Sports Champions 2 Picks Up PlayStation Move This Fall

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Sports Champions 2 Picks Up PlayStation Move This Fall

San Diego Studio and Zindagi Games were blown away by the success of the multi-million unit-seller Sports Champions and with the newly announced Sports Champions 2, we’re looking forward to providing new experiences for everyone to enjoy with an expanded sporting lineup featuring Skiing, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Bowling, and a fully updated Archery experience.

Get a sneak peek in our newest trailer:

Sports Champions 2 Picks Up PlayStation Move This Fall

Sports Champions 2 revives favorite features, including the surprisingly deep and challenging single-player Cup Play and the customizable Free Play mode, plus fun arcade Challenge rounds for each event. We’ve made a ton of improvements, too: Three-point PS Move calibration is no longer required (and it won’t sacrifice gameplay; player avatars can be created and customized per event; a new profile system enables everyone in the house to play together with their own avatars and settings; and the photo booth is more customizable and easier to use.

Sports Champions 2 for PS MoveSports Champions 2 for PS Move

There’s also an all-new Party Play mode that I can’t wait to show off because it’s the perfect way to play with your friends and family on game night. You can play matches from any combination of events, including Challenge Rounds, and add up your score to see who reigns as the party champion. You can create your own match playlist, see photos and voices from each player during the game, and draw something humiliating (or nice!) on the hapless loser.

Sports Champions 2 for PS MoveSports Champions 2 for PS Move

We can’t wait to show more on Sports Champions 2, coming to PS3 this fall. Check back soon on PlayStation.Blog for more updates!

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  • Like many others here, online play is THE top feature I’m looking for in a sequel to Sports Champions.

    1) It is a competitive title — automatically warrants online. I mean…imagine the scoreboards!

    2) Besides ‘party nights’, it’s rare (at least at my age–mid 30s) that you get together with friends to play these types of games. This means that most of the experience is going to end up being single player, which can only go so far. Online play would solve this problem.

    3) It gets boring fast to compete against your mom or your little brother all the time. Letting players compete against the world creates a far more rich and diverse environment within which to improve your skills.

    The other feature that would be great for this would be 3D–adds to the visual immersion, since you’re already using Move for the physical.

  • Great job Jeremy!

    PS, no “Great Job Jeremy” trophy in Deadmund’s Quest was disappointing. Could we please get one in SC2?

  • Sweet, the 1st one was great , hope this one turns out even better :)

  • and I love it that tennis made it into your game. If you make it as accurate as the table tennis in the original , I’ll be really happy :)

  • I would rather see an upgrade version of DISC GOLF than some of the other events you added. A Skins game option for Disc Golf would be a terrific addition. At the very least you should make a new course. I would like to see a fantasy themed course and a trick shot course myself. Any chance you will make a stand-alone Disc Golf game?

  • Any word on walking dead episode 2 starved for help game was supposed to release episodes monthly its been over a month where is it?

  • @18, Dzormorgen, don’t judge Move by store displays. I have Move but I’ve also tried to play demos in various Gamestops & even the Sony Store in Glendale (note to Sony, provide PS training for your retail employees, geesh) & they never work. Never. Nobody ever sets it up right. My Move works perfectly whether I’m dancing to Michael Jackson or playing Sorcery. Because you recalibrate each time, 3 seconds, I set Move so I can play Sorcery (& Infamous 2) from my chair. Very accurate & you don’t need a room the size of Dodger Stadium for Move to track you properly.

    Yes, Sports Champion was pretty good but good thing the Move has a soft top because in my enthusiasm I kept hopping forward & hitting my giant tv with it.

    • I know you what you mean about the store displays, and I think this is one of the areas where the 3 point calibration free gameplay will really shine. You can just pass the controller(s) around to different people and it just works.

  • Sorry, but where is June PSPlus preview?

  • Finally, I’ve been hoping for a sequel to Sports Champions. I didn’t really like the first one because the controls were too clunky, hopefully they’re more intuitive this time.

