The Drop: Week of April 2nd 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of April 2nd 2012 New Releases

While taping episode 018 of PlayStation Blogcast, I learned that the Devil May Cry HD Collection was confirmed for release this week. Luckily for you Blogcast listeners, Nick edited out the full minute of joyful squealing that ensued — we need those ears for future episodes! So yes, I’ll be happy to see Devil May Cry: HD Collection come to PS3 this week on a single Blu-ray Disc.

On PSN, the vast and toxic environments of a post-apocalyptic Earth are your primary adversary as you fight to survive in I Am Alive. You’ll also get a front-row ticket to PSN multiplayer car combat with Wheels of Destruction: World Tour. Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

PlayStation 3

Devil May Cry: HD Collection — This action-packed set chronicles the complete adventures of Dante, the world’s toughest demon slayer, with Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition.

PlayStation Network

I Am Alive — In I Am Alive, players will be challenged by both their environment and their enemies. Stamina and resource management are key when being exposed to deadly atmospheres and scaling enormous buildings in search of supplies. The unique combat system requires players to utilize intimidation: cowards are easily swayed with an empty gun, while other enemies will put players to the test.

The Price Is Right: Decades — The Price Is Right Decades retains all of the treasured game play elements found in previous The Price Is Right games, including classics such as ‘Plinko,’ ‘The Big Wheel’ and the popular ‘Showcases,’ but also features never-seen before pricing games!

Wheels of Destruction: World Tour — In a lawless, post-apocalyptic world, Wheels of Destruction: World Tour is a demolish-or-be-demolished competition of extreme four-wheel wreckage. Players are pit against each other online in an arena of vehicular carnage in Capture the Flag and Deathmatch. Five distinct car classes make for deadly cutthroat car combat with a unique futuristic aesthetic – all powered by the Unreal Engine.

PS3 Demos

  • Warp
  • Time Machine: Rogue Pilot
  • I Am Alive


  • Canabalt
  • Farm Frenzy 2

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • i really hope this is some joke. I mean serious another week with nothing? this is just getting sad. I mean like i have said before im ok with no Vita games being released. Games take time to make, and really the only game im waiting on for April is Disgaea. But i would assume in the mean time it would be common sense to give us other things like oh i dont know PSP games? we still dont have some great classic which could be on the psn to bring in sales for you, but you refuse why? No Crisis Core, Kingdom Hearts, etc. all great games that can bring you (Sony) and the devs money because peopel demand it.

    Its sad how short lived the Vita is. i mean like i say time and time again if you cant bring in Vita items. bring out psp, or heck even ps1 games. granted we cant use ps1 games yet give us something that we can enjoy in the long run.

  • i have two questions

    1. when are we getting a hulu app on the vita?
    2. when are you gonna put final fantasy VII on the store so i can put it on my vita?

  • sorry i meant final fantasy VII crisis core for number 2

  • Wow you guys aren’t giving me a reason to purchase a Vita. >:[

  • @85 he is a troll just looking for Xbox Reassurance in here and failed miserably and I don’t blame the authors not replying that much considering how much stupidity and whining occurs on this blog on a regular basis some people really need to get a grip on reality

  • @103 skullgirls isn’t out this week on xbox live it is out April 11th and from what I have read it will probably be out April 10th on PSN

  • All I can see on here is people whining about not having games to play.

    I see most of the ones whining have PS3s and Vita. How can you not be entertained? I own a PS3 and a Vita, and I don’t even have TIME to enjoy the content I have. I own about 5 boxed games and 4 digital, along with 10 PSP games. I know you all hate being patient but please, if you want to be an early adopter of a brand new gaming system, you have to know all the best games aren’t going to come along within the first 2 months of launch…

  • oh my god
    im gonna get I am Alive
    right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @115 yes definitely people need to get a grip on reality and realize that the Vita hasn’t been out long and like you said the best games for it are yet to come when the PS3 first came out did the best games come out for it in the first two months? no so try to calm down and relax people

  • Well I still love my Vita and would never consider getting rid of it, I do have concerns with the lack of support it’s getting.

