Sumioni: Demon Arts Inks Its Way to PS Vita Today

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Sumioni: Demon Arts Inks Its Way to PS Vita Today

Sumioni: Demon Arts

Well, the day has finally come. We’ve talked about the many ways to play Sumioni: Demon Arts and gone into great detail on how the game perfectly complements the PS Vita’s many unique features, but now it’s time to see for yourself just how addictive it truly is.

Sumioni: Demon Arts is an exclusive PS Vita action platformer from Acquire and XSEED Games that taps into PS Vita’s powerful touchscreen. Using your finger, you’ll be able to draw bridges to cross dangerous obstacles, summon thunderclouds or sacred lions to attack enemies, and much, much more. Sumioni will be available to download for $19.99 later today on PlayStation Store. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, listen to the latest PlayStation Blogcast now and submit a user tip or user question, then tune in later this week to see if you won a free download code for the game.

Sumioni: Demon Arts

Sumioni: Demon ArtsSumioni: Demon Arts

Sumioni: Demon Arts

Still not convinced? Check out the game’s official North American website for gameplay descriptions, screenshots, videos, music, wallpapers and more. This is our first foray into the wonderful world of the Vita, and we’re extremely excited to see how well it’s received. So go forth, loyal masses! Go forth and paint! Just be sure you take some time to let us know what you “ink” once you’ve had a chance to “draw” some conclusions.

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  • i´m so buying this game when i get a vita this june!

    on the other hand, Where is Grand Knights History!?

    please let me know

    thank you

    • Localization on Grand Knights History is in a holding pattern right now while we wait for the dev team. When we have news to share, we’ll share it — but until then, please accept our apologies for keeping you in suspense!

  • Yup. I was JUST in an EB Games and totally forgot to buy a PSN card. Really looking forward to this one, hopefully next time I won’t be so absent minded :P.

    So sorry XSEED, next time I go out I’ll be sure to have this on the forefront of my mind!

  • How big is the download file going to be?

    User tip: Rub the back panel to get more ink

  • I will keep refreshing all night until it is available to buy.

    Must. Play. Now.

  • Will there be a demo?


    Just go to to buy your PSN card. You can get a digital code and get reward points.

    • We’re considering a demo release, but if there is one, it won’t be for a while. For the time being, I’d suggest checking gameplay videos and reading up on the game’s finer details at to see if it seems like something you’d enjoy.

      If it looks and sounds good to you, then chances are, you’ll enjoy it.

  • Lame. A side scrolling game. I can get plenty of those on Ipod touch’s app store for free and not have to dish out 30 or 40 bucks for it either or have to buy a OVERPRICED memory card to play it on either. No thank you I’ll stick to PS3 full games and for games like this I’ll stick to my awesome ipod touch. Vita was overrated I returned the day after I had it. No youtube on vita was a no sale for me.

    • Well, remember, the Vita is a gaming device first and foremost. Yes, it can do other things — but its primary purpose is to play games, and that’s something it does exceptionally well. Sumioni: Demon Arts honestly could not exist on any device other than the PS Vita due to the wide variety of input methods that must be combined together in order to play the game effectively. While I’m sure it could potentially be approximated on another touchscreen device (with a bit of creative thinking and re-tooling of control schemes), it would be nowhere near as visceral or rewarding an experience, and would lose the vast majority of its charm and excitement.

      In addition, the cost of a memory stick really isn’t relevant to Sumioni’s price tag since (A) the download size is very small and (B) one memory stick can hold well more than just a single game, and you’re always free to delete one game to make room for another, with the option to redownload the deleted game whenever you want.

      Honestly, Sumioni is a very unique experience, and one that I truly believe you could never find anywhere else — no matter how hard you may try!


    Its not really 30 or 40 bucks. Its 20 bucks

  • Will this game have DLC?

    • DLC was released for the Japanese version of the game, and we’re looking into making that same DLC available to North American audiences sometime in the future. Stay tuned!

  • Oh my BAD a 20 dollar game but that 20 dollar side scroller turns into a 50 dollar side scroller cause you have to buy memory to play it on vita, Cheapest card is about 25 bucks plus tax. Looking at almost 30 bucks just for a card to play it on. No thank you cause my ipod has memory built in already and games like this FREE on the app store. I can watch and post videos on youtube off my ipod in stunning 720P HD quality. Vita shoots video in VGA. So until you get a browser on that vita that will support youtube and just be a better browser in general I won’t be buying another one. Upgrade the browser and camera on it and you have a deal. Until then Ipod touch is just hands down better. If I want stick controls I’ll use my ps3’s.

  • How many levels the game have or how many hours is it?
    And the developers provide DLC on the near months?

    • 30 levels, and play time varies quite a bit based on your platforming abilities. If you’re a seasoned platformer with a penchant for quickly getting used to new modes of play, you might be able to speed-run this game to completion in 2 hours or less. The average player, however, should be able to get 4-8 hours of gameplay from it easily, with future DLC promising more.


    Dude, at least try it before criticizing it. I mean look at Okami on the PS2 or Rayman Origins, both incredible games and got great reviews. Just because its a 2D sidescroller doesn’t instantly mean its ipod quality freeware.

