Bejeweled 3 Glimmers on PSN Tomorrow

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Bejeweled 3 Glimmers on PSN Tomorrow

Bejeweled 3 for PS3 (PSN)

Hello PlayStation.Blog fans, and other citizens of Earth! I’ve got some good news for Bejeweled fans: We stopped watching kitten videos, fixed the hamster wheel, and are now happy to report that Bejeweled 3 is finally coming to PlayStation Network! Huzzah!

Now if you’ve played Bejeweled 1 or 2 before, you may be asking why you should upgrade to Bejeweled 3. “How much different could they make a Match 3 game?” you may ask. “What do I do this time—Match 4?” “Do I really need to give those clowns more of my money just to swap more gems?”

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you: Yes, you do. I mean, “need” is such a relative word, when you think about it. I mean, sure, I suppose some of you “need” to pay the rent, or feed your family, rather than buy the new Bejeweled. Whatever. Frankly, the landlord can probably wait a few days, and I’m sure there are plenty of leftovers in your fridge if your family starts whining at you while clutching their swollen, distended stomachs. Meanwhile, those gems in Bejeweled 3 aren’t going to swap themselves, are they? No sir. No, they are not. I rest my case.

Bejeweled 3 for PS3 (PSN)

But perhaps you want a few details on what it is you’re actually buying with Bejeweled 3, other than the satisfaction of knowing your purchase will spark a dudebro-like high five amongst the bean-counters over here at PopCap. You may want to know, for example, what you’re getting in Bejeweled 3 that you couldn’t get in 1 or 2. This is where I come in, thanks to this handy cheat-sheet I printed out and stapled to my dog’s head as I type this. So here’s what you get:

8 modes of play, including:

  • Classic (regular Bejeweled, but now better-looking!)
  • Quest (kind of like an RPG, minus the characters, story, dialog, or combat, or anything else RPG-related. But there are 40 puzzles to solve!)
  • Zen (You can’t lose! Be happy! You are your own shiny gem!)
  • Lightning (a fast, time-based game kinda like Bejeweled Blitz)
  • Four more “secret modes” of play that you can unlock, but that I can’t spoil here even though you could totally Google it in like one minute!

12 trophies and 20 badges to collect!

The satisfaction of knowing you justified me writing this blog post!

Bejeweled 3 for PS3 (PSN)Bejeweled 3 for PS3 (PSN)

Seriously, I know there’s not much I can say that’s going to sway you or not. You probably already know whether you’re going to buy it or not. And that’s cool. All I can tell you is that if you are a Bejeweled fan, you will not regret it. I promise you. All the new modes are great. I personally didn’t know how much you could vary the formula in ways that would be fun and not too gimmicky, but I’ll be dag-gummed if they didn’t do it. And, sure, I work for them, so you could blow all this off as just more marketing hoo-hah, which, sure, it is – but as soon as you get to (SPOILER ALERT!) Diamond Mine mode, you’ll know I was right. Because good grief is that thing addictive.

So if you’re already a Bejeweled fan and don’t have 3 yet, get ready to get it on Tuesday afternoon! And if you’re not a Bejeweled fan yet, this really is the best one yet. You could do a lot worse with your money. Like pay your rent!

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2 Author Replies

  • PS Vita version? the only other game that is close to this and is currently out on PSN… is not very good and has no trophies.

  • I already have Bejeweled 3 on PS3, got it on disc awhile back, and love it. I can confirm everything Jeff Green says is true and you should buy this game as soon as it pops up on the PSN Store. This is truly the greatest match 3, or match 4 if you’re feeling a little naughty, game of all time. Also Jeff you gotta go back on the Giant Bombcast, you’re my favourite guest :)

  • ” I mean, sure, I suppose some of you “need” to pay the rent, or feed your family, rather than buy the new Bejeweled. Whatever. Frankly, the landlord can probably wait a few days, and I’m sure there are plenty of leftovers in your fridge if your family starts whining at you while clutching their swollen, distended stomachs. Meanwhile, those gems in Bejeweled 3 aren’t going to swap themselves, are they? No sir. No, they are not. I rest my case.”

    Nice to see the global recession hasn’t affected you.

  • I’m buying this because our elderly (Jeff Green) deserve our support.

  • …..I printed out and stapled to my dog’s head as I type this…..

    Animal cruelty FTW!*

    *no its not.

  • I have this on Mac, but would really like to have this on PS Vita.

  • I’ll pick this up and enjoy it as I wait for cool PopCap Games like this and Chuzzle and Feeding Frenzy to make their way on to the Vita.

  • This game SCREAMS for a PS Vita version… You guys are so mean!

  • Yawnssssss

  • I agree, bring this to Vita ASAP!

  • I agree, I want this for vita also.

  • You can do all the “Marketing Hoo-Hah” you want ( I thought it was funny ). But, if you’re going do to that, you need to tell us a price, platform, and if it has cross-play or not.

  • Need this for the VITA please!

  • How much will this be on the PS Store tomorrow?

  • ^^^^Yeah how much? He forgot to mention the price!

  • Great to see you back, Jeff. I do have a question that could sway me. Will it be Move enabled? While PvZ was very well made for play with a controller, I could never shake the feeling that the Move would have been much faster. I hope that it is. If not, please tell your co-workers that I think they are rather silly for not including it.

  • Ooo. Or a multiplayer mode. That could sway me.

