PlayMemories Studio on PSN Today: Organize and Share Your Photos, Videos

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PlayMemories Studio on PSN Today: Organize and Share Your Photos, Videos

PlayMemories - PSN

Back in January we announced that PlayMemories Studio was headed to the PS3 this spring and today it becomes available to all of you through the PlayStation Store. The new service is part of Sony’s PlayMemories suite, which helps you edit and share your high quality videos and photos on a variety of devices. You can also use PlayMemories Studio with your PlayStation Vita or PSP via Remote Play.

This new download allows you to fully manage your photos and videos straight from your PS3:

Organizing & Viewing: In addition to the videos and photos you store on your PS3, the content you store on cameras, external hard drives and USB storage devices can be viewed without transferring all of it to your PS3. PlayMemories Studio also allows you to easily search and sort the content by date or location.

You can use action tags to add visual and sound effects, such as slow motion or frame-by-frame playback, to images. You can also insert captions and scripts to them.

PlayMemories - PSNPlayMemories - PSN

Sharing: You’re able to upload your photos and videos to other online sites such as Facebook and PlayMemories Online (when it launches next month).

You can purchase PlayMemories Studio in the PlayStation Store later today in the Media & Apps category for $15.00. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber or you’ve purchase a Sony camera or camcorder recently, you can download the app for free. There is also a 30-day trial version of PlayMemories Studio, available for you to check out.

PlayMemories - PSN

Head into the PlayStation Store later today to see it in action!

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  • Like #1 said, it will come to vita, Sony did announced it.
    However the PS 3 version is 937Mb. That’s alot for a program, the vita version will be smaller.
    It will need to be, I wouldn’t want to waste all my memory card when I have a ps3.
    Also got it for free.

  • Can the PlayStation Vita camera count as a Sony camera too? I want it for free.

  • yes it looks like a nice app but its not working for me cant upload anything to facebook my ps3 and the app are set up for it to work but …..NO ….is this just more crap from sony


  • This should come for Vita as well. not as a remote play though. Like its not a stupid device right? It should be able to handle the APP. I would REALLY like to take my vita out and take pictures of my area and what I do and share it with gamers around the world

  • @54 – too bad your not a ps plus member ehh? I got it for FREE =)

  • This looks sick, But will get it when Sharing comes out!!

    Also got Music Unlimited thats also sick!!

  • Nice, I would use it if it were free but I won’t pay for it. Not worth it. We can use a free software similar to this on PC ya know. Its nice but why are they wasting time making this software when they should making an app for Facebook, Comcast Xfinity, HBO GO, Youtube and many others.. we need more apps, not something to make us pay for. Its no wonder why XBOX 360 is doing better with software and its apps. Come on, Sony you can do better than this. I have been speaking my mind on every blog or forum that talks about PS3 but my idea or suggestion just sometimes never comes true. PS Vita came true for me but it was lacking what I have been wishing for (a.k.a PSP2)..

  • We need more apps for the PS3 like this.

  • Cold someone tell me if this thing is working or not as i cant upload anything to facebook ???????

  • did u enable facebook in the online service part of the setting menu?

  • I need Sony to explain me why this PlayMemories would not detect/regonize my video coming from a Sony Handycam, but would have no problem with pictures from my Canon camera.

    I think this is exactly where Sony is failing to come with software that has the same quality as the Apple ones.

    Why would the users need to mess around to understand why a piece of Sony software cannot detect video file coming from a Sony Handycam extracted using PMB (Sony Software coming with handingcam).

    • In order to PlayMemories Studio to detect AVCHD formatted video stored in computer or other devices, PlayMemories Home (PMH) and Picture Motion Browser (PMB) are capable to export data(s) to Camcorder or any USB storage media which enables you to view or edit by PlayMemories Studio.
      1) Import or open AVCHD formatted video to computer via PlayMemories Home (PMH) or Picture Motion Browser (PMB).
      2) Export data(s) to Camcorder or any USB storage media device from computer. (from manipulate / export tab on the screen of PMH/PMB)
      3) Plug that Camcorder or USB storage media device to PlayStation 3
      4) Then PlayMemories studio will be able to detect the file(s).

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