    With all that potential where’s all the apps? Why aren’t you getting all those mobile phone developers envolved in making more casual games to give people something to play while they wait for the major releases? I’m not really into those kind of games, but I think they’ll go along way into tapping into the casual market and give all thos people who play Angry Birds on the train something better to play it on.

    Along with that. Improve the Browser and more features. GIVE US SOME GAMES!!

  • @115, yeah 100% agree. If gamers these days don’t have a backlog of titles to play/complete then maybe they can’t afford or don’t know what to buy yet. There are more than a handful of decent games for the Vita + a steady stream of retail/PSN titles for the PS3… I’m amazed that so many here are clamoring for content like time is not an issue.

    Here are list of things the Vita needs ASAP:

    Full PSP/Mini support
    Browser overhaul
    Weekly release of new Apps (like the Nook Tablet)
    Option to delete Sony Apps (I’ve already procured 100% of Welcome Park’s trophies… why should I keep it?)
    Plus perks for current Plus members


  • no. sonys just lazy enough not to just make a Vita android app. wich would be easy enough for them. they like watching there custamers squerm.

  • my bad for saying the S word sorry. i apologize

  • I am Alive is finally here! Cool. :D
    Just wonder how much it will be…

  • Canabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt!

    Otherwise, just lookin’ forward to the Plus publish.

  • Off topic, but can someone tell me if/when the PlayStation Wireless Keyboard is coming to North America?

  • Hm is there a serious lack of VITA releaes? Last week nothing and this week nothing again and the next good retail games come out end of May…..

  • Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock… what release in April? TELL ME!!!!

  • My God, I’ve never seen a more pathetic whining whimpering mass of fecal matter than most of the sorry lot that have been posting on this entry. I normally just read about what’s new this week and move on, almost never bothering to scroll down to the intellectual wasteland that is the comments section, but this week I was foolish enough to start reading comments. And the whining and the hyper-criticisms and gimme gimme gimme attitude of whom I can only imagine are spoiled pre-pubescent brats whose parents don’t love them, thus replacing said love with gaming consoles and PSN cards. And anyone who has apparently played through every game currently available or even tried every game, really needs to get outside and see the sun every once in a while. My advice, put down the controller/Vita for a few hours and go for a walk, read a book or play an instrument. The fact of the matter is that if all you do is play games all day every day, you are severly diminishing the likely-hood that you will ever even talk to a girl, let alone have a girl let you touch her. So in short, stop whining, get another hobby and grow up.

  • I own both PS3 & 360, over the past two years ive played significantly more of my PS3 due to PS Plus & Exclusives. PS Plus has given me more free content then M$ ever will. I get it, that the vita is slow to come out with content, but give it a chance people. I own my original backwards compatible PS3 and two PS3 slims, none of which have ever broke, ive even upgraded my HDD. Now 360 on the other hand ive gone thru 4 (rrod) before i quit supporting them, 360 is great if you like advertising or your 10 yrs. old. PS3 is a more mature oriented machine. I will agree why most people like the 360 is because of LIVE, being able to chat with friends no matter what your playing. I believe the future will be sony with The Vita & “ORBIS”, Halo, Fable, & Forza are not enough to convince me to continue with xbox.


  • People may anti-digital download only in the next gen consoles but I like it.

    switching disc is annoying and I don’t want to do it for small games like these HD remakes and action/fighting games.

    only big name RPG and adventure games can make me change the disc.

  • @BLUE-eyed-slick

    if anyone is a fanboy and needs a rest its you, btw grab a map too because you are lost xbox 360 forums are a long ways from here.

    dilbig5 is doing nothing but being at the right place, a fan/proud owner and on a sony blog.. also a blog which he frequents, so fair to say he belongs here..

    maybe you need take a cab back to 360 land, heck we will all chip in and pay the fare because we know you have spent soooo much money blah blah on ps3/psn stuff, give me a break.

    i stopped commenting because the blog has become more of a demand for ps1/ps2 games or vita stuff (btw sony will be doing most of their releases via retail stores, google it for more info) and a few that fight about both topics.

    but when i see a fellow ps3 gamer, on a ps3 forum being called a fanboy etc & then to make matters worse one who also promotes the 360, well either you are 8 years old or should figure out that “THIS IS A BLOG ABOUT SONY PLAYSTATION, SO HOW CAN ONE BE A FAN BOY WHEN THIS IS NOT A NEUTRAL ZONE, ITS SONY’S AND ITS ALSO BELONGS TO EVERYBODY WHO SUPPORTS SONY.

