Gravity Rush Demo Hits PSN Today

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Gravity Rush Demo Hits PSN Today

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Gravity Rush for PS Vita

Gravity Rush for PS Vita9080Gravity Rush for PS Vita4

Hi everyone! Gravity Rush launches exclusively on PS Vita on June 12 — not long from now! Today, we’ll be giving you a sneak peek at what’s to come with a new demo which will be available later today on PlayStation Store.

The Gravity Rush demo introduces you to our protagonist, Kat, as she awakens with no memory in the mysterious city of Hekseville. You’ll get a chance to help Kat discover new powers while testing out the game’s unique gravity mechanics which utilize PS Vita’s motion sensors. Then you can explore a bit of the Gravity Rush’s vibrant open world environment and try your hand at defending Kat and the city of Hekseville from an array of attacking Nevi enemies.

Gravity Rush for PS VitaGravity Rush for PS Vita

Be sure to check out the Gravity Rush demo on PSN later today! Also, don’t forget that the full game will be available in stores for $39.99and *and on PSN for $35.99 on June 12.

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  • what a great demo, not to long, not to short. Had it pre-ordered for awhile now, Thanks for the demo, enjoyed it a bunch, well… back to making people float away! I extended the length of the demo by breaking things.

  • I hope that this will be the first game to get some serious marketing behind it because the demo is amazing!

  • Comments about the demo (and question!!!)

    Visuals are top quality, just a pleasure to see the contrast of colors
    Combat is fluid and fun
    The story is the one thing a demo cant do justice, but what was shown was enough for me to expect a deep character progression

    Is the extra dlc that is being offered for pre order at retail be available on the PSN store???

    i want this game digital on my vita at all times, would hate to miss out on extra content because i went digital


  • @52: I wouldn’t see why they’d exclude it from the PS Store at some point. Most preorder DLC ends up on there (LBP, LBP2, inFamous 2 as examples…)

    Add to the fact that it’s part of the 3 DLC packs that released in Japan, they can’t not give it to digital buyers at some point. It’d be pretty lame if they didn’t, which is why I highly doubt they’d keep it preorder only forever.

  • This game looks fantastic! I hope that the community support the developer and buy the game.

    The Multiplatforms like “Call of Duty” naturally will come to VITA, and games like Gravity are those who shut up the haters, and show that the vita, besides offering a console experience, can provide unique experiences that no other portable system can provide (yes I`m looking for you 3DS).

  • FireDragonMonkey

    Yes! I just finished playing the demo, the only negative thing I can say is that I wish I could play it longer :) I love the art style and hope to see more from this dev team in the future! Thank you, I will definitely be buying this!

    But can you tell me the file size of the full game? I want to know if I have enough space on my memory card or if I need a new one.

  • While im happy about this as i plan on getting this game. Is there any reason why we couldnt get this sooner? While i do have a gamestop for some reason they didnt have the GR demo, thus today was the first time i actually got to play it.

    And i enjoyed every minute of it. Cant wait for it to be released on the Psn since i didnt want to get this physically. Although i would like to ask since i havent seen anything official: Are the people buying digital version getting the Pre-order DLC for free as well? i know i have hear people claiming it to be so, i would like an official person to say. Also are there plans on releasing the other DLC at launch or soon after?

  • KB sent me! :3

  • The demo was pretty good!

  • Sweet! I pre-ordered Gravity Rush in full the same day I bought my PS Vita.

  • Thank you Sony for supporting innovative game developers, I own all three current consoles but only one handheld, that’s because Sony consistently provides me with wonderful experiences exclusive to them. I was really hoping Gravity Rush would be a must-own title for my Vita, and it’s clear, after playing the demo, that this is most definitely the case. I really wish it could have been released just a couple weeks sooner, as my fiancée and I are leaving Saturday for our wedding/honeymoon trip to France, Rwanda and Tanzania, but I’ll definitely be picking this one up when we return. Thank you again, Japan Studio, for challenging video game conventions and creating this wonderful experience!

  • @Kumi do you know is the costume DLC will be available day one to purchase? Thanks.

  • Thought about pre-ordering earlier but I had to choose between it and Starhawk and the artwork on this game looks so sweet. Just played the demo and might still pick it up

  • Top notch demo. What a teaser. I hope this IP turns into a franchise. Support Gravity Rush gamers… & one day we might see Kat again!

  • cool, but its a shame that I don’t own a PSV. As much as I want to get it, I am not gonna buy it anytime soon.

  • The demo was quite fun. Game looks very interesting and I’ll definitely be picking this up on Day 1.
    I’ve noticed that some retailers have pre-order bonuses for the game. (a special costume and mission?) Any chance of the PSN getting these bonuses or will we have to pay extra for them because we want to buy digitally?

  • I played through the demo last night. It was amazing. I can’t wait to get this game in less than two weeks. The ability to tilt the system around in the comic book cutscenes and see all the movement and change in perspective in the depth of the frames was amazing, as well as being able to flip my Vita vertically to get a taller view. Super impressed and really looking forward to getting my hands on the full version so I can play for more than 10 minutes!

  • I have been dying for this game since early February… I work at Gamestop and playing the demo every day knowing I can’t have the game yet is wrecking me…

  • love the demo :) gravity shifting is exhilarating, the sounds and graphics are superb :)

    i really though hope that preorder bonuses applies to PSN purchase

  • got the demo! love it! – will definitely buy on first day release, that is if there’d be a copy left for me to buy X)

  • Platinum’d the Japanese version and buying the English version again for the DLC. It’s Vita’s best game, incredibly charming and satisfying. Soaring through the air and walking on walls/ceiling is an amazing gaming experience you can’t get anywhere else.

    Thanks for the info, Yuasa-san.

  • i really loved and liked the Demo so much!! ,i liked the way of playing the game so much ,but i’m wondering why the demo were so short…==”…but i liked it too,the full game going to be in 12th or 13th??and how much in the store it’s going to be $39,99?? and what about $35,99?? ,and Where sold the full game (the box) in any states?? because i’m from Saudi Arabia ,because i my dad didn’t allow me to buy it from the store when it’s going to be there….so i want to know when and where you’ll sale the game?? and if it’ll come too late to here,can i download the full game from the laptop ??and if it can be downloaded please tell me the website’s name please!!, and the last question: how many Eps are there??……and Thank You =D To: Kumi Yuasa (just to know i’m 14 years old…so somehow i’m young..==”)

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