Starhawk Out Today, MLG Tournament, All Map Packs Free!

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Starhawk Out Today, MLG Tournament, All Map Packs Free!

May 8th is finally upon us and Starhawk is now available in stores all over North America! The team has put a lot of work into this game and we hope you all enjoy it! To celebrate the release of Starhawk, here’s a look at our launch trailer…

Starhawk Out Today, MLG Tournament, All Map Packs Free!

But, as I mentioned in my last post, the release of Starhawk is really just the beginning of our ongoing support for our international community. And to support our online multiplayer community we have some really great announcements for you all today. First, we’re honored that Major League Gaming has taken a strong interest in Starhawk with its blend of shooter and strategy gameplay, and they’re kicking things off right with a tournament worth $20,000 in prizes so get over to and sign-up! And if you missed it last night, be sure to check-out the live stream that we did for the MLG Starhawk exhibition with pro gamers Tsquared, Hastr0, and GoldenBoyFTW! We cover single-player, co-op, and of course hot multiplayer action. Witty commentary supplied by me, of course ;-).

Secondly, and this is the announcement that you guys probably were *NOT* expecting…there was a lot of discussion here at LightBox Interactive and Sony Santa Monica on how best to support the community and keep our player base all together as one cohesive group. We really didn’t like how in Warhawk when we released a new map pack, it forced these divisions on our players. And after we released three expansions, our player community was pretty fractured. With Starhawk that ends! We are incredibly excited to announce that all map packs for Starhawk will be free. Yeah, you read that right…FREE. Whenever we release a map pack you won’t have to pay a friggin’ dime! And we’ve already started the early stages of our next map pack for you guys. Check out these very early sketches from the new planet of Cypress! A lush, swampy world that’s home to an abandoned research facility that many years ago was responsible for researching the mysteries of Rift Energy.

Starhawk: Cypress Map pack

Now certainly we’ll have some paid DLC content in the future as well as our free map packs, but we’re still playing around with what that will be. We’re going to be looking to see what the player feedback is on Starhawk in the coming weeks to help steer the DLC that we develop for you all. This is our commitment to all of you, the players. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy Starhawk – not only with today’s retail release but for the months and years to come!

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  • Harvard Bonin

    The map packs are free because we felt that we splintered the fanbase in Starhawk and left some players behind…and they never returned. With this strategy we’ll release the packs for free but continue to charge for other types of DLC like skins, paintjobs, new vehicles, new structures, etc. They won’t be as expensive as the Warhawk packs. Hopefully this will give players more choice and also keep the player base more intact and longer lasting.

  • +1 Awesome, glad to have pre-ordered this game! Free map packs is pretty awesome, and very unexpected (especially considering the time and effort that goes into making them). I don’t think we, as fans, could thank you enough for that. For the time I could put into the beta, it was fun, can’t wait to get home and fire this up!

  • I hope this doesn’t mean that we won’t see vehicle expansions like we did in warhawk… The Dropship and APC were some of my absolute favorite things in warhawk in the end, and with starhawk you now have the potential of new buildings too even. Or even new weapons like we saw with the wrench and biofield in warhawk. Please keep those kinds of expansions in mind too.

  • @ letherclad…. asking me that was silly. Not everyone buys and wants disc only. That’s not what I bought ps3 for. I knew we could buy games on the psn as well and that is what I do. I am not you. Not everyone wants to buy disc only so that you can resale or trade them in later. They are charging us 10 dollars for online passes now cause of people that buy games and sale them and then you buy them used and the developers get all pissy over it. If only they ONLY released games digital ONLY we wouldn’t EVER need online pass fees. The developers would get full price everytime without the worry of people paying 20 to 40 for a 60 dollar new game.

  • please, will be any way to record our gameplay and post it on youtube? Just like on uncharted 3’s cinema

  • amazing!


    I never said buy disc only, my point was that posting an angry comment about there not being a PSN release on a blog post announcing that all map packs will be free is pretty silly. Very few games have been simultaneously released on disc and PSN, getting angry about it and expecting it is pretty silly.

    I guess I deserve your response though, you should never make eye contact with trolls…

  • Well, you should have put that tiny bit of information in big letting on the box cover like this: DLC MAP PACKS FREE

  • DLC MAP PACKS FREE on the front cover art, I think it could be kinda good for sales.

  • I’m sitting on the toilet waiting for the game to install.. lol

  • When every other developer is trying to find new ways to give less for more, you guys go and bring us back to what made us love some of those teams to begin with. I should buy a second copy of Starhawk just because.

  • jake_the_ace321

    SWEET! Lightbx Interzctive is the BEST EVER!

