PS Vita and Carmelita Revealed for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

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PS Vita and Carmelita Revealed for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

It’s been too long since I’ve posted to PlayStation.Blog…but soon you’ll see why! We recently joined Spike’s Geoff Keighley on the latest episode of GTTV tonight to show off some cool new Carmelita gameplay in addition to a very special announcement: Sly Cooper is coming to PS Vita this fall!

First off, a look at new gameplay. As every Sly fan knows, Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox have a long and torrid history — a history that’s destined to continue in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The game picks up where Sly 3 left off, and Sly is feigning amnesia so he can be with the love of his life, Carmelita. But when he rejoins the Cooper Gang on their time-traveling escapade to restore his family’s legacy, you can be sure Carmelita will quickly become embroiled in their wild adventure.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for PS3 and PS Vita

Carmelita is radiant on the PS3, and the powerful graphics hardware allowed us to make her much more detailed and expressive than in the past titles on PS2. She is, of course, a fully playable character in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and so we also spent a lot of time evolving her gameplay. We have gone with a more precise over-the-shoulder aiming technique that allows players to lock on the targets quickly and easily. You can see how this can be put to good use in the multi-layered boss battle.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for PS3 and PS Vita

Now for more big news! Ever since we revealed the game, fans have been asking me about PS Vita, arguing that Sly would be a great game to take on the go. I completely agree…and I can now confirm that Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be shipping this fall on BOTH the PS3 and the PS Vita, on the same day.

The portable version will contain all the same awesome Sly Cooper action you will find on the PS3 along with cool Vita-specific features that incorporate the front and rear touchscreens and motion controls. The game will also feature cross-save capability, so you’ll be able to save the game from either machine and then pick up right where you left off — whether you’re at home or on the go.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for PS3 and PS VitaSly Cooper: Thieves in Time for PS3 and PS Vita

So there you go! We are thrilled to finally show Carmelita in action — she’s a big fan favorite and I know everyone will love how she looks and plays in the latest installment of the series — and to be announcing the PS Vita version of the game. It’s been a crazy ride over the last few months, but when we see the results we know it was worth it. :D So stay tuned for more PS Vita details including date and price coming very soon.

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    Oh man, what system do i buy it for?… D:’

  • This is amazing ! I’m so surprised!!! This really shows the faith and the love Sanzaru has for Sly ! I can’t wait to buy both launch day! Any news on the collectors edition?

    • Hi there, we would love to see a collectors edition too. Keep bugging Sony (they are sick of the sound of my voice by now) to make it happen. ;D

  • What’s that saying? Oh, yes.

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Finally, another AAA title for PS Vita. Definitely a must buy! Any news regarding the release date? :-)

  • GREAT NEWS!!! Problem is I don’t have the money to buy both versions! Would be cool to have a bundle pack for like $80 though.

  • Guys lets get a PS.Blog.Share Post for the Sly Cooper : Thieves in Time going we gotta show interest !

  • Yeah a bundle pack would be faaaaaaantastic. haha. I definitely want both but im not shelling out that much money >.>

  • If you buy both versions at the same, will there be a discount as they did with MLB 12?

  • *I meant both versions at the same time. (They should definitely add an edit feature on this blog…)

  • Sid can you answer my question ? Please it would make my night :D

  • Word of advice to SONY. If u wanna make PSN a better buying option for consumers then do the discount you did for MLB only in retail. Paying $55 for this game shud net u both the PS3 and Vita version on PSN. ur only paying -5 off the PS3 version and getting the other free. thats how it shud be on PS Store. Retail shud be buy one get the off. So like 80 to get both together.

    • We at Sanzaru are definitely listening on that and voicing the same concerns, I am sure there will be an announcement very soon on how it will all work, so stay tuned.

  • ScreamAimFire999

    Wow. I wasn’t interested at first but now that it will be available on the PlayStation Vita I’m in!

  • Two questions;

    1. Will this have a deal like MLB The Show did, where you can buy both at the same time and save?

    2. Any chance that we’ll see the Sly Collection on the PlayStation Vita too?

  • I second that. Any chance of seeing Sly Collection on VIta. Or any other collections out there? Still gotta pick Sly Coll up

  • I suppose this is going to use cloud technology for switching gamesaves.

    Whoa. So stoked! “Daxter” was absolutely a must buy for PSP so it is safe to assume this will carry on the tradition of rich 3D platforming on a handheld by SCEWWS.

  • This is awesome! I was watching GTTV because they said they had news for Sly Cooper 4. Oh, man! I was not disappointed! Great that this will be available on both PS3 & PS Vita as well as Carmelita being a playable character! :D

  • This makes me more likely to buy the game… a great platformer on the go sounds like a must.

