The Drop: Week of May 14th 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of May 14th 2012 New Releases

From the crazy, ambient, mellow world which only exists within the mind of Baiyon, PixelJunk 4AM exclusively on PSN and PlayStation Move, reflects a huge departure from previous PixelJunk titles by putting the power of creation directly at your fingertips.

In Max Payne 3 for PS3, Max takes a job in São Paulo, Brazil, protecting the family of wealthy real estate mogul Rodrigo Branco, in an effort to finally escape his troubled past. But as events spiral out of his control, Max Payne finds himself alone on the streets of an unfamiliar city, desperately searching for the truth and fighting for a way out. Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

PlayStation 3

Max Payne 3 — Max Payne 3 continues the tale of former New York City detective, Max Payne. Still haunted by the memories of his traumatic past, Max begins a new life working private security protecting a wealthy industrialist and his family in Sao Paulo, Brazil. When gangs target the family under his protection, Max is forced to fight to save his clients and clear his name, in a bid to, once and for all, rid himself of the demons that have tortured him for far too long.

Game of Thrones — Created in partnership with author George R. R. Martin, this role-playing adventure is inspired by the author’s award-winning, international bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series (better known under its first book’s title, A Game of Thrones.)

Battleship — Lock, load and prepare for grand oceanic action in Battleship. Inspired by the classic naval strategy game and serving as a stand-alone story for fans of the blockbuster action movie, Battleship offers a blend of strategic naval command and first-person action gameplay.

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends — Race some of the sexiest cars ever made in this Ferrari-licensed entry in the famed Test Drive racing franchise. Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends brings over 70 years of the world’s most recognizable performance cars to gamers. Developed by world-class developer Slightly Mad Studios, Ferrari Racing Legends explores the legacy of Ferrari Racing. It recreates Ferrari’s most beloved and coveted performance racers, from today’s latest models to the legendary vehicles that have dominated racing history.

PlayStation Network

PixelJunk 4am — Utilizing the PlayStation Move motion controller and its full range of motion, players can use PixelJunk 4AM’s unique Virtual Audio Canvas to mix tracks and experiment with audio effects to create breathtaking compositions they can share and broadcast to anyone and everyone!

Prototype 2 (w/ Radnet Access Pack) — Prototype 2 continues the shape-shifting, open-world action franchise, this time focusing on Sgt. James Heller and his mission to destroy Prototype’s original anti-hero, Alex Mercer.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II — Available exclusively via download, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II continues the addictive side scrolling action that Sonic fans love in an all-new 2D adventure. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II comes complete with a totally reworked physics engine and all-new character animations as it expands the Sonic 4 storyline with new areas to speed through and new challenges to face.

Goldeneye 007 Reloaded (PS Move Compatible) — You are Bond, James Bond. Your mission is to recover the key to a devastating Soviet orbital weapon, GoldenEye. This reimagining of the action classic GoldenEye allows players to channel Daniel Craig’s lethal and gritty James Bond in an innovative, modern take on the legendary Bond adventure, GoldenEye. GoldenEye 007: Reloaded improves on the Wii hit with HD visuals and realistic environments running at 60-frames per second.

Jam Live Music Arcade — Jam Live Music Arcade offers a new approach to the music genre with a real-time live music sandbox that allows the player to immediately build and customize their very own tunes. Starting with any one of the 30+ licensed songs featured in the game (including hits from Modest Mouse, Fallout Boy, Fatboy Slim, Rise Against, Atmosphere and more), you get to jam with and remix all aspects of the song — guitar, bass, drums, synth and vocals — to experiment with the song and re-create it to their own personality.

Rock of Ages — Two castles stand opposed, bridged by an uneven, narrow pathway. One is yours, and you’re quite fond of it. See how the parapets catch the sunlight ever so stylishly? The other is your enemy’s; they’re a jerk, and their crappy crenellations are driving down your property values. Also, their castle sucks, justification enough to try crush it using an enormous rolling stone. Unfortunately, they’ll have a chance to plan and build up some security, doing everything they can to derail your razing rock.

