Rainbow Moon: Watch the New Trailer Now

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Rainbow Moon: Watch the New Trailer Now

Last November, I had the opportunity to introduce you to Rainbow Moon, our upcoming strategy RPG for PS3. Since then, we have received amazing feedback from all of you. In the lead up to the release, it gives me great pleasure to tell you more about the game’s battle system. You also have the chance to be one of the first to watch the Rainbow Moon trailer, available first via the PlayStation.Blog.

Rainbow Moon: Watch the New Trailer Now

Although much of Rainbow Moon’s appeal is in its exploration and character development, the battles are what matter most. Akin to our Soldner-X game series, we have taken an innovative approach by combining classical elements with new ideas. An example is the triggering of battle encounters. Random encounters? Yes or no? Well, how about both?! In Rainbow Moon you will find foes roaming the surface of the planet and have a chance to battle in additional random encounters. The latter, however, are 100% optional and can be disregarded if you so decide.

All battles take place on grid-sized maps and are completely turn based. That’s right, just like the good old days: No stress, no chaos. Take your time to observe the situation and make the right move. Up to three party members can encounter a variety of evil beings. There are a number of commands at your disposal. The most important are Move, Attack, (using short or long range standard attacks), Skill (we’ll talk more about this in a moment), Defend, Use an Item, and Escape (all battles can be abandoned during your turn).

PSN Exclusive: Rainbow Moon

Using the right skills at the right time will decide your victory, and there are over 120 special skills of different types you can use throughout your journey. These range from powerful attacks, to support such as healing and other unique skills such as casting light or analyzing enemies. Some skills can be learned by only one of your characters, while others are suitable for multiple characters.

So, how about enemy behaviors? In Rainbow Moon you will encounter around 100 different enemies from 17 classes, each with its own characteristics. Besides attacking you with standard and special attacks, enemies can do a lot more, including casting support skills, focusing their attacks on certain characters, splitting, merging, self-destructing, fleeing, and a few more we will leave for you to discover for yourself.

PSN Exclusive: Rainbow Moon

I will not go into all the details, but I can promise you there’s a lot more than meets the eye. You will find different deployment grids, a wide variety of status conditions (poison and enchantments), weapon affinities, a BIAS system, passive skills, skill levels, speed bonus system, and so on.

As you can see, a great amount of effort and attention to detail has gone into the development of the game. You’ll be happy to hear that Rainbow Moon will be one of the few games on PSN with Platinum Trophy support. In total, you’ll find more than 50 trophies are up for grabs.

There’s a lot more I’d love to share with you. If you want to know more about Rainbow Moon, please make sure to visit the official website and follow us on Facebook at Rainbow Moon will be published on the PlayStation Store by our long-term partner eastasiasoft in just a few weeks.

PS: Please share your thoughts and feel free to ask questions using the comments box below. I’ll be more than happy to get back to you.

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  • Hey Marcus,

    The game looks amazing I’ve been waiting for more news on it since you made your first post here. RM reminds me a lot of the PSP title Jeanne D’Arc which is my favorite PSP title ever. Needless to say I’ll be buying Rainbow Moon day one.

    Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in regarding a possible Vita version. While a Vita version would be great, I understand that it would also be costly and time-consuming. Something to consider: patch the PS3 version to be compatible with remote play on Vita. I would make great use of that feature. Thanks.

  • Wow. I was interested right off the bat. Any more RPGs I’m ready for.

    Great graphics too. I know the base game will be meaty, its better be in this genre but will there be a end game dungeon or anything like that?

    I hope we don’t have to long for this.

    Thanks for not just doing it on the Vita. Long live PS3!

    • Hi SpiritThief,

      yes, there’s a end game content section in the game that can be unlocked after completing the main story. You’ll find a lot af dedicated end game stuff including new monsters, items, and even new skills and gear.

      There are hidden sections in most of the dungeons that cannot be entered before reaching the end game.

  • Turn-based?! Turn-based?!?! I’m sold! Heard about this game a while back and after seeing the trailer, this is a definite day one pick up for me!

