Starhawk Out Today, MLG Tournament, All Map Packs Free!

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Starhawk Out Today, MLG Tournament, All Map Packs Free!

May 8th is finally upon us and Starhawk is now available in stores all over North America! The team has put a lot of work into this game and we hope you all enjoy it! To celebrate the release of Starhawk, here’s a look at our launch trailer…

Starhawk Out Today, MLG Tournament, All Map Packs Free!

But, as I mentioned in my last post, the release of Starhawk is really just the beginning of our ongoing support for our international community. And to support our online multiplayer community we have some really great announcements for you all today. First, we’re honored that Major League Gaming has taken a strong interest in Starhawk with its blend of shooter and strategy gameplay, and they’re kicking things off right with a tournament worth $20,000 in prizes so get over to and sign-up! And if you missed it last night, be sure to check-out the live stream that we did for the MLG Starhawk exhibition with pro gamers Tsquared, Hastr0, and GoldenBoyFTW! We cover single-player, co-op, and of course hot multiplayer action. Witty commentary supplied by me, of course ;-).

Secondly, and this is the announcement that you guys probably were *NOT* expecting…there was a lot of discussion here at LightBox Interactive and Sony Santa Monica on how best to support the community and keep our player base all together as one cohesive group. We really didn’t like how in Warhawk when we released a new map pack, it forced these divisions on our players. And after we released three expansions, our player community was pretty fractured. With Starhawk that ends! We are incredibly excited to announce that all map packs for Starhawk will be free. Yeah, you read that right…FREE. Whenever we release a map pack you won’t have to pay a friggin’ dime! And we’ve already started the early stages of our next map pack for you guys. Check out these very early sketches from the new planet of Cypress! A lush, swampy world that’s home to an abandoned research facility that many years ago was responsible for researching the mysteries of Rift Energy.

Starhawk: Cypress Map pack

Now certainly we’ll have some paid DLC content in the future as well as our free map packs, but we’re still playing around with what that will be. We’re going to be looking to see what the player feedback is on Starhawk in the coming weeks to help steer the DLC that we develop for you all. This is our commitment to all of you, the players. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy Starhawk – not only with today’s retail release but for the months and years to come!

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  • this is the best game to ever come out now you guys are the best!!

  • FREE……Map packs? In this generation?! I love you Dylan, LightBox and Sony.
    Hopefully the paid DLC will be like big expansions with Maps, weapons, modes etc…

  • Was definitely not expecting free maps! I would have gladly paid. It is really refreshing to see a developer that respects the consumers like this. I’m excited to pick this game up today.



  • This should be the new standard. I’ll be supporting with a purchase, the beta was outstanding


  • Sweet #Starhawk you guys are awesome :)

  • I never got on the beta, but I’d already bought and paid for my pre-order this morning before this fantastic news, can’t wait until Friday when it’s out here in the UK!

  • WOW!!! Now that is amazine news. Thanks so much and a special knowing nod to Dylan. This just proves again how truly innovative and dedicated LBI is proving to be as a new developer!!!

  • great decision with the free map packs. thanks!

  • That is ****ing AWESOME news! I was gonna wait until the re-release to get the game and all the dlc on one disc, but now I will be picking this up this year. I have to blow up some Max Payne 3 multiplayer first, but as soon as that gets stale I will TOTALLY be down for some Starhawk! Thank you

  • Free Map Packs Mr. Jobe? You sir have got my money.
    Hope you guys improved on the beta alot of matches seemed to be “vanilla stalemates” in CTF. I’m excited for coop and story though.

  • Nice! Now I don’t have to miss out on playing new maps because my friends don’t have them :)

  • Fantastic news

    You know what, I have to post this. I had this game pre ordered at EBGames and went in yesterday and cancelled my pre order. Why? Well the answer is two fold. First, I’m rather unhappy with Sony/Playstation because of all the PSVita issues/broken promises, primarily the PSOne classics support. I know this is unfair to Dylan and his crew, but being an older gamer I very much understand that one way to get your voice heard is with your wallet. Second, and most importantly, was the argument/issue I have towards these “types” of games and their reliance on what I feel is DLC gouging, where I go out and spend $60 and after 8 months I see myself spending $15×4 on top to have new maps, for a total of $120.

