Home 1.65 Client Update, Beats by Dr. Dre, New x7 Exclusives + Weekly Update

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Home 1.65 Client Update, Beats by Dr. Dre, New x7 Exclusives + Weekly Update

This Wednesday, April 25th, PlayStation Home gets an exciting core client update to version 1.65, the gorgeous Island Bungalow Personal Space releases to the public, beats by Dr. Dre arrive, new x7 exclusive early-access items release (and another freebie!), Konami releases more Secret Agent items, Juggernaut releases a down-to-earth companion, more Granzella Samurai items, and more! (Whew! This is a big week)

Let me get to the biggest news of the week—PlayStation Home gets an exciting new core client update. With it come a bunch of new features and improvements, including:

  • A new simplified Menu Screen
  • Furniture slot memory adjustments and enhanced visual display of available memory use
  • A new Voice Chat system
  • Alerts are now integrated better
  • Shopping right from the Wardrobe
  • Cross game invite system has been expanded
  • Improved stability of real time games
  • And more!

To see the full Patch Notes, click here. Users new and old will appreciate this great variety of new features and improvements.

Increase your swagger with beats by dr. dre. Available in sleek black, red, white, and blue, pick up the bundle to complete your collection. Style in technology never looked so good.

PS Home - April 23 Update

x7 Exclusive Update—Members of x7 will get early access to several new items this week including some new fantasy furniture, three new companions, a new x7 exclusive bundle and even a freebie. Head there starting Wednesday to reap the benefits of being part of the most exclusive club in all of Home.

Konami is releasing more Secret Agent items. Be the lady or gentleman spy while you operate your covert missions. Who would suspect such taste in fashion would reveal you have ulterior motives? Head to the Mall and prepare for your next secret assignment.

PS Home - April 23 Update

Juggernaut is releasing possibly the most unusual companion to date—the Green Machine. Pick up this truly groovy little guy and feel at one with the universe. Like, whoa, man!

PS Home - April 23 Update

Urgent Fury and Gamer Indepth’s Luge from The Tester, season 1, drop some new videos in the Community Theater this week. Urgent Fury starts out with a deep look at MLB 12 The Show. MoChocolate (also from The Tester, season 1) tries to impersonate Luge and take over her show for a day, but there can only be one Luge. Head to the Community Theater Wednesday to see his antics followed by another great Luge Cam tour of PlayStation Home. You might even see Akilleez_Might, the current winner of The Tester, season 3 celebrating his recent win with the community.

Home 1.65 Client Update, Beats by Dr. Dre, New x7 Exclusives + Weekly Update

Now available to the public, the Island Bungalow personal space and clubhouse arrive after a couple weeks of preview tours given by our Home Community Volunteers. Inspired by exotic tropical getaways, this personal space has a simple elegance, letting nature take center stage. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, you should. I personally find that it has the absolutely most gorgeous sunset vista in all of Home. Escapists and traveler bugs that enjoy a get-away should snap up this instant vacation right away. Both personal space and clubhouse versions are available. Find them in the Estates store starting Wednesday.

Home 1.65 Client Update, Beats by Dr. Dre, New x7 Exclusives + Weekly Update

Other items now available to the public include some classy ladies evening wear from Juggernaut, the Elemental Auras and more.

See you in Home!

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11 Author Replies

  • core client update 1.65 looks sweet

  • i hope all the problems we have since friday is fixed when this core client comes out. i would still like to know what happen and why we wasn’t told about it.

  • AMAZING! 1.65 is incredible! I cannot thank you enough for the pet storage, I am up to 98 pets now so this came just in time for my 100th!

    Also I hope devs will be making good use of the fact that actives no longer automatically take up 22 slots (I know Juggernaut will!) I hope in the future there is a way to decrease the slots that old items take up!

    Shopping from wardrobe is also a great new feature I am looking forward to!

    Oh and I’m so glad to finally see the secret agents outfits in seperate pieces now, it’s been months since it was first mistakenly mentioned in MOTD, I had given up on them!

    • I’m glad to hear you’re as excited as I am. As for the Secret Agent items, Konami does a wonderful at keenly listening to what the Home community has said and continues to bring more of what you want.

  • 1.65 and Konami agents look great. I can’t wait for it

    As for the connection error for the last five days, When are they going fix them, Glasswalls?

  • yes it does, updates like this betters Home so much !_!

  • 1.65 sounds great! Especially the furniture slot adjustments and shopping from our wardrobes!

    Will there be an Island Bungalow public open house though?

    • There will be no open house for the Island Bungalow, though I’m sure if you ask, one of the Home Community Volunteers would be glad to offer a tour.

  • Few questions

    Are there any people of color agents with this update. I am sure Konami knows there is all types of people on home.