  • I just picked up my limited edition, thank you Dylan, Lightbox, and Sony for another Awesome game! :)

  • When Starhawk was first announced, I raced to the fb page like it, and kept along with it. This was because I loved Warhawk because it allowed the feature I always dreamed of, 4-player-splitscreen online, however I was disappointing to learn that this feature was removed, Ultimately I accepted it, but one thing I don’t understand is that why is split-screen 4 players offline, not part of this game, or even part of the co-op? This was supposed to be THE 4 player experience for me, and sadly that one feature is gone. I would’ve definitely bought this game if we had offline 4 players just like twisted metal, but unfortunately I just don’t see myself buying this anymore. Sorry Harv, I spend hours of my time after this game after its announcement, followed it for months, talked to you several times over FB, well ‘Bulgarian boxer’, I’m just disappointed to say that I won’t be buying it, anytime soon but maybe when the price is lowered. But what saddens me is the involvement of time I invested in this game, only coming to a waste for now. Here’s hoping the sequel receives the needed 4-player split-screen, in which case I’ll be the first to purchase it. I still do hope this game does succeed beyond its expectations.

  • Now this right here is pretty awesome. In all honesty I was going to get Max Payne 3 first and pick this up when I was fully finished with Max payne but after hearing this news I’m picking up Starhawk this friday and Max Payne can wait.

    Seriously nowadays gaming has been just about profit to developers and publishers and as someone whos gamed for over 20 years its really changed my mind about gaming as a whole. This gen alone I bought over 100 games, I used to buy about 25 retail games a year but this year so far I’ve bought a total of 3 and its because of this Disk locked content crap, map packs that cost 10 euros each but end up being wastes of money because the maps rarely show up in playlists or not many people have them and it really takes the fun out of gaming.

  • Like look at Resident Evil ORC. 50 euros for a 3 hour campaign, a multiplayer with serious lag issues and connection issues and its full of bugs. What do Capcom do? Weeks after release they release DLC that was ripped from the game and charge 20 euros from it! WTF Is this really what gamings become. Make a game, cut out half the campaign and recharge it as DLC weeks after the game releases before yous even release a patch to fix the broken MP.

    I want to say a big thank you to Lightbox Interactive and Sony because we all know the Publishers have the final say when it comes to things like this for bringing the fun back to gaming. Thanks for showing gamings not just about money with you guys.

  • This is awesome, definitely supporting with my purchase today (had it preordered for Limited Edition). I’ll most likely pick up the paid DLC as well, if I like it. I just hope it isn’t integral to the game and would fracture the community in another way (ie, like DLC specific vehicles). I’d like to see stuff like new skins or maybe some Warhawk flashback content.

  • Just ordered my copy of Starhawk. I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks cuz I live far far away, but that makes the whole thing more exciting! I’m not suprised about the free DLC maps, because love for the game and community was strongly felt since Warhawk. You guys do an amazing job! THANK YOU!

  • VonBraunschweigg

    Absolutely great news. The beta got me hooked, good to read future updates won’t split the community, good to see greed doesn’t run everything these days. Question though: is it normal the online pass (I live in Holland, EU) isn’t accepted yet? When will the servers go online and do we have to wait for the PS Store to update?

  • I pre-ordered and bought my game from GameStop where is my FREE! One Month of PlayStation Plus??

  • most of all people here bought the game, so please, can ANYONE answer if there’s anyway to capture my gameplays and post it on youtube? i’d be REALLY THANKFULL!

  • Btw can you guys patch in the xmb screenshot feature? I would LOVE to get some in game footage of some of these towns or bases we make online! :)

  • man I have a lot of games to play but I WILL buy this game one day seems like a blast

  • Consider all of the paid dlc SOLD, that’s a promise! :)

  • @Blkant
    that’s what im talking about!

  • I haven’t played it yet though this is amazing and how it should be so it doesn’t divide Starhawk players. Lightbox will benefit from this in the long run, no doubt. More people will be playing it and it’ll have more replay value to it than Warhawk and will change peoples minds to keep it.

  • On a side note, I noticed the other day that in the retail copies of the GameStop Starhawk Limited Edtions, the reverse side of the boxart litho is printed upside down. Did anyone there hire any ex-Capcom employees recently?

  • I think a Battlefield 1943 / Killzone 3 Multiplayer style trial with a level cap (stats carrying over into full game) would help sell this game to a lot more people.

    I only played the beta early on and really want to feel how the finished game controls for myself before plonking down the cash.

  • Jerzey_Tha_King

    BEST GAME EVER!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LMAO, Oh now I’m a troll huh cause I won’t kiss a developer’s or sony’s a*s when they don’t live up to the full hype of a game or product? I swear you sony fanboy’s are just as pathetic as them real trolls that troll cause they hate a name of a company and think what they have on xbox or what ever they have is better. I’m no dam* troll so you can shut your mouth there. I paid for 2 ps3’s and tons of psn store games totaled over $1,500 spanning back to 2007. So I have a right to my dam* opinion and calling everyone a dam* troll that express that opinion makes you a sony fanboy. So how you like those apples huh? A sony fanboy won’t admit a fault of anything sony and just rants at those that speak up about stuff. So if you can’t stop calling people trolls that express a opinion then keep your keyboard locked from replying.

