The Drop: Week of May 14th 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of May 14th 2012 New Releases

From the crazy, ambient, mellow world which only exists within the mind of Baiyon, PixelJunk 4AM exclusively on PSN and PlayStation Move, reflects a huge departure from previous PixelJunk titles by putting the power of creation directly at your fingertips.

In Max Payne 3 for PS3, Max takes a job in São Paulo, Brazil, protecting the family of wealthy real estate mogul Rodrigo Branco, in an effort to finally escape his troubled past. But as events spiral out of his control, Max Payne finds himself alone on the streets of an unfamiliar city, desperately searching for the truth and fighting for a way out. Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

PlayStation 3

Max Payne 3 — Max Payne 3 continues the tale of former New York City detective, Max Payne. Still haunted by the memories of his traumatic past, Max begins a new life working private security protecting a wealthy industrialist and his family in Sao Paulo, Brazil. When gangs target the family under his protection, Max is forced to fight to save his clients and clear his name, in a bid to, once and for all, rid himself of the demons that have tortured him for far too long.

Game of Thrones — Created in partnership with author George R. R. Martin, this role-playing adventure is inspired by the author’s award-winning, international bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series (better known under its first book’s title, A Game of Thrones.)

Battleship — Lock, load and prepare for grand oceanic action in Battleship. Inspired by the classic naval strategy game and serving as a stand-alone story for fans of the blockbuster action movie, Battleship offers a blend of strategic naval command and first-person action gameplay.

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends — Race some of the sexiest cars ever made in this Ferrari-licensed entry in the famed Test Drive racing franchise. Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends brings over 70 years of the world’s most recognizable performance cars to gamers. Developed by world-class developer Slightly Mad Studios, Ferrari Racing Legends explores the legacy of Ferrari Racing. It recreates Ferrari’s most beloved and coveted performance racers, from today’s latest models to the legendary vehicles that have dominated racing history.

PlayStation Network

PixelJunk 4am — Utilizing the PlayStation Move motion controller and its full range of motion, players can use PixelJunk 4AM’s unique Virtual Audio Canvas to mix tracks and experiment with audio effects to create breathtaking compositions they can share and broadcast to anyone and everyone!

Prototype 2 (w/ Radnet Access Pack) — Prototype 2 continues the shape-shifting, open-world action franchise, this time focusing on Sgt. James Heller and his mission to destroy Prototype’s original anti-hero, Alex Mercer.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II — Available exclusively via download, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II continues the addictive side scrolling action that Sonic fans love in an all-new 2D adventure. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II comes complete with a totally reworked physics engine and all-new character animations as it expands the Sonic 4 storyline with new areas to speed through and new challenges to face.

Goldeneye 007 Reloaded (PS Move Compatible) — You are Bond, James Bond. Your mission is to recover the key to a devastating Soviet orbital weapon, GoldenEye. This reimagining of the action classic GoldenEye allows players to channel Daniel Craig’s lethal and gritty James Bond in an innovative, modern take on the legendary Bond adventure, GoldenEye. GoldenEye 007: Reloaded improves on the Wii hit with HD visuals and realistic environments running at 60-frames per second.

Jam Live Music Arcade — Jam Live Music Arcade offers a new approach to the music genre with a real-time live music sandbox that allows the player to immediately build and customize their very own tunes. Starting with any one of the 30+ licensed songs featured in the game (including hits from Modest Mouse, Fallout Boy, Fatboy Slim, Rise Against, Atmosphere and more), you get to jam with and remix all aspects of the song — guitar, bass, drums, synth and vocals — to experiment with the song and re-create it to their own personality.

Rock of Ages — Two castles stand opposed, bridged by an uneven, narrow pathway. One is yours, and you’re quite fond of it. See how the parapets catch the sunlight ever so stylishly? The other is your enemy’s; they’re a jerk, and their crappy crenellations are driving down your property values. Also, their castle sucks, justification enough to try crush it using an enormous rolling stone. Unfortunately, they’ll have a chance to plan and build up some security, doing everything they can to derail your razing rock.

PS3 Demos

  • PixelJunk 4am
  • Rock of Ages
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Episode II


  • Velocity

PSone Classic

Myst — A direct port of the PC hit, MYST is a classic puzzle and exploration game. The premise is simple: the player must explore the island of Myst, researching the notes of a mysterious man, Atrus, and tracing his exploration of several distinct worlds. Through Atrus’ notes, players find solutions to puzzles that open gateways to these worlds, which they then explore to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Atrus and his two sons. The majority of the game is simply walking around the various locales, making connections between the cryptic information given and the puzzles presented. In this sense, MYST demands a great deal from the player careful attention must be paid to the slightest details. This game is more about observation and the ability to think outside the normal logic you might be accustomed to using. If you’re looking for a superb intellectual challenge, then MYST is exactly what you need.

