PlayStation Store Update

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PlayStation Store Update

Hi Everyone –
It’s a massive week on the PlayStation Store with great new PSN Games, all-new PS3 Full Games, and a long awaited app for PS Vita.


Kicking things off with PS Vita news: Skype is here! The popular communication service enabling you to make free internet calls is now available to download to your PS Vita. Connect to your account and enjoy free video and voice calls to anyone else on Skype and make calls to mobiles and landlines anywhere in the world. Download it for free today!

The long-running Hot Shots Golf series recently saw new life on PS Vita. Now the series is delivering another amazingly fun and accessible entry into ultra fun golf games with Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Complete Collection. This PSN exclusive is the only place you can find the complete Out of Bounds game, plus all the DLC together in one place. Tee off as Kratos from God of War and dominate the links with the Blades of Chaos, or set new grounds with Sackboy through the Golfasaurus-Rex B.C.C. course. PlayStation Plus subscribers can snag this title, previously available only at retail, for $19.99 in the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Store Update


The first episode of The Walking Dead, ‘A New Day,’ arrives today as well. Each episode will cost $4.99 on the PlayStation Store, and you’ll be able to pre-purchase the entire five-episode season for $19.99 to save $4.99 off of the total season price and nab an exclusive PS3 premium theme. Check out the launch post on the PlayStation Blog here to catch up more details. Other new PSN Games releasing on the PlayStation Store this week include addictive puzzle game action from Pop Cap games like Zuma and Bejewled 3.


PS3 Full Game offerings are Oscar Mike with Battlefield 3 charging the field in full force. This ultra realistic shooter made waves last year and is now available to download and play at any time. Once you’ve downloaded it, be sure to check out all the great Add-On multiplayer content like Back To Karkand. You’ll find other new PS3 Full Games to download this week including Grease Dance and The Cursed Crusade.

The classics get some love this week as well with Darkstalkers 3 and Future Cop L.A.P.D hitting the PS one Classics section. The PS2 Classics library continues to grow as well with Red Faction available now to download.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will find access to the Battlefield 3 Full Game Trial awaiting, as well as the already mentioned discount on new release Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds. You’ll also find great SEGA content on sale like tons of discounts on Add-Ons for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and Sonic Unleashed.

There’s much more arriving this week, including awesome new Little Big Planet 2 costumes from PSN hits Journey and Escape Plan! Make sure you check out all the details below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below and come back next week to see what’s new in the PlayStation Store, or join the discussion on the PlayStation Community forums in the Official PlayStation Store Update thread.

Here is the weekly PlayStation Store update:

PlayStation Plus

Full Game Trials The Cursed Crusade
Battlefield 3
Discounts Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds
Add-On Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Metal Sonic + 1 Death Egg Zone Track
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Ryo with Forklift Character
Sonic Unleashed Apatos & Smamar Adventure Pack
Sonic Unleashed Chunnan Adventure Pack
Sonic Unleashed Empired City & Adabat Adventure Pack
Sonic Unleashed Holoska Adventure Pack

PSN Games

Bejeweled 3 ($14.99)
Escape to the biggest, brightest Bejeweled. Discover all-new ways to play the world’s number 1 puzzle game!
ESRB rated E
File size 162 MB

Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown ($9.99)
Want a game you can really sink your teeth into? Swim and swerve through underwater worlds and chow down on smaller fish as you chomp your way to ocean supremacy.
ESRB rated E
File size 56 MB

The Walking Dead – Episode 1: A New Day ($4.99)
Episode one of a five-part game series set in the same universe as Robert Kirkman’s award-winning series. Play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance at life in a world devastated by the undead.
ESRB rated M
File size 476 MB

The Walking Dead – Season Pass ($19.99)
Season pass for the The Walking Dead.
Includes episodes 1 – 5.
ESRB rated M
File size 2.61 GB

Zuma ($9.99)
Survive the ancient temples of Zuma, the critically acclaimed action-puzzler from PopCap! Deep in the jungle lie hidden temples bursting with traps and trickery, and it’s up to you to uncover their treasures.
ESRB rated E
File size 20 MB

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Complete Collection ($24.99)
Download and play Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds with the complete DLC collection bundled together for the first time. Tee off as Kratos from God of War and dominate the links with the Blades of Chaos, or set new grounds with Sackboy through the Golfasaurus-Rex B.C.C. course.
ESRB rated E
File size 5.97GB

