Skullgirls Hits PSN April 10th, Full Demo Details

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Skullgirls Hits PSN April 10th, Full Demo Details

Hey everybody! Now that I’m finally able to answer the two questions everyone’s been asking, the PlayStation.Blog has graciously allowed me to address you again. Without further ado…

Skullgirls will (finally) be released in North America on PSN on April 10th for $14.99, with a European release in the following weeks. While that sinks in, check out the trailer for our eighth playable character, the disturbing Double.

fighting game…

…With endless hours of online, genre-refining gameplay by a tournament champ…

…With an amazing cast of characters, realized with stunning and smooth high-resolution 2D animation…

…For $14.99.

Of course, for any lingering skeptics and fence-sitters, we’ve prepared a great trial version to highlight Skullgirls’ real, honest fighting.

The trial version features:

  • Two Characters, Filia and Cerebella
  • An abbreviated Arcade Mode, with three AI battles
  • Local versus play, limited to duo teams
  • Four tutorials
  • Practice Room


All in all, the trial should let you get a feel for Skullgirls’ fundamentals, experience the power and gameplay depth of two characters and get a taste of the single player content, all while leaving you wanting more.

You may want to pick the game up soon and start practicing, though, because Autumn Games will be sponsoring a number of tournaments throughout the spring and summer. The winners of each tournament will get a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind FoeHammer custom Skullgirls fight stick like the one below.


Each stick is unique, and you can see more pictures of these amazing sticks on our Flickr page.

So far, we’ve announced four tournaments:

  • Texas Showdown Championships : Houston – April 6-8
  • PowerUp : Cincinnati – April 13-15
  • Stunfest : Rennes, France – April 13-15
  • ESC – The Elite Series at Wizard World Toronto Comicon : Toronto – April 14-15

Many more will be added in the coming weeks, so check out our website to see if there will be a tournament near you!

Thanks for reading, and we can’t wait to fight you online next week!

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  • Hell YEAH! Been waiting so long for this. A must have for anyone who likes fighters.

  • wow this drops on my birthday!!! what a good b-day present from SONY! :) it would be even better if ti was A FREE Bday present :) but its still good :)

  • Been waiting for this game forever. Can’t wait for the update next week :)

  • Looks interesting, will have to definitely try the demo

  • Since no one asked for it yet: what about a Vita version? :)

    As a matter of fact, I think every PSN game should have one.

    • No plans for one at the moment, but a lot of people are asking for one and I’m making sure that our publisher knows that.

  • Finally, I’ve been waiting forever for this to come out. Journey, Skullgirls, and Lolipopchainsaw look like the only decent things to play that are coming out. SSX was a dissapointment.

  • 14.99 …. thats pretty steep for such ah low roster. il give the demo a try. if any good i will make a purchase.

  • My God. What the hell is Double? Did she actually turn herself inside out? Sick!!!!!! And here I thought Pinwheel was bad. I am actually looking forward for DLC for this game. I want to see more characters like these. You guys give Guilty Gear a run for their money with weird characters. They are right up there with Faust and his giant scalpel

  • A. The custom fighting stick is awesome.

    B. Will there be a PS+ discount, because $15 is a bit much with so many other fighting games on the market?

  • I NEED this game now.

    Tell me there will be a tournament somewhere in North Carolina…please.

    • Sorry, but we’re pretty much attending all the Evo qualifiers, and they’re not having one in North Carolina.

      Looks like the closest to you would be the Midwest Championships in Nashville, TN, or CEO in Orlando, FL.

  • Just because Capcom has over saturated the fighting genre, you’re asking the developer of an Indie game to price it cheaper? That logic is terrible, especially when sales are going to be the number 1 determining factor in the fruitation and future of this franchise.

    Anyway, this will be a day one purchase for me as well! Big fighting game fan, and been waiting for this forever. I’m hoping it lives up to the hype it’s received in the community.

  • At last, the long wait will finally be over. Can’t wait to purchase this on Tuesday. Being a scrub, it’s probably going to take me forever to get the hang of Parasoul.

    Also, I think I remember hearing there would be PSN avatars for Skullgirls. Any idea when we can expect those?

    • We are working on PSN avatars, but they haven’t been made yet and Sony’s approval time takes a while, too.

