Way of the Samurai 4 Coming Exclusively to PS3

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Way of the Samurai 4 Coming Exclusively to PS3

Way of the Samurai 4 for PS3

Say WotS?! You heard me right! Spike and Acquire’s Way of the Samurai 4 is confirmed for release in North America on the PS3, and we at XSEED Games are pleased to be bringing it to you fully uncut and uncensored. Torture chambers, naughty midnight missions in the dark and all the brutal slaughtering you can handle await in this riveting and 100% historically accurate (shhhh!) sandbox-style samurai period drama.

Admiral Perry has just opened Japan’s borders to the British, allowing for a long-overdue globalization process to begin. Unfortunately, one of the open ports happens to be a modest Japanese burg called Amihama, where a resistance group known as the “Disciples of Prajna” have taken up arms against the arriving foreigners and all who support them.

As a lone samurai who’s just arrived amidst the chaos, it’s up to you whether you want to join forces with the Prajna resistance, fight alongside the foreigners in the name of progress or take your stance somewhere between the two by supporting the local government’s attempts to quell the violence (through any means possible).

Way of the Samurai 4 for PS3

…Or you could just hit on all the local women, deck out your samurai in wildly anachronistic (and highly customizable) gear, murder and deceive your way into positions of power, learn English and schmooze with the foreigners, or while away your time in the Eastern-style gambling den or Western-style casino.

Way of the Samurai 4 for PS3

You have complete freedom to play the game however you wish, and the possibilities are certain to defy your expectations — often in a nearly surrealistic manner!

For the man who’s always looking to thrust his sword into something new and different, Way of the Samurai 4 delivers. Never the same game twice, this is historic fiction at its best. Viva la WotS! Banzai!

(Oh, and we don’t have a release date or pricing info for you just yet, but we will soon. Stay tuned!)

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  • Einhander138, I understand your frustration…and I share it, to a degree. That said, XSEED takes very little risk in releasing digitally as opposed to physical retail discs. I would love to have the disc for a number of reasons that are likely of no consequence as to why the decision is made; collectiblity, reservations on hard drive space, etc.

    Bottom line, I was speaking rhetorically when I made reply #28. I’m pretty sure Tom will come back to confirm this, but I can all but guarantee digital only is the route they’re taking, and it’s primarily due to the market demographic support for this title. Sure, we are excited for it…but how many units do you suppose WotS3 moved in North America? Was it enough for Agetec to make a profit? While this may be one of my favorite series, I can certainly recognize I populate a niche market most publisher simply won’t risk. In that respect, I can only thank XSEED for taking ANY risk whatsoever on the release…

    …let it be said, however, I do want a disc!

  • @ Einhander138

    I think you should cut XSEED some slack …the types of games they localize aren’t exactly million sellers you know. By going DD they save on the costs that physical distribution requires, which is a pretty big deal for smaller companies like XSEED. Really, you should be glad that you’re getting these localizations at all.

    (btw i came back cause i remembered i dont have a xbox lol)

  • @Tom Lipschultz

    1.Will way of the samurai 4 have real time playable action sequences & if so will they be around the same caliber as games like say god of war 3 ect…?

    2.Also will way of the samurai 4 be a mature game & if so will way of the samurai 4 have the same kind of quality mature content gamers come to expect from mature games of this nature?

    3.When will we hear more information regarding this title?

    Thank You!

    • #1 – The game is a hack-and-slash action title, though combat is a bit more nuanced than in God of War. It’s less about fast-paced over-the-top techniques, and more about matching your opponent’s stance, predicting his/her moves and customizing both your weapon and fighting style to your own preferences.

      #2 – We haven’t gotten the game rated by the ESRB just yet, but we’re anticipating an M rating. There’s definitely plenty of quality mature content contained within.

      #3 – We’re working on quite a few titles right now, so it’s hard to say. Just keep an eye on the PS Blog, our Facebook, our Twitter and/or our forums, and we’ll announce more information as soon as it’s available to us.

  • @43. NISA have very, very limited print runs with the physical copies going for ludicrous prices 3-6 months after the game is released due to the run being exhausted. Gust games are published by NISA and the former sentence applies.

