Home 1.65 Client Update, Beats by Dr. Dre, New x7 Exclusives + Weekly Update

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Home 1.65 Client Update, Beats by Dr. Dre, New x7 Exclusives + Weekly Update

This Wednesday, April 25th, PlayStation Home gets an exciting core client update to version 1.65, the gorgeous Island Bungalow Personal Space releases to the public, beats by Dr. Dre arrive, new x7 exclusive early-access items release (and another freebie!), Konami releases more Secret Agent items, Juggernaut releases a down-to-earth companion, more Granzella Samurai items, and more! (Whew! This is a big week)

Let me get to the biggest news of the week—PlayStation Home gets an exciting new core client update. With it come a bunch of new features and improvements, including:

  • A new simplified Menu Screen
  • Furniture slot memory adjustments and enhanced visual display of available memory use
  • A new Voice Chat system
  • Alerts are now integrated better
  • Shopping right from the Wardrobe
  • Cross game invite system has been expanded
  • Improved stability of real time games
  • And more!

To see the full Patch Notes, click here. Users new and old will appreciate this great variety of new features and improvements.

Increase your swagger with beats by dr. dre. Available in sleek black, red, white, and blue, pick up the bundle to complete your collection. Style in technology never looked so good.

PS Home - April 23 Update

x7 Exclusive Update—Members of x7 will get early access to several new items this week including some new fantasy furniture, three new companions, a new x7 exclusive bundle and even a freebie. Head there starting Wednesday to reap the benefits of being part of the most exclusive club in all of Home.

Konami is releasing more Secret Agent items. Be the lady or gentleman spy while you operate your covert missions. Who would suspect such taste in fashion would reveal you have ulterior motives? Head to the Mall and prepare for your next secret assignment.

PS Home - April 23 Update

Juggernaut is releasing possibly the most unusual companion to date—the Green Machine. Pick up this truly groovy little guy and feel at one with the universe. Like, whoa, man!

PS Home - April 23 Update

Urgent Fury and Gamer Indepth’s Luge from The Tester, season 1, drop some new videos in the Community Theater this week. Urgent Fury starts out with a deep look at MLB 12 The Show. MoChocolate (also from The Tester, season 1) tries to impersonate Luge and take over her show for a day, but there can only be one Luge. Head to the Community Theater Wednesday to see his antics followed by another great Luge Cam tour of PlayStation Home. You might even see Akilleez_Might, the current winner of The Tester, season 3 celebrating his recent win with the community.

Home 1.65 Client Update, Beats by Dr. Dre, New x7 Exclusives + Weekly Update

Now available to the public, the Island Bungalow personal space and clubhouse arrive after a couple weeks of preview tours given by our Home Community Volunteers. Inspired by exotic tropical getaways, this personal space has a simple elegance, letting nature take center stage. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, you should. I personally find that it has the absolutely most gorgeous sunset vista in all of Home. Escapists and traveler bugs that enjoy a get-away should snap up this instant vacation right away. Both personal space and clubhouse versions are available. Find them in the Estates store starting Wednesday.

Home 1.65 Client Update, Beats by Dr. Dre, New x7 Exclusives + Weekly Update

Other items now available to the public include some classy ladies evening wear from Juggernaut, the Elemental Auras and more.

See you in Home!

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11 Author Replies

  • Call me a critic, but I rather have my avatar rocking a pair of Soul headphones by Ludacris. Beats are so overrated. Other than that, these are some awesome new updates. Just throwing ideas around, how about throwing in some more urban clothes next time. For example, some LRG, Coogi, SouthPole, or Roca Wear. Or better yet some sports wear like Nike, Jordan, Reebok, or Columbia.

  • Why is it granzella always gets a 1 sentence max description but we get a GIANT picture of more….HEADPHONES *Has like 6 pairs already*

  • hello ty 4 kixing yhe problem its 5:50 am here now im in ohio iwas just letting u k everything seems fine the only problem is i keep losing club channels ty 4 everything that sony dose including glasswalls

  • i love pshome

  • I’m happy with the new update,but i want the x7 club to be for everybody not just for vip

  • LOL all these people asking loads of questions :L im glad homes finally getting a decent update for once :D

    But i do have one question for you, i’d like to know when will/ or if its possible that music will be integrated with home? being able to play music from your HDD in home, say for instance in your apartments just to chill to with mates because its annoying having to friggin hold down the R2 button & also to listen to crap quality music :L and also would be a good idea if your apartments that have screens in, you were able to play music videos on :D

    if that were to happen i think personally home would be the best!!

  • I’m super excited about the new client update but you guys missed one important thing….To allow us to play music on Home from our HDD

  • any chance of us getting avengers costume with separate pieces ? NOT 1 piece crud

  • How much will the beats by dr. dre cost?

  • What’s in the new chicken wrap?
    crispy chicken,fresh lettuce,three cheese’s,fresh dressing all wrapped up in a tasty flour tortilla.

  • Was looking forward to this update, but it’s essentially broken: Pressing Start will make your PS3 freeze whenever you’re in a Home Space. Not what I was expecting…

  • PLEASE I BEG YOU put the pool tables back to how they were before )’=

  • So let’s see… we went from constant disconnect errors this past week to now having Home 1.65 freeze our systems. Thanks Home Team, awesome job. *sigh*

    I’m so glad that reliability and stability for a program that has been in Beta since 2008 is such a high priority – no wonder Sony is doing so well. What? Oh? Really? oops….

  • Oh… and now Sony’s official PlayStation forums are down, with a message dated back on April 10 no less:

    Down for Maintenance

    We are continuously working to improve your experience on the PlayStation Community Forums. As such, we are currently down for some scheduled maintenance, but we expect to be back and fully functional by 1:30 AM PST on Tuesday, April 10.

    Please come back and resume the PlayStation conversation with us then… we’re anxiously waiting too!

    Just how bad are things going to have to get before Sony decides they need to make some serious changes to the management of their PlayStation Home department???

  • Omg FIX THE SEVERS THIS UPDATE DID NOTHIN BUT LAG ALL DAY….its frustrating me …… Plz fix yall servers THANK YOU

  • If things are this Patheric , lets put Home out of its misery .
    the Constant crashes and network Errors are a joke, just ,as much as the 14.99 plus tax for a fake virtual item , not to mention 49.99 for some Coins , to play the pirate game.
    Has anyone heard of the saying , IF AINT BROKEN, DONT FIX IT, the bowling alley new settings SUCKS !
    So why isnt anyone replying to our comments, didnt i read last week Cade Peterson saying how he “responds and Always does ” replies to our comments, or is 10 replies the limit ?

  • 4 Days after the update and Home still crashing and giving the same message, nothing has been fix
    As i remember Cade Perterson replying ……………
    I have faith that the maintenance will take care of the connectivity issues, You have Faith ?
    are you kidding me ? Is anyone certain that Home is gonna work as it should ?

  • I see they had it up in running just in time to recieve the funds from the update then a few days after that it went right back to the way it was….typical.

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