PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Thursday

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Thursday

It’s been a busy month on the PSN front, as we put together yet another jam-packed PlayStation Plus update, kicked off the massively-popular Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekly Challenges, dropped the PSN exclusive game PixelJunk 4am as part of an epic PlayStation Store update, and more!

Regular maintenance is a necessary part of operating a service such as PSN. As part of our efforts to continue to deliver you a world-class online entertainment experience on your PS3 and PS Vita devices, we will be performing maintenance on the network on Thursday, May 24th, starting at approximately 8:00 am PDT / 10:00 am EDT and concluding around 11:00pm PDT / 2:00am EDT.

During this maintenance period, you may receive a message that states “PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance” when attempting to access the PlayStation Store or PlayStation Home. Online play will not be affected and you will be able to enjoy apps such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video during this maintenance as well, provided that you have signed into the network within 5 days prior to the start of the maintenance period.

We will update you with any changes that may occur in regards to this maintenance. If you would like to receive a notice when PSN is fully restored, be sure to follow the official PlayStation Twitter account.

Thanks for your patience and support.

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  • one thing I would really love for the ps vita is a section on the ps vita to be able to buy avatar’s like ps vita’s big brother the ps3.

    I still do not understand why this has not been added. not everyone owns a ps3 and I am sorry I will not buy a ps3 just for avatars. (also no I can’t post on playstation blog share because for some reason they never accept my ideas.)

  • Its all good working on UnchartedG.A. and Darksiders, if maintenance must be done to improve the network I’m all for it. I do however agree with the idea of a more unoform Ps3_Vita profile.

  • why does it seem like whenever someone brings up this vita trophy issue the mods don’t say anything back? or they don’t have any answers?

  • Thanks For The Heads Up :)

  • I wonder if the multi audio out with the PS 7.1 wireless headset will finally be fixed? I doubt it, but can dream.

  • Thanks for the Heads Up! I will keep this on mind!

  • so you mean in other words, I can still sign in and play with my friends while you guys do the maintenance.


  • Hey give us a new Harbour Apartments and Allow us to sell back our unwanted stuff and trade our old games for new ones

  • So, maintenance is the key…..
    I love the SCEA and their company’s everyone who don’t have a PSN account should kill themselves.
    PlayStation is #1!

    Favorite Consoles :
    1. PlayStation
    2. Wii
    3. Nintendo
    4. The Mac
    PlayStation Accounts = 90 Million (found on Wiki)
    Xbox = 40 million ( found on Wiki)
    Wii & Nintendo =130 million of users in Wii and NDS ( found on wiki)

  • Thanks for the heads up,and I think you all doing a great job.

  • PlayStation & Nintendo CARE about the public Microsoft doesn’t!

  • I Hope you do good job Sony

  • Hey Matthew I see you said this maintenance wouldn’t have any firmware upates any word on when we will have a new firmware update? This has been something that I’ve been wondering about for quite some tima along with many other gamers, any word on it would be appreciated.

  • Since the PS Vita released, every time maintenance happened, a firmware update happened. Is this what will happen? If so, will it be for PSOne Classics?

  • I sure hope this “maintenance” fixes PSN, because for the past two days it’s not been working. Any other service would have at least let subscribed customers know what’s going on. Might not continue PLUS if this is how it’s gonna be. BTW: Sony you lost a sale, two days itching to buy something and no ps store, I got something off of Steam instead.

  • Hi I was wondering. Is this maintenance going to address the problems with the ps3 firmware 4.11 upgrade? Since its release my system has not been working properly. As a result I have not been playing a lot of games lately :(. I have contacted support regarding to this issue in detail just to let them know, and that was a very exasperating experience. Any news would be awesome. IC

  • sure hope this “maintenance” stops the freezing, numerous errors and glitchers. If it doesn’t, it’s not woth a thing to me.

  • i played battle field 3 MP 2 hours ago so does taht mean i can get on whenever i want 2morrrow

  • That srry

  • Matthew plzz reply back thanks

  • God, I surrey hope that the long maintenance period is worth the 16 hour wait.

  • Nice job mr Harper, following patricks long standing tradition of clicking submit on your way out the door providing no real adequate notice. And yes you do need to do a better job of informing the public since we’re your paying customers. You know so you can provide proper answers to questions instead of letting trolls answer for you.