      We’re trying to give you a great value for them and a lot of variety. In fact, a certain April Fool’s Day joke might… Oh no, I’ve said too much!

  • Been waiting for this for a long time. Glad it got such a close release date. I read somewhere that you guys were doing something for handhelds next year as well. SO STOKED!!!

  • Is this the game that supposedly breaks infinite combos when it detects a player using one?

  • “with a European release in the following weeks”

    Weeks? WEEKS?! But I want to give you my money NOW! T_T

    I guess it still beats waiting over a year for Arcana Heart 3.

  • Can’t wait and glad that there will be a demo! Really hoping a PS Vita version comes out after watching Pulse footage on it!

  • Will there be DLC or even a Super Skullgirls version?

    • We are working on DLC characters, but we don’t know how many we’ll be making yet.

      And there will not be a “Super Skullgirls,” but we do plan on updating and improving the game with free patches.

  • Can’t wait to make a Valentine-Miss Fortune team.

  • I haven’t been following this super closely but I did really want to check it out. If I don’t get to buy it next week, I’ll buy it the following week for sure (wallet seems to be getting lighter and lighter these days). 2D fighters have always been the best kind in my opinion :D

    And since this isn’t being handled by a certain company, I’m assuming I don’t have to worry about Super Ultra Skulgirls Arcade EX+ edition coming out 6 months later (you’ll wait at least 7, right?)

    • 8 months, just for you.

      Nah, we don’t plan on doing anything like that. We do plan on releasing free updates, though.

  • YES! I’m buying Skullgirls DAY ONE! Can’t wait!

    Also, will the Skullgirls PSN avatars be released alongside the game? I’d like to buy all of the avatars too.

    • Avatars take a long time to approve, so unfortunately they won’t be released alongside the game. We are working on them, though, and they should be a great value and have a lot of variety.

    • Oh, and thanks in advance for your purchase!

  • Totally getting this day one.

  • where is the Vita version? I will only buy it for my Vita!!!

    • No plans for a Vita version yet, but I’m letting our publisher know that pretty much everybody is asking for one.

  • awesome, day one purchase for sure.

  • I can’t help but be skeptical about fighters anymore. Blazblue was great, MK was solid but Capcom has all but killed my faith in the genre.

    I still plan on getting this but be warned. Pulling that crapcom micro BS…either give me the entire game or let ME…again ME unlock things. Not my wallet.

    • We’ll have some DLC colors and characters in the future, but there are colors and stages to unlock in the game, too.

  • $15 is steep!? For a fighting game?

    Let me put it in perspective:

    1) For $15, you get a game with no annoying, overpowered comeback mechanics.
    2) For $15, you get a game where you won’t get stuck in high/low unblockable situations.
    3) For $15, you get a game where you won’t get infinitely looped into death combos because you got hit once.
    4) For $15, you get an almost infinite variety of assists thanks to its custom assist feature.
    5) For $15, you get more than just 8 alternate colors.
    6) For $15, you can have 90+ possible matchups, even if it’s just 8 characters, thanks to its ratio system.
    7) For $15, you get a game designed by a tournament player, with proper training mode and practice room features.
    8) For $15, you get a streamlined online interface with GGPO done right.
    9) For $15, you get a game with 8 completely unique characters that aren’t clones of each other.

    Most importantly,
    10) For $15, you won’t get a game that will be immediately made obsolete by a sequel a few months later.

    There’s something wrong with your head if a fully-featured fighting game for $15 is somehow considered STEEP.

  • guitalex2007 thos are not good reasons. 15 is to steep. name a few more reasons and maybe, just maybe il get it. :)

  • i agree with spiritthief, i want to unlock the stuff in the game with my own ability, and not real life money. please dont follow in capcoms footsteps.

  • If those aren’t good reasons for you, then don’t bother.

    This game wasn’t made with your wallet in mind. $15 for a fighting game is extremely inexpensive.

    Or would you rather have Street Fighter x Tekken, pay $60 and have infinite combos?

    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, pay $40 and only face the same handful of characters online, and die if you get hit once by means of a long, inescapable combo that they will just repeat on the next character until you lose?

    Soul Calibur V for $60? Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v2012 for $40?

    Hell, why don’t you tell me of the existence of a fighting game in the current generations that is less than $15? $15 is the price of a ticket to see a movie.

