PlayMemories Studio on PSN Today: Organize and Share Your Photos, Videos

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PlayMemories Studio on PSN Today: Organize and Share Your Photos, Videos

PlayMemories - PSN

Back in January we announced that PlayMemories Studio was headed to the PS3 this spring and today it becomes available to all of you through the PlayStation Store. The new service is part of Sony’s PlayMemories suite, which helps you edit and share your high quality videos and photos on a variety of devices. You can also use PlayMemories Studio with your PlayStation Vita or PSP via Remote Play.

This new download allows you to fully manage your photos and videos straight from your PS3:

Organizing & Viewing: In addition to the videos and photos you store on your PS3, the content you store on cameras, external hard drives and USB storage devices can be viewed without transferring all of it to your PS3. PlayMemories Studio also allows you to easily search and sort the content by date or location.

You can use action tags to add visual and sound effects, such as slow motion or frame-by-frame playback, to images. You can also insert captions and scripts to them.

PlayMemories - PSNPlayMemories - PSN

Sharing: You’re able to upload your photos and videos to other online sites such as Facebook and PlayMemories Online (when it launches next month).

You can purchase PlayMemories Studio in the PlayStation Store later today in the Media & Apps category for $15.00. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber or you’ve purchase a Sony camera or camcorder recently, you can download the app for free. There is also a 30-day trial version of PlayMemories Studio, available for you to check out.

PlayMemories - PSN

Head into the PlayStation Store later today to see it in action!

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  • This needs to come to the vita, i mean not through remote play.

  • Maybe if we could record game footage for gameplay videos, network it with YouTube … maybe then that’d be something.

  • 30 day free trial? Thats great, thanks!! Looking forward to trying it.

  • upload to Youtube???

  • Free to Ps Plus. Thats great. Thx sony

  • $15, ouch.
    It’s got a lot of competition with free apps for PC’s/Laptops and tablets that do a much better job I’m afraid

    A decent effort though.

  • Will this pull photos from my Facebook photo albums? The old ps3 photo Lbum application used to do this fine but that feature no longer works.

  • “…or you’ve purchase…”

  • free for ps+ Nice.

  • I got PS+ just to save big on the Final Fantasy games (crossing my fingers for another Atlus sale as well) and you’re telling me I get this for free? Neat!

  • The XMB needs to make all of the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) apps the first seen when moving to the respective tabs, and give an option to make them “sticky”. What I mean is, when moving to the Photo tab, PlayMemories Studio should be the first icon, Music Unlimited for the Music tab, Video Unlimited (which should just become the new PlayStation Store) in the Video tab, and the PlayStation Store in the PlayStation Network tab.
    An option to make them “sticky” would mean that no matter where we left off when we moved from the tab, we would always return to the SEN tabs.

    I’ve been looking forward to this! Glad to hear about the release, and hope it works well with the Vita.

  • free? sure. for pay? no way. the current photo app is ancient and sucks so they should replace it with this. i won’t be buying something that should already be there out of box.

  • this looks cool :) whats the file size? i will check it out tonight after work. thanks guys and gals

  • “the content you store on cameras”

    -Don’t suppose this includes the iPod Touch/iPhone? That’s my camera device.

    As mentioned, $15 seems steep. The free trial is nice, though.

  • Great to be a PS+ member

  • I must ask why as well, not a release app for the Vita. The Gods know it needs more substance and this might have been nice. I agree with the forementioned, $15 is a bit steep for an app, which has been verily dominated better by a home computer and digital cameras. Either way, I prefer film.

    Minolta SRT101 4 Life

  • I agree with #1 This looks great for the PS3. I would love to see it hit the Vita!!

  • Not to be rude, but no thank you.
    On the Vita this would be nice, and I don’t mean remote play.
    Something similar to photoshop on Vita would be preferable.

  • But at least it’s free for +members, so I can at least try it!

  • Cool, but I’d rather have firmware updates that:

    a. speeds up XMB
    b. improved internet brower
    c. auto synch trophies (not only for Plus members which is stupid)

    Oh and the Vita… It needs a firmware update to change the UI from the crappy mess it is right now back to something that is more organized like the XMB…

  • FREE for PLUS Users? AWWWW YEAH! Next is for vita.. with the Touchwiz…

  • Will be grabbing this from my main Plus account tonight when it comes out.

    Some of us are still waiting for that PlayStation iPhone app that’s been out on the European iTunes Store for a while by the way.

  • Wait a sec. You really think that many people will actually pay that? There is better for cheaper and in some cases free. I know I’ll have it free since I have Plus, but I hardly call that a perk. That’s what it really should be for everyone. $15? What are you smoking?

  • I’ll try it out just because I’m a Plus member, but sometimes I honestly have no idea who is coming up with ideas for new content for the system over there.

    Do people honestly do this stuff from their PS3?

  • for people like me this means making $$$ at 15s

  • The community deserves more information on the 7.1 Wireless Headset fiasco.

    It has been 7 weeks since our headsets became something unlovable.

    I used to suggest the headset to my friends, but not after this issue has gone on for this long without anything more than “we’re aware of it”

    This has gone on longer than the outage we approach the 1 year anniversary of but it feels like you haven’t learned anything about communicating with your fans and customers.


  • This app needs more upload services such as Twitter, Flickr, Google Picasa, Dropbox, and FTP.

    $15 for an app that only does Facebook and Sony’s own service is a bit on the steep side especially since there are phone apps, PHONE APPS, that do what’s advertised here plus much more for as low as a dollar and free.