    And bowling?! I can finally get my girlfriend to stop playing Wii Sports Resort! Kidding kidding. I love Wii Sports Resort because it’s easy to control and fun. Hopefully Sports Champions 2 has simple controls as well.

  • Hey Sony, don’t reveal everything before the E3 conference. You won’t have any surprises left.


  • The biggest issue in the first title is the lack of the Online Play =(.

    This should be the first feature added to SC2.

  • Will we see Gladiator Duel again? That could be a standalone game if you took the time to really flesh it out.

  • NICE!!!

  • Hi Mr. Ray

    I liked the first game but was always (and am still) very saddened by the graphics. It simply was not a very good-looking game compared to most of my favourites. As I usually play SC 1 with non- or casual gamers, it’s not a very good showcase for gaming or for the PS3.

    The screenshots shown above look pretty cool, but the gameplay in the trailer still shows the same flat lighting and generic art direction of the original game.

    Has any extra effort been put into the visuals this time ’round?

    • Footage was taken from a pre-alpha build, so graphical improvements will continue to be made until closer to release. Not everything is at the level of SC1 final yet, but we still felt it was close enough for an announcement. We received a ton of compliments on SC1 graphics sorry you didn’t agree with that opinion, but of course art direction is very subjective. My guess is that the Art Director is doing everything he can to improve the graphics on SC2 right now.

  • @1, agreed. The first game was very under-rated. Bring on the sequel!

  • Give me a price and date an I’m sold.

    I enjoy the first one, mostly because I like the idea to beat friends up with a weapon.

  • This is great news,even though I haven’t played the 1st game yet.

  • i’m gonna buy this game i liked the 1st sports champions

  • No online for this!!!!!! Will pass. If you were to do a real poll, No online will be a feature that would win a poll. This is just unacceptable. After enjoying the first game, I was really hoping for online for this one as it was the best move game around. But the devs have dropped the ball.

  • Awesome news, I love SC 1 and I’m excited to get some proper tennis action.


  • archery twice…………..???????????????????

  • I love SC 1 but missed always the online feature. It is absolutely EPIC FAIL not to bring online multiplayer! In this case, i will play table tennis as long as i can by cheap second hand SC 2. Sorry about that, but this is a major point.

  • I’d take more content over bare bones online any day.

    And I can’t believe people would rather have re-used content from the first game than new stuff. I get wanting improved versions of your favorites, but I’ll take new stuff in it’s place gladly. If I want disc golf I’ll just play the first game again.

    And I know that if they had included improved versions of all games from the first people would just complain about that instead. “WHY DON’T WE GET NEW STUFF, WE ALREADY HAVE THESE GAMES!111” So it’s a lose/lose for the devs.

    Glad to see another title for Move to pick up, by one of, if not the best Move developers out there.

  • Really enjoyed the first game, especially Bocce, Table Tennis, and Archery (my favorite event). Glad to see it’s returning in the second game, can’t wait to see the new changes!

  • About time :D … I still enjoy the table tennis I hope de secuel birng it back.

  • Can’t wait for this. Been waiting for a good golf game. I got hot shots but the game doesn’t work well with the move. I loved disc golf on #1, is the game mechanics simplistic and fun like on disc golf? if so, i’m in. I hate when the controls are overly complicated like on HS Golf. loved #1, Can’t wait for #2. Keep up the good work guys. sucks about no multiplayer, but i’ll still pick it up.

  • This looks great! I love table tennis from the original Sports Champions. I can’t wait to try out tennis in the sequel.

  • Sweet. I’ve been playing Sports Champions again lately. I was hoping a SC 2 would be made. Though I wish instead of golf, you had put in something else.

    Table Tennis was my favorite from SC 1, so I am looking forward to the Tennis.

  • I know that you don’t plan to add SC1 events to SC2 and all, but… it would be cool to have custom avatars and easier calibration for the first game. Is it possible to patch it via an update?

  • Well looks improved… considering it bought on release week not a big fan of this franchise, but I can trully say you guys impressed me…. Great job! Keep it up…

  • I really enjoyed SC1! My first ever platinum. I was a table tennis player during my childhood days and I can’t believe that I can play it again alone while at home. I had fun playing the games with my friends and relatives. This would be a sure buy for me. Keep up the good work!