PS3 Full Games

Battlefield 3 ($59.99)
In Battlefield 3, players will step into the role of the elite U.S. Marines. They will experience heart-pounding single player missions and competitive multiplayer action ranging across diverse locations from around the globe.
ESRB rated M
File size 12.22 GB

Grease Dance ($19.99)
This is Grease for the New Generation, inspired by the 50’s and danced by you! Shake out your hair, turn up your style and release your inner rock and roll party queen.
ESRB rated T
File size 2.31 GB

The Cursed Crusade ($19.99)
Set against the backdrop of the Old World, two adventurers—both seasoned warriors—will quest across a Western Europe ablaze with the turmoil of a newly begun Fourth Crusade.
ESRB rated M
File size 4.79 GB

Game Demos (free)

Dragon’s Dogma
Dragon’s Dogma demo. Try your hand at 2 quests and customize your own characters who can be imported into the full game!
ESRB rated M
File size 1.67 GB

Ninja Gaiden 3
Feel the burden of cutting another person down in the latest chapter of the acclaimed action series. Jump into the action as the thrilling battle unfolds in the streets of London. This demo also lets you try out two downloadable weapons—the Falcon’s Talons and the Eclipse Scythe!
ESRB rated M
File size 420 MB

The Walking Dead
Download the demo to get a taste of true adventure horror. Play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance at life in a world devastated by the undead. Unlock the full episode or get The Walking Dead Season Pass (Includes an exclusive premium theme and all 5 episodes)!
ESRB rated M
File size 474 MB

PS3 Add-ons

LittleBigPlanet 2 Escape Plan Costume ($1.99)
The best thing about Sackboy is that you can make him look and act exactly how you want. Download this additional costume to really stand out from the crowd! To download this costume, you must already own LittleBigPlanet 2.
File size 110 KB

LittleBigPlanet 2 Journey Costume ($1.99)
The best thing about Sackboy is that you can make him look and act exactly how you want. Download this additional costume to really stand out from the crowd! To download this costume, you must already own LittleBigPlanet 2.
File size 110 KB

Asura’s Wrath – Additional Episode Pack: Part IV ($6.99)
Asura’s Wrath comes to its epic four episode conclusion in “Part IV: Nirvana”!
File size 1.75 GB

FIFA Soccer 12 Uefa Euro 2012 ($19.99, $15.99 with EA Season Ticket)
Get the EA SPORTS UEFA EURO 2012 expansion pack for FIFA 12! Play the UEFA EURO 2012 with authentic teams and players. Build your dream team and dominate Europe in the brand new Expedition mode. Play challenges based off the real tournament. Compete online for glory in the Online UEFA EURO 2012.
File size 672 MB

FIFA Soccer 12 Euro 2012 Free Trial (free)
File size 672 MB

Armored Core 5 Heavy Assault ($2.99)
The Heavy Assault Pack features 171 different early unlock of parts from within the game. The player will gain level-locked parts from early on to gain an upper hand in battle. The same parts will also be unlocked for purchase within the game for players to acquire the same parts to level at will. Download today and let the battle begin!
File size 1.85 MB

Armored Core 5 Recon Set ($2.99)
The Recon Pack features 173 different early unlock of parts from within the game. The player will gain level-locked parts from early on to gain an upper hand in battle. The same parts will also be unlocked for purchase within the game for players to acquire the same parts to level at will. Download today and let the battle begin!
File size 1.85 MB

Soulcalibur V Ancient Armor 1 ($1.99)
This pack contains full plate armor in a High Gothic style. You can make all sorts of fun variations by combining it with the equipment available in the game. See the PlayStation Store for detailed information about this product. (Download “Cepheus Compatibility Pack 2” to view details.)
File size 133 KB

Soulcalibur V Cepheus Compatibility Pack 2 (free)
You must have the Cepheus Compatibility Pack 2 to purchase and use the following in Creation:

  • Ancient Armor 1
  • Modern Costumes 1
  • Tekken Costumes 1

File size 30 MB

Soulcalibur V Modern Costumes 1 ($2.99)
This pack is only for female characters and focuses on contemporary clothing, including stewardess and female military officer costumes. See the PlayStation Store for detailed information about this product. (Download “Cepheus Compatibility Pack 2” to view details.)
File size 133 KB

Soulcalibur V Tekken Costumes 1 ($2.99)
This pack crosses over with NAMCO BANDAI Games’ other popular fighting game series. If you enjoy the costume styling of Tekken, this is the collection for you! See the PlayStation Store for detailed information about this product. (Download “Cepheus Compatibility Pack 2” to view details.)
File size 133 KB

