PS Vita and Carmelita Revealed for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

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PS Vita and Carmelita Revealed for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

It’s been too long since I’ve posted to PlayStation.Blog…but soon you’ll see why! We recently joined Spike’s Geoff Keighley on the latest episode of GTTV tonight to show off some cool new Carmelita gameplay in addition to a very special announcement: Sly Cooper is coming to PS Vita this fall!

First off, a look at new gameplay. As every Sly fan knows, Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox have a long and torrid history — a history that’s destined to continue in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The game picks up where Sly 3 left off, and Sly is feigning amnesia so he can be with the love of his life, Carmelita. But when he rejoins the Cooper Gang on their time-traveling escapade to restore his family’s legacy, you can be sure Carmelita will quickly become embroiled in their wild adventure.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for PS3 and PS Vita

Carmelita is radiant on the PS3, and the powerful graphics hardware allowed us to make her much more detailed and expressive than in the past titles on PS2. She is, of course, a fully playable character in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and so we also spent a lot of time evolving her gameplay. We have gone with a more precise over-the-shoulder aiming technique that allows players to lock on the targets quickly and easily. You can see how this can be put to good use in the multi-layered boss battle.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for PS3 and PS Vita

Now for more big news! Ever since we revealed the game, fans have been asking me about PS Vita, arguing that Sly would be a great game to take on the go. I completely agree…and I can now confirm that Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be shipping this fall on BOTH the PS3 and the PS Vita, on the same day.

The portable version will contain all the same awesome Sly Cooper action you will find on the PS3 along with cool Vita-specific features that incorporate the front and rear touchscreens and motion controls. The game will also feature cross-save capability, so you’ll be able to save the game from either machine and then pick up right where you left off — whether you’re at home or on the go.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for PS3 and PS VitaSly Cooper: Thieves in Time for PS3 and PS Vita

So there you go! We are thrilled to finally show Carmelita in action — she’s a big fan favorite and I know everyone will love how she looks and plays in the latest installment of the series — and to be announcing the PS Vita version of the game. It’s been a crazy ride over the last few months, but when we see the results we know it was worth it. :D So stay tuned for more PS Vita details including date and price coming very soon.

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6 Author Replies

  • This is amazing news !! Pleeeeeeeeese give us a bundle on this!!

  • Very nice! I’m gonna go with the ps3 version though

  • How am I going to decide which one to get!?

  • @31: It’s not Cross Play (even though I mistakenly referred to the same situation as Cross Play). Cross Play is when you buy it ONCE and get to play on both. This supports CROSS PLATFORM SAVES, just like it says in the video. And is as it sounds, where your save files can be used cross platform.

    They should have made terms more clear, it’s easy to mix them up. Since ‘Cross Play’ fits well with most of the stuff.

  • These games should be sold as one and playable on both PS3 and Vita. Not as a bundle but as a Blu-ray/digital pack.

    This just further prevents me from picking up a Vita. There is no way in hell I am going to purchase two copies of all upcoming games that feature PS3/Vita play.

    lets see what happens…

  • I do not own a PS3 so I will buy this game no problem. Thanks for bringing it to the Vita. You have my support.

  • Any chance that you guys know if Sony will allow the same kind of deal they gave those who bought MLB The Show 12 on both systems? Also, really hoping a Collector’s Edition or something is announced at e3. Since BioShock was bumped to next year, this is now my most anticipated fall release along with Borderlands ^_^

  • To specify the deal, I think you got $20 bucks off if you bought The Show 12 on both the ps3 and vita on the same recepit lol

  • Gepau, PS Plus is not required for cross game saves between Vita and PS3. Although I agree it would be nice to offer both games as a package deal (like blu-ray and digital copy), it’s not likely to happen, and that’s not due to “Mr. Elgan”. That’s Sony’s decision alone. The best we are looking at here is probably a $20 retail discount if you buy both versions.

    Broodwars, I wouldn’t say this isn’t what Vita needs. PSP never had this = day and date releases on both the console and portable. It’s changing it up in a better way. I want new IPs and all of that, but it’s nice to have these types of things too. Heck, I would absolutely love to see Sony do the same thing with LBP Karting and PS All-Stars.

