Limited Edition PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Bundle Coming Soon

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Limited Edition PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Bundle Coming Soon

Hey shooter fans! By popular demand, we are bringing you an epic bundle on May 25th, featuring one of the best-selling first person action games of all time.

PlayStation is partnering with Activision to pair the blockbuster and record-setting video game franchise Call of Duty along with the best console for core gamers, the PS3. Today we are announcing a Limited Edition PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 bundle which includes a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the hit title that set a new entertainment launch record upon its release in November, and a 320GB PlayStation 3 System, for only $299.

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Right out of the box, you will have instant and free access to the action-packed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 online multiplayer experience through PlayStation Network. If you haven’t already, it’s time to join in on the action.

This is a great option for those of you who already own a PS3 or for those who want to become a part of the PlayStation family.

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  • Like everyone else said, this is a huge fail. Late on the game, and NOTHING SPECIAL about the PS3! We want custom colors and consoles like Japan gets! How about we get, the while Ni No Kuni bundle, I would pay PLENTY of money for that!

  • I really dont see the point of this. It is just a normal ps3 with a game. What’s so special about it???

  • Seriously SONY what is the problem?

    This bundle is bad on so many levels.

    1) Same color PS3. How can you say that Americans wouldnt buy colored PS3′s if you have never even bothered to sell any in the USA? Why not take the time to make a Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Purple.. (etc) PS3′s, & maybe you would see how well they sell.
    2) Your bundles have always been bad for the most part. Take for example this bundle. This game came out awhile back so most who would buy the game w/ a PS3 already did that. This is also an online game that requires communication so why in the world would you not included a headset?
    3) Your bundles arent really saving anyone any money when you included so little to the point you are paying the same as buying them separately.
    4) You guys could be doing so much better in America with selling things if only you gave us the amount of choices that you give those in Japan.

  • So basically its like buying a PS3 but saving the trouble for you to go pick up a game? You know call of duty has never liked sony, and battlefield 3 stuck their necks out for the playstation 3 and released map packs a week early, at least you should’ve made them into a bundle.

  • “This is a great option for those of you who already own a PS3 or for those who want to become a part of the PlayStation family.”

    So the best option for PS3 owners…is to buy another PS3? Solely for MW3? How did you come to that conclusion?

  • The worst COD on the best console. Pass.

  • Am I the only one that thinks that multi colored consoles and camouflage consoles are tacky? Kind of glad they’re using the regular black on this edition.

  • This is sad you know why? Here’s why:
    1.) Everyone that wants MW3 already has it, the small number that may want it is not worth it, thus why I don;t suppose most people will buy it anyways.
    2.) No special skin so that the collecters would want to buy again or for purposes of a ‘limited edition’ effect.
    3.) Sony has soo many exclusives that need a bigger consumer base, Starhawk? Why not make a bundle out of one of their first party games? Sad really, such a great opportunity for a game like Starhawk to become more well, known gone to a game, that has its place in the competition console more so than ours. COD isn’t gonna sell consoles neither is your unadvertised games, but the people that want to pick up your system will know about at least one great exclusive, wait let me guess you guys don’t believe in your games, sad.
    4.) The hardcore gamers, which Sony thinks is the large base of PS3 gamers HATE COD
    I think those four reasons are solid enough, please don’t give us this BS, and expect us to buy into it. Sony do the right thing, and stop giving into the childish Mass which u suppose would support you on this. Listen to your real core fans.
    Btw, I’m probably a hardcore Sony fanboy right here.

  • Put the cover art from the game on the system and you got a deal.

  • Should have made a special edition BF3 bundle……and actually made something “special” about it. An orange PS3 would have been pretty killer. Is there a reason Sony can’t make other colors?

  • This should of happened a long time ago. Really though, there should be a bundle with Twisted Metal in it. AND PLEASE FIX THAT GAME’S ONLINE! OMG!!!!

  • 0_o really? 6 months after the game ships you pack it in with a regular PS3 unit and called it a Limited Edition? Some one needs to talk to your marketing department and see if they’ve been sleeping.


    this is dum. most people already own mw3. now that Activision an xbox bundles are slowing slow Activision wants to make some money off ps3. do you guys know how many callofduty bundles came to xbox an not one came to ps3 into now. sony should of turned them down. everybody knows Activision favers xbox with there dum high priced map packs an stuff. can someone aregee with me?

