Coming to Home: Step Right Up to Midway 3…and $25,000 in Prizes

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Coming to Home: Step Right Up to Midway 3…and $25,000 in Prizes

Wednesday, May 16th, brings us some awesome PlayStation Home content: Midway 3 arrives with the Ca$h Carnival event where you can win up to $25,000 worth of prizes (click here for official rules), the Men in Black HQ opens its doors, new developer Bigyama launches Forthstar, Lockwood brightens up May with new additions to their Drey Line, and much more!

The long-awaited Midway 3 is coming this week. As if that wasn’t enough on its own, it’s bringing sweet, sweet prizes with it. No, not virtual prizes (it has over 100 of those, too) but real prizes. Sony prizes. Awesome prizes. Oh, and cash prizes too!

Coming to Home: Step Right Up to Midway 3…and $25,000 in Prizes

The Midway 3 hosts 10 games, each with 10 levels of difficulty, and rewards players with over 100 unique virtual items. Grab your tickets and play a variety of hilarious carnival games like Pull My Finger, Puck It!, and Penny Pincher. Enter the new Midway Hot Zone to play the Hot Streak Air Hockey. Earn Hot Zone points and then cash them in for wild prizes from the Lots O’ Junk Redemption Center. That’s not all – players that enter the Midway are entered into the Cash Carnival sweepstakes, where you can win weekly prizes from Sony Electronics and even a grand prize of $15,000 (click here for the official rules)! Be sure to head over to the Midway 3 on Wednesday, May 16th and start playing!!


For the more refined, Drey provides in May. The Kaleidoscope Color and Smart Artist collections from Drey deliver comfortable, tailored designs for this season. The spring fashions you are looking for are here, in bundles and ala carte.


x7 members will get early-access to special new selections this week as well. Ladies should check for the White Leather Jacket and Pants, while the men might find that the Sleeveless Gi fills a certain void in their wardrobe.

On May 16th, 2012, the Men in Black are coming to PlayStation Home! Sony Pictures Consumer Products in partnership with Activision, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony DADC LOOT have joined forces to bring the MIB Headquarters to Home! Help agents Jay and Kay protect the Earth from the scum of the universe by monitoring alien activity! Play our quiz to find out if you’re considered an alien or agent in the eyes of the agency! Take photos with your favorite agents then roam the headquarters for sweet rewards and sneak peeks from the new movie Men in Black 3 and the upcoming video game Men in Black: Alien Crisis!


Fire up PlayStation Home and discover which bits of this week’s update you love the most! If you can’t decide where to start, try the Hub – you’ll find content from Midway 3 and Men In Black there, plus a free ride to x7 if you need one.

See you there!

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  • Other than the upcoming Lockwood Fantasy Update, are there any plans for medieval/fantasy armors or clothing for avatars? Also on a related note, is there anything new to report on Mercia?

    • Nothing additional on Mercia this week, but I can confirm that it looks to be a very compelling experience.

  • Ok so Forthstar outfits come out this week right? x_x and how much do they go for?

  • Forthstar *did* get teased in last week’s blog, but they won’t be in the store this week. We’ll all just have to wait a little bit longer for them. They are cool though.

  • That’s lame.. almost as lame as these F13 errors that still havent been fixed..

  • how about making clothes based on wwe t-shirts for our avatar

  • on the mib 3 space i seen some were else were there’s a bike car the dog and another vehicle to purchase will all that be this week and how long will we have to buy them and thanks

  • Hey Paul is all fine and groovy but all that doesnt mean squat when you keep getting F13 ERRORS, i spend more time trying to get in Home than actually being there and you people dont even bother to say whats wrong with the servers, you just go to reply onto the next comment saying ! Awesome update, im buying everything !

    • Nope, I’ll reply to yours Ra, you deserve it. There are folks aware of, and working on, the connection issues. I know you would love more detailed information, but I really don’t have any to share at this time. Check the support forums for threads by Joystick_Warrior asking for feedback, and our team will continue to address stability.

  • It’s your first blog post and already you’re announcing Midway 3 and “$25,000” in prizes.. gotta’ love it! Looks like an awesome update this week! : )

  • can you guys make to when other people come into your personal space that they dont have to leave to change into their wardrobe they can just do it right from the person personal space

  • F A I L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yet another event not available for Puerto Rico. WHY!!!!???? this is not fair! Stop making this dumb events And start making events that the whole community can take off.

