PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Thursday

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Thursday

It’s been a busy month on the PSN front, as we put together yet another jam-packed PlayStation Plus update, kicked off the massively-popular Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekly Challenges, dropped the PSN exclusive game PixelJunk 4am as part of an epic PlayStation Store update, and more!

Regular maintenance is a necessary part of operating a service such as PSN. As part of our efforts to continue to deliver you a world-class online entertainment experience on your PS3 and PS Vita devices, we will be performing maintenance on the network on Thursday, May 24th, starting at approximately 8:00 am PDT / 10:00 am EDT and concluding around 11:00pm PDT / 2:00am EDT.

During this maintenance period, you may receive a message that states “PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance” when attempting to access the PlayStation Store or PlayStation Home. Online play will not be affected and you will be able to enjoy apps such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video during this maintenance as well, provided that you have signed into the network within 5 days prior to the start of the maintenance period.

We will update you with any changes that may occur in regards to this maintenance. If you would like to receive a notice when PSN is fully restored, be sure to follow the official PlayStation Twitter account.

Thanks for your patience and support.

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  • I am playing ff13-2 so it doesn’t affect me at all.

    • Please note that online game play will NOT be affected, provided that you have signed in to PSN within 5 days of the start of this downtime.

      That said, playing FF tomorrow sounds like a great plan to me ;)

  • There are three hours between Pacific and Eastern time (Mountain and Central in between) so 8am PDT != 10am EDT

  • I would like to know how you can call that a “scheduled maintenance” when you can’t even announced it 24h prior to it’s begining. Is this some kind of joke? Maybe an inside joke that nobody can understand? Or maybe you just don’t understand the word “scheduled”??

  • @3,

    “Scheduled” doesn’t mean they would need to tell you days in advance, even if it was scheduled that far out. This is more a heads-up, and better than just receiving a notification through the PSN.

    People always find a way to gripe about something on here! (there’s mine)

  • I’m glad you guys are always upgrading things and making them better. Are there any plans to change the way you do updates to minimize or eliminate the downtime? The “other” gaming network out there seems to have figured out a way to upgrade things without having to take the whole network down like Sony does.

    • We are always looking into ways to improve the service as well as minimize maintenance time. We’ll continue to strive for the best balance possible – you have my word on that!

  • Thanks for the heads up Matthew, it’s been a bit since the last day of maintenance I was wondering when the next one would be.

  • F13 PART 2 coming soon to a home near you lol

  • well if we can play online and watch netflix then it’s fine

  • Miss_Ann_Thrope

    “provided that you have signed into the network within 5 days prior to the start of the maintenance period.”

    Wait, WHAT?!? 5 days prior??? Unless you meant hours, isn’t it a little late to offer this contingency plan? ;)

    • Sorry if I wasn’t clear: As long as you have signed in WITHIN 5 days prior to the start of the downtime then your online play will not be affected. So you can sign in right now (or any time prior to 8am tomorrow).

  • Miss_Ann_Thrope

    @8: you should be able to login to Netflix even during the PSN downtime. Just religion when you get the down for maintenance message. After 2 or 3 times Netflix’s own validation servers will take over and you should get in fine. I think this will also work for Amazon (though I never tried it myself). I dont think this workaround works for Hulu Plus or Vudu. Enjoy!

  • Miss_Ann_Thrope

    Slight correction on #10: I meant re-login, not religion. Shout out to autocorrect for that one. And to Matthew vis-a-vis #9: Touché. :-)

  • Anyone know why everything didn’t change to “SEN” like they said it was going to?

  • “Scheduled”…funny.

  • You mentioned PS+ goodies, so I’ll ask. When will we get the preview for next month’s offerings?

  • time for VR missions in MGS2 & trophy hunting =)

  • “+ Red_Viper_99 on May 23rd, 2012 at 8:23 am said:

    I would like to know how you can call that a “scheduled maintenance” when you can’t even announced it 24h prior to it’s begining….”

    *sigh* why must people insist on whining about something that is only going to improve the quality of the *free* service we’re receiving?

  • “+ sprodigy on May 23rd, 2012 at 9:05 am said:

    Anyone know why everything didn’t change to “SEN” like they said it was going to?”

    SEN is just the umbrella organization. the online network we use still exists as PSN.

  • Funny how Xbox doesn’t seem to have this weekly “we’re down all day today” maintenance. I sincerely hope your next console drastically improves its system.