  • $15? Get out of here.. should be free to everyone!

  • Will this be compatible with the DSC-TX55? I hooked mine up with the proprietary USB cable (why it couldn’t use a micro usb connector is beyond me) and current S/W on PS3 did not recognize it. Will this software fix that issue? As the TX55 only works with certain versions of Windows 7, I have to remove the memory card, copy to a PC (netbook -windows 7 starter) then copy onto a thumb drive which I take to the PS3. Not so good. Especially since the packaging for the TX55 says how the 3D MPO pictures can be viewed on the PS3.

  • I just bought a Sony NEXC3K on 2/25. You mentioned we can get this software for free if we’ve recently bought a Sony camera. How do we do this?

  • Can you change the PS3 User Interface to something more sleek, and better looking please?? :D

  • Yawwwwnnn. You guys really need to stop wasting resources and man power on silly apps like this that lets face it, people are way more inclined to use a computer, tablet or smartphone for. They are just way more intuitive and better suited for this sort of thing. Start working on some apps that people would care about, more entertainment apps etc. Seems to be one of the things at least the competition is getting right. Or better yet work on developer tools and open an app store, let the devs do the work for you, they’ll come up with many more and better things than this. Still love my PS3 though :)

  • @20 So organize your screens?

  • I wouldn’t have bought the application but I am glad it comes with the Plus subscription.

    Just another bonus, thanks.

    Its about as pointless and outrageous as the $99! HAHA!

  • Why dont you give the PS3 what they have been asking FOR YEARS. We want a facebook and youtube app to replace that silly mobile browser. Kinda sad that sony cant make a good browser on this high end system, but the wii having way lower power has a much better internet browser. Its not fair that that ugly PSvita got a facebook app in its short life, but PS3 STILL dont have one after years of your “valued” fans asking. Come on sony!

  • $15? No. I will take it for $1. Its totally not worth the price of a PSN game lol… Id rather add 5 more dollars to my PSn account and get GTA IV as a full game instead of this photoshop rip off. It needs to be free. How are you gonna release this type of app for $15? Seriously? Why dont you use your resources towards updates to FIX YOUR INTERNET BROWSER ON PS3! Your fans have been asking for SO long to fix it. How can the low powered wii system have a great browser thats sub par to a desktop browser, but the High end PS3 can only have a low end mobile browser THAT WONT EVEN DISPLAY YOUR OWN SITE! Come on! At LEAST give us a facebook app… oh wait… you might charge for that too.

  • no real interest in this. How about HBO GO, YOUTUBE, and ESPN apps ???

  • Could you give us the option to delete Photo Gallery from the XMB, since it seems the two of these will overlap?

    I do agree, while some development time might have been put into this program, $15 seems steep to those now used to mobile device applications priced cheaper.

    Doesn’t this interact with the computer version of PlayMemories Online? Could you show a video?

    I would like to see this as a standalone Vita application, rather than it being dependent on the PS3 via Remote Play. Besides, not all internet connections easily support this feature.

  • $15 how about NOT… Thats what a computer is for and it does a better job WITH more features… and its FREE… and if i want to share photos and videos with friends i use dropbox for that. and thats FREE as well… did I mention its FREE??? sorry SONY but im not paying $15 for an app when i have it for free… and im not paying $50 for ps+ just to get it for free either… Nice try SONY but your not ripping me off for something that is FREEEEEEEE… Have a nice day SONY.

  • Not enough information. $15? How much online storage? Is there a monthly fee for that?

  • I also remember when Sony used to have a service called Sony Imagestation, which all purchasers of Sony Cameras could use. But over time it changed from a free to a paid service, and then was taken down and I had to spend hours offloading my photos from it so I could move it over to Yahoo Photos (which is now part of Flickr, but at least my photos are still there). To charge $15 for this app seems pretty preposterous, given Sony’s track record with this sort of thing.

    I was looking forward to this application since it was announced during the Sony Keynote at CES, as I’ve recently been looking for an online photo storage/organization app that would integrate nicely with my PS3 and home entertainment centre, but $15 is far too steep to pay for an APP! It should be free for all, not just PS Plus subscribers (how can you call it free for them when they are paying a membership fee?!?).

  • Yay FREE for me!

  • Why do people whine and cry like babies all the time man….if you are a Plus Subscriber you should not be crying…ITS FREE!!!! dont like it?? DONT GET IT!!! and to those saying it should be free…come on really?? i would love for one of you to make something and spend years making it and give it out for free…PLEASE! show companies how things should really be!! go ahead!

  • So by “free for PS+ subs” does that mean that we get the app and full usage of said app for as long as we are subs or just that 30-day trial? Not complaining as anything free is great, but the info would be appreciated.

  • I downloaded it but can only mess with photos. How can I edit my own videos? It does not show up on my video section of the XMB.

  • PlayMemories and Photo Gallery…What’s the difference besides GUI?

  • It would be amazing if there was a way to upload game footage via this app. Otherwise, another awesome freebie for PS+ users :D

  • its nice, i just dont know whats the difference between the other photo apps since im a novice point and shooter (with a decent sony cam of course).

    I still messed with it, one thing i did notice is that you can have your external hdd and it see it so it shows all that too, video included but it didnt see my ext hdd while it was plugged into my wireless router’s usb port. :(

  • Still Dreaming i assume you can record the game footage via one of those capture cards and/or DVR devices people using already then have it on the HDD or External Hdd and when you open the PlayMemories Studio it’ll find it and add it to the side of the app in the Vidoe section. i see all my movies there so im sure they too will show up.

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