Announcing the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Treasure Design Contest

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Announcing the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Treasure Design Contest

The good folks over at Sanzaru Games have been hard at work bringing Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time to PS3. You may have recently seen him grace the cover of PlayStation: The Official Magazine!

Well, the team is working away on even more reveals, but they need something from you — your treasure! We’re happy to announce the beginning of the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Treasure Design Contest (that long enough for you?)! The good people over at our Europe offices have already kicked it off and we want to make sure you get in on it as well.

What exactly is it, you say? We want to give you the opportunity to design your own treasure and have a chance to see it transformed into in-game objects in the latest Sly Cooper PS3 title! Fans are invited to set their imaginations free and design treasures that Sly and his gang might find on their adventures through time. Creations can be hand drawn, or created using your graphic design program of choice. The designs can be simple or intricate but they must be submitted with a short description of what the treasure is and what it represents.

Already excited? You can enter here. Need more info? Check out the video below from Sanzaru GamesGlen Egen!

PS Vita handheld entertainment system, a 32 GB memory card, $100.00 PlayStation Store voucher, and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system sporting a Sly Cooper design. Yes, Sly Cooper literally on your PS3!

We want to give more stuff away though, so even if you’re not a top two winner, we’ll still be picking an additional 5 Runner Ups who will receive a 3G PS Vita system, 16 GB memory card, and $40.00 PlayStation Store voucher.

The competition is open from April 20th to May 20th 2012 and can be entered by visiting the official Sly Cooper site. Some quick rules on the contest: No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open to legal US residents 13+. You can see the full official rules here.

So that’s it! Plenty of time and plenty of chances to win. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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  • When he said “No Weapons” does that include things like swords and, like the amp from infamous 2?

  • Oh, and I know that it can be another ps3 exclusive, but how about something that was on ps1?

  • i am huge fan of the sly series and i hope i win this contest! If u do win the contest will u also get a free Sanzaru T-shirt?

  • Does the treasure have to incorporate some type of Cooper theme? Or is it going to be an ordinary treasure

  • Do we have to design something that has to do with that area? Like, how are we supposed to know what to design for the level? If we design something from a certain place that we think will be in the game but it isnt, what do we do then? Does it not have to do with anything in the level? I would hate to deign something and not even get a chance to win cause what I drew is from a place that isnt going to be in the game, since we ony know two levels.

  • Can you clarify what is the limit on the description length? Your rules specified not more than 250 words but your contest site indicated otherwise, that it should not exceed 250 characters.

  • I have a question. It says, “Designs of living animals and weapons will be rejected”. I understand why you wouldn’t want, like, golden statues of elaborate swords or …guns, or something, but why are living animals off limits? We can’t do, say, a Jade statue of a cat or something? But we could do it of fictional/extinct animals? Like a Phoenix, or a Dinosaur, or Bigfoot or something? Or will those be rejected too?

  • Oh and InfamousFan21, I thought of that too. But if it’s anything like the random booby trapped treasures strewn thoughout levels in Sly 2, it probably doesn’t need to be thematically tied to any environment. Still, they confirmed Medieval Europe and Ancient Japan so far, and if you can recall some of the other Coopers from the Thievius Raccoonus from the pages of the book in the first game, you could probably use that as a guide…

  • Man I grew up with this game. Sly Cooper, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Jak & Dexter were all platformers I enjoyed playing while growing up. Was super excited to see this contest, and although the PS Vita is a great incentive to hop in, but I’m much more excited to possible see my trophy implemented into a game I grew up playing. I loved this game so much I had to repurchase it in the HD collection just to get the platinum trophies.

    Anyways I just turned mine in, saw the post said coloring it would be nice but I didn’t even think about that so mine just a plain sketch :(. I came up with my idea right away when I first saw this and been slowly working on it until I was 100% happy with it. I basically created a character in the Sly universe who was also a master thief before sly’s time, but unfortunately the 250 character limit restricted me from telling the story about my relic that I was hoping to. Oh well still had lots a fun and cant wait to see which entry’s win! Good luck to everyone!

  • @Vinsanity Ya thats what I was thinking but was checking just to be sure. my family is from england too and have many things someone would try to steal. so that helps me get an idea of something to design.

  • Submitted my entry the other day, and under the description, it said “Only 250 CHARACTERS allowed”, instead of the 200 words stated in the rules. So I was not able to write up the treasure description like I wanted to. Please let me know what I can do to submit my full treasure description if my treasure is chosen. Thanks

  • Sweet, Sanzuaru Games actually gives their fan base a chance to demostrate their talents, and even apply it to the game itself. I love this company! I’ll make sure to back track certain elements of the game most suited to the type of treasure you might be looking for.

  • Is there an error on the contest? Because on the description part of the treasure contest they say enyer a max of 250 words. They won’t let me upload my picture.

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