PS3 Demos

  • PixelJunk 4am
  • Rock of Ages
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Episode II


  • Velocity

PSone Classic

Myst — A direct port of the PC hit, MYST is a classic puzzle and exploration game. The premise is simple: the player must explore the island of Myst, researching the notes of a mysterious man, Atrus, and tracing his exploration of several distinct worlds. Through Atrus’ notes, players find solutions to puzzles that open gateways to these worlds, which they then explore to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Atrus and his two sons. The majority of the game is simply walking around the various locales, making connections between the cryptic information given and the puzzles presented. In this sense, MYST demands a great deal from the player careful attention must be paid to the slightest details. This game is more about observation and the ability to think outside the normal logic you might be accustomed to using. If you’re looking for a superb intellectual challenge, then MYST is exactly what you need.

PlayStation 2 Classic

Red Faction 2 — Red Faction II is the sequel to the popular first person shooter, Red Faction, which debuted on the PC and PS2 in 2001. Red Faction II is run on an enhanced version of Volition’s Geo-Mod engine and incorporates an in-depth storyline. Players will go on multi-objective mission with a whole arsenal of weapons and items at their disposal. Players are able to control a variety of vehicles and fight with elite squad members at their side. Red Faction II introduces refined graphics, advanced AI, customizable computer opponents for multiplayer and even new multiplayer game modes.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • @ StackedPancakes Rayman Origins is AWESOME! The road to platinum is very fun :)

  • And to add to that please stop with the IPAD and Iphone advertisements please.We all know a handheld game is nothing like the ten cents games they make every second that are only interesting for about twenty minutes at best. Most gamers don’t give a crap. We are waiting for Resistance Burning Skies. LBP VITA and Gravity Rush and still have Ragnarok Odyssey, Dragon’s Crown and Soul Sacrifice to look forward to. Saying ‘I want more games’ over and over again isn’t going to make Sony whip the programmers to go faster contrary to popular belief.

  • Vitas future looks pretty nice to me. Resistance, metal gear solid hd, final fantasy X hd, madden 13, killzone, callof duty, phantasy star online 2. Thats just some of it!

  • Just wanted to say Velocity is an insanely awesome Mini. This is coming from a guy who does all his gaming on a PS3 and because of that thought Minis were inferior. It’s an amazingly innovative SHMUP that no one should miss but as is evident by this post is sure to be overlooked.

  • @50. A lot of this stuff was promised. Get your facts straight before you start crying.

  • I want the World at War. The COD collections must be completed.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Sony your SOON is so messed up. I’m so sick and tired of seeing this blog team reply back to people with SOON. Soon is a few days or weeks not half a year to a year of silence. That isn’t soon. That’s DELAYED Eternity. Start giving dates or else next Gen when you expect me to buy a PS4 and I have friends asking when I’m buying it I’ll say SOON and wait 5 years. Its what you do to us 24/7. No Vita support what so ever. I guess you have so few of crap for vita this year that you guys are saving it all for E3 but that’s a bad idea. By the time E3 gets here 76% of vita buys would’ve returned or sold their vita’s by then sick of waiting on Soons. Get your act together and stop hyping your products if you never can tell the truth and live up to the hype.

  • MYST is one of my favorite PC games of all time but let me guess, I can’t play it on my VITA, right???

    Phantasy Star Online 2 – That is, if SEGA announces it for release in the US and doesn’t screw us over like they did Balkyria Chronicles 3 and Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. (Both were PSP titles)

    Anyway, does anyone have an update on when we’re going to see a Firmware update for the Vita that expands the backwards compatibility? (That PixelJunk post makes me suspicious…)

  • I’ll be picking up Max Payne 3 on release day via Amazon and am currently enjoying Starhawk to the max(good job everyone who worked on that game and to their president Dylan Jobe for deciding on the free maps, etc.) it would be smart for the guys at Lightbox and Santa Monica to release the game soon on the Playstation Network; I think it would introduce the game to an even bigger community and get people playing it (even though I’m sure it sold pretty well its first week) can’t wait to be entertained with these two games for awhile, and with E3 around the corner I’m looking forward to some big Vita announcements!