  • I’ve always wondered. Why isn’t all the the US timezones mentioned? I live in Central timezone. Googling the time difference is easy, but since this is a US-based blog wouldn’t it make sense to just convert to all the timezones of US residents for the sake of the reader’s convenience? It’s just a few extra minutes of the blog poster, and it saves a few minutes to several readers that actually need to convert to know the time.

    A few minutes for one person versus a few seconds for several people just seems like something not to overlook. Not a big deal of course, for the reader, but it’s such a small change that makes things easier.

    • I think this is a great suggestion. We will include central time the next time we make such an announcement.

  • Thanks for the early notice, Mathew. Instead of whining and complaining, I’ll just say I hope this also includes hidden, unannounced patches too, like fixing the wireless headset (which I don’t have anyway) and addressing the various Vita complaining (I have a Vita and my only complaint is that the repetitive whiners are annoying).

  • as this just happens to correspond to the VERY LAST DAY before the Demon’s Souls servers are taken offline, I’ll take you at your word that online play will remain uninterrupted…

    • Just be sure to sign in prior to 8am PDT/ 10am EDT/9am CT tomorrow morning and you’ll be fine.

  • Glad to see you guys give us a heads up on the maintenance. .

  • @Mister-Nep

    If it takes a few minutes to convert from one US time zone to another you’re doing it wrong. I do however think the point has merit.

  • i play rage, r.e operation racoon city, gta: complete edition, uncharted 2, nba 2k12,super street fighter 4,nba jam,nfl blitz…boonebaby27 add me!

  • thanks for the update regarding the actual update lol it’s great that Sony has been communicating better with us consumers recently.

    I do have a question though Matthew, and it would be wonderful if you would respond to it, as there are many who are wondering the same thing I am: Will this maintenance come with a PS3 Firmware update?

    I ask because ever since 4.10 back on Feb 7th, 2012, many PS3 users who own the Sony 7.1 Wireless Headset have been experiencing what Sony acknowledged 2 months after the update as “Sidetones”. It was wonderful of Sony to finally inform the users of these gorgeous headsets that this feature had been added to 4.10/4.11, despite there never was (and still isn’t!) ANY mention of these “Sidetones” during multiplayer in the firmware release notes. I’ve looked in the dictionary, and online, and as it turns out, theres no such word as “Sidetones”. I’ve now even renamed my headset to the Sony Sidetones 7.1…..catchy name, isnt it? but all kidding aside Matthew, many others and myself are rather tired of waiting on the fix we were told a lil more then a month ago that woud be coming (eventually).

    • Hi DaGimp13,

      This downtime is for maintenance only. There are no firmware updates planned for tomorrow.

  • no word on an impending firmware update with more improvements/features for the psn? ;0)

  • I was getting error messages last night while trying to sync trophy data. If it hasn’t fixed itself by then, hopefully this clears that up.

  • Hey Matthew, I think your timezone start times for the maintenance downtime should be 8am PDT and 11am EDT. And thanks for the heads up!

  • @ Matthew Harper Thank you for the update, I understand that this is necessary to keep the performance and features of the network, thank you and keep the goodies coming!!

    As a sidenote I’m glad that Sony isn’t like MS and is charging for something that should be free, like online play, just for that you have my loyalty, and I will never support greedy MS.


    Love my PS3 & Vita

    Also own a 360 and from my experience using Live and PSN here are some tips:

    1) Please don’t remove old demos from PS Store other than older sports game demos (eg NHL ’08, ’09, ’10. & ’11 would be fine but leave the ’12 demo up till the NHL ’13 demo is released etc.)

    2) We should be able to see preview screen shots and/or videos of EVERY piece of game content (demos) in the PS Store, not just for paid games/content

    3) We should be able to stream Pulse and other video features instead of having to download them first.


    Oh and more Avatars PLEASE! How hard is it really to create/upload them to PS Store? Also some of your areas in the PS Store are woefully behind. Like the PS3 TV Commercials section! Come on guys there must be 10 newer Kevin Butler TV ads that have come out since the 5 or 6 ones you’ve had on there forever now! Basically by neglecting certain areas of the PS Store, it makes it seem boring or stagnant or that you guys don’t really care.

  • I hope a new update is coming soon. We haven’t had a update is a long time man. Anyways thanks for the heads up on the downtime and that I need to sign in to psn with all the psn accounts my family and I have in order to keep watching netflix and battling each other in games online with my 2 ps3’s lol. This downtime doesn’t upset me at all so why is it upsetting so many in this post? We still get to play online tomorrow just sign in today and you will be fine as a Jessica Alba .