Elevator Action Hd – Additional Stages -4 ($1.99)
New DLC for ELEVATOR ACTION DELUXE has arrived! This completely FREE update gives you five new stages to explore and master. Use all your tricks and skills to survive the runaway elevator! Your status as a superspy is being put to the test. Will you rise to the challenge?
File size 11 MB

Ninja Gaiden 3 – Ultimate Ninja Pack (Free)
New downloadable content for the toughest ninja. Unlock the Ultimate Ninja play style to face the hardest gameplay challenges. Test your combat skills in two new Ultimate Trials. Enhance your online ninja with 6 new customization items. Prove your shinobi skills with the Ultimate Ninja Pack!
File size 138 KB

Warriors Orochi 3 – Samurai Costume ($0.99)
New costumes will be available for selection for 31 characters. The new costumes are for all characters from “Samurai 1” and “Samurai 2”, and for Gracia and Katsuie Shibata only from “Samurai 3”.
File size 32 MB

Warriors Orochi 3 – Stage Pack 1 ($1.99)
New stages will be available for selection under Select Battlefield. In-game music and additional weapons are also included.
New stages:

  • “In Vino Veritas” (Weapon available: Bug Catcher)
  • “Phantoms of Nanzhong” (Weapon available: Knockout Blow)
  • “Ninjas United” (Weapon available: Epiphany)
  • “Warriors of Purity” (Weapon available: Lollipop)

File size 42 MB

Warriors Orochi 3 – Wallpapers Dlc 1 ($3.99)
New wallpapers will be available for all 43 characters from “Samurai 1”, “Samurai 2” and “Samurai 3”.
File size 236 MB

Warriors Orochi 3: BGM Pack 1 ($1.99)
New music will be available for selection at previously cleared stages.
File size 11 MB

Worms Ultimate Mayhem: Single-Player Pack ($4.99)
File size 221 KB

Rock Band 3
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)” – Cinderell ($1.99)
  • “Nobody’s Fool” – Cinderella ($1.99)
  • “Shelter Me” – Cinderella ($1.99)
  • Cinderella Pack 01 ($5.49) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game album: Cinderella Pack 01. This pack includes “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone),” “Nobody’s Fool,” and “Shelter Me” by Cinderella

File size: 40 MB – 46 MB (singles), 127 MB (track pack)

Rock Band Network v2.0

  • “Feathergun in the Garden of the Sun” – Rishloo ($0.99)
  • “Firefight” – Blackguard ($1.99)
  • “Keyhole in the Sky” – Rishloo ($0.99)
  • “Rocket Dragon” – Machinae Supremacy ($1.99)
  • “Gordon Freeman Saved My Life” – Miracle Of Sound ($0.99)

File size: 27 MB – 45 MB (singles)

PS Vita Add-Ons

Ridge Racer Car 06 ‘Rc410’ (Free For Silver Pass) ($1.49)
Add a new machine to your game with the manufacturer KAMATA’s RC410!
*This content is available for free to users who have purchased RIDGE RACER Silver Pass. Check your current contents to avoid double purchasing.
File size 3.52 MB

Ridge Racer Course 04 ‘Oceanfront Cruise Way’ (Free For Silver Pass) ($2.49)
Add a new course to your game with Oceanfront Cruise Way! Finish this stunning evening seaside course in the fastest time possible!
*This content is available for free to users who have purchased RIDGE RACER Silver Pass. Check your current contents to avoid double purchasing.
File size 75 MB

PS Vita Apps

Compatible with PlayStation Vita system only. Stay in touch with friends and family with Skype on your PS Vita system. Enjoy free video and voice calls to anyone else on Skype, and make calls to mobiles and landlines anywhere in the world. You can connect to Skype on AT&T’s Mobile 3G Broadband Network. We recommend using a Wi-Fi connection; your operator may charge you extra for using your data connection.
File size 9.2 MB


Rock Band 3 – Bigger Than A Kiss (Rbn 2.0) (Price Change) (PS3) (now $0.99, original price $1.99)
Cars 2: The Video Game (PS3 Full Game) – Price Change (now $29.99, original price $39.99)
Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean (PS3 Full Game) (Price Change) (now $19.99, original price $39.99)
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (PSP) (Price Change) (now $19.99, original price $29.99)
DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY (PSP)(Price Change)(now $19.99, original price $29.99)


Qore Episode 47


Dynasty Warriors Next Avatars (x10) ($0.49 each)

Phantom Brave Avatars (x4) ($0.49 each)

The King Of Fighters XIII Avatars (x10) ($0.49 each)

Disgaea 4 Avatars (x10) ($0.49 each)

Dynasty Warriors 7 Avatars (x10) ($0.49 each)

Warriors Orochi 3 Avatars (x8) ($0.49 each)

Game Videos (free)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Collection 1 Launch Trailer.

