Coming to Home: Step Right Up to Midway 3…and $25,000 in Prizes

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Coming to Home: Step Right Up to Midway 3…and $25,000 in Prizes

Wednesday, May 16th, brings us some awesome PlayStation Home content: Midway 3 arrives with the Ca$h Carnival event where you can win up to $25,000 worth of prizes (click here for official rules), the Men in Black HQ opens its doors, new developer Bigyama launches Forthstar, Lockwood brightens up May with new additions to their Drey Line, and much more!

The long-awaited Midway 3 is coming this week. As if that wasn’t enough on its own, it’s bringing sweet, sweet prizes with it. No, not virtual prizes (it has over 100 of those, too) but real prizes. Sony prizes. Awesome prizes. Oh, and cash prizes too!

Coming to Home: Step Right Up to Midway 3…and $25,000 in Prizes

The Midway 3 hosts 10 games, each with 10 levels of difficulty, and rewards players with over 100 unique virtual items. Grab your tickets and play a variety of hilarious carnival games like Pull My Finger, Puck It!, and Penny Pincher. Enter the new Midway Hot Zone to play the Hot Streak Air Hockey. Earn Hot Zone points and then cash them in for wild prizes from the Lots O’ Junk Redemption Center. That’s not all – players that enter the Midway are entered into the Cash Carnival sweepstakes, where you can win weekly prizes from Sony Electronics and even a grand prize of $15,000 (click here for the official rules)! Be sure to head over to the Midway 3 on Wednesday, May 16th and start playing!!


For the more refined, Drey provides in May. The Kaleidoscope Color and Smart Artist collections from Drey deliver comfortable, tailored designs for this season. The spring fashions you are looking for are here, in bundles and ala carte.


x7 members will get early-access to special new selections this week as well. Ladies should check for the White Leather Jacket and Pants, while the men might find that the Sleeveless Gi fills a certain void in their wardrobe.

On May 16th, 2012, the Men in Black are coming to PlayStation Home! Sony Pictures Consumer Products in partnership with Activision, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony DADC LOOT have joined forces to bring the MIB Headquarters to Home! Help agents Jay and Kay protect the Earth from the scum of the universe by monitoring alien activity! Play our quiz to find out if you’re considered an alien or agent in the eyes of the agency! Take photos with your favorite agents then roam the headquarters for sweet rewards and sneak peeks from the new movie Men in Black 3 and the upcoming video game Men in Black: Alien Crisis!


Fire up PlayStation Home and discover which bits of this week’s update you love the most! If you can’t decide where to start, try the Hub – you’ll find content from Midway 3 and Men In Black there, plus a free ride to x7 if you need one.

See you there!

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  • Wardrobe Wars celebrity look a like,surely there can only be one winner and that’s me lol,can i please have a meerkat companion they have such funny ways about them and are real cute.When is the poker room update coming?And a couple of years back there was glitch that allowed you to change clothes in someone elses personal space but it was fixed so obviously it is possible.And in response to the guy @42 i only bought a PS3 to use home hardly play any games,so each to their own.

  • Crazy wins the comment contest!

    “also they should make an error code space and the prizes are error codes with an F13 tshirt lol”

  • This is so stuiped relase midway 3 and u dont see error all time in here been like this 4weeks and u talk like everything is 100% error free in home, Do uu think customer here are total idiot, maybe some are but not all people. Cant use what i allready buy in here and my psn account are worth over 2000 dollar,

    Im sure after todays update so many more new error will come.

    And yes my english not perfect english not my mothers language, only say before some comment it.

  • The MIB space was already out for EU PS Home, why is that? It was a US made movie… Doesn’t make any sense.

  • The Midway 3 games freeze a lot. I lost 15 tickets because its freeze a lot. I have fast internet also. When you play certain games like Whack Off, Light Me Up,and Beans Beans Beans it freezes a lot.

  • ok sony, cant you ppl read?! please fix the disconnect problems. i spend a lot of money on your
    network and a lot of other ppl do to. i cant think of a single reason why your ppl cant fix this problem!
    not unless……your being hacked again.

  • Well, I think Midway 3 is going to be equally more fun just like Midway 1 & Midway 2! 10 more games bring up to a total of 30 Midway games so far! Just a few questions for you, Paul, if you’ve time to answer.

    1: Any hint of a new Home version 1.70 on the way yet? I would like to know what’s up for the next core update.

    2: Any word on the new Conspiracy missions yet? I would like to go on more tougher missions to get more goods.

    & 3: When Midway 3 goes extremely well, which I know it will, will there be a Midway 4 with a cool funhouse adventure with it, and a pinball game, too?

  • great PS home update! Midway is allot of fun. So much to play and so many rewards to claim, not to mention also being entered into a giveaway– way cool!! MIB HQ is really sweet. Being a big fan of the movie I appreciate the new location!

  • I’m happy u got job bro that awesome home update look awesome keep up good work

  • Ra_The_Sun_King

    Contrare of what others think about this Update being Great and awesome, I think its B.S , not only spawning at the Hub is annoying but trying to get out of there is a freaking Mission. Firstable the lag , and when its not the lag , you freeze, therefore you have to shut your playstation off by pressing the button, and when it comes back it needs to repair the HDD .
    Can you people ever take 1 update and not make it about the crap you want to sell, but actually FIX HOME and why is it that whenever there is a problem with Home, you cant fix the problem right away, why is it that you have to wait til another update comes, to maybe do so……..what is it ? are you not allow to touch any machines til a new update comes ? or is it that you want us to get sick and tired of Home to never come back and our money lost to you ………………….Fix Home .

  • ok sony here we go again! i was realy looking forward to the new midway. but what a mess! i cant play any of the games and it is always freezing! whats with you ppl?! when i try to play a game it always says thats theres a que but no one is playing! ive tryed over and over again. for godsakes please fix midway and the F13 errors! PLEASE!!!

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