  • Hey Rey Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends been push back to June 29, 2012. Have to wait a while.
    Bigben Interactive announced today that the output of the racing game Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends, available for PS3, XBOX 360 and PC, has been postponed to June 29, 2012.
    Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends explores the history of Scuderia Ferrari, recreating the most acclaimed cars of the house, latest news from the legends that have shaped the history of motor racing.
    To learn more about the title, we refer to our comprehensive testing made ​​possible by the development team and published in this article (PC, PS3, Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends, Xbox 360)

  • Hey Rey Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends been push back to June 29, 2012

  • I understand the vita bashing thus far, if I remember right they promised the vita’s content flow wouldn’t stall so much like the psp did, yet it’s been a dead zone for the past month. I wouldn’t get too antsy about it yet though, there seem to be some great games coming out soon.

  • ROCK OF AGES is a mix between “Angry Birds” and “Katamari” absolute fun! (Videogame made in my country CHILE!)

  • New Sonic game… I love it. :)

  • Let’s get a few things straight about promises. Sony’s not your dad. But, dad, you promised if I cleaned my room, you’d take me to the ball game.

    Yoshida said the following in august of 2011.
    “We [learned] the lessons of that experience. We’re going to make sure we will have a good, continuous supply of software on PS Vita as we continue to support the PS3 and PS Move.”

    There are no promises, implied or otherwise, its a best effort scenario. Post launch sony released unit 13 and MLB The Show. You’ve had two feature packed games in Disgaea 3 and Mortal Kombat. Resistance end of this month followed by Gravity Daze and MGS HD Collection on June 12th. LBP, Sound Shapes and Warrior’s Lair are still in development. You want them rushed or you want them good?

    This is a launch system, miles better than the 3ds launch and miles better than the 3ds post launch at the same point in time. I don’t even see the so called drought. I’d rather have a major release like MK, MLB, Disgaea then the 3ds shovelware that came out like cubic ninja, dual pen sports, dream trigger, etc. Yeah, great games. Well worth the 40 bucks.

  • Any idea of pricing for Sonic 4 Ep. 2?

  • Already got my money ready for Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II. I only wish that the US psn store would get the Sonic 4 avatars that the EU psn store has…

  • The PS3 was horrible the first two years, so I have faith in the Vita which is already good very early in its life so far. Not great, but good so far. The Vita has a very nice variety of games already. There is something for everyone except maybe a new RPG, football and basketball; but Madden is coming and NBA2K 13 is expected this Fall. Disgaea doesn’t count since it’s not completely new.

    You also have to remember it’s still a bit slowish part of the year for games. If this was the holiday season, I’d agree that the Vita was in serious trouble. I do agree that Sony could help tide us over until more games arrive by making PS1 and more PSP work on the Vita. Lots of PS1 and PSP games I want to buy and play but it’s not possible.

  • Holy crap talk about taking me by surprise with Sonic 4 Episode II. Thought we were expecting that later on in the year, but I’ll take it! Sucks that I won’t be able to pick it up til next week.

    Also glad to see Myst finally getting the PS1 Classic treatment, been meaning to go back and finally play it as an adult who actually gets what’s going on when playing it.

  • looks like nothing for me this week.

  • Myst?! YES! I still have not played that game, so I’m excited.

  • @65: You knock the 3DS launch, but you know what they had out of the gate: nearly 100% compatibility with DS & DSiWare. I can be patient waiting for new Vita-specific content, but it’d go a long way if I could still play my digital PSP games, or perhaps even a fraction of the freaking minis I’ve accumulated.

    For that matter, I could exercise even more patience on my underused Vita if Sony could even *communicate* when some of this compatibility stuff might be delivered. But all we have is “coming soon” and “update the list regularly”. What we now know is that to Sony “soon” and “regularly” means about three months… and counting…

    Vita: fantastic tech… but not much you can do with it… but that’ll change… “soon”… :-P

  • selfdeztruction

    I have the FEB vita and the 32GB card,wipeout,unit 13,dungeon hunter,asphalt,escape plan,super stardust,lumines,lil deviants (free,cool & fun)

    I really love my vita but why isn’t sonic playable on it?You guys are really missing the mark by limiting the games to one system or the other,yeah I have a ps3 but sonic and other psn games would be far more appealing if they were playable/available on the ps3 and vita.