  • Any discounts for PS Plus Members? I love Bejeweled :D

  • Common guys, you know C#. Where’s the Vita love? :D

  • The Vita is calling for Bejeweled on it’s beautiful OLED touchscreen! Hopefully that is in the works.

  • I’m probably not buying it – have the PC version – but a very big thank you to Jeff Green for a most excellently written blog post. I read it to my wife who was laughing along with me.

    1. Price?

    2. Move support?

  • Really? This isn’t for the PS Vita what’s the use of it then I have a PS3 at home so I can play console-quality games like Skyrim and GT5 why would I buy this for PS3 when I would rather spend my time playing real games, albeit this would fit right into the Vita on-the-go playing style a lot better I have to admit if this was on Vita it would look a lot better.

  • Lol @ all the Vita elitists.

    Anyways, this is the perfect game for PS Move support. Tell ’em to get on that, Jeff.

  • Let me know when the Vita version is ready.

  • Hi guys–I didn’t mention the price because I didn’t know it, and still don’t, which is ridiculous, I know. it’s been one of those days. I guess we will all know the answer tomorrow.

    No Move support. Both this and the Kinect are things that folks at PopCap played around with, but, from what I heard, it was actually tough to play the game with any real accuracy, and probably would have delayed development overall by a long time.

    About the Vita: I hear what you guys are saying. Bejeweled of course is perfect for portable gaming–which is why it’s so popular on the iPhone. I don’t know what PopCap’s Vita plans are at this point, but I’ve forwarded the interest expressed here to the powers that be.

  • PopCap, make your iOS and Android games on the Vita already.

  • So what’s next? We need another hit like Plants vs Zombies. It’s been awhile.

  • I would buy it if it would be out for VITA. Touchscreen controls would work very well here.

  • No vita version cmon it is perfect for the vita what were you thinking when making this game? The vita needs more of these games to hold us off to other games.

  • @everyone asking for a vita version
    Can’t you see that they want us to use their freemium game that is like bejeweled? (BTW the freemium is actually pretty decent)

  • Absolutely.
    This game is definitely in need of a Vita version.
    I would buy both. Love me some Bejeweled.
    Or failing that, the soundtracks on the store would be a delight!

  • Release a psvita version and I will gladly buy it.

  • What about Europe?

  • @30 Except that there are no trophies, tutorials, campaign or anything really at all aside from basic gtameplay and you can only play it for 2 mins every 2 hours.

  • I dont really understand EA/PopCap, this should be for the VITA, guys! What were you thinking?

  • I was going to give this a pass, just because I already have Bejeweled 2 on both my PS3 and my Android phone, but your excellently written blog post has convinced me otherwise, Mr. Green. As long as this sits comfortably within the $10 or less category of pricing, it shall be added to my cart and henceforth purchased shortly after the store updates (i.e. whenever I get home from work).
    Well done, good sir.

    PS> While I am totally buying this for PS3, I would also love a Vita version if that were to happen. And if buyers of the PS3 version could get it for free, that would be equally awesome. Or maybe a lowered price point, like say $5?, would also make me get it for my Vita. Here’s hoping. :)

  • wait…. No VITA version?? REALLY??? NOOO VIIITTAAAAAA VERSION?????????????? Why? Just why not??! When I saw the post I believed it HAD to be a VITA version… but no :( You guys made me happy, then you stabed my happiness with a cold knife :(

  • hmm no vita anything this week……ive got disgaea 3 keeping me busy for now but this game would have been great for the vita!!!! that montezuma gem game on the vita might be free to downloaad but i can only play it once a day lol im not buyin extra lives or in game currency!……….. this would be a perfect PSvita game to quell my gem based gameplay jones

  • @23, “Vita elitists?” What, asking for something makes you an elitists? We’re not exactly starting a flame war; look up the work before you spout nonsense.

  • *word, not work

  • When will PopCap games start coming to PSN day 1? It’s always six months later which is incredibly lame.

  • @41, now that they’re under EA, there’s a chance that new titles will hit all platforms on release day.

  • price? discount for plus?


  • Get it on VITA!

  • i enjoyed this game on the DS a lot. It works well with touch screens. I would very likely buy it for the Vita with trophy support and maybe a new set of quests. The absolute max price I would spend on this is $10, while I think 7.99 would be a better price and very fair for a puzzle game. Plants vs Zombies is worth every bit of $10, but $15 was really pushing it on the Vita with no changes to speak of and that’s why I didn’t buy it again. (I’m sure popcap was wondering where my purchase was)

  • Hopefully you come back to tell us the price. If you do, could you tell me when we might expect to see Zuma’s Revenge on PSN? I heard Xbox ought to be getting it over the summer. Might we get it at the same time or will there be another substantial delay between releases?

  • If you guys bring it to PSVita, then I’ll pick it up. PSVita has the best version of Plants vs Zombies, so the PSVita version of Bejeweled anything would be super awesome. Especially if they include both touch and button controls like PvZ does. Options ftw~

  • 1. Will this be coming to Europe tomorrow? Or at all?

    2. A Vita version seems a no-brainer. Bejeweled 2 has a PSP version and PSV is even more suited to it with the touch screen, great game to play on my iphone.

  • @25; Didn’t see your post before I made mine.

    Good to know you’ve passed on the PSVita wishes. Hope it happens, because I’ll be all over that… heck, most Popcap games would be awesome on the PSVita and I’d buy a lot of them there.

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