  • I was not expecting free maps……. awesomesauce !!!

    (payable) DLC wise ……. Has to be an APC in there somewhere

    Also whether DLC or not ….. Collection has to return !!! If this game wasn’t made with Collection in mind then i’d be very shocked !!!

    On a totally separate note….. will Cloud that Hawks can fly (and hide) in return? One thing I can’t believe wasn’t transfered from WH

  • What is the issue with, for example, releasing a game that when bought brand new, comes with a code than entitles you to all future DLC? You eliminate a large chunk of the used game “problem”, because people will hang onto that game knowing is true and great value. Company happy, customer happy.

    So having said all that, let me finish with this. After I hit “post comment” I’m going downstairs to my car and going out to get this game. Yes, I know I lost out on the pre order jazz, but oh well. Well done Dylan and company!!!


  • arggg! damn you spelling and grammar!

  • this is just wonderful news! Waiting for my wife to come home and bring me my disk! Can’t wait to support! Ill be streaming this live at if anyone wants to check the game out!

  • Awesome news!

  • I was expecting a PSN digital release announcement. Is that happening?

    Now this new is great all well.

  • Love It!! Going to pick up my copy now!

  • Wow! What a great way to support the community. This is just amazing, you guys at Sony, Lightbox, Santa Monica, and everyone else connected to the game; now it just needs to be 10 so that GameStop is open!

  • Wow! I like the idea of free map packs as a way to keep the player base together. Makes sense. But have you considered having an option for donations for the free DLC?

    FYI – I pre-ordered Starhawk (I really liked the beta)…amazon tells me it is out for delivery to my house. :)

  • That’s awesome! Now I’m wondering what can you possibly put paid that wont spilt the community either, like I would think vehicles can’t be payed because that would seperate the players as well. We’ll have to wait and see huh. I think one thing LBI should do for Starhawk is implement a Warhawk mode (similar to picking a hardcore mode in other shooters) where its Starhawk but more influenced and closer to Warhawk gameplay with pre built bases, pre built capturable areas, that stick on aim from close enough distance, equippable knife, players drop packs when killed with their weapons and filled with rift energy, limited build and battle (maybe restricting walls, respawn beacons, vehicle depots, and auto ground turrets vs infantry. just keep big turrets maybe have them pre- built or something) with obvious starhawk elements intact such as pod spawnig, sprinting and more, plus 1 mode I’d like to see is Hero mode return as well as many maps based on Warhawk maps, like I’d love to see Archipelago done over in starhawk art style and part of some new planet.

  • Free!? Wow certainly did not expect that. Thank you MR Jobe! I was not planing on getting this since I’m not big on MP games, but just for this I’m picking it up to show my appreciation. Thank you Light box, Sony Santa Monica and Sony for giving back to your fans! Far too many companies these days nickel and dime their loyal customers with online passes, and don’t get me started on disk based content.
    So thank you so much for giving back to your fans, and see you on the battlefield!
    I’ll be the one dropping a tank on your head.

  • Free maps is great, it will definitely keep the community intact instead of separating it! GREAT news!

    However, MLG is a bit unorganized imo.

  • That’s unbelievable!!! LBI, best Sony developer EVER!!!!

  • Not only do we get all that awesome stuff with the limited edition but now we going to get free map packs. LBI you guys are too awesome. I really hope you guys are relaxing a little because you guys put a lot of work into making this game.

  • PowerCorruption

    “We are incredibly excited to announce that all map packs for Starhawk will be free. Yeah, you read that right…FREE. Whenever we release a map pack you won’t have to pay a friggin’ dime!”


    By the way, the DLC for Warhawk was totally worth it, but this is some amazing news!

  • You guys are the best!!!! Seriously going to pick up a copy XD

  • PowerCorruption

    Also, with the new map packs, will they be updated by patch…or will we have to download them through the store?

    There were a lot of people who didn’t download the free map packs in Assassin’s Creed, or free DLC for Resistance, MAG, and other games. I think it would be best to implement them by patch.

