Paint Park, Treasure Park and Wake Up Club Coming to PS Vita for Free

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Paint Park, Treasure Park and Wake Up Club Coming to PS Vita for Free

During the launch of PS Vita we introduced you to Welcome Park, a PS Vita application that teaches you about the different controls that PS Vita has. We’re excited to announce the next set of PS Vita applications to join the “Park” series with the introduction of Paint Park, an exclusive app for PS Vita owners available for download starting today.

Paint Park turns PS Vita’s impressive 5”OLED touchscreen into a sketch pad where users can make and share drawings with friends. Players can doodle, sketch and scribble quickly and easily with the virtual markers and onscreen color palette. Using PS Vita’s front and rear cameras, you can incorporate photos of the world around you into your drawings. Players can compete with up to five friends in online multiplayer via Ad Hoc mode to see who has the skills to be the best artist.

Also coming soon to PS Vita are Treasure Park and Wake-Up Club. Treasure Park is a puzzle-based app that enables you to connect with friends and other PS Vita owners. Using the near application and 3G or Wi-Fi, you can create and find your own puzzles to play, as well as set bombs and traps for your friends to find or try to avoid. Wherever you are, you will have the ability to team up with friends to earn high scores.

Wake-Up Club expands on the PS Vita Alarm Clock by allowing you to sync up with other PS Vita owners who set their alarm for the same time. Wake-Up Club is a great way to make waking up in the morning more interactive with the PS Vita community.

Paint Park, Treasure Park and Wake-Up Club will be available as free downloads via PlayStation Store.

Stay tuned for more updates on the availability of Treasure Park and Wake-Up Club.

PlayStation Vita owners can look forward to a trio of free applications to help you make the most of the handheld console’s unique features, the first of which will be available to download this week, on April 18.

Paint Park Coming to PS Vita for Free

Paint Park Coming to PS Vita for FreePaint Park Coming to PS Vita for Free

Treasure Park for PS Vita

Treasure Park for PS VitaTreasure Park for PS Vita




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  • Please Wake-Up Club Trohies!!!!

  • This is what you have some of your programmers doing for the Vita this entire time? How about you assign them to do something that people really want? These apps look well done but let’s be honest… they are not going to help sell the Vita. Sony, wake up before it’s too late!

  • Sony wake the F*@& UP! Phones are doing more stuff than this freakin vita. Give us what we were promised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Remote Play
    -PS1 Support
    -Flash Support
    -httm or whatever

    -oh…AND SOME FU#*ING GAMES TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So tired of this crap…

  • Looks cool but the PS Vita Needs:
    Flash Player or HTML5 TO SEE VIDEOS
    Youtube, Instagram, Google Plus, Shazam, Gmail and Playstation App.
    Enable to send pictures between PS Vita users and PS3 users.
    Dynamic Themes or Live Wallpapers.
    More Games like God of War, Call of Duty, Assasins Creed, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Killzone, Infamous, Gran Turismo, Gran Theft Auto and more RPGs for the Japan consumers.
    Cross Chat between PS3 and PS Vita.

  • Helllo Sony I would like expres what has me concerened and my other five close friends, and almost all of my playstation network friends own a Vita we are a little angry with you by the way you are working with the Vita, is too slow we still cant download from our Vitas playstation one games(any) and psp, only some, another thing that hanst been released yet are the aplications Skype, whats happening that skype isnt avaible to be downloaded yet, I hope that for this week is avaible and I would like to know why the other new aplications havent been anounced. Please speak with the Mozilla Firefox company so they develop a better browser for the Vita, or if not a Google Chrome, what we couldnt believe and astonished us was that the Vita doesnt have adobe flash player, and in internet you cant do almost anything without adobe flash player, we cant see videos from websites please in the next update add full support Adobe Flash Player, and JavaScrippt belive me you will make me feel glad and all my friends

  • This idea is different,. that you can play videogames that I have brought on my PS3 from PSN, like Pixel Junk Monsters and Crtter Crunch, download them without having to pay extra to the Vita.. Another idea is ps HOME for Vita..

  • @11 psjkee the vita does have html5 and the vita will never have flash because of adobe since they are not supporting flash on mobile devices any more

  • @54 MEGA_MAN_X read the comment that I just wrote a little earlier

    Sony can’t do nothing about the vita having no flash support its adobe fault since they stop supporting flash for mobile device

  • I still don’t understand why the ps vita doesn’t have android functionality?Sony,if you want to make money on the vita please add the android market on it.

  • the vita’s hardware should be able to support it

  • @ 53 Chillax man
    Skype is coming
    Browser improvements are on the way
    You really want to play 10 year old games this wont push sales that much
    Remote play is a blessing if they do anything
    Games there are tons of games to play, have you even tried rayman orgins, wipeout 2048, unit 13, uncharted?

    There are about another four PSN games that will bring you a total of about 30 bucks you just need to try them.

  • @ 58/59 Playstation suite is supposedly going to be like that.

