Announcing the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Treasure Design Contest

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Announcing the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Treasure Design Contest

The good folks over at Sanzaru Games have been hard at work bringing Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time to PS3. You may have recently seen him grace the cover of PlayStation: The Official Magazine!

Well, the team is working away on even more reveals, but they need something from you — your treasure! We’re happy to announce the beginning of the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Treasure Design Contest (that long enough for you?)! The good people over at our Europe offices have already kicked it off and we want to make sure you get in on it as well.

What exactly is it, you say? We want to give you the opportunity to design your own treasure and have a chance to see it transformed into in-game objects in the latest Sly Cooper PS3 title! Fans are invited to set their imaginations free and design treasures that Sly and his gang might find on their adventures through time. Creations can be hand drawn, or created using your graphic design program of choice. The designs can be simple or intricate but they must be submitted with a short description of what the treasure is and what it represents.

Already excited? You can enter here. Need more info? Check out the video below from Sanzaru GamesGlen Egen!

PS Vita handheld entertainment system, a 32 GB memory card, $100.00 PlayStation Store voucher, and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system sporting a Sly Cooper design. Yes, Sly Cooper literally on your PS3!

We want to give more stuff away though, so even if you’re not a top two winner, we’ll still be picking an additional 5 Runner Ups who will receive a 3G PS Vita system, 16 GB memory card, and $40.00 PlayStation Store voucher.

The competition is open from April 20th to May 20th 2012 and can be entered by visiting the official Sly Cooper site. Some quick rules on the contest: No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open to legal US residents 13+. You can see the full official rules here.

So that’s it! Plenty of time and plenty of chances to win. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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  • That is so darn awesome contest! Count me in!

  • Nice, maybe I will draw something GOW related :D

  • THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Thanks guys!!!

  • I would love to see my design to be in the game, I’m totally gonna enter!

  • sweet

  • How about making the contest also available for latin america :D

  • I’m from Europe, and I already sent my treasure. Cheers!

    P.S. Can’t wait for E3.

  • The link just sends me to the doyouknowsly website?

  • Yes! I’m definitely entering this. I love the Sly series and to have an opportunity to have one of my creations in the game???? Awesome!

    Although I doubt I will as there are tons of much more talented folks out there than I am, I hope I win! =p

    • You’d be surprised how many people don’t enter because they think they might not win. There’s quite a few chances, so just get something in there!

  • why can’t us folk in Canada get this contest

  • I could do this except I don’t have a tablet haha. I’m just getting into art myself. Maybe I could send you guys snail mail? Would that be acceptable? If so, Could you give me your studio address? Or actually I could just take a picture of it, right?

    • You could totally take a picture and submit it! It’s the idea and description, not the exact quality.

  • Definitely going to enter, any criteria we should stick to?

    Also, is there a picture of the Sly themed PS3 you could share?

    • You can see the criteria in the rules and in the video above.
      As far as the design, we’ll unveil it before the contest is over =)

  • Why not Canada??

  • Never played sly cooper series,I may take a crack at this & see what i can come up with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Any plans to celebrate Sly Coopers 10th Anniversary since Sly 4 is releasing in the same year?

  • can we do easter egg treasures? like idk…maybe something from another ps3 exclusive game/dlc content….

  • It ends on May 20th? Thats my birthday, so I win by default, right?
    Also, more importantly, have you guys announced a release date yet?

  • This is so AWESOME!!! I love the fact that the developers are the ones going to be picking the winners. Although I may not win, we all get the same chances of winning instead of people’s votes because those contests are NEVER fair. THANK YOU!!!

  • This is why I don’t like Sony contests. US only… -_-
    At least make them available to Canada too?

  • So even if you haven’t played all the Sly Cooper games and don’t know much about the treasure in those games you can still make any type of treasure that doesn’t have to relate to Sly Cooper right? I’ve platinumed Sly Cooper 1 but I still need to play 2 and 3!

  • Canada isn’t exactly exactly overseas, and we don’t live in igloos either, Montreal is practically the capital of game developement now, so why in the world are these contests always US only? ’bout time this changes.

  • Ok, I entered. I think mine was pretty creative, unique and well thought out, but I’m sure you’ll get a lot of those. Also, I think winners should get a free copy of the new Sly game too.

  • For all you Canadians, wouldn’t you assume there is some international legal restriction for including your country in these promotions rather than Sony being insensitive? Don’t you guys get offended when people call your country a suburb of the USA? You can’t have it both ways.

  • does it need to be in color? Can i send more than one object/treasure? thanks

  • Thanks Cristian. ;)

  • Oh and is there a limit to how many designs we can submit?

  • I’d enter but I live in Canada… wish the contest could extend to Canada too…

  • im trying to send mine but it just keeps uploading and its just 512 KB lol

  • ok finally it took like half an hour but finally! good luck to everyone! Im exited for this hope mine get trough to at least get 20 psn bucks lol! i know there are better minds than me out there but wth ill give it a try

  • awesome contest! time to get to work!

  • @ Cristian, here we go again. Every SCEA contest guarantees the nonAmerican lurkers will whine. There must be a legal restriction why these contests are only open to US residents since it happens pretty much every time. Why can’t you just explain that?

    In the last year there was one contest announced by SCEC,(I’m guessing at the name since I’ve only seen them post once in a whole year) which was not open to Americans (and we didn’t complain). So it seems logical there is something either in international law or Sony global policies that mandate restrictions. Why not just say so, to head off some of the useless, repetitive whining?

    And, maybe Canadians should be petitioning their own Sony CE for more events.

    • There are various rules and requirements made by each country and region within that country. We try to include Canada and Latin America as much as we can, but unfortunately some regulations get in the way and we can’t get it across all of North America every time =/

      It’s pretty general, but that’s usually the case.

  • Hey did anybody else just get a wierd pop up message …” Maintenance: We’re making a few, quick planned changes and the site will be back up in a few moments.”?

    Made me have flashbacks to last year’s outage…

  • you said now weapon, but what about armor aor shields?

  • before start i would like to know how will be the surroundings?
    because it will be weird to find something like a mexican hat in japan (unless that it’s from someone around)

    • It would be weird! But then again, they’re traveling through time…so, maybe it wouldn’t be that weird ;)

  • Dying2Win, the new exclusive PlayStation competition:
    Join us:
    You can win games, themes, avatars and… a PS Vita!

  • I agree with the others. Why do you dislike Canada? :(

  • @2 Screw GOW.

  • Is the collectible treasure supposed to have a special power or ability? Or is it purely design and description oriented? Cool contest, thanks for giving us the chance to create in-game assets!! There’s nothing more awesome than saying your design is IN THE GAME!

  • I’m definitely getting in on this! I’m going to make my entry and then pray to Jesus that I win :P

  • can we do it on a 3d program (maya ,3ds max etc…)???

  • Awesome, I’m definitely going to take part in this!

  • I have a couple questions. When I write a description of my “treasure”, if my entry wins, would the description be in the game along with my treasure? Also, should I include Sly and his gang in the description or should I keep them out of it because they are not supposed to have possesion of the treasure (because they stole it).

  • Does it matter how old you are to join the contest?

  • How many designs are each person allowed to submit?

  • Could people in puerto rico participate in the contest?

  • can the treasure be inspired by a differnt game like gow or killzone?

  • I went to that website glen was talking about and it took me to PlayStation preorder page. There was not anything on that page about submitting anything. What do I do?

  • Awesome. I’m soooo doing this. :D

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