The Drop: Week of April 2nd 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of April 2nd 2012 New Releases

While taping episode 018 of PlayStation Blogcast, I learned that the Devil May Cry HD Collection was confirmed for release this week. Luckily for you Blogcast listeners, Nick edited out the full minute of joyful squealing that ensued — we need those ears for future episodes! So yes, I’ll be happy to see Devil May Cry: HD Collection come to PS3 this week on a single Blu-ray Disc.

On PSN, the vast and toxic environments of a post-apocalyptic Earth are your primary adversary as you fight to survive in I Am Alive. You’ll also get a front-row ticket to PSN multiplayer car combat with Wheels of Destruction: World Tour. Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

PlayStation 3

Devil May Cry: HD Collection — This action-packed set chronicles the complete adventures of Dante, the world’s toughest demon slayer, with Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition.

PlayStation Network

I Am Alive — In I Am Alive, players will be challenged by both their environment and their enemies. Stamina and resource management are key when being exposed to deadly atmospheres and scaling enormous buildings in search of supplies. The unique combat system requires players to utilize intimidation: cowards are easily swayed with an empty gun, while other enemies will put players to the test.

The Price Is Right: Decades — The Price Is Right Decades retains all of the treasured game play elements found in previous The Price Is Right games, including classics such as ‘Plinko,’ ‘The Big Wheel’ and the popular ‘Showcases,’ but also features never-seen before pricing games!

Wheels of Destruction: World Tour — In a lawless, post-apocalyptic world, Wheels of Destruction: World Tour is a demolish-or-be-demolished competition of extreme four-wheel wreckage. Players are pit against each other online in an arena of vehicular carnage in Capture the Flag and Deathmatch. Five distinct car classes make for deadly cutthroat car combat with a unique futuristic aesthetic – all powered by the Unreal Engine.

PS3 Demos

  • Warp
  • Time Machine: Rogue Pilot
  • I Am Alive


  • Canabalt
  • Farm Frenzy 2

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • I am Alive looked cool, but reviews say it isn’t executed and a big thumbs down.
    Don’t these devolopers know they should release games for all systems at once. Other systems got it 2-3 weeks ago and reviews suck. (Just like AMY) No they lose sales since alot of people will pass now.

    What about some Vita love? Still no PS One support, or Doctor Who Game.

    Also what is up with adding more PSP games or fixing the Mini issue for the Vita?

    Angry Birds Space?

    Looks like nothing till Max Payne and MK Vita.

  • Can someone at Sony please tell me what I said that I post is awaiting moderation? I did not cuss, I was just being honest, and critiquing Sony.. Oh well, I guess they don’t need the critic since Sony is PERFECT!

  • @13 not wanting to buy the devil mau cry hd collection cause of box art is very stupid

  • @13 not wanting to buy the devil may cry hd collection cause of box art is very stupid

  • @40 Skullgirls is gonna come out April 10 from what I have read

  • @44 all that info you have read about the next console is based on rumors with no proof


    Have you bought every single game that can be played on the Vita? I doubt it. So why are you complaining about new stuff? The system has only been out for a little more than a month.


    Sony’s slacking? LOL. You sold your PS3 for an Xbox because you think PS3 has a lack of content? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! The Vita itself has had more exclusive content than the Xbox has had for the past 3 years. Not to mention all the exclusive content coming for the PS3. Content for Xbox this year === nothing but Halo. That’s it LOL. So sad but people are dumb.

    The Vita’s browser is not the main focus of the system. It’s a DEDICATED GAMING HANDHELD. I doubt you have bought every Vita game in it’s, a little more than a month’s, life.



    No but I’ve tried most of them and a lot of them honestly aren’t very good. Even if you look at reviews, the top games are super stardust which is basically a port, same goes for wipeout, and plants vs zombies. There isn’t much original content and a lot of what they promised isn’t here yet.


    Complaining over something optional? $50+ optional payment compared to $60+ mandatory payment. Good luck with a GAMING system with literally NO GAMES.


    I don’t base my gaming on reviews. They are meaningless until you play it.

  • They only thing they promised that isn’t on it is Skype. They never promised PS1 Classics, they said they will work it into a patch but never stated it as a launch feature.

  • I can’t help but laugh at the people who keep coming to cry about no Vita releases… Is this your first launch ever?

    More importantly, what game did you think was coming out this week? Let me guess, you have no idea? So basically, you were expecting games to be released that you had never even heard of. How often does that happen? Is that usually a sign of quality or a healthy development cycle?