    Its hardly a perfect system. Nor is it evidently a profitable one in large quantities as they rarely do second print runs. If the demand for boxed set NISA JRPGs was so great, they’d be flying off the shelves and they’re simply not. Most boutique stores get 1-3 copies of a given NISA and those are mostly on order. A lot of larger retail chains don’t even carry these games.

    I’d refer you to the recent Jack Niidia (NIS America producer) interview on The-O Network Online where he discusses the most recent PSN/ PS3 title (L-something, can’t recall) and their decision to do a digital only release. So again, even the blessed NISA is seeing the wisdom in pursuing this route. I doubt it will be their first and only dip in the pool with this sort of release either.

  • @43 Yeah, it’s going to be DD only.
    They’ve released Solatorobo and Fishing Resort as the only physical releases after Trails in the Sky.
    Corpse Party, DD, Unchained Blades, DD, Sumioni, DD, Wizardy, DD, this, DD.
    Trails in the Sky 2 will likely be DD, unfortunately.

    I’d be surprised if Grand Knight’s History doesn’t end up DD either.

    The Last Story, yes I know it’s a physical release, but it’s a higher profile title, and on Wii, which is kind of hard to make it DD only.

  • Thanks! Please bring as many games to PS3 and Vita as possible!!

  • I just want to take an opportunity to thank Tom for his up-front and timely replies. I know we can be a bit hard on the studio-heads that drop by on this blog, but it’s simply because we have an immense amount of passion for what we enjoy occupying our time with.

    While I can’t say I’m 100% satisfied with the decision to go digital only, I’ll figure out some way to support the release by deleting some old stuff. I’m grateful the company sees any market whatsoever to support this game, so I’ll support your decision with a purchase!

  • I really want this game after read about it. But anyway Einhander138, I have to agree with you, I prefer a physical release, Because you can get it cheaper at Gamestop, Bestbuy, Amazon, ect…When DD’s NEVER drops in price.

  • So it’s only a PSN release? :(
    I hope you reconsider in releasing a Physical copies.

  • @49 Again. Drama. And you never give any sorts of qualifiers or apply rationale to your statements. “Why” does going digital completely cut you out of XSEED’s market. Perhaps if you would explain yourself or provide valid arguments that are applicable to today’s market, you would be adding to the discussion. Instead you just come off as entitled and angry.

    No one at XSEED is personally attacking you – and that’s a bit bizarre that you would think they were; they are making the best business decision for themselves and their customer base. If you find yourself at odds with DD, you might want to check out of the JRPG/ niche genre entirely, because that’s the only safe ecosystem for these games to thrive on. Retailers won’t stock them unless their heavily Westernized or branded with SE, Capcom or Konami, so you’re S.O.L.

  • Again, our only choices are to release DD or not release the game at all.

    We regret losing some customers as a result of this decision, but if we didn’t release this game DD, we’d lose ALL of our customers, since there would simply be no game for us to release.

    We care quite a bit. If we didn’t, we’d simply pass on releasing the title altogether. But we care enough to make sure it can be played and enjoyed by English-speakers. And in the end, that’s what’s important here.

    Personally, I’d say give digital a chance. It’s not as bad as you think!

  • Actually, I’ve responded personally to just about every one of your comments. Check page 1 again.

  • @51.

    Trails in the Sky: $29.99 US on Gamestop (and in-store only, so good luck hunting)
    Trails in the Sky PSN: $14.99

    Wild Arms XF: $19.99 US on Gamestop (again, in-store only)
    Wild Arms XF: $9.99

    Your logic is flawed.

  • There’s a big difference between not listening and listening, but not being able to do as we’re requested.

    We’re aware that many customers refuse to buy digital games. And whenever possible, we will always release our titles both physically and digitally — and we still have physical releases on the horizon.

    But sometimes, for internal reasons we’re not able to share, it’s simply not possible to release a game physically. And this is one such occasion.

    We’d love to release this game physically. But we just can’t. Please try to understand that.

    (And once again, I’d suggest you give digital a chance. A game is a game — it’s just as fun whether it’s being played from a disc or a hard drive. By refusing to play digital titles, you’re really cutting yourself off from some great games…)

  • We still do have physical releases on the horizon, actually. It’s just much tougher to justify physical releases in today’s market — especially if you’re a tiny company like us.
    We do our best, though.