  • Seriously Sony, keep stuff like this up…people like free things. I am extremely happy about this. Cant wait to play!!

  • Free map packs… This is why I love being part of the Warhawk/Starhawk community, not only do the poeple over at lightbox stick close to it’s customers trough all kinds of social activities.. They also give us free stuff just for the fun of it.. Starhawk is an awesome game, and I just wanted to say thanks Dylan and everyone there at lightbox..

  • wow, you’re a fun guy! Thanks!

  • the anger…sorry you feel that way

  • The game is amazing, and the free maps makes it even better. Awesome work guys!

  • oh and btw @BLUExEYEDxSLICKT I can understand why you would want to buy a digital copy of the game, but even so it would have been nice for you to have been mature about your comment and not have to post something so rude within the comment section. I feel sorry that you do not want to purchase the game, it’s an awesome game with a huge community (filled with nice/friendly people). But that is the choice you made.

    As a little advice for next time, your allowed to state your opinion but don’t be a jerk about it.

  • This is one of the best trailers you’ve made, good work! The MLG event was fantastic!

    Wow, free maps! That’s pretty awesome. Though I wouldn’t complain if it was just a few free, but later on had to start paying.

  • And yeah this is one of the most awesome trailers you guys have made thus far =P


    I mean I don’t get this logic. You guys complain of those idiots that break the copyright laws and make several of the disc games cause they have the DISC but to fight that you could start making it digital only on psn and no one can copy those games easy. But you guys stick with disc were the hackers have fun copying the game over and over. I have 2 ps3’s and my kids play on the second one. I buy games on psn and I get a copy on my ps3 and then I put the other copy on the second ps3 for my kids and I pay the price of one disc game to do that. Store route I am forced to buy the game twice and that upsets me. I am a digital guy so I lose out on so many games cause you developers are being selfish to keep it off psn. What else you want as developers you guys already forced sony down to two activations from 5 and now you still keep the new games off psn? What gives?

    • When and if we have a PSN version of the game we’ll make sure to let everyone know. Till then, it doesn’t exist. I understand your desire for a digital version…its just not available at this time. Sorry.

  • Picked up my copy before I got to work this morning… it’s sitting on my desk staring at me, telling me “Let’s go home early… I want to play”. And I tell it “Shut up Starhawk, I have important work to do… like commenting on the PS Blog”.

  • Free map packs sounds like an awesome idea, Sony really is at the forefront of consumer appreciation, I hope it works out for you guys! Can’t wait for my copy to arrive!

    I agree with what an earlier commenter said, if you implement the map packs with updates it will further ensure that the online community does not get splintered, keep that in mind.

    Who has a PS3 and refuses to buy disc-based games? The PSN is great and all but thats just silly

  • Thanks guys! I won’t be buying on release unfortunately (sorry) as I have exams, a holiday, and a lack of money. I will pick it up for my Birthday in July, as I believe practice like this should be rewarded. Again thanks guys! :)

  • BTW we need some gaming with the dev nights! I wish those types of events were set up more often, last time I had a chance to compete in one was back when KZ2 released!

  • A gamer knows what a gamer wants, Thank you fellow gamers at LBI!
    Starhawk….For Gamers, By Gamers.

  • LBI’s just great, they developed a whole new and creative way to play, within outstanding graphics, and they even more and more show how they care and made all this masterpiece for us, the players. Thank you LBI by caring and supporting us, thank you sony for trusting in that amazing team

  • Wow, some people find a way to complain about anything. I guess it’s true that you really cant make everyone happy. Im off to pick up my pre-order at EBgames in a few…

    do you think we can get some community play dates in the future? pros (testers/devs) vs us joes sometime?

  • Just picked up my copy and waiting for the updates and installation to finish.

    Amazing news to hear the map packs will be FREE. That is just so freaking unheard of when some companies are charging for color swaps nowadays.

    LBI, you guys put other devs to shame and will always have my support with Starhawk and future projects. There is no other development team that makes me feel like gamers are making games for other gamers.

  • I have to say WOW, you guys made something beautiful and I’m proud to be a PS3 owner. Thank you Mr Starhawk for not being another COD or HALO. Is this love I’m feeling?

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