    Never judge a book by its cover.

  • Did developers not hear how much people disliked all those touch gimmicks on the DS?

    Did they not notice how even the beloved Zelda is bashed simply because of its touch only controls?

    When I hear about controls like this all that goes through my mind is “do I really want carpal tunnel to play this what looks like an awesome game but is no doubt ruined by a unconformable gimmick?”

    **Your wording makes it sound like a touch only game.**

    • It uses a combination of touch controls and button controls, actually — and combines them in a way I’ve never seen done before.

      What players seem to hate is when touchscreen features are shoehorned into a game that really doesn’t need them. When a game is designed around touchscreen features, however, it’s more often celebrated than not — and this is definitely a game that was designed with the touchscreen in mind.

      It’s one of those things that’s hard to do justice with words or even videos. You just need to play it for yourself and see what you think. I guarantee it’s a lot more intuitive and fun than you’re expecting it to be.

  • Definitely getting this also!!! Love XSEED and my Vita. Still I have a question TOM: Are you guys going to bring Persona 4 Vita over, PLEASE?

  • Well I watch out some videos of the game and I’ll buy it today :D

  • Will there be a demo? descriptions and what not.. written to sell you on the game is cute, but I want to try before I buy :)

    • We’re exploring the possibility of releasing a demo somewhere down the line, but there won’t be one available in the near future. Sorry!

  • 6# That’s like saying, why play ps3 games when you can play free flash games online?

    Huge differente in quality.

  • Getting this when the store updates. Love the art style and love the fact that XSEED release stuff like this.
    Now, if we could just get some more Corpse Party releases…!

    • Hey, you’ve got a friend on the inside for that one. Believe me, I pester my coworkers about Corpse Party on an almost daily basis. The first one was sooooo fun to work on. ;)

  • lol, BLUE-EYED-SLICKT is clearly out to get a rise out of you guys/gals. Stop feeding the troll.

    An Apple ipod touch with 32 GB memory is $299. A PS Vita with 32GB memory is $349. IMO, the Vita is well worth the extra $50 bucks. The 2 excellent analog sticks, Dpad, and buttons are worth it alone. Not to mention the extra horspower and the 5-inch OLED screen. The analog sticks took some getting used to, but they work just as well as the DualShock…amazing really.

  • I will be picking this up. The game looks to have some interesting concepts and I love XSEED for publishing this type of games. I don’t expect that much in terms of content though.

  • @BLUE-EYED-SLICKT No offense or anything but you sound like one of those spoiled kids who throw a fit in the middle of Wal-Mart. If you dont have a vita anymore because you were unsatisfied, you dont gonna rant and rave on here and show your immaturity. On the subject of this game (cause thats what the post is about), i am interested in playing it but i think im gonna wait for a demo. I’ve been too anxious on buying stuff on PSN without trying them first so i’ll wait for a demo and if i like it, i will throw my money your way XSEED.

    I will admit though…that I think the $249 PS Vita should have come with an 8GB memory card.

  • @ BLUE. Pls, the Vita is a slick piece of tech that comes with a moderate to steep price of entry. All things considered, its cheap compared to other “gadgets”, especially something like an iPhone or tablet. Just be grateful that this title is being released AT ALL. It is far less risky to publish niche games via digital then retail, I only hope that XSEED continues this trend in brining us games that we WOULD OTHERWISE NEVER HAVE BECAUSE OF SHIPPING, PRODUCTION AND MERCHANDISING COSTS.

    Spoiled child syndrome indeed. You must be from that early 20 something generation (not saying all of you are like this, but many are) that have obscene self-entitlement issues coming from a life of getting – and never working – for what you want.

    Anyway, Tom, any word on Ragnarok Odyssey? :) C’mon the Vita’s first true online JRPG!!! Let’s keep those PSP JRPGs coming too! Digital only is fine if its easier for you guys. I’d also buy and Shadow Hearts of Wild Arms PS2 HD remasters IN A SECOND.

    • Can’t comment on any of those ideas in your last paragraph except by quoting The Simpsons:

      “Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.”


  • What size will the download be? Approximately how long is the game?

    • A little over 200 MB, and the length of the game (as it stands) ranges anywhere from 2 to 8 hours depending on your skill and how many trophies you’re trying to get.

      And that’s without DLC. Future DLC content should add quite a bit to that time, I think.

      …And that’s also without the inevitable replays you’re going to want to do, since the game is really very fun. ;)

  • looks neat but want a demo before I buy it.


    If youtube is more important to you than the actual gaming then you must not be much of a gamer. Vita is a gaming device first and app games don’t compare to vita games. Guaranteed this game will have more depth than any touch app and anything that looks close to this isn’t going to be free lol. Yes it should have a bigger memory card but you can fit this on the 4gb. Also… when the heck has 720 been “stunning”? Like i said… not much of a gamer. SMH@ this CoD generation.

  • Love Japanese art & culture! Lookin’ forward to reviews & release later today.

