LittleBigPlanet Karting: See Sackboy Behind The Wheel

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LittleBigPlanet Karting: See Sackboy Behind The Wheel
LittleBigPlanet Karting: See Sackboy Behind The Wheel

The easiest part of showing off LittleBigPlanet Karting is just getting to play it outside of United Front Games. We don’t make fun, fresh, addictive games just for ourselves. We make them for you, your friends, your brothers, your sisters, Little Timmy and even for Crazy Uncle Larry. So it’s incredibly important for us to get the game in the hands of real people — real gamers — like we did in Los Angeles last week.

Thanks to everyone who came from the four corners of globe to get hands-on time with LittleBigPlanet Karting. Merci, France! Gracias, Mexico and Spain! Spasibo, Russia! Cheers, Australia! No worries, Canada!

It was great to see smiles for every drift and every jump, every big air swing with the Grappling Hook and every on-the-spot slapfight. Our new Battle Mode was definitely a hit. “Garden Grip”, a race course that lovingly pays homage to the very first LBP level, opened everyone’s eyes to how beautiful Craftworld can be in full 3-D. And “Future Perfect,” a race course that captures the joy of flying, showed that the Imagisphere never stops expanding. We hope that everyone saw for themselves that LittleBigPlanet Karting promises to be a great new karting adventure.

The hardest part of taking part in events like these is not having enough time to talk about every single cool thing in LittleBigPlanet Karting. I think the fastest I’ve ever talked about the game’s entire feature set in one sitting is one hour and forty minutes. And I had to talk *fast*. There’s a lot of stuff for even the most seasoned LittleBigPlanet veterans to absorb.

So over the next while, my teammates and I are looking forward to revealing more of LittleBigPlanet Karting’s secrets and surprises. Stay tuned for answers to burning questions like:

  • Can I really make any karting adventure I can imagine? I have a pretty good imagination…
  • Can Crazy Uncle Larry play LittleBigPlanet Karting with me? He hasn’t played a video game since 1994…
  • I’ve always wanted to shoot my friends with heat-seeking cows that spew green gas. Can I put that in a race? Please? Pretty please?

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  • Definitely supporting and buying this on day 1. I loved Modnation Racers, one of the best Kart Racers of all time in my opinion and can also be really addicting when you get into it. So I have no doubt that this will be awesome as well. I definitely don’t need to watch any reviews to help me make my decision, this is automatically an instant buy for me! Keep up the excellent work UFG! :)

  • Here, here! My preorder is in and paid for. Looking forward to hearing a release date. Glad to hear load times are shrinking and that their are alternate controls. UFG care about their stuff and LBP is my families favorite game. Win, win in my mind.

    Release date???

    • Thank you for your preorder, Imputed7-14! Again, your support means the world to the team. Everyone’s working extremely hard right now. We’ll let you know the release date when we know what it is. ; )

  • I see you said X and R2 will both be options for the throttle. Will it be all or nothing, or will there be some variability in throttle and braking? It would be a cool feature to add that isn’t present in karting games like this. It would allow more advanced players have even room to tune there racing while having fun in what looks to be an exciting game.

    Also will the karts have set performance specs, or will there be some sort of “upgrade” system. Obviously there will be more customization in the visual presentation of the Kart, probably more than we can handle, but will there be any way to increase karts performance, or tweak it with a custom “tune”?

    My guess is these features aren’t something your target audience is interested, and as such, they won’t be implemented, but it will be exciting when the first game takes the fun of karting and adds room for some more skill to be involved, while keeping it enjoyable for all users. That would extend the uniqueness of said game to a whole different level… I’ll keep dreaming…

    • This game couldn’t be called LittleBigPlanet if we didn’t allow you to customize as many things as possible. We will have ways to customize performance. We’ll share specific details with you as soon as we can.

  • William Ho thanks for answering my questions. I hope I get to go to E3 this year, this is one game I am looking forward too. All Sony’s new fighter PlayStation All Star Battle Royal!

  • Please Get Rid of Rubber Banding in the Single Player. Karting Games have become a frustrating mess of having your fierce battle of getting into first trounced on by the one ….. individual in last place. I get it you’re trying to make it challenging, but Mod Nation Racers was a capital offender in regards to this one serious issue. Now I’m not just singling out MNR (I lvoe this game btw, just hate rubber banding), Mario Kart in recent years has started to have a serious issue with this, it’s almost like you developers of Kart games sat around a table and said “What is the one thing we can do to make the game harder and completely unfair to the person playing the game while providing balance to multiplayer shinanigans” ……… ya either provide a means for shutting it off or get rid of it for LBPK and MNR. Give us a really racing battle game where the top dogs can fight it out and the little guy doesn’t get instantly shafted with Last place just because they zigged instead of zagged.

  • Really annoyed that there are no plans for a Vita version. I don’t have a PS3 and would love to play this on the VIta. It would be perfect for it too but no one seems to support it.

  • Can you also create your own Karts and are costumes from LBP and LBP 2 transferable into LBP karting.

    • You can customize karts just as easily as you can with Sackboys.

      We’re still locking down the thousands of customization parts we’ll have in the game. More details when we know them…

  • This game has to be as crazy as possible. I like crazy. :P

  • Any word on how Move controls will work on Karting?

    As a fan of both Modnation and LittleBigPlanet, I cannot wait to see what’s possible with the level creator!

  • It’s great to see this game coming out. I’m just curious how the handling is compared to ModNation Racer? Are there any differences or do both games have the exact same feel. I love ModNation and everything it stands for but I find the handling difficult compared to something like Sonic & Sega AllStars Racing. Eitherway, thanks for bringing Sackboy to karting :-)

  • If we can’t use all our LBP/LBP2 costume DLC then I’ll be pretty annoyed. D;

  • What about crafting with materials? Is there *ANYTHING* in the game that can be made truly “from scratch” without use of pre-made objects?

  • Littlebigkatie03

    Can’t wait! Its going to a epic,enertaining,and creative game,just like the others! The LBP series is great and now there making a new addition to the series! Finally a racing one! Great job on making a really good gaming series!

  • Will there be a beta i hope so because if u guys can make lbp2 beta then u can make a beta for this please

  • 3 things I want for LBP Karting
    1. Ps Vita version
    2. Better have a good way of customizing our tracks

  • mini_schnauzer67

    Hi william,

    I love MNR and still play almost every day, I would love an MNR 2 but I’m happy with this. However, us MNR creators are a little worried about the track editor. The props look quite 2D and cartoony. If you still monitor creations in MNR you would know what people have created, giant dragons and dinosaurs, huge pianos, and so much more. We are worried that we cannot do this with 2D props. As Yika said, we really would like to see what the track editor can do, so could you please tell us when a beta showing off the editor is likely to be put up, if you are planning to do this. Please respond.


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