    Would you rather pay $15 for a fair fighting game? Or keep paying $60 for games that are imbalanced, don’t teach you anything, and have locked content in the disc that you’ll have to pay more for?

  • $15 and it’s going to have online win achievements just like Capcom fighters, I’m guessing.

    Mmmmm… pass. Guilty Gear: XX: Accent Core+ AND Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown are rumored to be hitting in the summer. I’ll check Skullgirls demo out, but I’m more hyped toward those than a new IP, honestly.

  • @29, none of the achievements are online.

  • yes another fighting game to get good at

  • guitalex2007 how do you know if all those possitives you mentioned wont show up in the full game ? i will play the demo first before i spend an extra 5. i know demos dont always give a game justice but it will have an impack on my decision.

  • Wow! It’s going to be a busy downloading day next Tuesday. Definitely a day one purchase for me.

  • @ antiheroforhire
    Thank’s for sharing your opinion even though I didn’t ask for it… now BLOW!!!

  • Peter Bartholow those reasons are much better. il be sure to pick this up now :)

  • warriorprincess8

    Day 1 purchase for me, this game has been on my radar for awhile. Would also love to purchase a Skullgirls fight stick, please tell me they will be available to purchase? I would love to play this game on the Ps Vita, that would also be a day 1 buy for me if it is released. Can’t wait to fight with Peacock she is my fav!

    • Thanks so much!

      Hopefully after the game is out, the sales numbers will pique the interest of Madcatz and we can get some reasonably-priced sticks for everyone to buy!

  • I have been waiting for this game for a long while. This is my dream game, with it’s artistic design, the characters personalities, the way the game is functioned, it’s just perfect. I’m overflowed with joy… YAY WOHOOO FINALLY!!!
    Though I feel guilty for paying such a small cost of $15 for such an awesome game. Also… iwanttoknowaboutthebossthatissupposedlyinthegame.IthinkIhaveagoodIdeaofwhoitis.Willtheybeadlceventually?enoughsaid,Ican’tsaytoomuch…

  • The second this game hits PSN stores…i’ll be the first one to download it and then straight to practice mode!

  • That is one nice looking fight stick there. Wish I could get it.

    But yeah, looking forward to getting the game this next Tuesday. Can’t wait to try out Valentine.

  • Definitely a day one purchase on my end as well. Is the demo out right now or do we have to wait a little longer? If it is out, best believe I shall go download it now.

    • The demo will be released the same time the game is – the semi-usual trial/unlock model you see with a lot of games.

      And thanks in advance for your purchase! It really means a lot to us.

  • Also, my friend will laugh when he sees this trailer. I think he is the only one in my group of friends who knows the little shooting game shown in this trailer. xD

  • Can ‘t wait to buy it. I will be waiting on those dlc characters/avatars too. Can we get a dynamic or regular theme too while you all are at it?lol

  • Since there will be DLC characters… how much will each one cost or will they be free? Moreover, any plans for themes for the PS3 or at least a few images at PS Vita resolution for us to use as background?

    P.S If a PS Vita version did ever happen would be great if it had cross-platform playability with the PS3 version!

    • DLC characters won’t be free, but we don’t know what the price will be yet. They’ll be cheaper than BlazBlue’s, though!

      I don’t see any reason why cross-platform online play with the Vita wouldn’t be possible, but… would it be unfair? Vita controls would probably not be as good, especially if you’re up against someone with a stick.

  • Holy crap, it’s about time. Been waiting over a year for this.

  • Is the Demo for skullgirls already out? I can’t find it on PSN.

  • I’ve been waiting ages for this :D
    Shame that I can’t get it yet because EU PSN. Not happy about that :(
    How many weeks will this be or will like Trine 2 again and I’ll be waiting around 3 months?

    • We’re still waiting to hear from SCEE, but I’m confident it won’t be anywhere near 3 months.

  • For those wondering, I assume the demo will be out the same day the game release on said system. (aka Ps3 on April 10th and Xbox on April 11th)

  • if that the case, i don’t need the Demo since i will be buying the game the day it’s comes out

  • Pretty much lol

  • The fact that I am seeing people say $15 for a full fledged, fully featured, amazingly crafted, and beautifully animated fighting game is expensive? Did you want it for free or something? I swear some people are so cheap.

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