  • If this sells well, is there any chance for a HD remastered version of the original Trilogy?

  • Oh, one more comment. Please make this cross play? I was originally going to get a PS3, but decided not to when none of my games allowed me to play on the PS3, even when the games exist.

  • I’ve been wondering this for some time, if I have a copy for both the PS3 and Vita version is the Trophy Set for both games the same? Because let’s say there are trophies that require me to do a mission so I can complete a mission in the Vita, get the trophy there but what happens when I take that save to the PS3 version? My save already went through that mission so I won’t be able to get it unless I do another playthrough unless of course as I mentioned earlier the Trophy sets are the same and shared between both games.

  • @20
    I believe the trophy sets are actually duplicated. Instead of one set there r separate sets for both versions. Unlocking a trophy in one grants u the other once u synch ur save with ur PS3. So ur trophies also synch both versions. So u can get 2 platinums for one game. I belive thats how it works

  • Yay! plz plz plz plz tell me you guys will do some kind of a bundle to get both PS3 and Vita versions together but for lower price?? plz plz i want both versions day 1!!!

  • @21
    That’s how it is for trophies in Motorstorm RC, but according to IGN it will not be like that for Sly.

    “The games will share one Trophy set and one save file.” ->

  • Great addition to the PSVita library, hopefully all this crossover titles will always be offered for $80 if you buy them together.

  • What do you think gamers are, mr Egan ? Bank owners ? Is it the direction the game industry is aiming to ?
    Why so much greed ? Gamers you want to play this awesome installment of the serie you love on the go after a session on your PS3 ? No problemo, we handle…your money ! Buy both version PS3 and PS Vita and take a PSN Plus account for the save sharing and it’s like 100+ bucks plus 50 for a year account, isn’t that sweet…for you ?
    Why don’t you take your ideas from an old market, the film industry, and give to players a bundle with the 2 games like a DVD and Blueray and digital copy of a movie ? And don’t tell us there are differente game, we don’t buy a Xbox360 and PS3 version of a game, at least most gamer ! So in case like your game, you have to aim for a new deal, proposing bundle and PSN offers for the players who want to get both version of the game, at a decent price like, why not, a collector edition with the 2 games !
    But I’m dreaming, the greed rule the world, and we fan boys are always see as rich people with so much money to spent !
    Please Mr Egan, take the lead in a new market direction for the gamers sake !

    • Hehe, lots of good points. I think the videogame world is evolving and changing and while not many of the things you mention are under my control, I would like to think by providing the “play anywhere” capability to Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time we are working to push the marketplace in a new direction to better serve gamers. I don’t pretend to understand all the mechanics of game distribution (We are first and foremost game developers) but I hope that this game can pave the way for a new approach in that regard.

  • @HardJoker & MakoSOLDIER: As far as I can tell, it really varies at the moment. I haven’t played anything on my Vita yet that has cloud saving between the PS3 and the PSV, but… I have Motorstorm RC on both, and any trophies I unlocked on the Vita auto-unlocked when I booted the game on PS3, even though I had no save data on the PS3 for the game. However, The Pinball Arcade has completely separate trophy lists. If I want to 100% it on both Vita and PS3, I’ll have to do everything twice.
    That being said, I’m thinking that with games that have cross-play with a cloud save file, the trophies should unlock with the save file on either system, so yeah, it should be a double plat for doing everything once, if you own both versions.

    Also, this went from a “wait and see” to a “must-buy” with the announcement of a PSV version. I’ll definitely be picking up both versions now, hopefully at a slightly discounted price. ;)

  • @24: What on earth are you talking about? We got a discount on the last PS3/PSVita cross play title if we bought both at the same time.

    Just wait and see if they do the same here. And I have bought games on my 360 and PS3 to support it and the developers. Like Awesomenauts, Bayonetta, Vanquish to name a few. Not that it’s your business what anyone else does with their money.

  • Was definitely going to buy this for the PS3, but now I’m definitely going to get the Vita one instead. Wonder if they’ll do a bundle with both games for a reduced price or something.

  • Would love to see a bundle on this for those that want both the Vita and the PS3 version. Maybe you can work something out with Sony to do one like what was done with MLB this year? Keep us posted.

  • @26: I don’t care what people do with their money but I do care what the game industry is doing with mine ! Don’t you read ? I don’t talk about discount I’m talking about bundle and vision of the market ! If it’s about discount I can wait for better price on the web like 20 bucks for a game some week later !
    YOU buy multiple version of a game, good for you, I don’t care what you do with your money in particular, I was talking in general !
    DLC, multipass and so on ! And now crossplay ! Ok, but make some decent offer, it’s all what I’m asking for !