  • ARRAAAAGH! I was really hoping to get my pre-order in on this game, but i just dont have the money…. Huge fan of warhawk and its DLC was totally worth it. This is great news.

  • Free maps? Now that’s what I’m talking about. That right there just made my decision on trading my copy of MW3 to pay the rest of my pre-order balance for STARHAWK!!!! Good bye MW3…..Hello STARHAWK…..Thanks for everything LBI, SMS, and Sony….you guys are awesome.

  • I thought the beta was outstanding. Thank you for this fantastic news about the DLC. I would also like to suggest a digital copy if possible. Giving the fact that I live abroad currently and It would take ages to get my hands on a copy. I am sure many other fellow gamers will appreciate the gesture. Thank you LBI.

  • oh just to say it. If there was a digital copy (I don’t care the size that’s why I bought a HUGE harddrive) I’d buy it immediately it was on the store no second thoughts. But i’ll still be getting it soon.

  • free maps thats great…played a lil earlier cant wait to get home ..thanks guys….gonna be funny starting over on multi..but the beta was a blast

  • Any chance on the Warhawk map packs going free now too?

  • also thanks 4 the free stuff from the limeted edition skins soundtrack warhawk and some kinda outpost

  • I would love this game if PSN and Starhawk would stop giving me connection errors:( If anyone fancies a match in the future, feel free to add me!

  • You know as my momma would say it’s the little things that count this is why gaming is my utopia touche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ordered my copy from, now to wait.

    Really looking forward to this.

  • Big thanks LightBox & Sony. Just picked up my copy today. Agree with everyone else free maps are awesome! Hopefully it’ll start a good DLC trend among studios & publishers.

  • Smart Move for making all the Map Packs free love it!!Just got my copy cant wait to play!

    Just picked up my copy! Cant wait to play single player!!

  • Question:

    I picked up the Limited Edition today (which is a great buy, given that it’s the same price as the standard edition elsewhere that lacks all the great extra content). With regard to the free map packs, how does that decision reflect on the exclusive aspect of the maps in the Limited Edition?

    Obviously, it isn’t as if those of us who picked up the Limited Edition are being cheated out of any money if they are free to non-LE purchasers at some point (since, hey, it was the same price; hard to beat that). I’m curious, though, how that will pan out.

  • My copy probably won’t arrive for a day or two in the mail, so I’ll be trying my hand at Warhawk to get ready. Great posts the past week or two. They ultimately swayed me to pre-order after I had started to debate doing so with so many games in the fall/holiday time. This post is helping reinforce that I made the right decision. It is always disappointing gathering with friends and learning the options are limited because someone doesn’t have a map.

    Looking forward to starting. Thanks for the great posts and what looks to be a great game that will have lots of replay value.

  • Hello Harvard and Dylan (and everyone at Lightbox)

    Just want to personally thank you all for making such an amazing game!

    Tonight for me will be a dinner (popeyes chicken), a game (Starhawk), and a movie (Underworld Awakening Blu ray)

    Good times ahead for sure!

    You guys are da bomb!

  • It is awesome that you are releasing the map packs for free. One of the major reasons I don’t like to usually buy games when they are first released is because it feels like I get nickeled and dimed for months after in order to get all the DLC. I usually just wait for a ‘Game of the Year’ edition that includes it all. Knowing that won’t happen with Starhawk is making me lean towards not waiting and picking it up now. Thank you for showing some love to the gamers.

  • Amazing work guys! I am looking forward to picking up my copy today! Cheers!

  • xXSilentRouge6Xx

    Just picked up the game today!, Amazing work!


    This should have been a purchase today… this would have been a purchase today, i should have been enjoying the game right now, but instead i am here considering going for “GR: Future soldier” which it is announced to be released same date as the US market and in every single store in México.

    And i wont even go to the freebies in GameStop which foreigners cant get access issue.

    Best regards and i hope Sony, the devs and their marketing department take this in consideration

    Kind Regards


    PS excuse my lack of skill in terms of writing in a foreign language

  • ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY

    played the beta from begining to the end… i got a good 3 months or longer on the beta i have been DYING to play it again and today is the day. i cried when then took the beta down :( but now…. ITS HERE BABY XD

    Thank-You Playstation
    Thank-You Sony Computer Entertainment
    Thank-You Santa Monica Studios
    Thank-You LightBox Interactive

    ……. how long is the dlcs for free???? just curious cuz i might not be able to pick up the game right away.

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