    Can someone explain me why!? 1st Wardrobe Wars and now this? Do I have to make another fake account for this crap? Puerto Rico is just like any other state. Other consoles events and even websites don’t EXCLUDE Puerto Rico off of this things. Why in heavens Sony keeps doing this to us the costumers? huh! You guys FAIL at events since 2008! FAIL at everything making Home a better place. Excluding people (costumers) and dividing Home socially. Really? is this the American way to show the love to the world? cause this is the only region to do it. This is very unacceptable.


  • also they should make an error code space and the prizes are error codes with an F13 tshirt lol

  • LOL@crazy

  • Very cool!!! A chance to win actual prizes in addition to already winning virtual ones! I am blown away! Unlimited entries to boot? It may be a good time to ask the boss if I can bring my PS3 into the office with me! =D

    PS: Not sure if this is your first post, Paul…but congrats & nice jerb on the first one I’ve seen from ya :)

  • Hypnotic_Inertia

    Hey Cade. I have a few questions for you. Will we have Frank the Pug for sale. How can we reach a responsive Konami and Square-Enix facebook or Twitter for Home suggestions? Is the sexy female Granzella ninja outfit in Q&A testing? Is there a possibility for Japan Home like events to ever happen in NA Home like the Macross Concert and it’s promotion sale items?

  • Let me say this, I reported a problem APRIL 18TH about 2 of my personal spaces , i went to the forum , i posted my problem , Joystick_warrior sent me a reply saying he will investigate, and guess what …………………its MAY 14 and he still havent reply back .
    Im too getting F13 ERRORS , and everytime i get them , it just proofs that Home is Broken from within , not what was promise in mid 2008 .
    @theawsomeone11……………………… i have been asking for the same thing since 2009 and the answer is always the same, “OH it cant be done, we would have to change the core space , blah blah blah…………. we can send a satellite to orbit the planet Mars but they cant make fake avatars change clothes in 1`s personal space Amazing !

  • Hey, T

    Confirmation that Bigyama will have the Forthstar outfits out at a later date. Hoping next week? Nice job on the blog. :)

  • MIDWAY 3 _why do i have the feeeling that i would have to spend as much money as 1 of those prizes cost in the REFURBISHED sony deparment .
    i guess ill believe it when i see it , and also see how you go about getting the real Sony prize, or its just a desperate attemp to get more money out of us .

  • any word on grandzella’s rewards on the glowing swords for EDO and are we going to get the peakvox labs here with ghe ufo game to it.

  • by the way L_S are there any new places coming out that the HCV will be showing…

  • @TRIAD–NOMAD That’s not Locust_Star. The HCVs always announce the new tours in the Home general forums. Keep an eye out there for any new tours upcoming. If you would like a tour of an existing estate please contact a Home Community Volunteer listed at

  • #18 TRAID-NOMAD – Hey, we always announce our upcoming tours on the Home General sub-forum. Watch the forums for any announcements by us. (p.s.: Paul Sullivan isn’t Locust_Star, that’s Matthew Harper.)

  • ok sorry my bad if it’s not L_S ok but in all my 4 years on being here only 2 people posted the weekly update. GLASSWALLS and L_S. GLASSWALLS did the last 2 or so on the updates and said they was going by their real names so i thought paul would have been L_S. again my bad.

    • It was a smart guess. But I’m not L_S. I’m a relatively new Community Manager here at Digital Platforms. But I’ve been with the Home team for years now. As for your question, it looks like Sophronia and Jersquall addressed it already.


    its junk like this that is turning me off from buying anymore of your products sony and from gaming all together. NO LOVE FOR CANADA SO NO CASH FOR YOU!!! I am not alone on this one thats for sure.

  • Iced-Tea-Bagger

    is anyone really excited about the MIB space? i kinda came out 3 weeks ago. midway 3 will be cool but i will wait a a few updates for things to die down there. if i have problems loading to my harbor studio im not even gonna try to go to midway 3 on launch week.

  • Iced-Tea-Bagger

    also we need more quests

  • just out of Curiosity, will these games count towards our Darla space prizes also? Looks solo fun! Can’t wait to play whack off!….a lot! Lol :)

  • The prizes for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes look awesome…I guess I’ll have to forgo some of my Home clothing in favor of Midway tickets for awhile. This will be especially hard with the great looking stuff from Drey this week…decisions, decisions…Aaaaahhhhh!…xD

    Great to finally see MIB Headquarters officially arriving! I expect Home will be overrun with aliens and agents very quickly…

    Great blog post, Paul, thanks for all the info!



    The following promotion is intended for viewing in the 50 United States and D.C. only and is construed and evaluated according to California law. Do not enter this Promotion if you are not a legal resident of, and located in, the 50 United States or D.C. at the time of entry.


    Guess i must be missing something. Says no purchase necessary yet you have to buy a ticket to enter?