  • I think the graphics look great! I like the custom avatars for profiles, and look forward to boxing some of my friends and family (in Sports Champions 2, that is). Can we link custom avatars to other profiles on the system?

    I agree with #64, Quacky14, that the Gladiator Duel mode would make for an awesome standalone game.

  • Definitely getting this, mostly for…..the boxing.

    I hope to see a full blown boxing game for the move one day. The Fight is close, but I can do without the cheating(elbows and headbutts, etc).

    And, I am glad that you guys focused on the game than trying to hack some sort of multiplayer on.

  • So If I read this correctly there will be no more calibration??? That is great news cause that was the worst part of popping this disc in my PS3. The calibrating every time killed it just standing in front of the PS Eye is more than enough.

  • I hope this game will be something good for the Move. I remember playing the first Sports Champion when I got for Christmas along with the Move motion controller, the PS Eye camera, and the Move demo disc all in a bundle back in 2010.

  • I am so extremely excited. I purchased the first SC back when there was a sale on the Bundle that included the Move, SC, and Deadmunds Quest. I really enjoy both games, and am really looking forward to this. I like how you really challenged the player, and as it has been said before, really registered with what you are doing (Table Tennis, Disc Golf, etc.) I expect big things, and I know that you will not dissapoint. Day 1 purchase for sure. :)

  • I’m excited by this announcement! I really enjoyed Sports Champions, and had been hoping that a follow-up would come along someday. I’m glad to hear that it’s finally coming.

    Jeremy, although you explained earlier why online play isn’t being implemented (and I appreciate the explanation), I still would like to ask you and the team to reconsider. I truly believe that online play would add immensely to the game.

    I’m certain that when it comes to multiplayer, this type of game would be vastly more enjoyable in an environment where everyone is in the same room together, laughing and shouting and having a great time, compared to a situation where online players are at their own separate location. Few people (if any) would dispute this.

    That said, it’s not always easy or convenient for friends or family to congregate together in person. You have friends that move out of state. You have college students that want to challenge their little brothers and sisters back home. You have men and women in the military, who would treasure the opportunity to have “game time” with their friends.

    Sports Champions 2 looks like an ideal game to bridge the distances. Please do whatever you can to make a great game even better.

  • This is great news!! i will get it. Just got SC1 and 2 move controllers for X-mas from my wife last year, and sc1 is my main game for move (well that and dead space extraction). Keep up the great work. I am hyped for this.

  • Awesome! I’ll be jumping back on Sports Champions 1 tonight for some Bocce, (*^_^*)

  • Count me with the small yet growing number of posters within the last dozen or so, who are very happy that multiplayer was left out of this. The first one was great without it, and it isn’t needed here. It’s exclusion means we won’t have to deal with any retarded “Win 20 online matches in a row for every event” trophies. I much prefer the skill-based trophies from SC1, and look forward to whatever tricks we’re required to perfect to get the full list in SC2. Day 1 buyer, right here!

  • Your fans deserve more disc golf zindagi! You should at least release more courses as dlc for sc1 if your going to shaft us on sc2! Very dissapointed by this announcement to be honest…

  • can i play boxing with one ps move controller ?

  • I like the SC1 too. I never owned a Wii but had friends that do. I loved Wii Sports and with SC2 having the same games but in HD I definitely have to get this one.

  • Nice can’t wait enjoy the first one!!!!!!!!!

  • Good to see new move games also +1 to Jeremy Ray for replying.

  • AWESOME!!! Loved the first one! This one seems way better & funner. This years selections seem fun. ALL of them sound amazing. ESPECIALLY Skiing. THANKS AGAIN!

  • It Looks Great Jeremy. Can you tell me when you will release gameplay trailers for sc2. Thanks and Keep it up!!

  • Table Tennis in SC was amazing and worth asking price by itself. I hope Tennis is as good. One thing SC really needed was better presentation as it was all very, for the lack of a better word, bland.

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