  • Interesting. Are there anymore SRPGs like this that are out on the ps3 already? I’ve already finished FF Tactics and some Disgaea games but I want more! Please don’t recommend Tactics Ogre and more Disgaea games to me. I love them but I want other recommendations because I am planning on playing them later. I just want little more variety in my SRPG flavor.

  • I’m in full support of it being ported to PSVita.

    PSN needs more RPGs.

  • @54; Check out the Record of Agarest War series.

  • Moosehole is exactly right. The easiest solution is sending a patch to allow remote play with the Vita. Please consider that. I wish a lot of developers of old PSN games would do this as well.

  • I’m very excited to play this! So pretty and looks fun.
    Please also release a Vita version, I’d buy it day one!

  • Only to help with evaluation: Please pot this game to the PS VITA with transfer save and you have my money.

  • Oh man how long have i waited for a downloadable game like this to show up on the PSN. As a huge fan of Disgaea, i must say everything is looking mighty appealing to me right now.

    Love the presentation, exploration focus, innovative features and all the gameplay details given thus far. I’ll be buying this day one and i wish you guys success. I really want to see more PSN RPGs.

  • Looks pretty old school, I’ll get it for sure

  • Look great cant wait to play it . Whats the lvl cap?

    • Hi loganwolf13,

      for the main story, the level is capped to 80, but after defeating the final boss, you can level up to 150. But that’s not all, by doing endgame quests, you can raise your level cap up to 999! But be warned, an optional end game monster with unbelievable strength awaits you…:)

  • This is a day 1, repeat DAY freakn 1 purchase for me!! I love turn based rpgs, have since the early days of Rogue, gold box DnD, Ultima and might and magic back in the 80s. I also love srpgs like Tactics ogre, Vandel hearts, jeanne d’arc , disgaea, etc…

    This game looks like it mixes things up but still stays turned based. the fact that the equipment shows on your charcater is a real plus, as too many rpgs skimp on this, which if its not applied makes loot grabbing less fun.
    I can’t wait for this game!!!

    It’s refreshing to know a dev is willing to make a game like this for modern console and actual stick to turn based tradition and not cater it to the “casual” audience by making it a real time shooter… like too many devs do these days. And for that I say thank you.


    @54- other srpg games (other than disgaea and FFt) – sadly there isn;t much besides disgaea , agrest wars, vandel hearts:flames of judgement and some ps1 srpgs – arc the lad 1-3, ff:tactics, and thats about it.

    there are a ton of PSP games in this style though, and tons of ps1 games that never were released in this style that you can get on disc if you can find them.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, SideQuest for putting this on the PS3. As a huge fan of classic/traditional RPGs it is great to see this game release on the PS3 and not just Vita or PSP.

    The game looks great, SideQuest’s choice on art direction is fantastic. Contrary to popular belief (Witcher, Skyrim, Rage, Gears of War, etc.) color is a great thing in games. Checked out your official website and the depth and amount of content is impressive. Day 1 purchase for me. Not that I am complaining about5 the $15 price tag, but you guys shouldn’t sell yourselves short!

    P.S. Sony should give the PS3 a PSP and Vita firmware update so players such as myself, who can’t game away from home, could still purchase and play the classic 2D and turn-based RPGs available for those systems (Jeanee D’Arc, Tactics Ogre, Brave Story, Class of Heroes).

  • This game looks awesome, especially for a PSN download game. Reminds me alot of the Record of Agarest War games.

  • Nice look, and very Nice graphics ….. I really enjoy RPGs ……

  • This game reminds me of playing the Heroes of Might And Magic games I used to play on my PC.It looks a little bit like it in some ways, but I like the way it looks.

  • +1 for putting this on VITA.

    You had me at open world. * says with teary eyes (,: *

    Its obvious by the starving screams for a vita version that vita needs more support, maybe drop a line to whoever your highest contact is regaurding the state of the Vitas user base for us…that would be…IDK, just epic!

  • Will there be a demo when the game launches?