    Will we be music with the beats by Dre headphones

    Are you guys going to add anything new to the Yeti space

    Do you know when the new ndreams private space is coming out

    Are there any updates on no mans land

    Thanks keep up the good work

    • Good questions. Here are my answers:

      1) Because the Secret Agent clothing items are not a single “outfit,” (they’re mix and match items), this allows you to be the avatar want with the full options of skin, eye, and hair color.
      2) the beats headphones are just decorative, like all headphones in Home.
      3) There is nothing new to announce for the Yeti vs Hunter game
      4) Nope, there is no date set for upcoming nDreams stuff yet.
      5) We are still working very diligently on No Man’s Land, but have no news for you at this time, but stay tuned to the weekly Home blog posts, as that is where you’ll hear it first.

  • People still visit Home? I’ve been visiting Home since the private beta back in 2006 and didn’t see a point to it even back then. At least they apparently found someone who enjoys it. More power to you!

    • Oh yeah, we have a very lively, active and dedicated community. Stop in again and explore a bit. It will likely blow your mind.

  • Sounds great, can’t wait for the update now.

  • I like to reiterate about the connection problems…I really hope they fix them with this update, then again maybe that is what the problem all along? Otherwise I love home and all it has to offer, and lovin x7 it’s pretty sweet. BTW, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it april 23rd(monday) today? Wednesday would be the 25th? I don’t know if anyone else has noticed that or if it was a typo. Keep up the good work!!!

    • I have faith that the maintenance will take care of the connectivity issues. I’m glad you’re enjoying Home—we do work hard on continually improving it, adding more and more fun content and events.
      Nice catch on the date—my mistake. ;-)

  • New client update looks cool.

    Do you guys have a release date for midway 3 or an expetation of its release? And will there be any new public spaces be releeased in the next few weeks?

    • We do not have a launch date ready to announce yet, but I expect it will be a very exciting one. All I can say is stay tuned to the Home weekly blog posts for further info.

  • I’ve happily awaiting v1.65 and from the looks of it, just about everything releasing this week looks great. I’ll definitely be picking up the Juggernauts bot companion. I’m also happy to see VeeMee bring the Beats line to the NA region.

  • it says wednesday april 23… 2day is monday april 23.

  • Good job on getting the beats by dre headphones.

  • Very impressed with Sony’s continued support and expansion of Home. Looking forward to what else is in store for Home’s future.

    Keep up the great work.

  • I actually kind of like update 1.65. Although I have been wondering one thing: when can we use musical devices and TVs to play our own content? Just wondering.

  • Sup Cade! Great post and thanks for the update.

    I’ve been away from Home for too long, so it goes without say that I look forward to this update.

    I’m sure there are tons of stuff I’ve missed out on.

  • I’m glad to see the constant improvement of Home through these updates! I have a question/suggestion:

    Is there a way to search through available clothing by type? In the past, I’ve gone looking to create a certain look consisting of matching types of clothing. Say for example I wanted my avatar to look like he’s from the old west. I know there’s a couple places that carry the attire, but I’d need to find the Red Dead Redemption section and then there’s a cowboy section somewhere else. I’ve noticed this with various types of clothing from certain eras. If you want to look at formal attire, is there (or could there be) one place that carries all suits, vests, slacks, nice shoes and hats, et cetera instead of having to look at each publisher within each store?
    Some other “themed” clothing I’ve noticed:
    – futuristic
    – militant/warrior
    – historical
    – not even a person anymore
    – animated
    – generational (70’s, 80’s)
    – many more

  • Awesome update! *very excited*

    Will there be updates to the categories within Wardrobe?

    Will there be modifications to the L1 and R1 menus / options?
    (We are way overdue for updates to the dance options and maybe the addition of some couples dancing options.)

  • This looks cool I haven’t stopped by HOME since the DUST 514 event now more DUST updates is what I’m excited about can’t wait for that stuff to start rolling through! Keep up the good work on making HOME more relevant.

  • LOL that’s kind of funny, FORMIK and i were posting some similar stuff at the same time. (Yes, that’s even better than a hint Devs)

  • sweet you got the dre beats in THANKS

  • when you have other people in your personal space can guys make it so the other person dosnt have to leave the space just to change they can just change in the Wardrobe in the persons perosnal space

  • Sweet update, you rock Cade! Keep up the good work.

  • Fix the connectivity errors then we’ll talk… Other than that yah looks kewl.

  • Very cool, looking forward to 1.65, happy to see the intended maintenance too!

  • Awesome, I might actually sign into home to check this out

  • couple thing :

    1) Any update on the new apocalyptic shooter coming to home? Ever since i saw the announcement for it i have eagerly been wanting to try it out.