  • @ 57
    I totally agree about Battlefield 3. I might of bought one since I needed a new console. Instead I fixed my old 60gb. Gotta love those PS3’s even more, at least I do!

  • I think it should have been a Battlefield 3 bundle, Dont you have a deal with EA with that game?

  • @60
    Yes, totally overpriced. Especially if you pre-order the game. Any pre-orders should guarantee most future dlc to be free or and also at discount. Battlefield 3’s Limited Edition was a great deal. EA totally would have done a bundle too. Though I know a Twisted Metal bundle could sell better. Starhawk has it right with the free dlc. It keeps the community together and better off. They’ll only benefit from that choice. Lightbox is awesome!

  • Instead of this you should bundle the PS3 + PS Vita for 500$ how about that? :)

  • @64

    Not that I don’t already have them….just saying :)

  • See this is what happens when M$ buys up exclusive deals. You get to come out with your limited edition ps3 cardboard box paint job six months later. Sad :(

    Vita on life support. Try saving that first.

  • @64
    Now Thats a good idea i would buy that bundle. even if i already have 2 PS3’s and a Vita.

    Here’s an idea why not make a Real Uncharted Bundle that comes with all 3 uncharted games, a vita with Uncharted The Golden Abyss.
    A Bundle with The Metal Gear Solid Games. One of my best memory’s of Playstation is sitting back for hours as a teen playing Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2.

    I know you guys can do better then this you had games like:
    Resident Evil
    Final Fantasy
    Metal Gear Solid
    Red Faction
    Medal Of Honor
    Twisted Metal
    Vigilante 8
    Crash Bandicoot
    I know some of these games are third party games but i doubt they would turn down the idea of a true limited edition system for there title with a custom paint job, shell or even a skin.

  • Oh so now you at sony stop letting comments go through ? What gives sony?

  • Not to hate but its stupid to sell game and PS3 together without offing new color for the PS3 or something. Why can’t we get color PS3? Or is it because we don’t need one sense we are USA. IF that’s how business works then you can court me out right now.


    We here at USA want color PS3 too, or do you want us to go to colorware site to get custom PS3 colors from them? What is the reason why we can’t get color PS3 too?

    You know how much it cost for color PS3 from them? Like 475$ if we do from them. So please make Color PS3 here to in USA.

  • Wow finally a comment goes through lol. Anyways to you guys complaining this is no savings is stupid. A 320 gig ps3 right now by itself is 300 bucks. This bundle is a 320 gig ps3 for 300 bucks but comes with a FREE 60 dallar game on top of that. Its not a 160 gig 250 dollar ps3. Learn to read!

  • @60 + PERFECT-SHOOTER i totally agree with you and what you said is true.

  • But what would’ve been better is a starhawk ps3 320 gig bundle with a free headset 2 controllers and a 3 month free plus membership card all for 350.00 bucks. I would’ve jumped right on top of that bundle in a heart beat.

  • If you really want a colored PS3 so bad why don’t you buy a japan import? There is silver and white. They’re very rare and expensive, though I see a nice looking silver one on ebay right now. Good price too, considering how rare it is and all.

  • @imabigplayer that would be BEAST a GTAV bundle….PS3 400 or 500 GB

  • Guys it’s the same deal as the Uncharted system, you get 320 GB, and a $60 game for $50 more than the 160 GB SKU. This is a good deal, but yes would have been nice sooner, or with Battlefield 3 & BF3 DLC.

  • Seems some folks aren’t aware of just how locked down the Call of Duty series is by Microsoft. Microsoft has MANY deals with Activision and cover a huge area of content. One of these exclusive deals is that 1.) only Microsoft can release a Call of duty bundle the first 6 months of a Call of Duty title’s launch (MW3 came out Nov, it’s now May meaning the 6 month exclusive contract has expired) and 2.) Only Microsoft is allowed to release a Call of Duty themed (styled) console.

    I had the privilege of speaking with some developers, media and Microsoft staff at last years Call of Duty XP event (aka codcon) and many of them made it clear just how entangled Microsoft is with the Call of Duty franchise.