    • Hi Killthee,

      there will be no demo at launch but maybe several weeks later. However, I can’t confirm a release date for a demo now.

  • I’m glad the Vita is being considered. I’d definitely purchase it if it was available for the Vita.

  • Very much looking forward to this, it is looking incredible so far. Nor coming out till June, eh? Oh well, I’ll just have to wait!

  • Ok… My jaw is back from the floor now so let me say, This is looking to be a phenomenal srpg! Are you able to tell us the file size?

    I don’t have a ps3 anymore, only the vita, so im pretty depressed I may never play this gem. All I can do is voice my want for a vita release…and pray!

    Thanks for designing a beautiful game around amazing, and still much loved, turn-based gameplay. You’ve got a winner.


  • I forgot to say that according to Dev replies here, your party is 3 members and you get to batting up to 60 enemies!? That is insane. Your team must be devastating.

  • Looking really nice! I wasn’t sure about the story but if the game is around 15$ it’s a real deal! 10$ for playstation plus and I’m gonna buy it day one. Even at 15$ I will surely buy it, but 10$ is a no brainer.

    QUESTION1: I was wondering, since you said that different characters have different abilities, can you change your characters inside a battle (like in FF10) or if you need to think about it before starting the battle?

    QUESTION2: Also, if we miss a trophy, is it always possible to get it in the second playtrhough? Can we miss some trophies (ex: a certain area is blocked after a battle but you could get a trophy there..)?


    I will surely buy the game. I’m in need of SRPGs, and at this price, it’s easy to try.

    • Hi Senjutsu_Dav,

      1-> You cannot change characters inside the battle screen, but it’s always possible to quit a battle, change/adjust gear and characters and restart a battle. This is even true for boss-battles. Besides, you can change gear and readjust your passive skill setup without leaving the battle.

      2-> You cannot miss any trophy. There are some trophies that are just unlocked while proceeding trough the main story, for all other trophies, it’s possible to fulfill the conditions later in the game. The same is true for sidequests, there are no sidequests you can miss or that require a second play-through. You can catch up everything at a later time.

  • Looks awesome… but I’m afraid I would only buy it if it was for Vita!

  • Oh also… Soldner X games on Vita. K thanks. :)

  • I’m very excited with this game!


    1) Will we need to battle over and over again the same creatures to level up and progress in the game? Or we

    2) I saw at screenshots that the button used to trigger actions is CIRCLE. Shouldn’t be used the default schema for buttons: X to do any action and CIRCLE to cancel or exit?

  • I’m very excited with this game!


    1) Will we need to battle over and over again the same creatures to level up and progress in the game? Or we’ll have more variety of enemies and the action will not be so repetitive?

    2) I saw at screenshots that the button used to trigger actions is CIRCLE. Shouldn’t be used the default schema for buttons: X to do any action and CIRCLE to cancel or exit?


    • Hi DizaumBR,

      1) There are ~100 different monsters in Rainbow Moon. Although some of them are of the same family, they all differ from attributes, behaviour, skills and drops. So, if you discover a new area you will also face new enemies and bosses.

      2) We apologize for that, some screenshots have been made by eastasiasoft on an asia system, so circle/cross buttons are swapped. Don’t worry, this will be consistent and matching the setup you are familiar with.

  • PS: I saw the screenshots in official site. Comparing with the screens of this post, the buttons were already changed. (Maybe the site version was japanese?)

  • Please moderator, delete my comment #76. Was posted incomplete and accidentaly. Thanks.

  • Looks fun.

    As many stated Vita please.

    If sony is paying attention, I think the trend to follow here is that all future PSN/Mini games should be Vita compatible.

    Either way I wish SideQuest Studios much success on this title, hopefully we will see more soon.

  • just wanted to let you no this game is a day one buy for me! saw a clock in corner of screenshot will you be able to fight at night? will some monsters be stronger at certain times or at day\night?

    • Hi,

      yes, you can also fight at night. Monsters are not stronger at night, but optional random encounters pop up more often and battles are tougher because more enemies will spawn.

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