Limited Edition PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Bundle Coming Soon

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Limited Edition PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Bundle Coming Soon

Hey shooter fans! By popular demand, we are bringing you an epic bundle on May 25th, featuring one of the best-selling first person action games of all time.

PlayStation is partnering with Activision to pair the blockbuster and record-setting video game franchise Call of Duty along with the best console for core gamers, the PS3. Today we are announcing a Limited Edition PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 bundle which includes a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the hit title that set a new entertainment launch record upon its release in November, and a 320GB PlayStation 3 System, for only $299.

COD MW3 Bundle Pack set 1300px

Right out of the box, you will have instant and free access to the action-packed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 online multiplayer experience through PlayStation Network. If you haven’t already, it’s time to join in on the action.

This is a great option for those of you who already own a PS3 or for those who want to become a part of the PlayStation family.

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  • LAME! you could have at least changed the PS3 color or something.

  • This Is going to the best Bundle So Far
    Hope You Guys do a Bundle for Grand Theft Auto V but add a 500 GB HDD for $399 or $349:D

  • Ugh…Why are we the only ones who don’t get special consoles. I guarantee all that this is, is when you go into buy it, they hand you a ps3 and a copy of MW3…kinda lame.

  • not really a CoD fan…already have ps3…but I would’ve bought this bundle if ps3 was camoflaged or something…

  • WOW! GEE GOLLY! ONLY $299!!??? woooow, that’s a deal!

  • Great consol but not interested in the game. I’ll pass on this.

  • I don’t like COD, but isn’t this bundle like really late? where was it at MW3 launch?

  • I think is kinka Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!!! even that i didnt like MW3.

  • No need to play moder warfare after all I am having so much fun with satr hawk.

  • It’s just another way to increase the sales for COD. To keep the money flowing

  • This really should have been Camo colored with a PS3 Headset. Bum deal Sony.

  • The Star Wars themed Xbox360 is AWESOME, it even has it’s own RD2D sounds when ejecting discs. Why don’t we EVER get any special PS3 designs like that? All we get is a few colored control pads, but no special edition/makeover consoles like the 360 sometimes gets.

  • lol by popular demand my ass.PLz just cancel this.

  • if anything you guys should make a battlefield 3 bundle instead and advertise bf3 as best on ps3 kinda like what mircrosoft does with cod

  • Good idea, but it would be much more attractive if their was also headset included.

  • I agree with comment #1.

    It was the first thing I thought was how a green camouflage would be cool.

  • PS3 249.99 and MW3 59.99 {but soon getting a price drop} so lets take it down to 49.99 and right there is 299 so… whats the bundle exactly?

  • While it’s pointless to mention now, I’d think the camouflage pattern used on the DualShock controllers or the PS3 headsets would be a great paint scheme for the system in this bundle.

  • whats ‘Limited Edition’ about it??? the cardboard box??? the game is old as hell.. you should have atleast done a paint job on the PS3… like a camo paint job or something.. old console, old game, new box!
    Congrats sony!! thats why your losses are over a billion!!

  • Why don’t we have multi-colored PS3s in the US? I’ll never understand this…

  • that bundle picture is pretty deceiving!!!!! you make it like there is 2 controllers packed into that bundle.

    if this is “Limited Edition” why is Prem. Elite Not included?

  • COD is over rated. should have atleast put a new skin cover on the ps3. maybe an army look or something other then the basic ?

  • I have to agree with the general consensus. PS3 “special bundles” are only the regular PS3 with a game. Was that for Harry Potter bundle, Skyrim bundle, U3 bundle, etc. And I agree especially with #12 supvic. The Star Wars Kinect Xbox is great.

    For some reason, and I’m pretty sure it’s cultural, the systems are so monocolored. I would buy another Vita if you made it in purple. I almost bought the purple PSP but that Hannah Montana branding was a deal breaker. SCEA customers would like, and deserve, the alternate color systems you sell elsewhere.

  • It’s shame, this would’ve been the perfect opportunity to include the upcoming urban camo dual shock controller, and possibly even an urban camo system. I would have bought it if that was the case… Oh well, this is a decent package, regardless.

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    Post like these show how little anonymous sony execs think of today’s PlayStation owners, but let me illustrate:

    1) There is nothing unique, limited or special about the console or game included.
    2) MW3 has been out for so long, that most interested parties already played the game to death.
    3) meanwhile, Xbox got a attractive, REAL limited edition console last year.
    4) xbox will again get a limited edition console at Black Ops 2’s launch in December, while PS3 will get nothing.

    …and so on.

    Of course its possible that the people who thought this up are just plain dumb, but i really hope that’s not the case because it does not bode well at all for Sony and the PlayStation brand in the long run of things…..

  • I hate CoD, such an overrated game.

    These bundles that have an online game included though are incomplete without including at least a cheap usb headset or something.

  • At least change the color. Doesn’t look like a Limited Edition AT ALL.

  • This bundle is a little late to the party. You guys dropped the ball on this one. sry!