  • Flip man, now I WANT to buy the vita, something I never thought I would. Sly is the ONLY game, that would make me want to do that. And you guys did it, Sanzaru, u guys are pretty awesome. Glad you did this. Once I see the pre-order limited edition set, I’m gonna pre-order both the versions, and get the vita as well, well hopefully, if I have money.

  • Lol if you think cross play is going to justify buying the same game twice at full price for this or any game out there.

  • A bundle like what MLB: The Show did would be great for us that have both a PS Vita and PS3. I’m assuming this would be a $39.99 game for the PS Vita?

  • Sweeeeet!i’ll be getting this on my platformers on the go

  • Great news. Looking forward to learning more. Saw the piece on Gametrailers. Don’t pay any attention to the chronic complainers, the ones who’ve been throwing hissy fits that there “aren’t any games” & “Sony lied to us about features” because it was completely predictable that they would then complain when you announce games that provide those cool Vita features.

  • @ Elvick_

    I never saw a discount through the PlayStation®Store. That discount was only handled through retailers, so you should probably contact the retailers to see if they will be having one of those deals.

    SONY can only provide an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), and they can’t control what discounts are available through retailers.

    ~ Beetlegossip

  • I have the Sly Collection and i have noticed Sly 2 and Sly 3 are quite similar, is Sly 4 different from those 2?

    • Hi there,

      Glad to hear you picked up the collection! Thieves in Time takes the best parts of all the previous games in the series and really builds on them for the new hardware. We take the hub and spoke structure of 2 and 3, but then we have greatly expanded the size and scope, with more collectibles, bigger hideouts with tons of new features. We then also brought the kind of layered boss battle gameplay you experienced in the first game and made them even more epic as Sly Cooper on the PlayStation 3 would deserve. From there we also bring in a whole host of new characters: Sly’s ancestors, each with their own abilities and quirky Cooper persona :D
      So again there are cool things that you will recognize and love and lots and lots of new stuff to keep you on your toes.


  • This game supports “Cross Platform Saves” but not “Cross Play”. This means that if you want to keep your same saves between the PS3 and the Vita, you need to purchase both copies of the game. This is a feature Sony promised for the Vita, and while I understand that not all Games can support it, it is heart breaking to see a game that does, requiring their most hardcore fans to buy the game for both platforms. This is why, as much as it pains me, I will not be buying this game for the Vita, or at all.

  • super psyched for this now. good to see cross play coming to life. more please.

  • Game looks great. I’m more interested in the Vita version.. But may end up getting both so my nephews can enjoy it on the PS3.

  • Awesome ! one of my most anticipated titles and also on the Vita definitely gonna buy both versions on launch day hope to see more PS3 Games go to the Vita especially Twisted Metal & Starhawk those games need to get ported to the Vita i heard that porting games from the PS3 To the Vita was easy but i’m not a developer so not sure but anyway SLY COOPER THIEVES IN TIME CANT WAIT !!!! oh and can we please get a pre-release demo ! THANK YOU PlayStation !

  • Pretty awesome but it would be nice if they changed Carmelita’s mouth. it makes her look nothing like she used to it looks wierd.

  • Oh AWESOME! :]

    Many (most) games I’d rather have the PS3 version of, but this one that I feel will work really nice on the vita.

  • While it’s nice to see a new Vita game, I can’t help but think this game is going to fail on Vita. Hard. This is PRECISELY what the Vita doesn’t need right now: more PS3 ports. As you can probably tell from my avatar, I’m a huge Sly Cooper fan. But despite my love for the series, I’m not buying the same game twice and I’m already buying the PS3 version. The Vita needs its OWN Sly Cooper game, not an inferior port of a game I’d much rather play on PS3.

  • Nice, both on the same day. I was wondering, for those who want to buy both version, wouldn’t be nice (convenient) to have a Bundle edition. Because paying full price for the same game is kind of expensive.

  • Please tell me you get both for $60.

  • Good news, I hope there is some kind of bundle for the people that’s getting both versions, man I wish I could play starhawk on my vita too

  • When I read the headline “PS Vita and Carmelita Revealed…” I was hoping that the Vita was getting its own full game starring Carmelita that would tie in with Thieves in Time, but this is still really good news. The Vita needs more than ports, but its still good to see Sly coming to the Vita.

    This game went from a “must buy day one” to a “must buy two copies day one”


  • When this game is shown at E3 in the next few weeks will we the fans get to see anymore members of the Cooper Clan revealed?.
    Also when can we be play to get a demo of the game to download on the PSN?.

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