LittleBigPlanet Karting: See Sackboy Behind The Wheel

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LittleBigPlanet Karting: See Sackboy Behind The Wheel
LittleBigPlanet Karting: See Sackboy Behind The Wheel

The easiest part of showing off LittleBigPlanet Karting is just getting to play it outside of United Front Games. We don’t make fun, fresh, addictive games just for ourselves. We make them for you, your friends, your brothers, your sisters, Little Timmy and even for Crazy Uncle Larry. So it’s incredibly important for us to get the game in the hands of real people — real gamers — like we did in Los Angeles last week.

Thanks to everyone who came from the four corners of globe to get hands-on time with LittleBigPlanet Karting. Merci, France! Gracias, Mexico and Spain! Spasibo, Russia! Cheers, Australia! No worries, Canada!

It was great to see smiles for every drift and every jump, every big air swing with the Grappling Hook and every on-the-spot slapfight. Our new Battle Mode was definitely a hit. “Garden Grip”, a race course that lovingly pays homage to the very first LBP level, opened everyone’s eyes to how beautiful Craftworld can be in full 3-D. And “Future Perfect,” a race course that captures the joy of flying, showed that the Imagisphere never stops expanding. We hope that everyone saw for themselves that LittleBigPlanet Karting promises to be a great new karting adventure.

The hardest part of taking part in events like these is not having enough time to talk about every single cool thing in LittleBigPlanet Karting. I think the fastest I’ve ever talked about the game’s entire feature set in one sitting is one hour and forty minutes. And I had to talk *fast*. There’s a lot of stuff for even the most seasoned LittleBigPlanet veterans to absorb.

So over the next while, my teammates and I are looking forward to revealing more of LittleBigPlanet Karting’s secrets and surprises. Stay tuned for answers to burning questions like:

  • Can I really make any karting adventure I can imagine? I have a pretty good imagination…
  • Can Crazy Uncle Larry play LittleBigPlanet Karting with me? He hasn’t played a video game since 1994…
  • I’ve always wanted to shoot my friends with heat-seeking cows that spew green gas. Can I put that in a race? Please? Pretty please?

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  • How can anybody not like that <3

  • Any chance of a Vita version?

    • I love my Vita too!

      Alas, we are concentrating 100% on making the PS3 version LittleBigPlanet Karting the very best it can be. We are not working on a Vita version at this time.

  • Pretty sure that I remember you from the VFS Game Design Expo talk about ModNation Racers a few years back. LBP Karting looks great and I can’t wait to try it out!

  • I rarely get excited over a racing game, but this looks like it’ll be so much fun! I really enjoyed Modnation Racers and the LittleBigPlanet games are some of my favorites of all time now. Everything I see so far looks awesome, especially the battle mode! :)

    I just have one question: Any idea on when this will be released? I’m hoping at least this year <3.

  • has this been confirmed for the vita or is this ps3 only

  • it seems to me that you combined the best of ModNation and Litttle Big Planet into one game ( which is pretty good) , isnt sackboy adorable? lol , cant wait to play Sackboy/Tag Karting game.

    having said that where is ModNation Racers Road Trip online multiplayer patch sony? and why isnt LBP karting coming to the vita as well? in my opinion these kind of games belong on the handheld market

  • ohh i am so on the edge about this game.
    sad to read alot about long loadtimes and bad framerates… you goes need to fix it and get great pr on this from sites… otherwise this will not be a game me and my frinds pick up. modnation died because of this !

    make it GREAT

  • @+ jacksplicer

    I second that! PS3 only or Vita as well?

  • Looks fantastic! I/Family played the bejesus out of MNR, and LBP1/2; I even managed an early platinum on LBP1.

    Please…puh-leez…do everything you can to make the load times manageable.

  • @6 Ask San Diego studios about the MRN:RT patch, UFG has nothing to do with that title…

  • i didnt say studios i said SONY

  • @11 I realize that, I was just directing you to the proper Sony studio, since UFG isn’t a Sony studio to begin with, and Media Molecule has never had anything to do with the MNR franchise.

  • It was mentioned in another LBP Karting post that this is only for PS3. Damn shame too.

  • please please please let me use the left anolog to steer. one of the main reason I cant get into the racing genre this gen is because games wont let me use it to steer. thankfully twisted metal did. this also got on mmy nerves when i tried giving modnation a shot. sure making cars and characters was sweet but the racing using r2 to accelerate got on my last nerve

    • Steering will be available on both the Left Joystick and the directional buttons. Also, we’re providing throttle on either the X button or the R2 button. So everyone’s control preferences should be covered!

  • this is such a sell out lol

    • Let me assure you that LittleBigPlanet is a fresh new experience that is not a compromise at all. We’ve combined the best of Sackboy and kart racing to come up with something that our team is genuinely delighted with. And we hope you will be too, when you get your hands on it.

  • Do our Sackboys and DLC carry over from LBP2 or should we be looking forward to creating all new Sackboys?

    • We are still finalizing the content for LittleBigPlanet Karting. Please stay tuned for more info.