    The vita was touted as being “a portable ps3” and it seems that sony has completely changed their opinion of the vita’s power even though we believe that it is really capable of that claim.

    I’m not suggesting that every psn game should be given out for free because it was purchased on the other system.I’m just pointing out the fact that the formula used for Hustle Kings and MLB:The Show was awesome,groundbreaking and should be mimmicked as much as possible.

    *(Hustle Kings,was free to download on the vita if you had already purchased the ps3 version and you received the ps3 version free if you purchased the vita version).

    *(MLB:The Show,gave a 50% discount off of the second copy of the game if you had already purchased it for the ps3/vita and were also buying the vita/ps3 version)

  • First and foremost Game of Thrones. Ive been watching the season episodes and reading the book, look forward to the game.

    Aside from that this whole update again is lacking some serious Vita support, and by Vita support i mean by Vita, or psp, or any information on when we get PS1 support. Is it honestly that hard to communicate with us as gamers, and costumers. Granted as far as i know nothing Vita-wise is being release in retail so ill give you that. But again there is no excuse why Psp content isnt being uploaded to the PSN. youve had what 5+ years to get the content out and its still lacking with great hits like Crisis Core, and Kingdom Hearts. And if you couldnt then why not tell us if/when the PS1 support is coming. from the looks of it it seems like they are holding back just for it to be released at E3. they have done that before with the Final Fantasy PS1 games.

    All im saying is there is no excuse to have nothing for the Vita. You can get Vita games you can always fall back on Psp titles as there are a ton you still need to put, if not how about giving us ps1 support instead of keep it till E3.

  • Oboy! Sonic 4E2! Do you have any info on the possibility of a Sonic 4 bundle, including the two episodes, the Metal Sonic stages and maybe some extra stuff?

    Will check out Rock of Ages as well – probably download the demo and see hoiw I like it.

  • Myst! <3
    That's about it for me!

  • To everyone who says stop crying about Vita, I have just a few words for you..

    NO one is crying about the Vita, we’re all just pointing out that it’s been 3+ months since the Vita launched and we haven’t received a word about any of these promises.

    I’m talking about the PS1 situation with the Vita. It’s been how long now and still no word??? You guys at the blog are supposed to be our link to Sony and you’re supposed to keep them on their toes. I didn’t go out and blow almost $450 on a Vita that can’t do half of what you promised.

    I STILL can’t play all my mini’s from being PS+. Do you guys WANT me to cancel my plus membership? It’s not a threat but I support you, SONY, with all my heart and you, as a company, don’t have the decency to at least provide us, your loyal consumers, with some answers.

    I STILL can’t look at vita trophies from my PS3. I STILL can’t see what people are playing on Vita from my PS3.
    Not even half of the PSP titles are compatible.

  • Seriously Sony, I’m not asking for the world here..I’m literally only asking for what you promised, and short of that, some responses would be nice. Something like “We are diligently working towards providing promised PS1 support on the Vita, It will be coming soon because we are working to make sure it runs beautifully on your system that you spent so much of your hard earned money on.”

    Would that be too hard for you?

  • @ #61 robertmc8

    WHA???? Really??? Do you any sort of proof of this????

  • + gm914 on May 13th, 2012 at 4:05 pm said:
    Who do we talk to about getting a Sort Function for our Download History’s. It’s no fun scrolling down hundreds of previous downloads to search for something.

    This would be a wonderful feature. Add to that the ability to Group/Sort by game and we’d have a winner. Just yesterday I was missing one piece of pre-order only dlc for a game. I had to think back and remember that I bought the game last September and then scroll all the way down to find it.

    That said, Max Payne 3!!!