  • @poodude : Gamestop online delivers PSN cards digitally and instantly (sometimes an hour delay to verify purchase). I use them now that amazon stopped doing instant PSN cards.

    As for Sumioni, I didn’t care for it much. Not a fan of plat-former games to begin with, and I find it hard to move around while having to swipe the screen to create steps or use special arts.

    Thank though XSEED for continuing to bring the niche games over to the states =)

    • Have you actually tried playing Sumioni, then? Because you’d THINK it would be hard to use the touchscreen while controlling your character with the D-pad and buttons… but strangely, it isn’t! It’s amazing how natural and intuitive it feels. Acquire did a fantastic job.

  • The Size is roughtly 300mb and It can be played in 1-2 hours for first playthrough but more I think for all collectables etc….

  • That reminds me, the Japanese version got a picture gallery and leader board will this be day 1? And is the picture gallery unlockable by doing certain things or will all the images be available once you start the game?

    Also congrats on releasing Ys on Steam :)

  • To all those telling me to go to the Gamestop or Best Buy sites, thanks! I’d use those, but I’d rather not input a credit card (hence, my wanting to use a PSN card). Just a personal preference is all.

  • I Think BLUEEYE whatever #6 MAKES SOME REALLY REALLY GOOD POINTS and sony or who ever SHOULD TAKE SOME POINTERS FROM that kind of criticism! DONT HATE Because Most OF what he says is basically true! If we wanted side scrolling game we all would turn to our ipods! SO far in my opinion UNCHARTED AND MOTORSTORM A FREE GAME AT THAT IS THE BEST GAMES FOR THE VITA! They Deff need to improve on the GAME STATURE……BIG TIME. So i cant say i blame the man!

  • I don’t know much about this game but it certainly looks beautiful. Really unique art style. I, too, would appreciate a demo.

  • hmm another awaiting moderation? What did my post have that is wrong?

  • No offense to some of you, but are you new to the internet? Obvious troll is obvious :D

  • I LOVE my Vita!

    That said, we are getting dangerously close to running out of “soon.”

    Please give back my PSOne Classics.

  • @BLUE-EYED-SLICKT You’re comparing the Vita to the iPhone?


  • Sometimes you have to feed the troll. And stuff his face with HUMBLE PIE..Super mario Bros is a side scrooler. and im pretty sure you bought 3 copies of that game over the years. Sonic the hedgehog is a side scroller also, and again, im pretty sure you BOUGHT that too.IMO, $20 is a very solid price for a Ps Vita game. The iPod with its lack of physical controller, will always be a step behind dedicated handheld consoles and granted. the ipod is not a gaming machine. Its an all in one multimedia device. the Vita is a gaming machine 1st and a multimediia device there after. So go ahead, feed the troll, just dont let him out of his cage. Keep on Gamin.

  • Is it possible to purchase Vita games from the PS3 store? I’ll definitely purchase this today if so. I don’t have a Vita yet, but I’ll gladly support this title today if it’s possible.

  • @Mister-Nep

    Most Vita games are available from the PSN Store. That being said Sumioni is a digital title only, so yes, you can buy it. Should be available right now if you’re in North America :).

  • I dont KNOW ABOUT Some of you but you MUST BE NEW TO this GENERATION! i Watched this on youtube if i wanted to play a game like this…… i WOULD OF KEPT MY GAMEGEAR DORK! The PS VITA HAS MORE POTENTIAL! COME OHN MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TROLL THIS rite out the window with your 2d kids game.

    No offence to the ones who made it but when i bout my vita i was hoping for more Than what was offered im sorry Keep doing what ya do and ima DO what i do and leave.

  • It’s so hard not to respond to trolls.

    But @Blue: the Vita has two things the iPod Touch will never have: a physical D-pad and a physical game pad, and that alone makes it worth every penny.

  • That said, this game is now downloading. I can’t wait to play it, I’ve been looking forward to it since the announcement.

    And for $20, it’s one hell of a deal, because it was a full-retail release in Japan.

  • great art style.

  • @ BLUE I hate people like you if I can reach over this screen i would make you bleed till your soul bleeds, I got nothing to say about what you said, it just makes me feel like you should not be living.

  • How exactly do you control the character in the game? Is it a combination of moving with the left analog stick and creating platforms with the front touch screen? Is a button used to jump? Is the rear touch pad just used for refilling ink? Seems interesting, and of course, the art style is amazing.

    • Yes to all of your questions. And surprisingly, it all works extremely well. Your hands will be very busy when you play the game, but you’ll never feel like you’re contorting them unnaturally or anything. It all just… works!

  • Jesus,

    A bunch of cry babies. This is where we separate boys from men.

    I bought a game as soon as it became available. Have not played it yet but will do so tonight.


  • *rubs head* God God not ANOTHER walking, talking Apple commercial again. BLUE-EYED-SLICKT do me a favor and go play your Ipad games and shut up. You haven’t played the damn game yet and your already here judging it and blabbing on about it. Just go away.


    Does it have trophies?

  • Finally a game that I want on my Vita at an affordable price (don’t judge, I’m a student). This will be my first real game for my Vita (unless Escape Plan counts).

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