  • You guys blew my mind today! This is incredible news for us Vita owners. I’ve been thinking that the Vita sorely needs a full blown Ratchet, J&D, or Sly platformer to come out. I would be totally happy with any of their HD collections on my Vita since I have not purchased them for my PS3. Instead, not only do we get a Sly game for our Vita but it’s the PS3 version on the same day. Those of you complaining about too many ‘ports’ from PS3 games need to chill out. The developers aren’t waiting 2 years to give us a Vita version of Thieves in Time. So this is technically a BRAND NEW Sly game for your Vita. For those who want to buy both PS3/PSV versions of the game, then go for it. I was on the fence for purchasing Thieves in Time for the PS3, since there are too many games coming out this Fall, but I will absolutely pick up the Vita version. For those who only own a Vita this is a big win for you to have this new, epic Sly game on that amazing handheld!

  • Guys, this is amazing. Please detail a bundle to get both the Vita and PS3 copy! Please!

  • Please tell me you guys got the voice actress from Sly 1 or 2 for Carmelita! The voice for her in Sly 3 was just so out of place.

  • @53. Cross play (aka Cross Platform Play) has nothing to do with buying it once and getting it both. It’s as the name indicates.. cross play. It means that the two titles on different systems can interact in a way that usually deals with the internet (such as save files or multiplayer). That is all.

  • best- neWS- EVER!!!

  • this is just pure awesome news

    Any way to get a bundle on this?

    my first choice is the PS3 version to see the gorgeous visuals on my big screen, but if there is a bundle i will bite!


  • This is very VERY cool! But please PLEASE make a bundle that works with a physical PS3 copy, and a digital Vita copy. I don’t want physical Vita games, so I got screwed out of the MLB deal.

  • I’ve gotta give props to Sanzaru for pulling this off! This is like Mario Galaxy having a faithful port on the 3ds, except having a same day release. With Sony having (roughly) 70 million PS3 owners worldwide, I am shocked that the Vita has only sold around 2 million so far. Having this `port` of a PS3 platformer on the same day totally makes the Vita irresistable to Sony fans. A platformer of this calaber really shows what the Vita is capable of and makes me glad I bought one on launch day. Also, even though we have `ports` of MvsC3, Rayman, and Mortal Kombat, they run perfectly just like their PS3 counterparts. Myself, I will never pay 60 dollars for a casual fighting game on my PS3, but don`t mind paying for perfect copies for my Vita. The casual, pick up-and-play-for-20-minutes-at-a- time niche of handheld gaming, crossed with PS3 speed and quality for these fighting games is an incredible gaming experience. Looking forward to Street Fighter X Tekken for the Vita as well as Sly Cooper 4 this fall!

    FIRST DAY BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • slay cooper is awesome on both games system’s.

  • Will there be any difference in the price for ps3 and vita??

  • GREAT news! I am new to this series BUT, I’ve heard that many PS users hold Sly dear to their hearts- if there’s a bundle edition I will toss my $$$ in that direction I know it’s the kind of game that I’ll enjoy on both systems! However, if there isn’t a slightly discounted bundle pack… I will carry Sly on my Vita!

    Best news I’ve had this morning! Thank you, Glen!

  • This is awesome news, the more great games for the Vita the better imo. Always been a pretty big fan of the Sly games, so this one is a big deal to me, really looking forward to the prospect of being able to play the next full release on the go. Thanks a ton for doing this guys, really looking forward to this.

  • Link01 is correct. Cross-Play simply refers to connectivity between PS3 and Vita. This could and usually means being able to play multiplayer with a PS3 while on your Vita. In the case of a single player game like this it is referring to cross platform saves. It doesn’t refer to the buy 1 get 1 free deal that some games have been doing.

    Here are my thoughts on the matter. I don’t think Sony should necessarily feel obligated to give us a free Vita version with the purchase of the PS3 Version, although it would be awesome to do every once in a while. Simply having cross-play capabilities like this is a nice little bonus for the people out there who are big enough fans to actually buy both versions of a retail game. I don’t like the idea of getting 2 platinums for one playthrough though. I think that is something they need to study and think about.