  • This is funny “Congrats, you woke up 5 mins after the alarm sounded.” xD then you go ahead to receive trophy

  • Sony, you guys know your fanbase is not looking for this kind of software. You guys have got to get it together.

  • Pretty cool apps but there’s something wrong with the ps vita that makes me don’t want to play it idk why but I used to play in my psp a lot. I’m starting to think the the ps vita is boring.

  • wow more free stuff :O …. i need a new memory card :(

  • You know honestly i dont really care. were the poop is the remote play! i mean jeez i only know 5 people who bought a ps vita and they have allready got rid of theirs because its dumb and a wast of 300+ dollars. comon sony!

  • Only on the internet will an announcement of more stuff equal a slew of negative comments.
    I like that an alarm is added. Does anyone use their Vita before bed?
    The other two seem fun as well.

    “Here you go, have this.” “But what about all the other things I want?! Argh!” (Listen to yourselves, people, I’m sure your concerns have been heard.)

  • #58 that’s what I don’t understand and have been saying.Almost every device that picks up internet in the world can play these things.Sony has some of the best I.T. people in the world that’s been doing it for a long time.They could make there own program from scratch that would probably work better than flash.Some one at sony has got to be holding them back.

  • These look like some cool apps but when am I going to be allowed to play more of my PSP games on Vita? When can I play all of my PS1 titles? The fact that Vita wasn’t completely ready when it was launched is unacceptable.

  • Wow, this is great. I really like stuff like minsweeper, and we got Treasure Park. I was thinking about an alarm clock the other day, we get Wake Up Club. I was hoping for a paint application to come to the Vita, WE GET PAINT PARK. This is the by far best update we had for the Vita. Thanks! :D

  • Hmm nice…. Trophies? XD

  • #71 really good job of sarcasm I get 2 points for it.I took notes.

  • @73

    Ummm… That wasn’t sarcasm, sorry.

  • Nice I cant wait to try Wake-Up Club xD

  • “Wake-Up Club expands on the PS Vita Alarm Clock”….SPOILER!!!, there is gonna be an Alarm Clock App xD

  • I like the PAINT idea becuase finally I can take notes and edits on top of my existing photos.
    I really DO wish for an APPOINTMENT/TODO App that will let me keep track of daily activities on the go. This would incorporate well with a NOTES app. Mature apps are a good thing considering the hardware here.

    ……Also, insert obligatory “Where’s Skype, updated PSP compatibility and PS1 compatibility?!” here. As this is what I care about MOST.

  • I also Agree 1000% with No.53’s Comments.

    He speaks pure truth.
    He is also mirroring how we REALLY feel at this point about the Vita.

    I broke down and bought an Ipad 3 because I was so disappointed with Vita so far.

  • Thank you Sony! this is what I was waiting for, nice fun little apps that take use of the vitas features, except the alarm clock thing is a bit weird.

  • Do you get a trophy if you wake up early?

    That’d be funny seeing a trophy guide for that =)


  • @SimGrave well well well said nice ypu my friend have got it rite! HOW CAN SONT NOT WOW YOU SHOULD BE RUNNING THE SHOW STRAIGHT UP <<<<<<<<GIVE HIM A JOB SO HE CAN SHOW YA HOW IT SHOULD BE AND SHOULD OF BEEN FROM DAY 1!!!!!

  • Definitely looking forward to trying these out!

    On a semi-related note, any reason why the Netflix app doesn’t work on 3G? All of my other 3G enabled devices can do this :/

  • This is so cool! I’m glad we’re getting some more free goodies.

  • WOW, i wish sony would add “Youtube” apps.. idc about other apps =\

  • Wow! I did’nt think so many things woud be free on the vita and I gotta say I’m loving the idea. I don’t want to be rude but, please make a Adobe Flash update soon or make a Youtube app i’d be fine with that and please make it sub-account enabled- no offense, it’s annoying. And anyone who’s curious, LBP Vita comes out 26th of May and Skype comes later this April. (Date not specified but confirmed.)

  • I don’t want to sound like the rest of the impatient folks here, but many of them do have a point. There were promises made as to the quality of the experience this device was supposed to provide. Making promises and then getting around to them are not the best way to handle things and while I know the PS4 is not coming for a year or two you can’t do the same thing with that as you are doing here and expect to hold your market share. The Vita’s sales are slipping because you’re neglecting what the purpose of the device, GAMES! Sure fun apps are great for casuals and novelty, you need games on this thing. Remote play is only so effective even if it was enabled which it’s not apparently, you have a lot of lag that can not be overcome due to the nature of the technology which means you need games that are present on the vita itself. and to speed that along you need PSP, PS1 and PSMinis support on the device. Either speed this along or tell us WHEN so we know when to suggest the vita to friends without embarrassment!