    SO go back 2 youtube / amazon forums and troll there.

  • my god guys stop hating on the vita sheesh ….sure they announced things that dont work right now but they’ll enable them during the year sheesh just wait and people hating on the fact that you have to rebuy games….thats a bummer indeed but dont we rebuy games we sell to gamestop sometimes …. dont we buy games for psone…. like final fantasy tactics and then buy them again for psp …. i did it :) gladly …. just stop hating on it already it’ll be what they announced it would be ….. someday :) lol i guess i was lucky my psp umd slot broke one day i let it fall so i couldnt buy any games anyway xD so the vita was kind of a good thing for me …still i did hate the remote play feature wasnt what was hyped :)

  • @Monterossa

    i agree that its much easier than swapping discs, But its also a lot easier for publishing companies to burn us, the government to shove all sorts of rules & regs down our throat..

    if it will be a download only type platform then im sure they will use 1 time codes , game sharing will be less accessible and/or done away with.. i play p.c. games every now and then and nothing is more bothersome than an issue w/ a digital download.
    a physical copy represents physical ownership.

    digital content we get now via the store is one thing, but a console which is digital only will be a completely different exp.
    it opens the flood gates to a strict user/owner policy.
    possibly 1 time codes, used games only playable w/ an unlock fee and so on. but the way i like to think of it is although nothing is really certain about policies of digital distribution via all digi console, i am more at ease now because im familiar w/ discs and the elements around them. But of course anything can change, and things already have changed w/ discs. But there is a bigger window of issues we may not welcome w/ digital only policy.

  • Vita support is basically non-existant at this point already. Sony, if your goal is to sell the platform on unfufilled promises and you don’t care about keeping the customers who supported the launch by supporting the Vita with new content (demos, games, apps, etc.), you’re doing a great job of trying to lose us. Personally, I will never buy another of your launch platforms again. I expected a lot more, based on all the “hype” you created around what was in store for the Vita during or soon after launch.
    Prove me wrong and give me a reason to be glad I invested in your launch of the Vita, Sony – give us some content. Otherwise, you’re almost begging those of us who have been loyal and who have supported your aspirations for the Vita to jump ship and never look back.
    I play my iPod touch much more than I do the Vita, and it shouldn’t be that way.
    If you want to keep your customers, give us a reason to stick around.

  • god i love how people are already saying they will be selling the Vita…TWO months after it has come out…..its a shame really….do you guys really think that all the games for the Vita will come out at once???? come on man….im sorry but those saying stuff like that are really stupid. there is no other way to put it.

  • + philkuu the ipod has BEEN out man….the Vita just came out TWO months ago bro…how are you really expecting everything to come out in TWO freekin months!! are you really comparing a handheld that came out two months ago to the ipod that has BEEN out for years already and has PLENTY of content… now you should know that getting a console or handheld at launch will have a dead zone….there are over 20 games for the Vita right now…if you are not getting any of them..then its your fault…not Sony’s….its common sense…a lot of people seem to lack that…its sad.

  • So what’s on sale this week for spring fever?

  • Thanks for the update, BUT I need a firm release date for LittleBigPlanet Vita!

    I know you are waiting to reveal NEW titles for a BIG e3 keynote, but LittleBigPlanet is something you have been marketing the whole way along with the Vita launch. Now that the Vita has been released, you have gone silent. We at least need a firm date. And that date should be in April if at all possible, May will be okay, June is TOO late, and please don’t pull any Holiday 2012 moves on us. That’s WAY too late.

  • Is this an april fools joke? Sony what are you doing? You better get that vita firmware update out and that playstation suite SDK rolling or you are going to have a lot a returns. We have not gotten any content since unit 13 that was almost three weeks ago, what is this BS.