  • Silverado, if you take the time to re-read the rules, No Purchase Necessary means just that. At the bottom of #3, HOW TO ENTER, you will see the instructions for how to enter without purchasing any Midway tickets.

  • a paid post card?

  • I second what silverado2366 said above. It sounds like to me that the ones that will be winning these prizes are the ones that have plenty of money just sitting around waiting to get blown. I however have a house, car, and college to pay for. Sounds like the urchins with no job that live in their parent’s basement and have an allowance win again. So Paul, if you’re up to the challenge of providing a proper reply, maybe you can clarify whether this contest will be no purchase necessary as is stated in the rules or if the Cash Carnival contest is nothing more than just a money grabbing nickel and dime scheme intended to offset the cost of the prizes being awarded as it sounds to me is the case.

    • JROD,

      You can enter the contest by sending a post card to the address listed in the rules. There’s a link to the rules in the blog post itself. Each post card sent in counts as one entry. So you do not have to make any purchases through Midway or Home to enter into the contest, just send in a post card!

      Good luck.

  • @29 and 32 I can help clear up the confusion.

    According to the rules it breaks down to this: 0.99 cents = 50 *possible chances to win and 1 letter you hand write = 1 chance. So naturally you would go “Ugh Dafaq Sony, I can see he has a better chance.”

    Sony is sneaky, let me tell you why everything written is true ;)

    *Sony goes ” Well the tickets he is buying, is actually not giving him entry into the contest, it is only once he plays the game using the ticket he gains entrance.”

    The purchase does techniquely give him a better chance,but really its not the buying of the tickets that gave him a better chance. It just gives him the opportunity for more chances. If the person doesn’t use the tickets he does not have more chances. ( Yea Sony has some good lawyers make this up ) :D That is why

    Hope this cleared some things up.

    @Paul Sullivan I can understand why a Sony employee would avoid responding to that comment .

  • Phantom_Outlaws

    i love Home, but gonna give myself quite a bit of time before purchasing anything…if the disconnections aren’t remedied, which has been a month now, no sense in wasting money on items i can’t enjoy.

  • Why can’t Canada get in on awesome contests like this its feels unfair having access to the same service on the same server and not being included

  • I have a question Sony why won’t you answers erickafollie question? You guys could at least give a response on here.

  • @Paul Sullivan, thanks for the reply in spite of my accusatory tone. My apologies if I sounded as though I had an attitude in my previous post, I had a bad day and vented in the wrong place. I would like to add though that stamps cost money as well, so no one gets out of spending money to participate in this contest, making the statement in the rules a tad misleading, which was the point I originally intended to make but instead let my unrelated aggravations tip me over the edge.

  • I love the carnival atmosphere o The Midway (1 & 2). 3 is going to be even better. More prizes and excitement.

    Ther’s even prizes in The Midway that I must have. That I work so hard to get. And at the same time having a lot of fun.

    See you at tThe Midway (1, 2 and 3)!

  • Glad I bought tickets today haha!

  • Midway 3 Ftw about time it came out and Oh my goodess crazy prize give away even better

  • Midway 3 Cash Carnival sweepstakes!!! Can’t wait!!! :)

  • LOL people use house? I mean home…I bought my ps3 to play great AAA games, not some chat application with a little guy that walks around.

  • This is why Ps home is why everyone should totally check it out,because there’s constantly new things!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Time to buy more tickets!

  • Are there any plans for home for the ps vita? Maybe at least being able to play home on ps3 with remote play on the ps vita would be pretty cool!

  • I can’t buy lockwood stuff Help?

  • gotta agree with comment #7. why on earth would home release all this content when it’s not working at all? the F and D errors are RAMPANT, across all of home. i don’t even bother trying to log in anymore. why keep making my HDD keep doing backflips to try to participate in the money pit that is the midway? spend a dollar and half your tickets get stolen by game glitches…yeah, that’s totally awesome, can’t wait.

    next week’s update should read: “No Content, Only Bug Fixes”

    i’m sure the community would go nuts! ^_~

  • LOL. Agrees with Dj.. Next week update should focus on fixing the errors.. We all know what the routine will be.. You’ll fix them in time for the update then it’ll mess up again a little before the next update…Treason!

  • Ok, I have to ask…

    How many recording takes was it before you got “GREEN” tickets to sound like “FREE” tickets????

  • Umm, I was wondering when you were gonna address the freezing and network issues that we have been dealing with fr some time now. All the additions to the Home stores and everything are nice and dandy, but whats the point in adding all of that if the customers cannot even access your network to even enjoy the stuff?

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