Skullgirls Hits PSN April 10th, Full Demo Details

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Skullgirls Hits PSN April 10th, Full Demo Details

Hey everybody! Now that I’m finally able to answer the two questions everyone’s been asking, the PlayStation.Blog has graciously allowed me to address you again. Without further ado…

Skullgirls will (finally) be released in North America on PSN on April 10th for $14.99, with a European release in the following weeks. While that sinks in, check out the trailer for our eighth playable character, the disturbing Double.

fighting game…

…With endless hours of online, genre-refining gameplay by a tournament champ…

…With an amazing cast of characters, realized with stunning and smooth high-resolution 2D animation…

…For $14.99.

Of course, for any lingering skeptics and fence-sitters, we’ve prepared a great trial version to highlight Skullgirls’ real, honest fighting.

The trial version features:

  • Two Characters, Filia and Cerebella
  • An abbreviated Arcade Mode, with three AI battles
  • Local versus play, limited to duo teams
  • Four tutorials
  • Practice Room


All in all, the trial should let you get a feel for Skullgirls’ fundamentals, experience the power and gameplay depth of two characters and get a taste of the single player content, all while leaving you wanting more.

You may want to pick the game up soon and start practicing, though, because Autumn Games will be sponsoring a number of tournaments throughout the spring and summer. The winners of each tournament will get a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind FoeHammer custom Skullgirls fight stick like the one below.


Each stick is unique, and you can see more pictures of these amazing sticks on our Flickr page.

So far, we’ve announced four tournaments:

  • Texas Showdown Championships : Houston – April 6-8
  • PowerUp : Cincinnati – April 13-15
  • Stunfest : Rennes, France – April 13-15
  • ESC – The Elite Series at Wizard World Toronto Comicon : Toronto – April 14-15

Many more will be added in the coming weeks, so check out our website to see if there will be a tournament near you!

Thanks for reading, and we can’t wait to fight you online next week!

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  • I’m with the wanting it on Vita crowd too. I’d buy it a second time for Vita if that was the case.

  • I one hundred percent agree with Sevyne….on both points made. People who are complaining about the price are out of their minds. Just shows the have no appreciation for the hard work that goes into these games they play. Sad, really….but on another note, bringing Skullgirls to the Vita would absolutely NOT be sad. Doooooo it, pleaaaaaase!! :D Great job, so psyched to buy and play this! Been waiting for ages, whats three more days?

  • I also agree because if it be release for the vita that will be awesome on the go and I would buy it day one( hopefully it become retail too because I would not mind buying it at a store) This game is what fighter fan want I mean blazblue will always be nice and capcom to me had been letting me down lately as a fan. Skullgirls will be fighting gamer fan dream and win fighting game of the year, Also I have one question hopefully you do not mind anwser that: Will you release a collection edition artbook with all the skecthes to the fan art? because the artwork and graphics is totally amazing as a fan and I love the art of this game would mind having it in a book. Also I wish the best for the company that Skullgirls get the proper spotlight to represent the company well because it deserve to be treated well with respect and the company put there hard work into this beautiful gem. I cannot wait til tuesday because it going to be a freaking awesome day when I get this gem of a game. SKULLGIRLS will be AWESOME!!!!

  • Will their definatly be a EU release on PSN? Because I’ve only read news of a US release. Please reply would be a big help

    • Yeah, there will definitely be a EU and ANZ PSN release. It will just be a short time after the US release.

  • interesting game , i have not play a game since marvel vs capcom 3 , but those it have throphys anyone knows

  • TCrookz, there will be a EU release a week or so, after the US release. Most likely due to the Sony Corp in EU.

    Scarlet, yes there will be trophies, if I recall there will only be 8 as of now.

  • @Peter I don’t think so… you may be underestimating how good the PS Vita’s D-Pad is, but you could always add some touch functionality to even up the field ;)

  • P.S You could make that argument for regular online play on PS3 or 360 and I personally prefer a Dualshock than a stick (blasphemy) and the PS Vita’s D-Pad and buttons are really good not to mention that you get to play it on the go as well!

  • ah great man thanks for the reply. can’t wait to get my hands on this

  • Peter, you have to save me from UMvC3. Get it out of my Vita. Give me Skullgirls.

    With how much time I could spend in the lab on the Vita, I would just LOVE Skullgirls to be in it. I would buy it again.

  • at what time EST this game will be released to PSN, i have been counting the minute since i woke up today.

  • Been excited for this since I saw that first Filia picture from January 19, 2008

    You better believe I’m demanding everyone I know to buy it. I’m pretty sure I convinced at least 5 to 10 people.

  • Why is this game so differet then every other fightiong game? what makes it special? High frame rate? OOOOOooo… What about gameplay wise?

  • Desperately awaiting Skullgirls for the EU PSN store! Any idea what day its gonna be on there? I’ve been checking it daily, I’m so eager to get stuck into it, definitely buying it the second its on the store! There is seriously nothing I can fault with what I’ve seen of it, and I’m sure the gameplay wont be a disappointment; all of my friends have the game now, I am immensely jealous!

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