  • As for the Flash player issue. Adobe said they weren’t supporting Mobile flash beyond it’s current version, that doesnt mean they can’t or won’t develop it for the Vita. I just wouldnt expect it so soon. And besides you dont need Flash for youtube, you just need a browser that will view the MP4 versions of videos rather than the FLVs.

  • That alarm clock app seems very unique! It’s an interesting spin on waking up. I can’t wait to try it once Black Friday rolls around. That is, if Sony has addressed the silly launch issues like with the terrible browser, oh and skype so we can stop people from whining about it. every. single. post. (I really don’t care about skype since I can use it on my computer? and I barely talk with people on there too), and PS1 / minis functionality. The PS1 thing is one of the things I’m most looking forward to though, but surely you guys will have that all sorted out come November. I have faith in you! oh and Cross platform play (other than save data) would be interesting but that’s probably not coming out for a few years or so even though it was demoed with Killzone 3, but it’s not holding back my purchase so take your time on that. One of the main games I’m very much looking forward to is Gravity Rush! First game I’m buying when I get a Vita =D

  • Guys, I’m sure they are not pushing aside any larger things like games and ps1 compatibility for apps like this. They have many development groups who are working on all of this. Small insignificant apps like this just take much less time to make, hence they come out sooner.

  • @89 actually there are games out now that use cross game play where you can play against people on ps3 and/or vita like wipeout and a fight games don’t remember which and that pool game and I’m pretty sure there are others has well

    and what you are talking about is remote play where you play your ps3 games on the vita

    btw remote play isn’t laggy I have hardly any lag and is just has responsive has if I was playing it on my ps3 that all depends on your router internet connection your internet speed and how you have you ps3 hooked on to the internet since the wifi on the ps3 isn’t great which is why allot of people suggest using wired

    and the browser is fine not the best (which is what everyone wants) but it is still pretty good for not being the main focus of the system

    and about playing psp games that is what I have my psp for and for minis and ps1 games I have my ps3 and psp to play them on

  • That Alarm clock looks fantastic. Now give me calendar calculator and a usable browser.

  • How can you invite people from your psn friends list? I cannot find a way to do this. I create a room and try to have a friend join me but they do not see the room that i have created and it does the same if they create a room.

  • How in the world do you “invite” people like you claim for us to be able to do? There is literally NO option for this in “Paint Park”, unless this is limited to local “friends” then you should have REALLY specified that in the “Instruction Manual”. I am so glad this is free because if I had paid money for this, because I would have expected to be able to play this with my friends, I would seriously of stomped on my PSN Card because I would be so infuriated by this.

    For now I sincerely give this one star in the PlayStation Store until you can absolutely fix this.

    Please and Thank you :)

  • Where are the ps3 games on vita ??? That was what caught my attention on the psvita presentation, but you guys have not talk about it since the psvita realease. When we are going to see all that promises come true ? Or it was another marketing tactic to induce ganers to buy it just to leave them with out it later ?
    We lose OtherOs on ps3 and now we dont get ps3 games on vita nor more psp games nor ps1 games, what is happening i love sony consoles, but you guys need to start doing what you promise for your loyal buyers.

  • Never mind, I know now that the game is only to LOCAL PLAYERS even though they made it sound like in the manual that it wasn’t -_-, playstation you really effed up by making this only frickin ad hoc. I hope you are happy, and by the way, this officially stays a one star in my book +_+…

  • Awesome apps and I like that they added more to it than just an alarm, puzzle or paint tool. Keep more of them coming and add trophies!!

  • I know they promised feaatures to come soon, but how soon is ‘soon’, or ‘shortly after launch’. If you guys feel these timeframes have already come and gone then that would be considered false advertising. You should check out hbow that accusation isz affecting mass effectg 3 right now.we’re not just gamers, we’re consumers. Anyone saying sony’s actually working on such features need to link their sources, cause unless it’s official, it’s all just assumptions. All they need is to update us with the state of those promised features after all.

  • Man I am so glad I took my vita back the day after I bought it on March 1st. I tryed all the free apps it had at the time and all its demo’s and that pathetic stone age camera that it has built in. Its a HD video age so why in a new tec would they put VGA camera on it lol. Don’t give me a pathetic excuse its for the augmented games cause my 4th gen Ipod touch has augmented reality games to and the camera is a HD 720p camera as well built in it. Don’t troll my comment on its camera saying its not HD cause do us all a favor and go google it or look it up and don’t look stupid before you tell me different. Vita was over hyped to make sony a quick buck and I’m glad I returned mine before getting stuck with that 250 dollar paper weight.

  • I’m happy about not buying one at launch myself.I wonted one and was going to get it but for some strange reason waited.Thank god I didn’t wast 300 to400$.So many complaints,troubles,and broken promises.I.ll wait for next year when I get it like I wont ,with everything on it,dropped price,cheaper used games and memory card.That,s a shame too.You could have full price from me and who knows how many others.With my son in I.T.development I know these things are on the I.T.guys desk at sony.Sony has some of the best in the world.It is there,they are being held back for some reason,this should be so easy for them.

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