS!! WE DONT CARE ABOUT THAT STUFF!! thats the kind of stuff u want to show in tv for parents to watch! PARENTS DONT WATCH E3!!!! No full PS1 classics on Vita?! REALLY!? No “AGENT”, NO KINGDOM HEARTS 3?! ARRG! No showing Soul Sacrifice with inafune?! No talking anything about ragnarok odyssey?

    Sony: U gave a great Conference but a “we already knew that” conference , with a lot of missing points that would have made u take the top spot (Like FF7 remake announce). By now… If the big N shows Zelda Tomorrow… they will top u in the Instant. Still I love u all and Jack Tretton U are awesome!

  • Horrible conference. And as a shareholder, you did nothing to instil faith in your direction or products. I honestly don’t understand how SCEA could go into E3 following MS’s abysmal performance and scarcely perform better. From a shareholder perspective, I hope that Pottermore crap has some serious marketing clout and push behind it or its just the colossal waste of resources that it appears to be. I’m more inclined to think it will end up like the Eye of Judgement than a viable source of income.

    And Vita? Two games? That’s it for your struggling handheld? No e-reader? No remote play? No t.v. out? You realize that EVERY smartphone made last year can do the three aforementioned things. Such great tech in Sony products, such TERRIBLE execution. Honestly, just partner with Google, Apple or MS and learn how to market and build support for your products.

  • This years E3 media briefing was really really underwhelming. I bought a Vita with high hopes for great original games. This was Sonys chance to go all out and show that Vita is a viable plattform and not an afterthought in a world of Android/iOS mobile gaming. Instead we got a ten second trailer of an AC3 spinoff made by a C-tier team, a logo for Call of Duty (seriously, why was there no footage, the game was announced over a year ago) , support for PSone classics and a bunch of PS3 ports. Sony is making the same mistake it made with the PSP offering only console ports and spinoffs. People want original content that is suitable to a handheld plattform and not inferior versions of games that can be played better on a PS3. I’m really disappointed and will be selling my Vita because the system is sinking like the titanic.

  • Note: When u say the best is yet to come… I hope ur referring to all the missed games for vita like MH, FFtype0 and FFX HD, also FF7 remake and FFvs13 and Updates for Vita and PS3.

  • E3 is not over yet. PS1 classics were mentioned for a summer release on the Vita. You’d think gamers would be more patient now a days. I got no complaints so far. Good conference Sony!

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