  • “As part of our efforts to continue to deliver you a world-class online entertainment experience on your PS3”

    yeah right, I’ve lost count of all the times I or my friends have been disconnected during a co-op game, not to mention the fact that pc players get to hack all they want and we get screwed over for boosting.

    also your vita has been f-ing up my friends list. a lot of my friends have been shoved to the bottom of the list with no last sign in date as if I’m waiting to be added as well as showing that they are offline when they are next to me obviously online.

    it’s sad that south park got pushed to 2013 I was hoping to make this my last year to buy games with blops2 and zone of the enders.

    oh and by the way your ps plus cloud save is extortion. I should be allowed to copy any of my game saves not have to pay just so I can continue my saved games, especially on a vita.

  • No big deal thanks for the heads up!


    Oh and also, it’d be great to add an “Appear Offline” option instead of the 2 choices now which are “Online” or “Not Available”. It’s annoying getting a bunch of messages or game invites when trying to watch a Blu-ray or Netflix. Sorry I don’t mean to be a nag, but this is all pretty basic stuff a lot of us have been waiting patiently for for a long time now.

  • @32, for me, it’s been my ISP & not the PSN network. Mind you this doesn’t happen often anyway but when it does gamers like us take notice. Wells, a power cycle, or turning the modem completely off for 30 seconds & then back on, solves the issue.


    Sigh…but of course my questions/suggestions will go unanswered/un-acknowledged as usual, because the PS Blog guys don’t like to answer the tough questions. I don’t think I’ve EVER had a response from them on any of my posts because I don’t ask the “kid tested, mom approved” questions.

    • Sorry – I was away from the blog for the last hour due to a meeting. We’ve noted your recommendation and will pass it along.


    Matthew – NICE! Thank you very much :) I knew if I threw the bait out there I’d finally get a reply! Keep up the good work guys! Seriously for a completely FREE service, PSN is really good and has made great strides since the PS3 launched. I realize that Xbox Live may have more features due to the fact it’s been around a generation longer (Xbox 1 had Live, PS2 didn’t have PSN) and that if I have to pay for it, it better have more features than the competition. However I don’t think most of my suggestions would be too difficult to implement :)

  • Excuse me Matthew but will any of this maintance be fixing the F13 errors?
    Its been extreamly hard to enjoy ps home these days with all the errors and getting
    kicked off. i spend a lot of money on home as do my friends. We are all getting fed up
    with it. Thank You

    • Hi,

      This maintenance is not focused on Home specifically. The Home development team is continuing to work to address the F13 errors that players have reported. We will continue to provide updates on the Home Support sub-forum @

  • Not everyone has a Twitter account so can you please start posting updates on Facebook?

  • So I played Mass Effect 3 MP last night, does that mean I’m good to get online whenever I feel like it tomorrow?

  • Im playing Tales Of Graces F so it doesn’t affect me at all ether. :)

  • awesome ill be asleep but wake up to a freshly maintained psn thanks for the heads up!

  • Could you consider syncing the Vita and PS3 PSN accounts in a way where it shows the same on each? There’s also this weird glitch where people appear at the bottom of my friend list, with their trophies constantly loading. I know these people have Vitas, and I think maybe they’re on the PSN with their Vita but not their PS3.

    It might not work if someone is playing a game on their Vita while their PS3 is also doing something, but I’d like to see on the PS3 if someone is on their Vita, with a Vita icon and what they’re doing displayed.

    My suggestion for Plus users, since it might require some frequent syncing, is to allow Plus users with both systems to display their Vita profile panel on their PS3 profile, and their PS3 comment on their Vita profile. This way, they’ll have one fleshed-out profile showing up the same on either system.

  • highoffcoffee496

    wait so i have to be signed in, and stay signed in before 8am?

    • Just sign in. You can then log off and sign back in any time during this maintenance period and enjoy online play.

  • Maintenance, I know what this means, a vita firmware is coming you better have added video format for the browser.

  • Zombies-R-People

    if the maintenance starts tomorrow, why am i getting the maintenance message now when i try to enter my redeem code for money in the store and redeem code section of the xmb?

  • uwillragequit321

    Do u have to be signed in on a ps3 or vita system to play online? My vita is coming tomorrow by mail and i don’t have access to my ps3 right now .

  • Thanks for the heads up Mr. Harper.

    Any news on when there will be a new Firmware Update?

    I remembered the issue with PS3 Wireless Headset was being looked into due to the background noise coming through & it would be addressed in a furture Firmware Update, but its been months now.

  • So are they ever going to add Vita trophy support to the PS3? or is that asking too much?

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