    2) Will we have to hold the R2 button to talk with the new personal chat system? I find it funny and annoying that you have to do that in home

  • is i true the singstar space it getting removed?

  • there is a singstar place?

  • The Update is great for the ones that have not lost anything from their personal spaces, i posted a problem a week ago, about losing everything from 2 personal spaces, MY LOCOROCCO and DOLPHYN Personal Space and i was told “We are going to Investigate ” , exaclty how long does this ” investigation ” is for ?
    Is anyone doing some Forensic analysis ? is somebody looking for the corporate, why after a whole week , noone has come up with an answer ? an answer that doesnt involve the same old excuses, Clear the cache, Delete Home, check your internet, maybe is your speed, and so on .
    I posted the Problem at the Forum, ……………………..laaast week.

  • And just so i dont get call a “Jerk ” by Somebody ………………
    How about making so that we can put more than 1 personal space as Favorite, i have close to 60 personal spaces, and i was working on my Loco Rocco space but also on my Dolphyn personal space, and its a bit annoying to be in my Loco Rocco personal space and then having to go thru all my personal spaces , to find the Dolphyn space, be easier and more convienient to put more than 1 personal space as Favorite .
    Be also convient if we can put some personal spaces in Storage , there are many personal spaces i dont visit , so be nice to put them in storage .
    I bought the Island Bungalow and you know what really P . me .O , the fact that the Lounge chairs are not the same as the ones in the DESERT HEAVEN CLUBHOUSE , you cant Lay Down , just sit facing the emptyness because the other person is facing your back …….i dont understand Why Lounge chairs are made to sit and not to lay down, i mean for that, just make regular chairs and Dont bother with Lounge chairs .

  • I would like to see, hand effects, hand weapons, backpacks, jewerly , wings , and so on, all in SEPARATE boxes .
    We defenetly need Youtube on the Loot EOD TV , or a way to watch our own movies.
    I have purchased movies from the PS Store and it would be great if we can watch them in our personal space.
    Anyways , thats all for now, im gonna go sit and wait for the ” Investigation ” to be done and for Home to act somewhat Normal, wihout giving the Network Error Message or to kick me off , as soon as i want to go to another personal space or public place .

  • I am glad to see the Beats by Dre on PSN Home. I just wish you guys would add jerseys or Hats from NFL, MLB & NBA teams!

  • I remember when Ps Home first started & people cried foul,nothing to cry about now Ps Home has come a long way very excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This update looks great! So group chat on Home is being changed and new menu look eh? I am super stoked! ^_^

  • I think Home should really add some more ways to accessorize like, piercings, more tattoos, necklaces, bracelets.. Etc. I think the piercings would be a BIG hit! Hopefully one day this will happen (:

  • Ironman100,

    Since you’ve had a similar idea, could you go to the link he provided and leave some feedback on my discussion post? I’d like to see what you say in your comment. The discussion title is “Shopping for Clothing by Category in Wardrobe”.

  • Hello, is there any word on if you will be able to access home from Vita, or remote play to access it? Alot of people really want this and it seems as though there has been a run around going on.


  • Hey Cade EU stated tonight’s maintenance will be short. Do you know how long?

  • Two of PlayStation Home’s greatest missteps:

    1) Not separating handheld items from glove items into two separate equipment slots.
    2) Not supporting a back slot for things like backpacks, wings, jetpacks, etc.

  • Finally the PS Home core update is here I hope it fixes the network issue at Home (it sucks that
    I get kicked out a few times from a error) and I wonder if there’s a new quests for us to do (a single quest will do).

  • Are there any plans to implement Home on the Vita?

  • hey sony i hope you fix this tomorrow.I was having problem going to certain public space.I keep getting error D5021 and is keep me out and log me off.

  • My ps home is not working keepsaying lost connection from server d05021 i delete it and restarted but nothing happennd

  • sorry but can you fix this today because i been waiting for a very long time so they can fix this D5021 on psh.. i thought the ps3 “can do everything” so why ya cant just fix this already >:/

  • how long i have to wait… a year?

  • I was thinking the same thing as FRott. I used to get in Home from time to time, but got tired of constantly having to report people for abusive conduct, muting users when I go into a theater because they don’t know how to shut up and are only there to troll others, people glitching into inaccessible areas causing lag, and all the teen angst amongst other things.

    The teen angst is pretty thick there too. My wife refuses to get on Home at ALL. Every time she gets on she is instantly accosted by guys wanting to talk to her and then insult her for not wanting to send them nude pictures. I ended up just getting in to see if anything worth keeping me there was added, but i haven’t even done that in a while.

  • PS Home error:
    “! Network Error
    The connection to the server was lost
    x Continue”

  • Wardrobe Wars still hasn’t been updated as far as the winners, its the same board it was two months ago. Whats the news on this?

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