    I at the very least hope Trails in the Sky 2 and the Ys IV Vita remake are two of those, being the main titles I care about in your Falcom partnership.
    I’d like TT as well, but TitS 2 at least gives me the “continuation” of Estelle and Joshua.

  • @55. “I don’t buy digital”, is not a reason, that is a statement of the result. For what REASON do you not buy digital?

    “It’s insulting, frankly.” Your statement, from comment #49. Correct me if I’m wrong, but as its written, that implies that XSEED has in some way caused YOU insult. An insult is a form of verbal abuse, an ATTACK, if you will. I don’t know if you don’t think before you type or what, but take a second before your next reply to compose your thoughts. It would be better for us all.

  • @Einhander Aksys have already said that SCEA’s(that is, SONY’S) policies prevented Arcana Heart 3 from getting a disc release in the US.

    So I guarantee XSeed has nothing to do with this. Check your facts.

  • I wouldn’t bother responding to Einhander138 at this point Tom. It’s obvious to us all that you’ve taken the time to explain, clearly, and patiently, why it is the way it is and there simply is no pleasing him at this point.

    I have to give you credit, you do the PR role proud in keeping a cool head despite the constant prodding here. Best of luck to you all in the success of WotS4. I’ll be doing my part.

    • Thanks for the kind words. We really don’t like to see people upset or disillusioned with us, though, so we always make an effort to discuss matters like this with our fans whenever we can. Even if we can’t change their minds or get our points across, at least we’ll be engaging them in dialogue. And in the end, that’s a lot better than simply staying quiet and leaving them to wonder what we really think.

  • Is there any content cut for the international release? I’m asking because there are some elements (mainly “nightcrawling” Laura, the girl on the left in the 3rd pic) that seem like it could happen. I’m really against buying games with content cut from the international release on principle, regardless of what the content was.

    Secondary questions:
    Any info on price?
    What about the DLC? Will it be free for early purchasers as it was in Japan?

  • <"And whenever possible, we will always release our titles both physically and digitally"

    Honestly, that's all I ask, because that's a win for everyone.

    But your track record and consistent shift towards digital suggests what you are saying simply isn't true.

    "But sometimes, for internal reasons we’re not able to share, it’s simply not possible to release a game physically."

    Yes, I've heard that argument before, but Atlus, NISA and Aksys all suggest that the situation is different than you claim.

    And no, I will not give digital a chance. I would argue that this XSeed's current position is part of an attempt to kill the used games market, and it doesn't matter what your customers have to say, you're not going to listen.

    • I’m sure the situation is different… for those companies.

      But we’re not those companies. We’re actually quite a bit smaller than any of them. Our business model is different by necessity.

  • Any word on the price (WotS)?

    Also, Please bring Trails in the Sky 2 & 3.

    Thank you,

    • No price announcement just yet. We’ll let you guys know as soon as we’ve reached a decision on that front.

      As for Trails 2 and 3, we’re doing our best… but those games are seriously massive! It’s going to be a good, long while yet before we have any solid news to give on any future Trails releases.

  • @58

    Instead of trying to be a pseudo-intellectual, try reading what I actually say.

  • @59

    If that’s the case, then we should be hearing it, not the vague “reasons we can’t divulge” line.

    • As I just posted in our forums:

      Business is business. We have NDAs and relationships with companies both domestic and foreign to think about. Without upholding our NDAs and our relationships with outside companies, we’ll never be trusted by any game developers, and thus never be able to release any games.

      I’d love to give you the full list of reasons as to why we can’t release this game (or any of our DD-only games) physically… but by doing so, I’d be breaking my NDA and would likely not only get fired, but potentially damage XSEED’s relationship with numerous companies, harming the company’s reputation and maybe even putting it out of business.

      Bottom line, business relationships trump full disclosure. All I can do is assure you guys that there ARE reasons — we’re not just releasing this game (or any other) DD-only for the hell of it, nor are we doing it because we’re cheap or too scared to take a risk. We’re doing it because we have to.

  • Yeah, I’m checking out too. Enhander’s frothing rants have completely derailed what should be a celebratory thread on a niche title making it West. Keep up the good work Tom and all the guys and gals at XSEED. I’ll be buying most of what you put out regardless of the format.