  • Wow, this… This week is extremely lackluster. They can’t all be winners, but I sincerely hope next week we get some Vita treatment.

  • +1 for ps1 games on vita.

  • @144 They better do something.

  • Seriously getting old really fast. If they aren’t going to find a way to get any games on the Vita update, they need to find something to give us. This is getting ridiculous. It’s like they don’t care.

  • @BigdaddyCrunch, ive seen June 26th 2012 as a lbp vita release date

  • Been playing Devil May Cry HD from last Thursday, GameStop got it early.

  • Xenosaga 1-3?
    Ps1 games?
    Ps2 games?
    Vita games?
    Ps1 to vita compat?
    and possibley Ps2 to vita compat?

    Really guys come on we have been begging for these for a long long long time now.
    If the consumer is always right then why are we having to beg to get what we want from you?
    Or is it that its to much to ask? and i mean this honestly not in a scarcastic mean way.

  • For everyone saying it’s only been 2 months, you’re right. The vita has had a phenomenal first 2 months compared to the PSP/DS/3DS launches and I’ve been pretty satisfied myself.

    But all trolling aside, take a step back and look at the upcoming releases for the rest of the year. I’m referencing from gamefaq’s North America release list but there’s literally only 8 games on there all the way until August. The big 4 are Resistance, LBP, Mortal Kombat, and Disgaea 3 for the rest of the entire year.

    There are those known hard-hitters like FFXHD, MGSHD, ZOEHD, P4, etc. that will get released eventually, but a 2012 release date hasn’t even been announced for them.

    Basically unless they really get on the ball at E3, it’s going to be a long year no matter how you look at it.

  • Man I’m glad I didn’t buy a vita yet.I can sit back and watch the horror show this time.What gets me is sony made promises about a year and a half ago about the vita.Only in the month before sells did they start killing all the promises they made.So to say it’s only been out for a month is no reason not to have things fixed for it.A year ago it the vita was going to take over and replace the psp.So they been working on it a long time not to have no more then they do.Started to buy one at launch like I have all other systems.Man I’m glad I didn’t buy a vita yet.

  • @130 well said there is too many people on this blog that act like big babies and lose grip on reality they need to look at themselves in a mirror and wake up and stop being such asses it’s not surprising that the authors rarely reply I probably wouldn’t knowing all the whiners I would have to put up with. I am tired of the whining about the Vita as well the best games on the PS3 did not come out in the first two months nor did they on the PSP and the best games won’t come out on the Vita in the first two months either.

  • Not a great week to be a Vita owner, although a little bird tells me we’re getting a freebie next week, in the form of Treasures of Montezuma Blitz.
    Anyway, Mortal Kombat and Doctor Who are out this month, and I’ve still not finished Escape Plan so there’s plenty to keep me occupied!

  • When the ps3 come out they did not say the best was coming out with it.With the vita more than a year ago they said it was coming out with all the bells and whistles.they caned that at the last minuet.Then they said soon.I don’t know about you but my soon is completely different than there soon.People have the right to complain.If your satisfied with it than great.But I think your out numbered 10 to 1 on this one.

  • ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY

    YEAH im not sure if its this week or next but i get Need For Speed Shift 2 for NOTHING because i have playstation PLUS XD suckers :P get plus XD

  • The tone of these replies seem to be so negative. I love Video Games and I really appreciate all the discounts PSN makes available to the PS Plus community. Lately I have been playing some awesome games that were free or less than $10.00. Talk about stretching the entertainment dollar. I have so many awesome games -I cant even get to them all. I just got Sly Cooper for free, I got Closure for $12. I got the Splinter cell HD collection for <$20. I got Ghost Recon 2 for $5. All last week. I'll never get to all the games I've bought. Sony is practically giving games away and so many on this page just complain and complain.

    Sony——Keep putting awesome stuff on PS+ and I'll continue to use my meager Unemployment check totake advantage of the awesome deals.


  • i definitely agree Use1cc!

  • Thanks for the great content

  • So will i be able to buy the Dmc Hd Collection this week on the psn store or will i have to buy it at Gamestop?

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