PULSE 4/24 Edition

Bioshock Infinite Heavy Hitters: Boys Of Silence Trailer

Bioshock Infinite Heavy Hitters: Siren Trailer

Resident Evil 6 – 2nd Trailer

Max Payne 3 – Design And Tech Series Video #3

Max Payne 3 – Multiplayer Trailer Part 1

The Walking Dead – Debut Trailer

The Walking Dead – Playing Dead: Episode 1 (Trailer)

The Walking Dead – Playing Dead: Episode 2 (Trailer)

The Walking Dead – Teaser Trailer

I Am Alive Dev Diary Trailer

PS3 Themes

Prong Tattoo Model Theme ($1.99)

A.C. Milan 2011-2012 Team (Eng) Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

A.C. Milan 2011-2012 Team (Itl) Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

Poolside Rendevous Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

Beachside Encounter Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

Dynamic Celtic Theme 1($2.99)

Dynamic Celtic Theme 2 ($2.99)

Dynamic Anime Theme 3 ($2.99)

Dynamic Anime Theme 4 ($2.99)

PS2 Classics

Red Faction ($9.99)
Join coal miner Parker and help him take down Mars’ oppressive mining corporation and liberate the planet in this classic first person shooter.
ESRB rated M
File size 1.74 GB

PSone Classics

Future Cop L.A.P.D. ($5.99)
In a devastated, gangs have taken over Los Angeles. Armed with the ultimate assault vehicle, the L.A.P.D. must now reclaim the streets!
ESRB rated T
File size 246 MB

Darkstalkers 3 ($5.99)
Pummel opponents as your favorite mythological monster in this classic 2D fighting game. Download Darkstalkers 3 today!
ESRB rated T
File size 485 MB


The Walking Dead – Season Pass ($19.99)
ESRB rated M

PlayStation Store for PSP

PSP minis (also available from PS3 Storefront)

Golf Mania ($3.99)
ESRB rated E
File size 54 MB

Ikari III: The Rescue ($2.99)
ESRB Rated T
File size 33 MB

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  • only game im interested in is the Walking Dead game. though im not going to start guying episodes untill there all released.

  • Any info at all on a NA release of Arkedo’s three minis? I believe Sanuk is in charge of releasing them, and I just wondered if you have any word on them from your end? I’m really looking forward to them. One is called Jump!, another Swap!, and the last is Pixel and features the blue cat from Pix n’ Love Rush.

    Also, any word on Machinarium?

    Thanks for the update and have a great week!

  • Why would you need Skype on your PlayStation®Vita when there is Near?

    – Vince

    • Skype is more for direct communication with others who have Skype. Near is more of a fun location based meta game. Kind of two different things!

  • This is a terrible update this week. Nothing at all for PS+ members (not even a theme?). At least we know next week will be better!

  • Not a lot for me this week but looking at May 1st with Trine 2 being free for plus has me fired up, can’t wait!!!!

  • @ PainOfSarrow

    But if you guy the season pass now you get it at a discount. so you are paying 19.99 for all 5 episodes (1 only available right now) if you wait till all are available you’d be paying i think 25.99$

  • @gilgamesh21
    Apparently SCEA won’t allow them to be sold separately, and they all had to be bundled together. Pretty sure that was the last news on the subject.

    Just go buy a points card on eBay and get them off the Euro PSN.

  • Sweet drop! btw tho I saw that the PS Europe is getting Max Payne soon for free for being PS+. Myself being a PS+ member and a huge fan of Max Payne I was wondering if we were gona revive the same drop eventually ?

  • Almost no love for the Vita makes me a sad panda. And Hot Shots golf is awesome but this Complete version still doesn’t have trophies, doesn’t it? FAIL!

  • why has the 2 pack of Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee and Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip never gone up on PSN? :(

  • Great update!

