The Drop: Week of March 26th 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of March 26th 2012 New Releases

Tiger Woods: PGA Tour 13 with PlayStation Move support, headlines this week’s The Drop, bringing you a healthy dose of games to the PS3 and PS Vita with golf, soccer and mixed martial arts.

On PSN, the puzzle platformer Closure makes you manipulate lights to phase objects in and out of reality. Zack Zero and Blades of Time receive PSN demos, and a squad of idiots infiltrate minis. Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

PlayStation 3

Tiger Woods: PGA Tour 13 (PS Move Support) — The world’s number one selling golf video game franchise returns with an array of exciting new features, including an original feature that gives you the opportunity to experience first-hand Tiger’s golf legacy! Relive Tiger Woods’ most memorable golf moments from child prodigy to golfing legend! Also, through unique online and social features, create your own country club, and use coins earned through game play or team up with country club members to play exclusive golf courses.

PlayStation Network

FIFA Soccer 12 — FIFA Soccer 12 brings to the pitch the game-changing new Player Impact Engine, a physics engine built to deliver real-world physicality in every interaction on the pitch. Experience the way real-world players challenge each other for the ball, win possession, and test each other physically. Enjoy an infinite variety of natural and believable outcomes in every collision. Players feel more resilient, push and pull during the fight for possession, and recover from light challenges more easily.

Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted (PSN // GameCard) — Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted brings the brutality of unsanctioned and unlicensed MMA fighting to the bigtime, favoring fast-and-furious gameplay and underground aesthetics over official branding and television-style presentation. The game aims to raise the bar in the MMA space by bringing an unprecedented level of fast, fluid combat, intuitive controls and true-to-the-sport brutality.

This PlayStation Vita game takes the action of the original hit Supremacy MMA release to a new level with refined, amped up gameplay and controls, as well as new fighters and new locations, Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted on PS Vita delivers fast and furious arcade-style gameplay, providing a satisfying, on the fly experience quick enough to pick up and play, deep enough to sink in to.

Closure — A unique and stylistic puzzle platformer that takes the concept of light and shadow and twists it up into something never before seen.

PS3 Demos

  • Zack Zero
  • Closure
  • Blades of Time


  • Idiot Squad

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Got overexcited when you wrote “The Drop, bringing you a healthy dose of games to the PS3 and PS Vita”, just to discover there was no specific VITA games at all!!!!, It’s not April 1’st yet….. :(

  • @ Xanzar Just check out your profile on PSN… seems you have 0… Zero trophies.

    I call troll. Added to Block List… moving on. Have a nice day. :D

  • Nothing that appeals to me this week. Everything’s perfect with Uncharted 3 in my PS3. Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception is,and forever will be, the best video game of all time.

  • i just wondering when will mw3 be available in psn store ???

  • No Japanese games, No buy.

  • Zace Zero is the only game I regret buying

  • Wake me up when something good comes out for Vita… after Uncharted: Golden Abyss, there’s nothing to get excited for until Resistance and LBP comes out. Also, I want my Syphon Filter, Killzone and Socom for Vita. Hurry up.

  • i think psn needs to step up on there updates on tuedays i mean for the pass tuedays they have sucked give us some resident evil orc avatars

  • People have such short memory spans. There is always a drought of games this time of the year. It has been this way since the beginning of time. Do not compare it to the flood of games 3-5 months ago because that was for the xmas holiday. Just because there are not many games right now doesn’t mean developers are giving up on the PS3 and Vita. Geez. At least wait until E3 2012. If there aren’t many games announced there, then you can start worrying and complaining.

  • Yes, Book of Memories has been delayed and probably won’t be released until May 31. Google it.

  • @Heatseeker125

    If thats the case Sony should have tried to get some psp games out. There are always drought with a game system since games take time to make. Since this was obvious Sony should have taken the right step and step up on Psp titles since the Vita can play psp games, and i know quite a few psp games yet to hit the Psn.

    It would not only benefit for people waiting on games, but for people who never got a chance to get a psp to play some great games, plus either way Sony gets money. too bad they are taken that seriously or we would be seeing quite a few psp titles right now.

  • Some PSP games probably aren’t compatible so they can release a HD Vita Enhanced edition or something like that

  • good

  • nice

  • I find these Sports games to similar each year :-/

  • FIFA, MMA, Tiger Woods…YAWN

    Thank god for Closure.

  • How about a game where you hit a soccer ball with golf clubs, and everybody has no shirt and giant muscles.
    Oh yeah. It’s pitch black, you play inside a cage, and you can only hit the ball if you shine a flashlight on it.

    Anybody have the tier list for Supremacy MMA?

  • Still haven’t gotten my voucher code for Super Stardust Delta…

  • meh

  • Why didn’t Tiger Woods make to to the Vita?

  • @GhostX187

    Pick up Unit13. You won’t reget it.

  • i wish you guys would release your PS2 greatest hits catalog

    thanks for fifa 12 though :)

  • * i wish you guys would release your PS2 greatest hits catalog on ps3 faster

  • Still waiting on more PS1 Classics and PS2 Classics on PSN.

  • @KwietStorm Yeah, we need better way to organize our DLC. Like a way to add folders for RPGS, Platformers, HD Remakes, Sports, FPS, Fighting, etc. Come on Sony, it shouldn’t be to difficult to implement.

  • It is nice to know that no one is telling us when Silent Hill: Book of Memories comes out.

    Even nicer that Sony still hasn’t send me my free Super StarDust Delta code.

