Bejeweled 3 Glimmers on PSN Tomorrow

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Bejeweled 3 Glimmers on PSN Tomorrow

Bejeweled 3 for PS3 (PSN)

Hello PlayStation.Blog fans, and other citizens of Earth! I’ve got some good news for Bejeweled fans: We stopped watching kitten videos, fixed the hamster wheel, and are now happy to report that Bejeweled 3 is finally coming to PlayStation Network! Huzzah!

Now if you’ve played Bejeweled 1 or 2 before, you may be asking why you should upgrade to Bejeweled 3. “How much different could they make a Match 3 game?” you may ask. “What do I do this time—Match 4?” “Do I really need to give those clowns more of my money just to swap more gems?”

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you: Yes, you do. I mean, “need” is such a relative word, when you think about it. I mean, sure, I suppose some of you “need” to pay the rent, or feed your family, rather than buy the new Bejeweled. Whatever. Frankly, the landlord can probably wait a few days, and I’m sure there are plenty of leftovers in your fridge if your family starts whining at you while clutching their swollen, distended stomachs. Meanwhile, those gems in Bejeweled 3 aren’t going to swap themselves, are they? No sir. No, they are not. I rest my case.

Bejeweled 3 for PS3 (PSN)

But perhaps you want a few details on what it is you’re actually buying with Bejeweled 3, other than the satisfaction of knowing your purchase will spark a dudebro-like high five amongst the bean-counters over here at PopCap. You may want to know, for example, what you’re getting in Bejeweled 3 that you couldn’t get in 1 or 2. This is where I come in, thanks to this handy cheat-sheet I printed out and stapled to my dog’s head as I type this. So here’s what you get:

8 modes of play, including:

  • Classic (regular Bejeweled, but now better-looking!)
  • Quest (kind of like an RPG, minus the characters, story, dialog, or combat, or anything else RPG-related. But there are 40 puzzles to solve!)
  • Zen (You can’t lose! Be happy! You are your own shiny gem!)
  • Lightning (a fast, time-based game kinda like Bejeweled Blitz)
  • Four more “secret modes” of play that you can unlock, but that I can’t spoil here even though you could totally Google it in like one minute!

12 trophies and 20 badges to collect!

The satisfaction of knowing you justified me writing this blog post!

Bejeweled 3 for PS3 (PSN)Bejeweled 3 for PS3 (PSN)

Seriously, I know there’s not much I can say that’s going to sway you or not. You probably already know whether you’re going to buy it or not. And that’s cool. All I can tell you is that if you are a Bejeweled fan, you will not regret it. I promise you. All the new modes are great. I personally didn’t know how much you could vary the formula in ways that would be fun and not too gimmicky, but I’ll be dag-gummed if they didn’t do it. And, sure, I work for them, so you could blow all this off as just more marketing hoo-hah, which, sure, it is – but as soon as you get to (SPOILER ALERT!) Diamond Mine mode, you’ll know I was right. Because good grief is that thing addictive.

So if you’re already a Bejeweled fan and don’t have 3 yet, get ready to get it on Tuesday afternoon! And if you’re not a Bejeweled fan yet, this really is the best one yet. You could do a lot worse with your money. Like pay your rent!

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  • I showed them this thread, which seems to be comprised almost entirely of Vita owners. :)
    It’s not news to PopCap that Bejeweled is great for portable gaming–the thing is a HUGE hit on the iOS. I think what most people don’t quite realize is how relatively small PopCap still is (despite now being owned by EA.) So every single platform version of every game requires people we don’t ever have quite enough of (especially as we’re trying to actually work on new games too!)


  • This game is so addicting. I love it on PC.

  • 1. Everyone screaming for a Vita version, CALM DOWN. I’m sure they know about the Vita, because the way you all are whining, it sounds as if you think PopCap doesn’t even know of the Vita’s existence…
    2. I hope mouse support will be patched in for this, because only then will I consider buying this for the PS3.

  • Wow… just saw that this is gonna be $15… sorry, it’s going back in the “Pass” category for me until it either gets discounted across the board, or discounted/free for PS+. Good luck in your future endeavors, PopCap Games.

  • i want this on Vita PLEAASEEEEEEEEEEEEe

  • @1: Not only there is no trophies, they want you to pay money to continue playing. Bejeweled is a much better game and longer lasting.

  • These types of games are much better on a handheld device, such as the PlayStation Vita. Hint, hint.

  • I really like Popcap. And very often I think they deserve my money. But is EA now in charge of pricing your games? Whatever happened to lower price point leads to many many more sales? I wish you good luck with another high price point on PSN and hope it leads to lots of money that will finance Plants vs Zombies 2, but this is honestly 2x what I think this awesome match 3 game should cost.

  • @#58 I concur, they also released Zuma and Feeding Frenzy 2 today, for each $10 I think…when you buy Bejeweled 3 retail for only $20 you get both those games for free. What a mess.

  • Put it on the vita, and I’ll buy it. In fact, I’ll buy it 4 times if I have to.

  • Why is this NOT MOVE enabled!?!?!? This game NEEDS that interface to work well.

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