Gravity Rush Demo Hits PSN Today

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Gravity Rush Demo Hits PSN Today

gravity rush - ps store

Gravity Rush for PS Vita

Gravity Rush for PS Vita9080Gravity Rush for PS Vita4

Hi everyone! Gravity Rush launches exclusively on PS Vita on June 12 — not long from now! Today, we’ll be giving you a sneak peek at what’s to come with a new demo which will be available later today on PlayStation Store.

The Gravity Rush demo introduces you to our protagonist, Kat, as she awakens with no memory in the mysterious city of Hekseville. You’ll get a chance to help Kat discover new powers while testing out the game’s unique gravity mechanics which utilize PS Vita’s motion sensors. Then you can explore a bit of the Gravity Rush’s vibrant open world environment and try your hand at defending Kat and the city of Hekseville from an array of attacking Nevi enemies.

Gravity Rush for PS VitaGravity Rush for PS Vita

Be sure to check out the Gravity Rush demo on PSN later today! Also, don’t forget that the full game will be available in stores for $39.99and *and on PSN for $35.99 on June 12.

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  • Please, update the store.

    I want Rayman Origins.

  • Please, update the store!

  • ……..nice that the Blog has been updating every second about whats coming today and all but UPDATE THE STORE ALREADY! lol

  • I preorder this game already it looks amazing

  • Will Gravity Rush include the typical discount when purchased through the Playstation Store (-10%, or whatever it is)?

  • Indeed, updating the store would be nice. I am really looking forward to Gravity Rush.

    and still wish for ps 1 on vita and Xenosaga 1-3 on psn X/

  • seriously how bout Gravity Rush PSN demo hits right now instead of posting thing

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this! Already have the game paid off, since there’s been no digital pre-order, or confirmation of pre-order incentives with the digital version. But hey, I’ll get to play it, so, HAPPY!

  • 10% less than $39.99 on PSN, right?

  • I’m so downloading this demo day one.

  • Is this demo different than the foreign one that’s been floating around for months?

  • >_> why is the psn always so late to be updated over on the west? im in arizona and it seems it always takes till 2-5 pm for it to update for me why is that?

  • Is this the same demo Gamestop had on it’s Vita’s? If so, it wasn’t that impressive of a demo. I have really high hopes for this game too, the only game on Vita, aside from Disgaea 3 Absence of Detention.

  • How big is the demo file size?

  • LtJillValentine_

    Sony why have you not added the new mass effect 3 dlc and the harley quin dlc for arkham city what is taking so long to update the store?

  • LAME!!

  • I’ll be downloading this asap. I absolutely hope it’s amazing as it’s a PSVita game I’ve been waiting for since I bought the Vita.

  • *insert annoying tedious impatient whining about the update*

    Patience is a virtue… one that many lack it would seem.

  • they’re uploading with a 56k connection…

  • The demo is up. Just go into the PS Vita store and manually search for it.

    Time to free up some space so I can play it. >_>

  • The demo is up on the PS Store via Search! Downloading it now!

  • What time around will you be updating the store,
    want to download MK

  • Couldnt find the game though through search

  • The demo’s size is 472 MB.

    Resistance Burning Skies is up also. 3.1 GB for the demo and full game.

  • Why will it be $39.99? What happened to games being 10% off on PSN? This is pretty bad -_-

  • Downloading it now, and nice seeing your avatar again Yumi, I remember you from echocrome ii. I didn’t know you’re a part of this game’s production, pretty awesome! ^_^

  • oh hell yeah time to bust out my vita and download this

  • Too bad it has the same price as the non digital one. Guess i wont buy it on the ps store.

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for checking out the Gravity Rush demo! I’m sorry if there was any confustion regarding the price, but the retail version will be $39.99 and the PSN version will be $35.99. They’ll both be available on June 12th. Just two more weeks!!

  • Grabbing the demo after work but I was wondering if it’s been said as to whether or not I’ll be able to get the Digital copy from the PS store with the DLC missions, or is it strictly for pre-ordered physical copies? I’d really like to support the digital format and the PS store if possible.

  • Vita gets chess 3DS gets Kingdom Hearts .

  • Downloading the demo now I’ve had my eye on this for a long time can’t wait to get into it! Definitely will be purchasing on the 12th.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. Hope you had fun play the demo. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the game! Two more weeks.

  • The demo is so awesome! Just wish they allowed some more exploration. It’s nice to fly around aimlessly, so I look forward to doing that in the final game.

  • About time!! Downloading now.

  • Ok Kumi, now that sounds better. Checking the demo right now. I’ll definitely buy the game day one!

  • I’m very glad that a demo for Gravity Rush will be released today. All PS Vita games should have a demo before the full game is released.

    Looking forward to downloading this demo tonight!

  • If only this game came to PS3

  • Excited about Gravity Rush. Already Pre-Ordered my copy. Can’t wait to play the demo tonight!

    Still waiting on the HTML5 update!! If it is not coming, then, let the Vita community know!

    Also, is there away to add the Pocket Blu App to the Vita? Since the PS3 is a BD Live player, we can take full advantage of this sweet feature while watching Blu-rays.

  • LOL that was the shortest DEMO is all DEMOS in the history of DEMOS!!

    Still buying this game Day 1!

  • Just finished playing the demo, i must say it is really short but i loved it. Excellent music, love the art and the gameplay. I wish it would be 12th now!


  • Grabbing the demo after work, however, I was wondering if it has been said as to whether or not the pre-order DLC for the physical copy of the game at retailers is going to come with the PS store copy as well for those of us that want to support the digital format?

  • I would like info on whether purchasing GR digitally will give you access to some free dlc like Gamestop has been advertising.

  • The demo was great! It was short but you get a great feel of what the game is like I can’t wait to get my hands on the full game on the 12th!!!

  • nice demo.

    I would like to suggest the developers to add multilayer features by a future DLC, multilayer could contain something like making the player race with each other on the buildings. it will be cool.

    note: you can make the DLC payable and i will buy it for sure.

    Many thanks and i hope that you take my suggestion into consideration.

  • I agree the Demo was very short, but it did leave me wanting more so I guess that’s a good thing ^_^

  • thank you for the demo. I so can’t wait for the full game to come out.

  • Gonna grab this demo, the video looked awesome.

  • After playing the demo, I’m so pre-ordering this tomorrow and take back my 16GB card for a 32GB. Damn I love this Vita!

    Gravity Rush is going to be amazing!!!

  • Finally! Two weeks to go for the game that was the reason I wanted a Vita so early. I’ve had GR pre-ordered for almost eight months.

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