  • Please tell me the AI won’t be as cheap as it was in Modnation Racers (I know you didn’t develop that game but hopefully you saw how it was disconcerting it was to play).

  • Are you guys going to continue the Modnation title as well? Because, while this game does look great, I’d hate to see the Modnation Racers franchise go.

    Kudos for listening to community and taking insight. I do have the same question as NoddingPenguin though: Will we be able to transfer our Sackboys and items that we created and earned in LBP2 over to the new karting game? Because if we could that would be awesome!

  • I logged in to post a comment like M-Easy’s. Please tell me there will be some changes made to the AI. If we pass a racer, he/she shouldn’t be right behind us after the next turn, especially when we all have access to power-ups.

  • I hope the physics of the platformer stay intact for the most part

  • Really looking forward to this. Hopefully the create section will be closer to MNR’s then LBP…..i always struggled to create anything decent on LBP! Also hoping for a (public) beta too?

    • Our Level Editor is going to blow you away. I can assure this, because it blows me away everyday!

  • Is the creation of structures/objects within race tracks possible? MNR editor was rather limited compared to lbp.. If there is no way to actually create things in the game, then it isn’t really lbp.

  • Can’t wait for this. 2012 is shaping up to be another fantastic year.

  • UFG have proved to be great devs with MNR ps3 i have total faith in this game as well. I bough MNR day one on ps3 this i will do the same :)

    Too bad MNR vita is a failure with no online.

  • Will this be managed by a Media Molecule community manager like LBP1, LBP2, and LBP Vita? Will there be Mm Picks for the best race tracks? Will have functionality with LBP Karting? Is it splitscreen? How many players online together at a time? Can you design 3D objects using length width and volume? Will create mode be difficult to use this time around?

  • I just want to say that this game looks FUNTASTIC! and im sort of glad LBP is making different GAME MODES to their kart unlike MNR did. I really did like MNR but the lack of GAME MODES and LOADING TIMES and not to mention the NO ONLINE FEATURE on the VITA..was kind of a let down. I was hoping they would make a MNR2 with the new modes but i guess LBPK will do. Im glad this will feel like MNR but have the look of LBP..its nice to see game companies help each other improve. So Keep up the good work MNR and LBP devs…and thank you SONY for supporting THEM. Now all we need is a RELEASE DATE :)

  • God, I just hope you make it much better than Mod Nation Racers. The game controls terribly, the racing seems to be an afterthought to the modding engine.

    Look to Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing for inspiration. THAT was a kart game done right.

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    Any chance that the Paintenator will make in appearance in the game?

  • I just wish UFG could make a karting game that is 60fps. I mean, there’s plenty of racers on PS3 that are 60fps; it’s not impossible to do. Yet, here’s this game with an amazing concept and art style, and it’s struggling at 30fps – it can’t even keep THAT up. It’s just frustrating. I know you all won’t actually make it 60fps, but please make it a steady 30fps, That’s all I ask. I’m worried, because Modnation Racers didn’t have a steady framerate, and the footage we’ve seen thus far of LBP Karting has shown that the framerate often struggles on it, as well.

  • William, being a huge fan of ModNation Racers. My question is.. Does this spell the death of the MNR franchise? Will LBP be the new and only face of Karting on Playstation? Or is it possible that we’ll see another iteration of MNR, perhaps an MNR 2?

    • I’m glad you asked that, Livingstoni813.

      ModNation Racers is still a great traditional kart racing experience that’s still very active. It’s still got amazing new creations uploaded all the time — check out ModNation Mondays — that are playable on PS3 and the Vita. We’re still really proud of MNR and have the fan letters to prove it.

      LittleBigPlanet Karting was conceived as a fresh new karting adventure, one that opens up new gameplay and creative possibilities that, honestly, you’ve never seen before in any racing game.

  • Can’t wait for the release day so i can pre-order. Will there be a pre-order bonus? and most importantly WILL THERE BE A BETA AVAILABLE?

  • In theory the kart racing gameplay could be done in LBP2. So I think this game has not much sense at all; or am I wrong and this kind of gameplay could not be done on LBP2???

  • It looks beautiful! But I don’t own a PS3 – I only have a Vita! Make it for the Vita please!!!!!!!

  • From the previews, it’s looking impressive. I have a feeling there will be “track packs” for DLC, based on different themes & franchises. I own every LBP title- this will not be the last! Great job, UFG!!

  • While I’m aware MNR is still active on the PS3 and Vita, and that LBP Karting is bound to be a fresh new Karting adventure chock full of new things never seen before in a racing game. I think alot of the die hard MNR fans, like myself, are wondering if we’ll ever see a ModNation 2? As you stated you(UFG) are really proud of MNR, just think you guys should be proud enough of it to continue the franchise with MNR 2.

  • I hope this post get read, and I get a reply.

