Starhawk: It’s Got a Story, Baby

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Starhawk: It’s Got a Story, Baby

From the depths of crunch-time, I emerge to share with you and all other “nodes” on the internets a wonderful tale. A tale of a game with hot multiplayer action yet, unbeknownst to most players, a fun-as-hell solo campaign as well. So peel back your eyelids and let the video below impregnate your brain! (Yes, your brain can get pregnant!)

Starhawk: It’s Got a Story, Baby

The team has been working all hours at Santa Monica Studio and here at LightBox Interactive to finish up Starhawk and we wanted to take a bit of time to share our latest Singleplayer trailer. Most people out there really only know Starhawk for its online multiplayer, which totally kicks ass and was certainly our team’s focus. But the fact is that Starhawk has a very fun and unique solo campaign too… and NO, it’s not just an MP tutorial with bots!


Starhawk’s Build & Battle mechanics are fully supported by the Universe we’ve created. The war between the Rifters and the Outcast. The conflict between Emmett and Logan. Even humanity’s rush for “blue-gold” that spans the Frontier. The Starhawk solo campaign puts you right in the middle of it and I can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on it when it drops here in North America on May 8th!

Oh, and if you haven’t yet… GO PRE-ORDER THE GAME! And if you do it at GameStop you’ll get upgraded to the Limited Edition for free!… Go…. pre-order…. game…. must…. generate… sales….. numbers…

So yeah, keep tabs on and the Blog for the latest Starhawk deats. Sorry I can’t write more but I gotta get back to work! Rock on!

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  • i see this game and it makes me wanna poop…..

  • DAMN what should i do now?

  • I’m excited for this, but still so skeptical. The trailer shows off what looks like multiplayer combat a lot – sure, there are cutscenes, stories and characters, but that isn’t moment-to-moment gameplay. The shots where Emmett is riding some sort of speeder bike while a canyon explodes around him (1:28), and seeing some non-multiplayer enemies (like the large guy at 1:29) make me hopeful there’s some proper, focused, great single-player action here. But man, so much of this trailer could’ve been pulled from multiplayer, and I just don’t care about that. Even if I DID, I use wifi on my PS3, and the wifi in my neighborhood has recently gotten super bad and my PS3 won’t connect to the PSN anymore:(

    I really wanna preorder this, but man,,,I gotta hold off and see what reviews and video coverage say what the single player is like. I’m happy to see this, but it’s still so mysterious. I wanted to see this trailer MONTHS ago.

  • Oh but thanks for making a black dude main character who feels like an actual person, instead of a one-dimensional, rage-filled, buffoonish cartoon. Like Kratos or that jerk from Prototype 2. And yeah, I realize Kratos isn’t technically a black guy, but he’s voiced by a black guy and there’s really nothing there that’s classically “Greek Hero”. He’s a modern day black dude, through and through. And he’s one dimensional.

  • single player looks fun but I hope they fixed the slow game play of the multiplayer. and that they put more actual bases in the game. Cause lets face it, battling to see which team can have more laser turrets going is an incredible waste of time… for the players and the developers.

  • almost forgot

    I will be purchasing this game to support LBI in hopes of improvements to the multiplayer and in hopes of a real warhawk 2.

    please say you’re going to do some advertising this time around.

  • cool game!!!! open playing next time 5/8

  • Check out my video of some story gameplay and a commentary about the story!!

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