PlayStation 2 Classic

Red Faction 2 — Red Faction II is the sequel to the popular first person shooter, Red Faction, which debuted on the PC and PS2 in 2001. Red Faction II is run on an enhanced version of Volition’s Geo-Mod engine and incorporates an in-depth storyline. Players will go on multi-objective mission with a whole arsenal of weapons and items at their disposal. Players are able to control a variety of vehicles and fight with elite squad members at their side. Red Faction II introduces refined graphics, advanced AI, customizable computer opponents for multiplayer and even new multiplayer game modes.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Who do we talk to about getting a Sort Function for our Download History’s. It’s no fun scrolling down hundreds of previous downloads to search for something.

    Also, how about an ALPHABETICAL Option for our xmb Game Folders.
    As people’s data stacks up there should be features at this point to make it less time consuming.
    Nice drop.

  • ^ *..that should be Search Function. but hey, I’ll take a Sort Function.

  • Can we get an update on the status of Malicious (PSN) for North America, Rey?

  • @2 yea u right..i just got my ps3 fixed and i gotta go thru all 1065 items i downloaded to find games and unlock keys for some..its tiring

  • any info on MUD FIM motocrross world championship game coming to US ?

  • Max Payne 3 for me, can you at least give us a vita video or something vita related?? sheez.. when will i be able to see my vita trophies over the ps3??? come on now 3 months later??

  • once again no vita games

  • Kiss your momma today

  • yup me getting MAX PAYNE 3 COLLECTORS EDITION too

  • Are the Sonic 4-2 avatars coming this week as well?

  • great, absolutely nothing this week

  • Great Drop.I like digital games will you be adding more full games on PSN ?

  • hey rey, the ps3 browser could use another update, especially a video plugin update. Many webites videos does not play on the ps3 like IGN, Gamespot, ESPN.,, Veetle and twitch .tv use to work fine on the ps3 just a month ago. It wouldbe nice to hear any feedback thanks

  • @jchill001 Diablo III this week ^.^


  • What will the price of prototype 2 be?

  • I see the Classics session growing more and more! Yes Sony! This is what we need!

  • OK I getting angry now no new video games for Vita for a long time! Are you guys trying to see if it will fall though? The most used thing on my Vita is it’s Netflix. I hardly play games on it. How about you give us older games for the ps3? GOW 3, Grand Turismo 5 etc. An update a least this week! The cap lock and notifaction things were what I have always wanted! How about PS1 classics or remote play with a least all ps2 games! I was one of the people that read about Vita on day 1 (NGP). I was so pumped that was the only thing I was wait for and now I’m rather angry that nothing good is out for Vita! What do we have to do to get u guys to start making more Vita games? Burn an xbox 360 and a nintendo? Hook a brother up Sony! I rember reading about not making the same mistakes as you did with the PSP and will it was right. You done worse! The PSP had got more love than this! You main focus should be on making this the best thing out their and so far my dsi is more enjoyable! Vita should be top concern then ps3. Ps3 has plawnty of games out for it, my Vita has next to nothing! Sometimes I wish Microsoft would make a handheld so it would make u guys work harder on making the Vita the best of the best!

  • ‘Red Faction 2’ was brilliant if you like 4 player split-screen modes with Bots on the PS2 :P (shame i am not from the US because i would buy that day 1. Hopefully it will come to the UK soon) ;) + the single story mode is cool to :P

  • Hey, Dylan Cuthbert of Q Games told us in a previous post that PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for the PSP would run on Vita starting May 15th. What is gonna happen that day? Vita Firmware update? PJMD patch? I wonder if the added compatibility will extend to more PSP titles…

  • Cant wait to finally get Sonic ep2. I was waitin foreveeeer. Is there a way to play as Sonic and not Tails?

  • StackedPancakes

    Uhm, wait a sec…What happened to this: PlayStation Plus May Preview, Rayman: Origins – 5/15 (PS Plus Price: $15.00)? PLEASE tell me you forgot to post about this.

  • So I am still waiting on Zen Pinball 2 then. Oh Sadness.

  • I’m glad Rock of Ages will be free for PS Plus and that Myst can finally be played on the PS3. Great game to get for your girlfriend. Unless all she plays is Call of Duty.

  • I wish Sonic 4 ep2 ran on the Vita :( I would get it then…

  • The only thing GREAT about this list is Max Payne 3 which im getting in Special Edition!!!

  • Damn, I was hoping for a Game of Thrones demo.

  • MYST!! Now where is Die Hard Trilogy, MDK, Return Fire, Soul Blade, and Tenchu?

  • Wait, Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends comes out THIS WEEK??? I thought it was supposed to come out at the end of this month, or at least according to Gamestop!!! Is this a mistake? Can anybody confirm this???