    I have this game already on pre-order, and I am excited, because I love the LBP series, and the community. I also did own MNR day 1 and also did love it, and and still do. I don’t play it as much since I thought even after several patches the game was still hard to get 1st place. maybe I suck at Karting games. But will still get this game…

    BUT it will be a HUGE DISSERVICE if the costumes from LBP 1 and 2 don’t make it’s way onto this game!! There is a lot of costumes i own, and I am pretty sure people that own the game own that would love to see make it into the Karting Game. Because frankly, who does not want to race with Nathan Drake, Spiderman, Cpt. Jack Sparrow, Thor, The Hulk… you get what I trying to get at…….

    So here is the million dollar question???

    Will DLC costumes from the previous games make it onto LBP Karting???

    • We are currently figuring out our DLC plan. When we know what’s going on, we’ll let you know.

  • @35 Chances are that Sony owns the MNR franchise so it would be up to them whether or not to continue it. San Diego studios have been behind everything since the original MNR.

  • All i want to know is – Can i use the ‘X’ button for ‘Acceleration’ & the ‘Square’ button for ‘Braking’? ? ? ;)

    If not, WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY not :-( :-( :-(


  • “like we did in Los Angeles last week.”

    Where in Los Angeles? And why didn’t I know about it? Was it posted on the blog?

  • Hi William,
    I was watching the gameplay vids for LBP Karting and I noticed you guys have the grappling hook in there,which is great. innovative, but why have it just for swinging?? I’m thinking it would be a really great idea if we(the users) were able to use it to speed around tight corners(especially in battle mode). just for 180, hairpin turns. if you think you guys could implement something like this I’m sure people would love it, I would!

  • looks like a great game, but i refuse to give my hard earned money and purchase any games brand new for the vita unless, its used. that way my money wont go to sony, all because after i spent over 500 dollars for my vita & games. i find out i cant transfer all my mini games that i have paid for with my playstation plus account. sony purposely did it, the evidence is that in the united kingdom anyone that has a playstation plus account can transfer their mini’s to their vita’s, & meanwhile the top selling market in the gaming industry NORTH AMERICA GET’S NOTHING. there’s is no excuse for sony doing this, other than sony being GREEDY. its obvious why sony doesnt allow mini’s that were received through playstation plus, here in north america, its because north america is the top selling market for the gaming industry, & sony wants us to buy more new games on top of the 300 dollars we dropped for the vita. and dont hold your breath for playstation one games out for the vita because sony is dragging their feet to get the ps1 games on the vita just so they can sell more new games

  • @41

    WTH are you talking about?!

    PSVITA can not play PSone games right now because the OS can not support it. But The PSVITA will be able to di it eventually with a future firmware. And that is the same with those minis that can not run on the PSVITA yet.

    They said this from the beginning and you still bought it, so quit whining about it, and wait for Sony to release a new firmaware update.

  • From what i can see the obvious problem with this si that the racing is TOOO much like Mod Nation. A big thing in Mod Nation is definitely it’s drifting experience and as i can see in this interview is exactly the same, meaning that while you are making a new game, you’re making the same experience, not something different. The LBP side of things is what’s bringing the new stuff in here by coming to karting. Mod Nation should have something similar.

  • your wrong. in the united kingdom the mini’s work., & you can transfer your playstation plus mini’s to the vita, here in north america you can purchase minis, but magically the games given out with the playstation plus account dont work, & dont even show up to be purchased. i know that ps1 games dont work right now because of the o/s, i know that, but dont expect sony to rush & get the o/s situation resolved so we can play our mini games that we already own, so sony can sell more games. facts are facts. heres another fact. look what they did with modnation racers & little big planet. i love those games & i own both versions on ps3, & psp. but when i tried to redownload those games on my vita. low and behold at my amazment both wont tranfer over to the vita, meanwhile every other psp game i own can be redownloaded on my vita from the playstation store. its obvious why, its because they want to sell the vita versions. WTH! theres no other way to put it but GREED

  • Hhhhmmmmm…maybe if they persuaded us MNR 2 people with some kind of early build test(what are those called)……… ;)

  • I’d love it if the game isn’t so difficult like Modnation Racers is. I know it was hacked and all but it was never fixed. I can’t beat some of the best race laps because people cheated. That totally killed the fun for me. I never liked the characters of Modnation either, they were too simple, ugly and dull..

  • @William Ho ;)

    ‘X’ button for Accelerate
    ‘Square’ button for Brake
    ‘Circle’ button for Handbrake
    ‘R1’ button for Boost (or ‘L1’)
    ‘R2’ button for Firing weapons (or ‘R1’ if ‘L1’ is for boosting) ;) Er or something like that :D
    Or better still let people pick what they want like some games do;)

  • What up Ho,

    Something I would like to know is whether or not we will be able to create our own custom weapons, to be used on created tracks. Either way I’m sure I’ll be getting this day one like I did with MNR, but if you could answer this question for me I’d really appreciate it.

    • You will be able to customize weapons and create your own from scratch.

      We’ll have more details about this in the near future.

  • $100 bucks that this will have Suzuka, Monza, Spa, etc… day 1

  • Just curious, but will I be able to play with 3 friends on 1 ps3 and as well have enemy AI on the tracks? Just having us 4 play together without the enemy AI made it easy without more interference.

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