  • hello PlayStation
    is it impossible to put the psp games metal gear acid 1, 2?
    also what about tomba from psone.

  • If you want the Vita to be successful as a portable gaming device, you need to show the world why they should want this over playing 0.99¢ games on their iPhone’s and iPad’s. Every wednesday, there are at leaste 4 or 5 solid releases for the iPhone, and here we are 3 weeks with not a single drop for the Vita.

    You need to keep the releases coming if you want to keep the hype going. A tablespoon of transparency would go a long way against all the negative press about the Vita being a flop. It’s not – so prove it. At least talk about plans if nothing is going to be happening soon – Leaving owners in the dark is unfair to the 1.8 million who have hopped on board. Leaving the press in the dark leaves them nothing good to write about the device.

    I know you guys who run the blog only can post on things you know about or have news for. This is a problem from the top down, not middle down. The management at Sony needs someone much better in place to handle PR for the device – or at least give the person in charge of PR more free room to speak.

  • Can I get a reply for this pleeeeeeeeeeease? Thanks! :D By any chance, can you guys consider puting Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time in the PlayStation Store? That was a PS2 classic. I cant play it on my 120GB but I would love to play it again, along with others who might want it

  • Is Pure Chess planned for release next week?

    Any word on Foosball 2012?

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    For you guys asking about PS1 and PSP support on vita and why they all don’t work and only half the psp do on vita. The real reason half the psp games won’t work on vita is because they want to force blackmail us to have to buy the vita version of the psp games. Mod nation racers on psp had online play against other Human being online. On the vita version their isn’t no such thing and so they knew that. So they know if they allow mod nation to be played on vita from psp we would NEVER buy the vita version. Same with little big planet. They want you buying the vita versions and blocking the psp versions from being played on psp is a way to blackmail you and force you to cave in and buy 40 dollar vita games and that’s not right. 90% of vita games have no multiplayer online against other players just stupid challenge ghost modes so what the h*ll is that? Psp is still better in that to.

  • Nothing for PSV again???? I think about sell it! I not playing it for a long time! Just use some apps…

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    I’m so sick of this silent treatment. You know what will bug and piss me off with most of you gamers in this blog. Most of you complaining about vita right now are mad and express your opinion how sony is liars and suck and this and that and that you made a mistake buying the vita and so on. Watch when E3 gets here and they release a statement that ps1, all the psp games and more app features are then available with a update after E3 is over will be released and then you all will say you so much love sony and no hard feelings and you will rant on sony is the best. Hell fire over no they are NOT the best. I would still be pissed and still wouldn’t buy a dam* vita. That would be so much bull*hit if they pull what I said above. Making all vita players suffer just to wait it out on features. SO many people before E3 would’ve already had returned their vita’s or sold them off pissed with how the support is crap on the device. But, if no apps, ps1, psp full support isn’t after E3 then the vita will totally FAIL.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    I just had a friend over 2000 miles from me ask me if I was going to buy the vita again and I said hell no. I was thinking about it again but just can’t support you with that purchase sony cause I’m sick and tired of seeing this blog team always reply to everyone a SOON or no info at this time but stay tuned. We have stay tuned for months and months now. This vita has been out more than 3 months. It has been out in japan before here as well. So that’s like a total of almost half a year the vita has been out and half a year to get features, games and a patch to let us play every single ps1, psp game on the market that is digital and you can’t even do that. So why would risk blowing over 300 bucks for a system that is advertised to do all this stuff it can’t do. You lied! People get sued over false advertising you are aware of that right? You lie to trick us to buy your product. That’s a big slap in your customers face. You have lost my trust on this already.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    When they said that the 3g service for vita was at&t last E3, I right then knew they weren’t serious about the success of the vita and I’ve been right so far lol. I mean I live in Montana and their isn’t no such thing as at&t here only verizon and a few other carriers but to only make 3g on a vita at&t was complete crap lol. Verizon would’ve been the BEST choice right there. So no 3g vita’s sell at all in most western states. Plus 3g was a joke as I hear left and right it’s useless on a vita. No online gaming hardly at all with it I mean I feel sorry for the 3g buyers. Its too much MONEY for it to. You guys sad to say wrote overrated, overpriced, overhyped and non supported on everything about a vita so far. Please change those facts to false statements.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Anyways aside from vita’s shortcomings, please get GT5 and Nascar 2009 and Nascar 2011 on the store digital please. Heck make a version of GT5 and Nascar 2011 for the vita and I will forget all of that devices shortcomings and would buy a vita in a heart beat. I’m more of a racer type gamer anyways so I prefer racing games and sad to say the psn digital downloads for RACING GAMES is a wasteland. The vita as well. Ridge racer isn’t what I’m talking about guys so don’t throw that out there. A REAL RACING game not a stupid arcade game. So until I see a gt5 or nascar game on vita it gets no support from me. I can play shooters on my ps3 so I don’t care to buy them again to play a ps2 version on vita.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    But hey could you guys imagine a Skyrim vita version? That would be awesome though. I would cave in on buying a vita for that to lol. But we all know a vita isn’t that powerful to port over Skyrim it would be nice though.

