Sumioni: Demon Arts Inks Its Way to PS Vita Today

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Sumioni: Demon Arts Inks Its Way to PS Vita Today

Sumioni: Demon Arts

Well, the day has finally come. We’ve talked about the many ways to play Sumioni: Demon Arts and gone into great detail on how the game perfectly complements the PS Vita’s many unique features, but now it’s time to see for yourself just how addictive it truly is.

Sumioni: Demon Arts is an exclusive PS Vita action platformer from Acquire and XSEED Games that taps into PS Vita’s powerful touchscreen. Using your finger, you’ll be able to draw bridges to cross dangerous obstacles, summon thunderclouds or sacred lions to attack enemies, and much, much more. Sumioni will be available to download for $19.99 later today on PlayStation Store. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, listen to the latest PlayStation Blogcast now and submit a user tip or user question, then tune in later this week to see if you won a free download code for the game.

Sumioni: Demon Arts

Sumioni: Demon ArtsSumioni: Demon Arts

Sumioni: Demon Arts

Still not convinced? Check out the game’s official North American website for gameplay descriptions, screenshots, videos, music, wallpapers and more. This is our first foray into the wonderful world of the Vita, and we’re extremely excited to see how well it’s received. So go forth, loyal masses! Go forth and paint! Just be sure you take some time to let us know what you “ink” once you’ve had a chance to “draw” some conclusions.

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  • Is this game download only? or will it be available on Vita Card? how much space it takes? what is the average completion time?

    this game looks pretty promising, I’d love to try it

    • Download only. Takes up a little over 200 MB. Average completion time is between 2 and 8 hours depending on your skill level and how much of a trophy-hunter you are — but that’s just for the base game. There’s DLC for it in Japan that adds quite a bit to that time, and we’re looking into the possibility of releasing that here as well.

  • The game has trophies.

    The size of the game is 226 MB if I recall correctly.

    The game was released in Japan for $ 40 and I believe was on a PS VITA memory card (retail product).

    So, $ 20 is a great deal.

  • Spent about 1.5 hours with this game this evening. Its interesting.

    -the asthetic, art style is really nice
    -very PSVesque in regards to using the imputs. Obviously the drawing mechanic. At some points it feels like I’m manhandling the PSV due to all the things you have to do at once.

    -now having played it and seeing what it offers, 19.99 is too high for this title. Should’ve been 9.99, especially seeing that it does not come with a platinum.
    -small trophy count, and as aforementioned, no platinum


  • User Tip : Use PlayStation Button and Start button to use screenshot.
    This game seems very exciting and i’m loving this detailing review : _ ) i’m so proud of PlayStation

  • User tip: use the rear touch function to control some ps vita based games such as Little Divients ”TM”
    Seem pretty excellent this game right there

  • Here’s another tip I found messing around today with my Vita: Press the PS button for a couple of seconds and a menu with the following:

    – brightness
    – music volume
    – disable microphone
    – prioritized party chat

    Works on the home screen, games, music and video apps.

  • this game looks neat

  • A demo would have been nice. I’ll wait for some some more people to try it before I buy.

    • No EU launch is planned on our end at the current time, I’m afraid. We’ll make sure to post an announcement if that should change, however.

  • What languages does this game support in the North American SKU? i.e. Does it have multiple language support or did you port it straight over to English?

  • looks nice!!!

  • Hi Tom,
    For post production loc jobs it is standard, unfortunately. More major publishers nowadays though are opting for a single SKU with multiple language options, especially for digital releases. I understand that localizing a game often does not involve any development on your part and the only recourse may be to urge your developers to support this feature.
    Naturally this practice is not an issue for most players but as a bilingual person I would no sooner play the translated version of a Japanese game than I would read the Japanese version of Moby Dick or the English version of 世界の終わりとハードボイルド・ワンダーランド.
    As for disc based games, for most Sony, MS and Capcom titles I can buy it here and enjoy the original version (writing included) but anything Namco Bandai or Atlas publishes, for example, I’m stuck importing. For other companies it depends on the studio; I’m unfamiliar with yours so I thought I’d ask.
    Looks like a fun game though! Maybe I’ll import the cartridge version someday.

  • So are you guys ever going to get Ys I & II Chronicles working on Vita? Dunno why that was left out when the other Ys games work on it.

  • add me for vita games

  • This game looks interesting. Gonna go check it out. :)

  • So when will it be available in Middle East / U.K. PS store?

  • Should have been released in a physical format.

    It’s too bad XSeed doesn’t consider all Vita customers when it makes a release.

  • I just ordered a Vita, and I’ll definitely be picking up this one. XSEED has shown in the past couple of years that they ROCK THE HOUSE!!! Just look at them: Corpse Party, Legend of Heroes, and the beloved Ys series. I swear they are the next Working Designs. Practically speaking, if digital download titles are the future, XSEED certainly has the biggest grasp of quality and value; they’ve sold me on the concept. Here’s hoping that Falcom will release a new Ys and/or Legend of Heroes so that XSEED will localize them to the US. Keep it up, guys. You’re at the top of my list :-)

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