  • I agree with alot of the ppl on here, we need to get more custom designs for the ps3. like supvic said the 360 starwars custom bundle is awesome, i was almost ready to buy that one jus cause it looks awesome. Ps3 needs to change it up here jus throwing in a game & calling it a bundle isn’t gonna fly with alot of ppl. Sony, u guys need to start building custom systems for us

  • ForsakenSeraphim

    Lol. You guys are awfully clueless. Sony doesn’t NEED to do anything. You think they care if you don’t get a camo console? They aren’t Microsoft. You know why Microsoft does custom bundles? Because they have nothing else but the same sorry console. Over and over. Sony is innovative beyond measure which is why its the leading company in everything big in the electronic world, aside from maybe Apple while Steve Jobs was still alive. Now that hes dead, Apple won’t be nearly as efficient. To recap…Sony DOES NOT = Microsoft. Custom consoles = Microsofts deal to try and make up for their lack of console innovative skills. Suck it up and deal with the flat black. What’s funnier is my statement is made true by the fact that Microsoft plans on buying blu-ray tech from Sony for their next gen console. Sad, isn’t it? Love Windows…but damn…Xbox sucks. =)

  • Its too late for an april fool’s joke. What dummy at marketing thought this would be a good idea? This is about 6 months too late. By popular demand?!! How in the hell is this a great option if I already own a ps3? Sony’s marketing is just a joke. The xbox360 limited edition MW3 bundle came with customized console and controllers, this is a cardboard sleeve with MW3 on it. The guys at MS must be laughing their asses off.

  • You guys made a camouflage DualShock Controller…….You made camouflage Bluetooth Headset….Why not make a camoflage PS3????…..I’m sure that would sell alot better than this bundle.

  • Um…Dude?… Where’s the camo or bullet holes or any sort of call of dutyesque-ness? An MRE, spent brass, Dog Tag, ….something?

  • Also…I think it would be AWESOME if you guys made a bundle that came with a camouflage PS3, 2 camouflage controllers & a camouflage bluetooth Headset or Wireless Headset in one :D

  • Sometimes I wonder what goes through the minds of the marketing team at SCEA. Do you really expect people to get excited about bundling a 7 month old game with a normal PS3? No special edition colors or anything? Come on, use some creativity!

  • The thing all of you are forgetting is licensing. Microsoft is PAYING to make these special bundles. They are paying Lucas to make the R2D2 console. They pay activision to make a CoD console. These companies don’t let you just emboss a logo on a product and sell it. The reason the ps3 doesn’t get these is because they refuse to throw away money to make a system have a pretty shell, all the goodness is on the inside. a turd sandwhich is still a turd sandwhich, no matter what bread you use.

  • anyone know will i be able to get this bundle in ireland? and any good websites for HD PVR’S?

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    @ aardmadrox

    Google Image: “Japanese Limited Edition PS3”

  • well..a Sorcery bundle would of been choice…

    but either way…i think its time for a 500gb ps3…seriously guys…make it happen!

    i bought the 320gb Move Bundle last year and ive exausted most if not all of my hdd space..

    as a day 1 consumer of the original fat 60gb/320gb which both works… i would really appreciate a 500gb or 1tb model :)

  • @36 – it’s actually SCEA specifically. SCEJ release lots of pretty consoles of different color schemes and logos on them.

  • What’s so special about the “limited edition”… the box? You guys need to start offering some custom consoles instead of just changing the cardboard box, throwing a game in and calling it “limited edition”.

  • If it is a limited bundle, why not include a Custom MW3 PS3?? Some MW3 fans would re-buy a PS3 just for the custom design.

    What a way to waste a golden opportunity. :(

  • Better late than never, I suppose there is room for the COD audience to grow after all. Indeed a PS3 skin would have been a nice touch too, skins wouldn’t compromise heat escaping the PS3 would it? But yeah, maybe a game like Max Payne 3 or another less sold title could have been a better choice…though it is a surefire hit game, that has already proven itself, but what about StarHawk that just came out? I guess it’s better to go with the safe bet with a 320 gb system, but I think it’s a cop out.

  • Heck, what am I saying, I agree with everyone else – too late to the party, why not BF3 if going the 6month old route? Why not a camo controller? Who thinks and made up this deal with Activision anyways? Bad dream come to life.

  • But hey, the author of this post is a hottie, so who cares anyways!

  • This Limited Edition Call Of Duty Bundle is what they mean, its “Limited” to 1 say it with me now O N E Controller, a Limited (same as the rest) Black PS3 Slim and last but not least a Six Month Old Game. Thanks SONY for showing the world why us PS3 owners Cry our self’s to sleep when you come out with a “NEW” Deal.

    Lets all go buy one so we can show off the box.


    Try adding call of duty elite to the deal or a headset, maybe a extra controller or something to show you are trying.

  • I am a complete die hard PlayStation fan. We own 6 in my house(5 kids). Lately though PlayStation you have really let us all down and this is just another slap in the face. Treating your customers like idiots. Some guy in some marketing branch is laughing at us thinking he really fooled us now. There is nothing limited about this, nothing to distinguish it from any other PS3 or COD game. You guys really need to step up your game or get out of it. (give me a heads up if you do decide to get out so I can sell my stock or whats left of it anyways) Quit wasting our time. The next time you say limited edition I’m sure I speak for all of us make it worth our while!!

  • Q- On PS3 how do you spell sloppy seconds?
    A- COD

    On a more serious note…that limited edition black color with those cool graphics on the system might get kids excited enough to trade their old system in for this one, or maybe they will just flat out buy a second. Heck, all the stores in America will even buy more because they have to stock the regular models as well as these cool looking ones. Smart move for sales.

  • Should have bundled with Battlefield 3……. COD is synonymous with the xbox brand imo.

  • A PS3, controller and headset all in digi Camo, now that will look good, and a DLC for the game too, priceless steal of a deal.

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