    I don’t see myself buying 2 copies of any retail games. I would definitely buy 2 copies of something like Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, however, if it had cross-platform multiplayer and the ability to work on your ranking on the PS3 or the Vita.

  • I do, however, want to see future PSN games be straight up compatible with PS3 and Vita – the same way minis were compatible with PS3 or PSP.

  • Oh please give me this bundle and make it just like Motorstorm RC cloud save so i can double platinum also. I will be getting the Vita version no matter what but if its a bundle then I cant resist the ps3 version too.

  • Anyone else seeing the farcry 3 trailer? LOL?

  • This is really exciting. I too second the idea that there needs to be a bundle. I am really looking forward to this game. I don’t have a Vita yet, but this adds to the motivation. Keep up the great work.

  • nice! finally!!! more games for the vita!!

  • @vanwinkle

    This is the trap, though, that the Vita has to claw itself out of. It has to establish its own identity to entice prospective new Vita owners, rather than just be a smaller version of a console many people already own with a worse library of games mostly made up of PS3 ports. And until it does, you can expect to see the Vita continue to flounder as sales numbers have shown it has because there’s little reason for people to buy it who already have a PS3 or are interested in experiences on the PS3. You might as well just stick with your PS3 if you already own one or buy a PS3 if you don’t. And I think the sales numbers have shown what an extreme minority Vita-only owners likely are.


  • @vanwinkle


    I got my Vita about a month ago, and I’ve had a great time with it. But this is the EXACT same problem the 3DS had last year: port after port of games you could already play elsewhere, and the device struggled to sell accordingly. The 3DS didn’t come into its own and sell better until it got its OWN library of titles exclusive to it (Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus Uprising, etc.). There are good games on the Vita, and I’ve enjoyed them. I’ll enjoy Resistance and Gravity Rush in a few weeks, and if this were a NEW Sly game exclusive to Vita, I’d be all over this and rushing to pre-order it right now. But I just don’t see how this announcement helps the Vita establish its own identity and move units.

  • I’m getting the Vita version! Bring the HD collection to Vita too please!

  • Aaaaaand my wallet starts crying. I love the Sly Cooper games (really should get back to playing Sly 2), so I’m excited for this. As for Carmelita, she looks sexy :)

    …For…for an anthro animal of course.


  • Broodwars, I don’t disagree with you completely. I think new IPs or exclusive Vita games in existing IPs is more important than these PS3/Vita games. That is definitely true. However, having day and date releases of big Sony games on both PS3 and Vita could actually be a nice marketing move. At least two people I’ve talked to at my job have identified my Vita by saying “I’ve heard that you could play a PS3 game and then save it and continue it on that”. That’s what they knew about it and that’s what they liked. I hope Vita does find more of identity than a supplement to the PS3, but you can’t say that making a move like they did here is a objectively bad move for them. The 3DS did struggle with ports, yes, but they were also ports that lacked a huge amount of content compared to the console versions. They always felt inferior, so there’s no reason to want it. At least with this, you have the same game, same amount of content, and the only decision you have to make is “Do I want to play this on my TV, or do I want to be able to play with me wherever I want with a smaller screen?” Or, of course, if they do a cheaper bundle, you could do both. It’s enticing, honestly. Maybe no for everyone, but definitely some.

  • YES! This is freaking awesome!

  • Vita & PS3 bundle please…Otherwise I won’t be able to decide which version I want :(

  • Sly and Carmelita look… Off.

  • I’ve already preordererd the PS3 version of the game, and now the Vita version may just make me actually purchase a Vita. I can’t express how incredibly happy I am at the moment; Sanzaru is treating the franchise right, Carmelita is back [as a playable character, nonetheless] and everything looks amazing! ^_^

  • CrusaderForever

    Absolutely fantastic news! Please give us a bundle deal! I am guessing the bundle deal will be up to the store that sells the game. I know right now you can get that MLB 12 bundle at Walmart online for $79, however it’s not available at this time. This is a D1P for me! However………….if you want to catch up to the 3DS in PSVitas sold?? If you do, you should release this new Sly as a buy one version get the other version free. I am not saying you have to do this for all cross platform future titles. But this one is different! Or at least do it for Call of Duty Vita! Then again, E3 could catch the PSVita up with the 3DS all by itself! Thanks Sony!