    Slow launches suck but some of you are amazingly dim and hellbent on letting PSblog in on that fact. Quit wasting your time whining about it here, it won’t change a thing.

  • soryy buddy but you got it wrong iv bought 9 vita titles dork! and 3 are worth keeping the rest are trash! hot TRASH! not to mention i refuse to buy psp games on my vita so they dont count for titles. you will learn just like the rest of us its exciting at first but when your vita sits three weeks out of the month. thats not good. i play games everyday all day. and best belive i regret my buy with the vita just because there is a lack of… know…………….browser….support……..all i see is childrens games and hot trash


    @dilbig5 well in my experience I usually agree with a lot of reviewers so yeah…



    what are the three that you’ve liked by the way because right now I am thinking of getting UNIT 13 but have heard its not that good


    and the demo is short

  • mortal combat i want to play looks like it might be up my ally i play mlb the show awsome and i hate baseball yarnball but this is awsome. unit 13 i didnt like so much i sold it. You would probably like it. It Just LACKS………….that thing… know what we all expected with this handheld…………………..!!!! MULTIPLAYER! thats it! but other than that its ok its worth the buy. IM PICKY thats all


    little devients 3/5
    dynasty warriors3/5
    mlb the show 124/5
    STARDUST<<<AWSOME bythe way5/5
    ninja gaiden sigma plus2.5/5
    escape plan 3/5
    dungeon hunter2/5
    uncharted 5/5
    Unit13 3.5/5

  • + SEVENTH-INFINITE if they put spyro on the vita it’d be better than 80% of the line up TRUE STORY!


    You’re calling me a fanboy on a Playstation website lol. 3rd party games look almost exactly the same. Funny how you bring up Skyrim because when it came out, Bethesda had to fix the 360 version because it actually looked worse when you installed the texture pack. The only thing supporting the 360 is COD. LOL and apparentlly you don’t play that. I have a 360 and it’s only because of Halo, only thing worth having a xbox but not worth Live. PS3 offers more of a variety. Way more than generic shooting games.
    Ahh, Skyrim and GT5. An open world (tons of them) game and a racing game (not like we don’t have enough of those).
    Is that the reason 360 has had nothing for the past several years? It’s only March, there’s usually never anything in the first few months of the year for either console yet Sony changed that last year and this year. I’m not the idiot that spent over $1500 on games then throws it away.


    cool i was thinking of getting mlb even tho ive never really played baseball games since around 1999 and I cant stand watching it, u mightve just convinced me to get it

  • when more classics ps2 where are the Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts digital birth by sleep for psp please!!!!

  • @69 your rite it wont SO WHY PLAY A SYSTEM AND vouch for a game company that wont change a thing exactly ya said it rite there. I REST MY CASE!


    ha yea I actually have only played the first spyro when I was a kid and me and my brothers got stuck on one part and we never beat it. We played the s#it out of it though and if they added PSX SUPPORT ON VITA!! (ha) then I can finally get around to beating it

  • LOL. BLUE-EYED-SLICKT is hopeless. iPod Touch better than the Vita? HAHAHAHA. Get out of here. Yes, in the web browser department. But that is it. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself for buying those crappy iOS games because they are horrible compared to Vita games. Play them for 5 min and you get bored. I’m over 50 hours of gameplay enjoyment with my Vita games. You can’t do that with any iOS games. Enjoy your Nascar games and inferior racing sim (Forza). Good riddance to you. Please delete your PSN account when you go to 360 so we don’t have to read anymore of your mind numbing posts about the iPod Touch being better than the Vita.


    btw GODFATHERTIG you should get Mutant Blobs Attack, its short but on;y $8 and I’d say one of the better VITA games out now

  • Devil May Cry: HD Collection is all I want. Too bad Capcom won’t be doing a Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition with trophies and other extras…or are they?

    I mean they are the master and lover of re-releasing games. =D

  • Matt, #52 is such a troll. I’ve seen the xbox have more “dry spell” months that ps3 has ever had. I’m getting free games on tuesday. All you get is a membership, you troll. You can’t say anything that will hold any weight here. Playstation will always be the best. You guys are right about the authors not replying, though I can’t blame them for not wanting to.


    Third party games look better on 360? Get that mess outta here. People have compared the graphics of both sides for third party games all the time. The answer I usually see they are either they look about the same or the PS3 just beats it out by a little bit. And I’m not saying this because I’m a PS3 fanboy, I’m saying this because it’s the truth.