    But of course its the same old cheap shot again this time. Not to mention its no secret that people are still wondering what this “maintenance” is expected to fix. but as evidenced by all the previous occasions I know it will fix absolutely nothing. I’d ask why bother but at this point I know there won’t be a straight answer to that either. If you haven’t yet guessed Mr. Harper my point is this: Your employer should stop taking its customers for granted.

  • ProfessorStein__

    Konichiwa first let me commend psn for everyone’s kick-ass job
    dont mind the ungrateful idiots

    however i have a question why is it that every update is only for playstation plus members, its always free this and deal on that but only for playstation plus members not that im complaining but it would be nice if like once in a blue us less fortunate but dedicated psn users got like a little attention like an app or free arcade game or something but other than that thanks for the hard work

  • I think you may be aware that in call of duty modern warfare 2 there are many hacks such as unlimited uav, aim assist, and is this maintence have to do anything with that because i know the quick scoping community is getting sick of people hacking, is the maintenence gonna put a stop to this?

  • i just wanna say *shout out to my psn friends – mj ,, smoove,, jay jay ,, lethal ,, * and wen i play college football soon i will be giving a shout out to PS3 on national TV…

  • “hard work” yeah right, more excuses from the monkey brigade. “ungrateful idiots”, those are called PAYING CUSTOMERS who deserve better for their hard earned money not lame insults from flunkies.

  • I’m glad we’re finally making progress in this maintenance issue. We appreciate the efforts. No online play and no access to our Apps was a major source of frustration to Hardcore gamers and video streaming meniacs like me during scheduled maintenance. Your competition is far ahead of you in this department, as well as in their apps interacting features, but you’re well aware of this. We expect some significant changes in the near future. HBO-GO is a must-have app these days, what the heck is going on? I’m sick of hearing the other Camp brag about their system. Keep it up, guys!

  • Once i log in before 8:00 am can i log off after 8:00 am and come back later in the day and still be able to play on-line when i log back in or do i have to leave my PS3 on all day?

  • since the long awaited release of diablo 3 came out why hasnt psn offered the great ps1 classic diablo in the psn store? maybe someone who cares about their loyal customers opinions should put a little effort into customer satisfaction and add that game while maintenance goes on.

  • if you do i’ll gratefully accept a free d/l as payment for my idea. °¦°;›)

  • Matthew, why are you guys not focusing on some bigger issues? Like:

    – Allowing PS Vita users to voice/video chat with people on PS3. Adding a Skype app to the PS3 would solve this problem easily and I’m sure it would make many PS3 owners like myself happy. I use the voice/video chat function every day which is why this concerns me.

    – Fix the internet browser that was supposedly “upgraded.” At least 50% of the websites I go to do not work properly and I know the PS3 has potential for a much better browser. My little handheld iPod touch puts the PS3’s browser to shame.

    – Like I said with adding a Skype app, you should also add apps for Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr so we can check everything more conveniently right from our PS3’s

    – Making our friend’s lists able to hold more people. For users like me who have owned their Playstations for a few years it becomes frustrating having to delete old friends to add new ones. 99 friend slots is not nearly enough and I’m sure it would be easy for you guys to add more.

  • This is a continuation of my last post:

    – I’ve alse read rumors about cross-game voice chat comming for Playstation Plus members. Whether or not they are true is a different story but I do however think that it would be a great feature to add.

    Thank you for your time and have a great day. Keep up the good work Sony. A reply would be nice and thank you in advance.

  • matthew I have names of some hackers like ppl that kick you from the servers they like get your ip and kick u off plz reply to me and ill give you the names of them plz im tired of being in constant danger plz reply

  • Please for the love of all that is holy, let us change our names. Charge us for it if you must, but let us do it.

  • Why does maintenance happen the day after the playstation home update? -_-

  • Matthew I have a question, it has nothing to do with the maintainence, I have all call of duty games that can be played online, my problem is that I cant be the leader of the party, I can create games and start the game but nobody can join game, they say it says enable to join session, I thought it was my internet or router but my friend brang his system home and he was able to create games and friends could join session normally, even I joined him from the same internet and router, what can it be?

  • So since I played online yesterday I can play during the maintenance?

  • This website is so broken. What a joke. You don’t mod nonsense, trolling, negative posts, but you system stops me from talking about valid points, lost my comments, lies about duplicates, argh. Sorry this had to go here.