  • Well, I just checked Gamestop’s website (Where I pre-ordered the game) and the street date still says May 31. So, did Atari suddenly change the date W/O the stores knowledge, or is this an honest mistake? SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE!!!!!

  • MAX PAYNE 3 for me at 12AM :D!! my gamestop is doing midnight release!

  • No love for Vita. Bummer.

    I think “soon” is officially over with regard to PSOne support.

  • A real shame Sony does not do more to promote some of the good Minis on PSN. Velocity has gotten some great reviews but you’d hardly know it from the blog. What about a weekly Mini spotlight section?

  • ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY

    YEAH BABY YEAH lol but i wont be playing max payne 3 anytime soon because money is tight right niw so the only games im getting are MW3, Starhawk, and Dirt: Showdown and thats not even untill my birthday next month :( but still MAX PAYNE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks sony i will always love you all XD


    this goes out to all the moms today…. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY :) <3

  • If Sony had released the PSone suite/emulator for PS Vita then we (Vita owners) could’ve pretend that we have a new game this week…

  • any news on dragon ball z games on psn

  • What about Vita…


  • Getting Max Payne 3 Collector’s Edition for me! Nice to see Red Faction 2 added to the PS2 Classics library on the PSN.

  • Thats awesome!!! Myst! I’ll definitely be buying that. :) Why don’t you guys bring some more PSone Classic adventure games to the store? I’d love to be able to download and play these games such as Riven, Discworld 1 and 2, Broken Sword 1 and 2, Dracula: Resurrection, Dracula: The Last Sanctuary, Silverload, Psychic Detective, The City of Lost Children, Juggernaut, X-Files, and Blazing Dragons on my PS3. There are plenty of good PSone classics still out there.

    I’ll also be buying Max Payne 3, trying out the Sonic II demo, and receiving Rock of Ages for free. I’ve been waiting for that game forever! :) Thank you PSPlus. :)

  • My pspGo plays Ps1 & Mini’s just fine.

  • Just platinumed Trine 2 and just got back to playing Awesomenauts. This month for PS+ was really good. Let’s hope Rock of Ages makes it even better. Also getting the PixelJunk viewer app which should be out. Would like to get the game and twist some tunes but I don’t have Move. The beta got tiring because it was only one loop.

    Glad to see some more PS1 classics are being added.

  • What!!! No max payne 2 on psn?? what a missed opportunity. That would have been perfect, just before max 3, you could experience the whole series on one console. Ho, well, Im still picking up max 3 on the 15th.

  • I am so bored with my Vita, pretty much all I use it for is messaging PSN friends. Next month can’t come soon enough, I’ll finally use the buttons and analog sticks!(gravity rush)

  • WOW, We are going to have a great Update!!

    SOOOOOOONYYYY, please bring us Mega Man X Collection for ps2 classics!!

  • Both Red Faction games droppin on PSN in only the span of a few weeks!? I’m definitely a happy camper. Bought the first one on PSN and almost beat it. Will be sure to pick up RF2. I wish they would’ve put Max Payne 2 out on PSN last week before Max Payne 3 dropped. It wouldve been perfect timing. I picked up Max Payne on PSN as well and wouldve gotten 2. I missed out on playing MP 2 so ill wait to play the third. Until then, its back to the skies in Starhawk.

  • @ 39 its not a mis print it comes out the 15 & 16th depending on where your located..

    Max payne 3 is going to epic.. also i heard the sonic4 episode 2 might be last one sega makes for awhile its rumored they’re cutting back on few projects.. so that is must have sega fans and sonic fans.. It s alot more coming out next week these just a few highlights.

    Happy mothers every one and psn staff.:)

    vp-psn legioniaree group

  • @19 My man you should check out gamestop sometimes, there are about three games I can say are worth having on the vita: wipeout, rayman orgins, mortal kombat, hell even unit 13. Resistance and gravity rush are coming out in the coming weeks, the vita is not a ipod or ipad were a tiny game comes out every day, it takes months even years to get just a concept down. PlayStation one support is coming they actually accidentally released a game on the EU store. Playstation suite is going to be the best thing to ever happen for there mobile market so just relax things are going to be done.

  • God, tired of the endless crying about VITA games. Sony gave us a whole lot of games at launch and we all know there are more to come. We read about them all the time. We have a lot more games coming, just have some damn patience for the love of all that is good. 3DS had one of the worst launch line ups ever and Nintendo people were patient enough until they got more games so why can we? What makes PlayStation owners feel that they deserve everything faster or more then anyone else? The PS3 started slow with the games and now we have more then we can play both multiplat and exclusives. So don’t start the ‘VITA has no games’ crap like with the PS3. You people sound like a child begging for a cookie while the mother is right there still baking them. Grow will you and act like an adult .

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