    And if you hate the PS3 so much why are you even commenting on here? No one wants to see you on here so just delete your account and never come back 360 fanboy!

  • Is this some kind of joke drop since it’s April 1st? This is getting ugly.

  • you know seems lik the blogs heating up with anger!!! so i wanna say I bought a ps3 for warhawk but I kept it for ps plus.Getting free games and some great discounts is really cool gave me more games than i know what to do with and some of the exclusives are cool. But thats all the PS3 has honestly the xbox 360 completely destroys the PS3 if it ever gets a ps plus thing going free games and the like then PlayStation is doomed. PSN just seems like a poorly run business always screwing up something. No one is perfect but you’re supposed to learn from your mistakes.

    theres my two cents sorry for the long post but many probably feel the same.

  • don’t even get me started on the vita or even the psp jesus they’re jokes in themselves

  • @48

    you mean green side cause xbox is green

    PS3 is dark side and well PS3 is black color, so we are the dark side!

  • Yeah… lot of flaming comments, sony, do something!!! My Vita first bundle as stucked on Uncharted!

  • Hey, guys, let’s play Devil May Cry and cramp up our thumbs jamming buttons while Dante spits rock-and-roll one-liners like a guy that thinks he is a cool guy but is totally mistaken.

  • Where is my skype?

  • I can’t wait!!!!!!

  • Pretty week drop this week. Hopefully next week has something better in store. Sigh back to Red Dead I guess…

  • Guys keep in mind this is April Fools week. Sony want’s all of their Vita owners to get a good laugh at how they’re handling their new system. I can understand the lack of Vita games being released every week..they have their own release dates etc, but no new PSP games compatible with Vita? No nothing? Sad…so so sad…

  • I should know better by now not too get my hopes up. You always seem to disappoint. Haven’t seen a PS1 Classic in months, haven’t seen a PS2 Classic since their launch (Spongebob does not count. How in the hell is that a “classic” in any way?), and PSP/Vita support is as dead as it gets.

    I’m trying my hardest to stay optimistic that big things are coming, but it’s kind of hard when you are let down week after week for months upon months.

  • Let’s not forget that the EU and JP PSN are actually getting these things while the NA PSN seems to be a barren wasteland. It’s incredible how poor support is here. For god’s sake do something…


  • poor week for ps3, but ps plus gets shank 2 for free so that makes it a decent update. in regards to the Vita, as much as i would like new games every week, the system just launched a month and a half ago and you cant expect everything right away.. actually i think its been a good launch, i’ve already build a bit of a backlog.
    one thing i would like is an update to fix the minor issues that you always get with a system at launch.

    p.s. i agree with a guy above, tales from space mutant blob attacks is a must for the vita. great game.

  • Ah that’s a bit disappointing, the 360 gets Skullgirls this week but we don’t.

  • Sony im letting u pass all these lost exclusives from ur ps2 era go to 360 when this collection was meant to be ps3 exclusive…. U lost this, MGS collections, Silent Hill C,….whats up with that? hold ur third party exclusive collections! Now …. All i don’t want to see is… A KINGDOM HEARTS COLLECTION going to 360! U better HOLD onto that one! I want Kingdom Hearts 3 to be a PS3/PSV Exclusive!!!!

  • how much will Wheels of Destruction be? where’s the hype?!

  • is there any word on final fantasy type-0 coming to US cuz i havent heard anything since japans launch for it for the psp

  • So should we just give up on waiting for further PS1 classics? That would truly be a shame with so many titles untapped – Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Legaia, Valkyrie Profile, Suikoden II, Fear Effect 1&2…

    I hope “The Drop” doesn’t continue to disappoint on a regular basis.

  • @ dilbig5, right on. Vita owners, the apps & the PSP conversions are coming. Meanwhile, get the games, their great. If you’ve finished all of them, well, you’re top gamer & I envy your skills. So far, the Vita has been a dream portable gaming beast. I had to buy analog covers @ Amazon because the rubber is kinda coming off & I don’t even press down that hard. Not a big deal.

    @ BLUE-EYED-SLICKT, buddy, you are ranting like it’s Halloween & you’ve just eaten everyone’s candy. “The PS3 is over-rated. Blu-rays are over-rated… the Vita too… I called it…”


    You’re having a nervous breakdown.

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