  • The people that constantly go out of their way to defend Sony and whine about whiners are hilarious, it’s not whining or “entitlement”, it’s people frustrated that they spent 300+ on a system that so far hasn’t lived up to it’s full potential.

    It could be a great system, it just needs more original games, not ports and scaled down PS3 stuff. Some of which are coming (Gravity Rush being a prime example), but the constant silent treatment and lack of any real information from SCEA and every-other branch of Sony isn’t exactly promising.

    Anyway looking forward to E3 in any case, with the “20 new experiences” promise, something good is bound to come from it.

    DROP! Good update. Rock of Ages is fun. Myst is a thing, Hopefully Episode II is good.

  • Will we ever see the same pre-order deals for Vita games that places like Amazon have? Meaning the free Avatars/Multiplayer boosters for Resistance Burning Skies or the DLC/extra missions for Gravity Rush for example. I would like to purchase these from the PSN but I really would like to get the extra things since I will be committed to getting them. Are there any plans for pre-ordering Vita games from PSN in the future? I’m actually favoring having downloadable titles on the Vita as I don’t need to haul my game cards. I hope you guys consider having perks for pre-ordering through PSN.

  • Definitely looking forward to Sonic 4 Episode 2. As for the endless debate about Sony not reneging on their promises for Vita, I’ve said everything I’m going to say about it. Neither side is going to do anything different. The disgruntled Vita owners will gripe endlessly, and Sony will keep everyone in the dark about features they said they would implement, but never did.

  • Wow Chris, you know everybody and everything!

  • @herbal, With stuff like this, all you need is the ability to notice patterns and a pessimistic/realistic mind.

  • Can you play Red Factions II multiplayer on PSN?

  • @ enjionPS. Nope it’s whining. 360 owners endured RROD for 3 years until it was fixed and 3DS owners endured a crappy launch line up until more games came out for it. Sony owners have no patience and get into a frenzy as soon as they don’t get what they want immediately and cry some more even after they get it and move on to something else to complain about. That is what I hate the most about Sony owners. They drag the rest of us down making us look immature and childish and people lump us all together making us all look like a bunch of whiny babies when many of us are patient and know very well we will get what we want and that it takes some time not like the imbeciles who think PSN will have something great every week when no system has great things EVERY single week. No one including Sony I am sure will take you seriously if you sound like some whiny, cranky 5 year old all the time. Yelling every second ‘I want more games now’ is not reasonable as people seem to think. That is not being reasonable. That is being annoying. But like i said before ’empty drums make the most noise’ .People on other systems don ‘t always get what they want either but somehow Sony is the one’s not listening all the time.

  • The difference between whining and complaining.


    Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup. Waiter brings you a new bowl of soup. Problem fixed.


    Peevish child sitting in the back seat of the family mini-van.

    Are we there yet? (For the umpteenth time.)

    Irritated dad.

    We’ll get there when we get there. (For the umpteenth time.)

    Whining doesn’t get you there any quicker. And never will.

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