    P.S. Einhander, if you think NISA isn’t shifting toward DD, you are utterly delusional. See: Legasista. Atlus does PSN only games now too: Trine, Rock of Ages. Do note that you haven’t provided any actual, founded in reality counterpoints or arguments, just aspersions. If you want boxed games so badly, learn Japanese/ Kanji and import. There are no region locks on the PSP/ Vita/ PS3. Good luck in 5-10 years (tops) though when even the Japanese market makes the shift to DD.

  • I’m there day 1. I was afraid I’d have to import the EU release, but this is leagues better. I play WOTS3 on a daily basis, and I always wished it were available for digital download. This is spectacular news!

  • Sad to see another release sabotaged by SCEA’s absurd requirement for every disc release to have english voice acting.

    I remember hearing that this game had some kind of online element where you could invade other player’s games a la Dark Souls. Will american players be able to invade the games of EU and JP players?

    • American players for sure, but international support for online components has yet to be confirmed. We’ll be talking about this in more detail in a later update, though, so sit tight.

  • This is the best news I’ve heard in quite a while. I was worried WotS4 would never make it over to NA since it’s been out quite a while in Japan already with no word on localization. I’ve been a huge Acquire fan since the first Tenchu on the original PlayStation and I still own all of the other WotS games.

    Thank you XSEED!!!

  • I’d never heard of this series before this post, but I will definitely be picking this up once it’s released.

    I also didn’t realize XSeed had anything to do with bringing out the Shadow Hearts games until I saw the mention on the first page, but I would love to see those re-released either on the PS3 or VIta. The second game in particular was my favorite RPG on the PS2 next to Wild Arms 5. I’m sure the first would be tough to port because of the 2D rendered backdrops, but I would give anything to play this series on a current console. Feel free to skip porting the third game ;)

  • An PSN exclusive is good enough for me. I for one, Tom, will purchase it no matter what. People need to embrace digital content because its going to become much more common down the road. So many of you guys are caught up with buying and selling back the games, buying used, and only purchasing from brick and mortor stores. Im a PC gamer at heart and I like that the PSN is moving closer to Steam like service. XSEED is clearly one of the forefront of that future and I applaud you guys for it. So quit whining everyone and support the developer/publisher who appreciates gamers for being GAMERS.

  • An attempt to kill the used games market? Gee, aren’t we a conspiracy theorist.

    Fortunately you work in the industry, and I’m sure you have key insight as to how these things work, right?

  • @ 65 (tacotaskforce) I’m not sure where you came to this conclusion, but the Yakuza series says hello! The reasoning for the digital only release has nothing to do with what you outline above.

  • Huge fan of XSeed and, the other handful of companies that routinely take the time and resources to release great games to what many consider a niche audience and, a financial gamble.

    I, like many, would prefer a physical copy. However, not because I want the option to trade it back in afterwards or, want to purchase a cheaper used copy. Much like the Predator’s wall of skulls, I have a nice collection of titles on the shelf I keep as trophies of my favorite games finished. Looks like I’ll be importing a copy of this to join the collection but, I’ll be playing your digital release. Won’t be the first import on the shelf.

    Finally, love your jab at the “100% historically accurate”…. I consider myself a student of the Sengoku era and, love to play games set in 14th-15th century Japan. You’ll quickly learn the series doesn’t take it self too series (which is a good thing) after playing through missions in WotS 3 like finding the old lady’s missing underwear. Thanks for bringing this over… I look forward to more tongue and cheek samurai action.

  • Too bad it won’t be disc version. It would be great if it was but hey, digital version is better than nothing. Since it’s digital version, how big is the game?

  • @SarshelYam We’ll never know the reasons, but my best guess is that Sega has a heck of a lot more pull than XSeed. (And Yakuza’s a huge franchise in Japan.)

  • I think it’s great that XSeed cares enough to bring over any games to the US, no matter digital-only or not (and can I say THANK YOU for helping bring The Last Story over?). Maybe WotS4 being PSN exclusive will mean a lower price point compared to a retail release.
    And frankly, I’d do just about anything necessary to play the other two games in the Trails in the Sky trilogy. If buying WotS4 will help that cause even indirectly, I’m there.
    Thanks for being awesome, XSeed!