  • @Morgan Haro

    While i thanks for the reply, if thats the case then why hasnt games like Crisis Core, and Kingdom hearts not see a PSN release? its obvious Square Enix has no problem giving you guys games to put up on the psn since we have a ton of ps1, and psp titles on the PSN. So why stop at the two most requested psp titles?

    • It’s a valid question, but one that I’m afraid that only SE can answer. Unless there’s a technical issue on PSN ‘s side that I’m not aware of, there’s no reason why SCEA would block this content from releasing digitally.

  • Great update! I’d also like to thank you for responding to us asking for earlier updates. You guys rock!

  • @7…i kinda understand how you feel about the ps vita not having games..even though it does have uncharted abyss,unit 13 and assphalt injection – lol – to name a few.I dont mind that i can enjoy games and check my fb status and video chat with people for FREE thanks to skype.So as far as Vita not having games thats just untrue..your just disappointed that they haven released your FAVORITE GAME, but ive it some time and you and a lot of other Vita HATERS will see that it is an AMAZING DEVICE with A LOT OF POTENTIAL! SKYPE and other apps are most definitely needed if SONY wants to compete with APPLE and other phone devices that want to consider themselves a “GAMING DEVICE” .

  • hi Guys/Gals, can you do something about def jam rapstar, the in game store to buy music has never worked for me nor my friend’s. Can someone enlighten me as to how I can buy music for it. dec update today nice demos, how about some socom action in the ps2 dept. see ya next week.

  • @33, Elvick: I think this is my favorite comment of the day. :-)
    I feel the same way when I read these same people, spamming the same complaints every day.
    Here’s my add-on:
    For those of you who need a new game a day, just get an ipod touch. There’s are a gillion new tap tap cr*ap games every week. Should keep you too busy to whine 15 times every day.

    I have a PSP Go, but did not enjoy playing games because of the stupid slidey button. I have only 4 or 5 PSP games and ALL of them are playable and better on the VITA. But I don’t want PSP/PS2/PS1 support. I bought my Vita for new games, ones with trophies, so they can take a year for backwards compatibility and I’m fine with that. Maybe I’ll spam that counter-opinion 15 times a day, too. (just kidding; nothing is that important to me.)

    I enjoy reading the blog for the laugh factor, but repetitive spamming whines are so boring.

    Hey Morgan,
    my request: why not add an “ignore this contributor” button like Amazon has? Everyone has the same right to express their feelings, but man, it would be great to filter them out.

  • Thank you for getting Skype onto the Vita. I’ll finally be able to video-chat with my family across the country (since my PC is old and I refuse to buy a cell phone).

  • @ nYcFrEeWiLL82

    Actually i never said the Vita didnt have any games. i own some Vita games. i just want a more verity of games. along with more PSP/PS1 titles. thats all im asking for. i own all the Vita games i want at the moment and i think i have completed most of them (Disgaea isnt getting finished in a long time haha)

    Still i dont think they need Skype on this. if you are enjoying it thats fine, but this is first and foremost a gaming system its not needed because i would assume most people already use skype on a better platform (PC) plus it seems like some people only like getting skype because i guess they dont have cellphone.

    Also when did Apple, or other phones consider themselves as gaming devices? just because they can play games doesnt make it a gaming device. otherwise by that logic Calculators, TV, PC would be considered as gaming devices.

  • Hey Morgan, Patapon 3’s a Sony title so what are the odds of seeing it transferable to Vita anytime soon?

  • @45 We got Stardrone Extreme and Disgaea 3 last week, so I’m not sure where you got this “we haven’t gotten any Vita games in weeks” thing from.

  • What’s up with the 2nd trailer to RE6? It look’s all choppy, compared it to the first RE6 trailer and there is something definitely wrong with the second trailer. It says it’s in HD but it sure doesn’t look like it, maybe you guys uploaded it in SD by mistake.

  • Mr. Morgan Haro, please correct me if I’m wrong: the PSP has more games up this week than the Vita. This is disheartening to say the least. I love the PS brand and have had every console from them. The Vita is one of the most promising PS devices I’ve used, and it saddens me when I see something like this. No games; not even the small PSN type games. Skype app is appreciated and it doesn’t go unnoticed, but when you are going through a post-launch game drought on such an amazing device, it is painful to see. The PSP should not have more games than the Vita on ANY week at this point in the PSP’s lifecycle. Of course, they’re minis, which we were told the Vita would play and they strangely don’t (I mean, the new minis coming out aren’t even compatible? Come on.).