  • what i dont get is why take down the store for an extended amount of time i just dont like these maintenance updates they drive me crazy ill just go to sleep maybe it will be over when i wake up

  • Hey Matthew do you know when their going to fix the Wireless Stereo Headset it been broken seen the night when we had to update to 4.11 i real miss it i would like it back to the way i bought it just fix the Wireless Stereo Headset plz soon

  • @3

    For the record everyone did get a 24hr notice if not more…There is a thing called ps feed built in the notification bar on every ps system. Which stated maintenance will be thursday. You know. The words under the time when you press the ps button on your controller or the notification tab before you launch a game. If your going to complain take the time to read your info before making a useless comment.


    @72 What exactly are you paying for? unless your a playstation plus member you have no reason to gripe or complaiin. Last i checked Psn is a FREE service. i grow tired of people like you griping about every little thing. how is he “Replying out the door” that statement made no sense. There are 11 replies here. when the other guy was here it was far far less. so cut the guy some slack.

    Anyway…keep up the good work hopefully this adresses why ive been getting kicked out of DCUO also any word on Dust 514 yet?

  • 10am to 2am is a typo right? Should be 10am to 2pm?

  • While i like the fact that they contently keep updating with their maintenance. ill never understand why they do it at such high hours when they know people will be up and about with their service. I dont know anyone else who does this. Its usually updated at night, or at times when they know they wont affect their costumers. Again not complaining or anything, just wondering why. And i too would like to know why they only cater to PDT/EDT? it does seem far to other people who live in different areas in the US. if they want to have the time they should have it to where they list all regions in the US to their appropriate time, especially when someone like me who lives in Hawaii all these different time zone irritate me as i have to calculate when the update happens here. Although i assume getting all the US time might be difficult so i can see why they only leave it to only two.

  • I see the same idiotic defenses of this nonsense cropping up again and again. NO there was not “24 hours or more of notice”. like always this so called maintenance was announced at the very last minute of the day pacific time, which for many of is is well into the evening. This is done knowingly so that legit questions will not be answered. Really people go use a search engine, its been the same pattern of limpness for over a year. Not only the late announce if any but the lack of any clarifcation or explanatiion of what the maintenance is supposed to fix. Simply put, nothing is ever fixed. Far to frequent disconnections during gameplay, chat, messages, psn store and as of late especially on home. Its gone past being a joke. The idiocy needed to stop a long time ago. And its time to stop whitewashing it with self back patting, that doesn’t produce results. If this company wants respect and our continued patronage then its time to deliver results not excuses.

  • One last point to the troll who thinks PS3 / vita / psp owners are not paying customers. Heres a nickel go buy a clue. This network if you can still call it that with a straight face is NOT FREE. We finance it with your purchases. So don’t bother coming back to myself or anyone with more of your idiotic trolling. Nobody cares what you think. What does does show is your utter lack of business sense and ethics. Try screaming that tripe to a customer where you work, assuming you do work and see how long you remain employed. For the record, the “responses” as you like to call them are lip service to butt kissers such as yourself. As I stated in my last comment look at a search engine at the previous downtimes for a year or more. You won’t find one example of a question or concern being answered. Nor will you find any indication of what’s been fixed since the answers been there for us all to see: nothing. In closing I’ll say I realy dont care that your an ungrateful brat just don’t expect an adult to tolerate such idiocy for long.

  • would’ve been nice to see this posted a few days sooner as i just bought a vita and not liking the experience since it’s so heavily relied on psn, which is “under maintenance”. i couldn’t even add my psn account but stumbled on getting it added via my ps3 and content manager.

    seriously, invest in getting some backup servers and switch us to it when doing maintenance. i’m pretty sure that’s what microsoft does. theirs is almost never down except with very huge releases.

  • For some reason I am unable to log into PSN at all. Therefor, my online activity such as Netflix has been affected :( And yes, I loge in every day.

  • Cypherlous n qpcloudy you’re not alone, I tried getting on earlier and it too in excess of half hour due to errors and when I did it was pointless only found 2 others on and wasn’t able to use psn for anything. It would be tolerable if the maintenance wasn’t literally all day and night and it actually accomplished something.

  • Why is every time I need the network it is down. You guys take way too long to accomplish task and do them at the most inopportune times.

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