  • @SarahelYam SEGA is also one of the largest publishers in the industry. They have the pull to get around these requirements. Small publishers, like Xseed and Atlus, do not.

  • @Tom I wasn’t planning on buying this, but with your responses to Einhander138, you got a new customer. I know XSeed didn’t do Way of The Samurai 3, but would you recommend picking it up before this one? And if you know, are the other games in the series worth getting as well?

    • You definitely don’t need to play any prior Way of the Samurai game to understand this one. There are some easter eggs here and there, but nothing significant.

      Admittedly, I’m not much of an expert on the series (this was the first game in it that I spent any significant time with), but I’ve heard the first two in particular are great… and from what I played, the third seems quite excellent as well.

  • Hey Tom, thanks for releasing some great games that would never see the light of day here in the US without the help of your company.

    I’m wondering if you are looking into translating and releasing Corpse Party:Book of Shadows.

    • If by “looking into” you mean “pestering our marketing and acquisitions guy daily,” then yes, I am personally looking into it. ;) No word on whether or not we’re doing it, but you definitely have a friend on the inside!

  • I just glanced at the wikipedia article for this game and noticed that it was re-released recently in Japan with all the DLC bundled in. Do you guys plan to do this or will it be sold separately?

  • I want physical media. But I won’t say no to digital only.

    I will gladly support a company that says it would rather bring out a game than not even if it knows not everybody will be happy with the decision.

  • @gamedude79 If you like quirky open-world games, you should track down the rest of the series and give the Yakuza games a shot (pretty much open-world jrpgs).

  • hey tom will there be a chance that we will see The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki overhere or is that not likely.? love the game but my Japanese is not the best XD

  • Believe it or not but in the next 5-10 years all media will be in Digital form whether you like it or not. Cloud computing and gaming is already here for PC and it’s only natural consoles (if they still exist) will have it soon enough.

  • As someone else stated, i would love to see Ragnarok Odyssey come to the states, do you see this happening this year? I watched a gameplay video and am very intrigued about playing this game.

  • XSEED does your release of the last story offer a japanese dub with english subtitles?

    Please bring gundam games over here to the ps3 in the states. Dynasty Warriors Gundam is not enough.

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank y ou SO much XSEED!! This is excellent news and while I am a disgruntled game collector who is being dragged kicking and screaming to the digital download future I will still buy this. Thank you SO much for bringing this to the states!!

  • @95 He replied earlier (I think it was in response to one of my comments) that Trails 2&3 were the priority! So that means they’re being worked on. I’m sure that Zero will follow once those are out.

    And for all the trolling certain people have done in this thread regarding DD, it is by FAR the easiest delivery for niche games with this much text in them. You’re saving on production/ manufacturing costs right off the bat.

    I also cast my vote for Ragnarok Odyssey. The official XSEED forums thread on that request is over 100 pages now.

  • Man, Tom has some patience :) This looks like an interesting game. I’ve never played the series before — wondering if there will be a demo so people like me can get a taste of the game.

  • @Tom, for the love of God, give up, dude! To paraphrase Lincoln, you can please some of the people some of the time and some of the people…..never! And that latter group appears to live on the PS blog.

    But you know that.

    I love digital downloads. Because I’m too frakkin’ lazy to get up and swap out discs every day. I even bought a second PS3, upgraded to a 500 gig drive (easy, peasy to do!) and have downloaded like crazy.

    This is not my kind of game, maybe, but I am actually touched by your explanation that you had to go digital which you all decided was better than no game at all for us Americans. I am encouraged that the digital trend means more obscure games will become available for those of us who need to play games in English.

  • EyesBleedNoSleep

    Best news I have read all day! Thanks for all the great input Tom. I have been a fan of the WotS series since its debut on the PS2 in 2002. Been getting all the sequels ever since & this one will be no exception. You have already stated that the price is yet to be determined. But how about the space it will take on the PS3 HDD?
    I recently bought Warriors Orochi 3 on PSN and it’s a file size of 11GB. Will Way of the Samurai 4 be as hefty?
    I am still getting it regardless but I would like to know if I need to make room for this guarantee day one purchase.
    Thank You.

    • I don’t have an exact size yet (since PSN games get compressed quite tightly, I won’t have an exact size for you until closer to release), but it should be significantly smaller than that.

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