Sports Champions 2 Picks Up PlayStation Move This Fall

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Sports Champions 2 Picks Up PlayStation Move This Fall

San Diego Studio and Zindagi Games were blown away by the success of the multi-million unit-seller Sports Champions and with the newly announced Sports Champions 2, we’re looking forward to providing new experiences for everyone to enjoy with an expanded sporting lineup featuring Skiing, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Bowling, and a fully updated Archery experience.

Get a sneak peek in our newest trailer:

Sports Champions 2 Picks Up PlayStation Move This Fall

Sports Champions 2 revives favorite features, including the surprisingly deep and challenging single-player Cup Play and the customizable Free Play mode, plus fun arcade Challenge rounds for each event. We’ve made a ton of improvements, too: Three-point PS Move calibration is no longer required (and it won’t sacrifice gameplay; player avatars can be created and customized per event; a new profile system enables everyone in the house to play together with their own avatars and settings; and the photo booth is more customizable and easier to use.

Sports Champions 2 for PS MoveSports Champions 2 for PS Move

There’s also an all-new Party Play mode that I can’t wait to show off because it’s the perfect way to play with your friends and family on game night. You can play matches from any combination of events, including Challenge Rounds, and add up your score to see who reigns as the party champion. You can create your own match playlist, see photos and voices from each player during the game, and draw something humiliating (or nice!) on the hapless loser.

Sports Champions 2 for PS MoveSports Champions 2 for PS Move

We can’t wait to show more on Sports Champions 2, coming to PS3 this fall. Check back soon on PlayStation.Blog for more updates!

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  • As a real life golfer I don’t feel that motion controlled games work well because you can’t force players to use two hands on the controller like you need to in real life.

  • Jeremy,

    For Deadmund’s Quest, why wasn’t there 1 vs 1 online gameplay (either that or I couldn’t find it)? That’s what I was most looking forward to when I got the game.

    Are the kinks still being worked out for that for your future title? I’m sure that’s something most of us would like to have (as long as it’s smooth gameplay).

  • Loved the first one and can’t wait for this one! If there was any suggestions I could give, it would be to allow SC1 owners to be able to access all of the SC1 games from SC2 without having to change out discs (PS3 download which could also be sold as an add-on to new comers). This might spark new life in SC1’s sales and would give SC2 increased replay value. Another idea would be to add a level editor to each sport so you could allow people to make their own golf holes (both frisbee and standard golf), design their own target challenge for Archery, create their own bocce playing fields complete with extreme terrain and obstacles, create your own skiing courses, and the list could go on. The point is to add increased gameplay value to increase the appeal of the game to your potential customers. If you added an online component to this as well, it would significantly heighten the experience. The reason I suggest this stuff is because SC1 was great but I found myself getting board with it very quickly due to the lack of variety to the sports, especially the ones with playing fields/holes. Even if these features don’t come day one, I highly suggest you to consider adding them at some point. Thanks!

  • I loved SC1 and I’m going to get the second. Tennis and bowling and other cool stuff. One question. How exactly does the skiing game work? You use your move as poles? Does it require two controllers? Thnx! looking forward to the game!!! :)

  • looks great. i loved the first sc a lot, loved the way it can be played with 2 move controllers and the way to calibirate is so easy, never had problems with caliberation and it is very accurate.
    I only don’t understand why you put archery back in the game, we had that in the first sc. Why not make a shooting /sniper game instead of it, like in a biatlon, integrated in a skiing event and also the possibility to play it separtely. there are so many possible games to include so why put an other version of archery in it that you already included in a previous version.

  • man this is going to be one of the best games of the year!! I really wish that there was a more specific release date. Bestbuy and Amazon both say December 31st which can’t be right because all the reports say Fall of 2012. I wish a demo would be released on PSN so those of us who want to play and test out the new games can. I’m already pre ordered.

  • When I play table tennis, Frisbee golf, and beach volleyball on the original Sports Champions the sphere on the PS Move controllers cycle through random colors when the player wins the match, and flashes white when it is their turn. During the gladiator matches when a player is hit the controllers flash red as the hit is registered. It’s these little details I’m really hoping to see in the new game.

  • Oh something I’ve actually noticed in the video trailer. There is no continuity in the video. Every time the camera cuts to one of the people there are either more or less people on the couches, Some people disappearing all together where others only showing up at the end lifting the kid up into the air. It starts with the woman in the white sweater, green shirt and necklace picking up the controllers and starting the skiing race. As she is backing up there is only an older woman with short hair and the little boy on the couch, then the camera cuts away to the game, then back to her where there is now someone in a plaid shirt. The camera cuts to the game then back to the player only we find the player is now a different girl wearing a pink and white dress and a denim jacket and we find the person in the plaid shirt is a man and the little boy is now sitting in the other couch next to an older man and the first player who was wearing that white sweater and green shirt is nowhere to be seen. The game character has also changed from a female in a green uniform to a female in a red uniform when the camera cuts away to the game. The camera cuts to the older gentleman in an orange shirt who was sitting in the back and who is bowling.

  • (continuation) Behind them is the older man with the orange shirt, the woman with the blue or violet shirt, the woman with the white sweater and green shirt with necklace, the little boy, the man in the tan shirt seems to be sitting on the edge of the other couch next to the man in the light green polo, the little boy seems stunned by what he is seeing and the woman in the white sweater and green shirt with necklace seems surprised by what she is seeing and an older gentlemen in a yellow shirt and tan pants. The camera cuts to the gameplay then back to the group showing a blond woman with a white shirt and red spandex pants. The girl next to her looks like she couldn’t care less, since she appears to be the only one not watching what’s going on.

  • (continuation) The camera cuts to the gameplay and back to the older boy with blond hair giving the knockout punch. In the background the woman in the white shirt and red spandex pants and girl next to her and man in the plaid shirt are smiling and laughing and clapping though the direction of where they are looking seems unrelated to the game? Anyway that’s just what I’ve noticed in the video.

  • I have a full breakdown of the video but the comments aren’t all going through.

    I just hope that the colors of the spheres on the PS Move are accurate to what will be seen in actual game use. The colors being green, yellow, blueish purple, and redish. Alot of people have complained about the first PS Move using pink as its color in the original Sports Champions in 2010. Oh yes one last thing I noticed which kind of surprised me. At the very beginning of the video the player picks up the two controllers by slipping her hands through the wrist straps, but they were never tightened and upon a still frame of the four controllers lined up it appears that the strap lock (which is what the manual calls them) is pulled all the way to the base of the strap where it says “Sony” Doesn’t this video contradict the proper use of the safety strap which tells use to tighten the strap on a still screen on every Move compatible game and in the manual, and many places on the PlayStation website?

  • I know I may be a month late to this discussion, but just had to say I enjoyed the first and am looking forward to the next. Though, have y’all ever considered a baseball event? Also, another thing I’ve wanted was an open environment. Especially with the disc golf. Just to throw the frisbee around for the heck of it.

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