    • I wouldn’t get disenchanted because the PSP sees the release of 2 minis this week. There’s some great PS Vita content coming, including Soundshapes, Gravity Rush, MK Vita, and several other projects in the works we can’t quite talk about yet.

  • Why no mention of the PlayStation Suite SDK for the Vita on the blog? This is HUGE for Sony!

    • It’s still in beta; we want to iron out some items before we take it wide. I’ve got my eye on it ; )

  • how big is ghost recon future soldier when it hits psn? also does it come with pre order bonuses like the retail version

  • does anyone know if the walking dead is on PSN yet, last time i checked today it wasn’t available

  • Hello grace? I’m just wondering what the difference between the zuma that released today and the zuma that I already purchased previously on PSN would be? is it an updated version because it’s not marked on the store as something i’ve previously purchased. thanks.

  • Does hot shots golf: Out Of Bounds have trophies does anyone know?

  • Some good stuff this week. Nice to see Skype is ticked off on the Vita list (though I won’t have any use for it personally). I’ll pick up Dragon’s Dogma an maybe even some avatars.

    Would love to see more PSP games made available and maybe even a sale. If it’s good enough for Europe…

  • Darkstalkers 3 today; Legend of Dragoon next week :D

  • i cant wait until may there some cool free games and whats the point of skype its already a cell phone lol

  • I saw someone with a Resident Evil Operation Raccon City Vector avatar and I found out they have been out since last year only in the AU/EU playstation stores. Sony can I get Resident Evil Operation Raccon City avatars in the U.S.A. store please.

  • Can we please get Brave Fencer Musashi and Legend of Legaia?

  • Glad Skype is finally out for Vita, i just wish IM feat Skype has was on it cause video calling or basic calling is awesome feat to use with the vita, but IM would’ve of help in case you can’t call the person. Walking Dead dl demo now don’t one spend if the game isn’t what reviews say it is. Red Faction will buy for sure, its one of the best ps2 titles there was to bad it wont have online component cause it needs it badly.

  • Whine whine whine…. Thanks for the update Sony!

  • @Ethereal, do you have a PS Vita?

  • anyone else mad about resident evil ORC Spec Ops DLC not being sold as all missions same time?
    first they make us wait for one mission then next week for 3 missions & another week nothing but still no ending for RE ORC Spec Ops missions i just wanna be able too play all in order not having wasting time every week on tuesday for nothin..!!!

  • Why is Battlefield 3 $59.99, the game has been out for some time now. the fact that its downloadable makes the price look even more foolish. are you people listening to your customers or you just don’t care?

  • Walking Dead trophy list is where?

  • finally hot shots golf has DLC…. but it’s such a shame i payed for all courses and people but still it’s one of my fav games now only if you can get you don’t know jack and blazblue CSE and UMVC3 for the ps3 store.

  • Hey Morgan, I have two questions for you and I’d really appreciate it if you took the time to answer them. First question: Will the MGSHD Collection be on the ps store for download in the future? And second: Will the Official Playstation App ( ever come to the U.S. app store for Apple products? It has been over a year since it launched for Europe and I would love to have this.

  • This is all great stuff, but when is the Move update for Strangers Wrath coming? ive been waiting for ages!!!


  • Any differences for Feeding Frenzy 2 and Zuma over the versions that were published to the store before?

  • Sony! Y U no release Wake-Up Club?!

  • The Walking Dead looks cool. Might pick that up after I get I Am Alive and Legend of Dragoon next week. Oh, and here’s my 10 cents of a rant, please bring Jade Cocoon to the PS store (now that the long awaited Legend of Dragoon is arriving).

  • No Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta for free members?

  • Wasn’t supposed that today would be released another “Park” app for the vita?
    BF3 $60? really? digital downloading retail games suck

    Also where’s the PSOne and PSP compatibility with Vita? this is a huge disservice to your “loyal fans/early adopters” Sony

  • I guess I just wished there were more psone classics, and psn only download games that had crossover play with the vita. I’d love to be able to play walking dead, journey, or medievil, etc.. on my vita… These games are already on psn. Come on publishers!

    Maybe you can with some of these bc I havnt been on the vita psn store in a while…

  • Where is the previously promised Wake Up Club? I want my overpriced alarm clock.

  • i know that most of the questions, mine included, are kinda noob or something… but why you answer to the same guy twice when there is a hundred of guys that are being ignored? Or says “thanks” to others who are asking nothing… i mean, cmon men…

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