  • Any info on the Dr. Who game that was due this month? This is the last week of march and i haven’t heard anything & i have looked everywhere. I did see on one site it said March 30 , but that really doesn’t sound right to me.

  • Blades of Time was looking interesting … until I saw a gun /sigh

  • Sony, Still waiting on Xenosaga 1-3 to be put on the psn……. where is it?

    and like others would like to see a heck of a lot more psp to vits games as well as vita games.

  • Finally! There is a new and improved Tiger Woods game.

  • Healthy dose is correct. Not enough here to get unhealthy. lol..Just bought The Master PGA 12. Played 13 demo. The game is the same pretty much. I did want it especially hearing about the online country club. I even made one and named it but…Its very lackluster. They should have put more into it and I would have bought it.
    Not enough visual difference to buy 13. I expected it to be a big difference.The master PGA 12 is my first sports game. Now that I get how EA does things…I am very gun shy of them.

    Ea sports..its in the game…but you pay to unlock whats in the

    . Biggest rip off in games is sports games

  • aww are you sad that your little childish dream of games being instantly released is failing. get over yourself the devs have lives too

  • I love my Vita so support it more! I know we have a ton of games out right now but we want/need constant support!
    Don’t dry up like 3ds did!

  • wow what a terrible week lol you should have taken my advice and put whats gonna be on sale on the spring thingy lol

  • and i wonder why are we not getting many vita games and japan is getting gaanes like crazy …. whats up with that get those devolpers working :)

  • I have to admit, this year I am beginning to wonder why I have the Plus membership. I havent bothered downloading much since there hasnt been a lot offered to us. I bought the first edition Vita and traded in my psp3000, I am beginning to regret that. I love the Vita, but at the same time, where is all the support that said to happen all the PSN psp games/minis I have gotten are a big waste. Though some actually do work, but not enough of them, I know Vita is new, but PSN should have been more prepared. . Last year, I would say, I could brag about having the Plus membership, this year, if wast for losing the games I have from the Plus membership, I would consider letting it go. Just seems like a slow start of the year. I truly hope things do improve. I have been a long time member, and I have kept my thoughts to myself and gone with the flow of the good and sometimes bad. For the most part, PSN has been pretty good. PSN, dont spiral out of control, do let us down, and we the supporters/consumers will be there. Anyway, just wanted to say my peace this once.

  • I hate to say I’m thankful for a slow week but I’ve gotten so many good games recently (Yakuza Dead Souls, Armored Core V, Warriors Orochi 3, Tales of Graces) I need to give my wallet a break and enjoy the games I already got! XD

  • Hmmm… guess I’ll grab the demos for Zack Zero and Blades of Time. Need to see if either of those are worth buying for me.

    @craigun: You do realize that if you hit :triangle: on any content type, you can put it in a custom folder by going to “Information” and editing the usually blank “Album” field, right? Then just hit :square: to change how you view that specific content type (i.e. Music, Video, Game, etc.). I just recently did this as my “PS3” list was well over 100 titles, and I needed it organized better. I’d just been too lazy to sort it. But now, it’s all nice and separated into folders. I’ve been doing this with my video downloads for a while now. You should try it.

  • Smugglers Run or Smugglers Run 2, maybe both would be fun to see either as a classic or a new PS3 version brought out :)

  • You guys are making me glad I didn’t buy a vita yet.There are tons of complaints and little too no support. Just what you wont with a new system.If they ever make it work as good as the psp I’ll head on down to best buy that day and buy one.

  • OH MY GOD. Japan studio are you there??? HELLO???
    Its been ALONG time since ape escape 1 released in japan as a psone classic. And um…? It did well in Usa and EU too… SO PLEASE! BRING APE ESCAPE TO PSONE CLASSICS!

  • Btw… why is there nothing ever good anymore? Bring more psone and ps2 classics PLEASE!
    My wishlist for classics:

    PSone classics: Ape escape
    Ps2 classics: Ape escape 2, Ape escape 3, Silent hill 4, Resident evil outbreak, the sims, the sims bustin out, the urbz, extermination, war of the monsters.

  • @ DragonsProtector


  • Did anyone get thier code for super star dust delta? because I did not yet and it’s been over 30 days

  • So are PS1 classics not a thing anymore? Seems they completely stopped happening.

  • When you have more news for VITA and more games for adults?

  • hmmm doesn’t look like their’s anything for me this week. Sall good though April has some great stuff coming for plus members so I’m gonna use my money to renew that.

  • @ 93, GODFATHERTIG- “1/2 the things you thought” well, some of these things take time. It plays fine as a gaming portable & yes, those PSP/mini issues are being resolved. It’s still early & if you have some regrets now, you def. didn’t do your research.

    I’m reading these posts about the value of + & it’s really sad. Sony can’t read your minds. If you liked EVERYTHING they had to offer then the value is certainly there. But these users refuse to be realistic because it’s hit or miss (free games, trails, betas, early access, avatars, themes, + discounts) every month & yet users will moan one month & praise another. Grow up, & look at the value of + collectively.

    My 1st 4 months of + I bought nothing because the content didn’t suit me. The next 4 months were great & more than made up the cost of +. No point in being upset about it, that’s just the nature of the service.

  • Well we will see how Much time it will take na dsony wonders why they get hacked because half the time they dont follow through and i see more and more and more and more comments with regular people like me wondering whats going on with cheeesy games and half ass service.


  • AND i hate to Break it to you BUT WE ARE the customer AND THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RITE! so they can take it how they want not sure if they care. But they should listen to what the customer has to say and go from there or next time its off to another company for this guy and im sure many others.

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