  • In the Vita wars, I want both. I want new games built just for the Vita so Vita-less losers can whine their sour grapes, & I want Vita versions of PS3 games, hopefully with cross play so I can earn double the trophies. And we have both of these things, so I am counting my blessings because more blessings are sure to follow.

    Sure a lot of announcements lately. Makes me wonder how awesome the new revelations @ E3 will be.

  • i watch the new trailer and i notice that the health bar wasnt there, was that just for the trailer or did you guys get rid of them

  • The vita version is not a port. Its obviously been developed in conjunction with the ps3 version. The 3ds was getting ports of decade old games that could be had elsewhere for a fraction of the price of the 3ds version.

    As for the supposed 3ds exclusive library, meh. Mario kart is still mario kart, and you’re still bopping koopas in SML. There’s nothing original or new there. Done it all before.

    People still don’t get it, a significant percentage of vita owners DON”T own a ps3. So, for them, there is no choice on which system to get sly cooper 4.

    If you want a real laugh and own a 3ds, download the rayman origins demo and compare it to the vita version. Holy downgrade, batman.

  • For anyone who’s still wondering about Pixel Junk Monsters Deluxe for the vita, I got emailed back from sony.

    At this time, the release of this game has been delayed. I apologize but at this time I do not have information when this content will be released. For the latest updates of this game, when it will be available, I recommend keeping a eye out on the Blog.

    This is like watching a dog chase its own tail. I just want my $4.99 back at this point. That’ll be next email.

  • @Massimodo, I downloaded the Rayman Origins demo on 3DS and it was a disgrace. Of course, that’s not really the 3DS’s fault. That’s all on Ubisoft. Absolutely dreadful port, whereas the Vita version was glorious (but unfortunately without multiplayer).

  • I’m looking forward to a new Sly Cooper game. Platform games are my favorites, but there has been a lot less on PS3 than there were on PS2.

  • Thanks for hearing the fans and do this kind of things possible :D
    just waiting for a collectors edition

    and 1 question:
    we are going to see something new of sly cooper in the E3?

  • PLEASE WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT DO WHAT POST #26 was suggesting. I myself would be SERIOUSLY ASHAMED to have a double platinum (or any trophy list) for the same game. Whether u play it once or twice or a million times, a game should not be used as a way to boost your trophy level, by having the same trophies more than once, even though a lot of gamers with questionable integrity, like that.

  • Hey Glen Egan, awesome job. Sanzaru has sure earned our trust. By the way, I played the entire Sly trilogy and and kept thinking that Sly Cooper Thieves in Time should have difficulty settings, because the Trilogy was sooo easy. C’mon, gimme a challenge, if there is, I’m going to play on the hardest one in my 1º time!!!! Thanks you guys are awesome!!!!

  • I have a couple of questions I really want to know. Please reply!

    1) Any time you will at least release a demo soon? Growing so impatient!

    2) When will we see some Bentley and Murray gameplay?

    3) Will the game be longer than the others? Would be cool if it would be.

    Thanks! :)

    Oh and when are you going to update your website? been seeing the same things since E3 last year.

  • Man, Carmelita’s lookin’ good on PS3 ;)

    I seriously can’t wait for this game to come. Why must it be so far out? It would’ve been a perfect summer release! But I’ll be patient – you guys at Sanzaru have quite a legacy to live up to, and you need time to polish this and make sure it’s the best it can be. I can dig that. It’s neat too that the one Sly game is hitting both systems; I know the portable Ratchets and Jak games, while new content and that’s cool, were just not up to the standards of the console entries.

    Gotta finish up my entry for the Treasure Design contest too! I’m surprised you didn’t remind us all about that. Only two more days to go!

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