    Not only does Microsoft have exclusive access to all DLC content up until 2012, they also hold exclusive rights to all major Call of Duty advertisements, which is why you only see Xbox 360 commercials for MW3. The first and ONLY Call of Duty commercial for PS3 was during the launch of Call of Duty 4. Another interesting tidbit I learned was that all avatars/gamerpics are exclusive to Xbox 30 as well, hence why you’ve never seen Call of Duty avatars on PSN, but a boat load on Xbox Live.

  • wow only 6 months late…

    Should have done a bundle with Starhawk instead.

  • *Obligatory hate statement about call of duty*

    The game has a winning formula that works and people buy it. Just don’t play it if you’re tired of it. That’s what I did. And look at that! No more call of duty in my life at least.

  • You guys from Marketing at Sony must be really underpaid, if not please someone stop wasting money and hire some competent people, FFS

  • Hate to say it, but I agree with the majority. This might have been a big deal when the game released, but now there’s really no need for this bundle. A skin would have probably sweetened the deal though.

    When it comes to PS3 and COD, I really don’t understand a lot of the crap that people put up with anyway.

  • @shungo

    That’s pathetic if it’s true.

  • Really should be an upcoming bundle for Black Ops 2 instead. This is a bit late and I can’t imagine this pushing as many units as it could.

    And I have to mimic the ‘there’s nothing limited about this’. It’s not a limited edition, call it what it is. It’s a bundle. The only thing special about this is the PS3’s box, which no one cares about. The console is standard black, controller is standard black… game is just the game. Nothing special about it either.

    So unless the box is what you were calling ‘limited edition’ it’s not.

  • Hmm, hopefully SONY will announce a $199 PS3 at E3 this year because if not a can’t see them ever overtaking the Xbox 360 in sales each month in the ‘US’ :-/

  • I agree with the majority – this bundle is pointless and bad business. Anyone wanting MW3 already owns it – anyone on the fence about it will buy it used or when the retail drops to about 20 bucks.

    Partnering with a company that has an exclusivity contract with Microsoft shows just how little you think of your own customers.

    You want to make a winning bundle? Allow customers to pick one of say five titles when purchasing or include a voucher for a free download of a full PS3 game from the PS store. If you’re not going to do anything special with the hardware, at least make the software the star of the bundle.

  • I am very curious as to why a normal ps3 is included in this bundle. No camo or MW3 logo on the ps3 or anything. Doesn’t seem like much of a bundle at all. Also I agree with others that have commented about a Battlefield 3 bundle being a much more interesting deal.

  • I’n not an Xbox owner. We have 2 PS3’s in our house. But like everyone else is saying, this is NOT a limited edition. Just a bundle. Call it what it is Sony. Read all the extras that are included with the Xbox “limited edition” consoles in the links above.


  • Looks like my links won’t show up. Just google Xbox limited editions to see the “right” way to release a “limited edition” console.

  • soundandvision77

    I agree with comment 69 – these bundles may not have anything special in them, but at least you are getting a free game because the 320 GB PS3 normally costs $299 without a game. I bought the Uncharted 3 bundle for this reason. I knew I wanted to upgrade to the 320 GB console, and I knew I was going to get Uncharted 3, so the bundle ends up being a great deal.

    However it is pretty late to bundle it with MW3. I think they’re really just hoping to pull in new people who know about Call of Duty but have never bought it before. If someone is on the fence, why not get the bundle with a PS3?

  • I love you Sony but………DAMN! You at least have to give your limited edition bundles a special paint job. It pains me too keep seeing the same black finish for all the limited edition bundles. Bring some of those sweet PS3 bundles over from Japan. The FFXIII-2 and Ni No Kuni bundle PS3’s would fly off retail shelves. I have two PS3’s and would be happy to buy a third if you were to bring the custom white finish Ni No Kuni PS3 bundle stateside.

  • Nothing for me

  • Really…Really….

    Couldn’t even of made the controller the camo one????? This is why Sony is getting smoked in the US…..C’mon.Who’s running your marketing department???? It’s like you want Microsoft to win this generation of console……You should hire a gamer to help you with your promotions…Cause you guy’s suck……I hope you “bring it” for E3…..

    PS I’m available….

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