Your Journey Begins: Journey Comes to PSN Today

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Your Journey Begins: Journey Comes to PSN Today

It’s been a little over three years since we launched our last game, Flower. It was a difficult game to describe, but a game that we took great pride in. Many of you took a chance with it and were as moved by it as we hoped people would be. Now we’re here, three years later, on March 13th, 2012. We can’t wait to let you experience our latest PlayStation-exclusive game, Journey.

Journey for PS3 (PSN)Journey for PS3 (PSN)

It has been heartening to see the reactions from the press so far. We’ve had editors tell us how much the game moved them emotionally, or fundamentally changed the way they think about multiplayer in video games. Our goal was to change the impression players have towards each other over the network. We wanted to bring a thatgamecompany-style adventure to our players and create an emotional connection between them. And it’s been great to hear we might have achieved this goal.

Your Journey Begins: Journey Comes to PSN Today

We get very nervous before the reviews hit. With the early access for PlayStation Plus subscribers last week, we started getting reactions from the players. We couldn’t be more moved by what reviewers and players are saying about Journey on the web. Thank you for sharing your Journey experiences with us, they are what keep us going and make all of our hard work truly worthwhile.

Your Journey Begins: Journey Comes to PSN Today

Don’t forget to head over to Facebook to pick up your exclusive Journey avatar for your PSN ID. If you’ve played Journey already, let us know in the comments what you think of it. And if you’re waiting to get it tonight, let us know what you’re most looking forward to. I hope you enjoy the game, and I hope to see you online!

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  • This game truly is a masterpiece. As far as the question of showing the new travelers the secrets. I say let them find them on their own so that they can experience it like we did. I have pushed the majority of my friends to purchase this game. Actually one of my friends coerced me into purchasing it last week.

    I envy all that will take their first steps on this amazing Journey. You will not be disappointed. My only words of advice are please take your time and enjoy every moment. Thanks again for this wonderful gift.

  • Dear PSN,

    why does it take so long for you to update your store? every Tuesday i have to wait until nighttime to download a game I sometimes already paid for.

  • @4 you can buy psn cards off bestbuy and gamestop sites

  • @4 and yes they are digital downloads

  • @39 Journey was out a week early for PS+ users but, this week is the normal release date for the game and it will be available when the store updates

  • I want a white cloak! 8( Guess that means i’ll be plying some more 8)

  • Most beautiful mind blowing eye hurting and touching game EVER 15 well spend this game must play everyone to see what I mean….


    Do you by any chance have plans to expend story trough DLC perhaps (or in some case game updates…) I am wuold love to see this.. Game like this should NEVER END.

    While I wait and hope for respond it’s my honor to thank you guys for MOST AMAZING GAME in PSN history.. Hope next one will be as ell from your kitchen.. Sony thug these guys and never let them go away ( I should say let them not want to leave SONY side they are something unique you have people like this will make future of PSN strong and unbreakable and very unique as well.. By very I meant VERY….

  • I don’t usualy download games, so I’m surprised and frustrated to see that this isn’t availabe at 7;20 pm Eastern on the supposed day of release. If this was physical game, or a CD, or a Blu-ray, or even an iTunes download, it would have been available no later than 10 am this morning.

    What possible excuse is there for this delay? Has Sony ever bothered to explain this?

  • I pre-ordered the game last week and I’m now downloading it. It appeared labelled as “Free” in the Playstation Plus folder… :P

    The file is 589MB

  • I can confirm what p_morin posted; I had prepaid this game last week; I went into the PS plus folder of new releases and the game is available for download!

  • Ah man… I went in there like six times in the last hour too. Never even noticed…

  • ..maybe at 23:59

  • hey.. it’s available!!!! finally!

  • I just finished it. I’m at a lost for words. My mind can’t truly express what I kind of Journey I experienced. I didn’t know what to expect but now I see. Breathtaking is the only thing that comes to mind but it’s so much more.

  • I am so excited to play this game! Unfortunately the PSN Store is down and I can not download it. I understand that downloadable games will be the future for gaming consoles as a way for developers to defend themselves from lost profits due to used video game sales, but ultimately it become a disservice to the loyal fans that buy want to buy their product. I could go into this topic at much greater length but my thoughts will just get glossed over.

  • Journey is a masterpiece. The atmosphere and visuals are absolutely stunning. The music evokes your emotions and sets the tone perfectly. This is one of the most unique games I’ve ever played. I was really blown away. Journey is an amazing title that everyone should experience.

  • I seriously do NOT understand why everyone is RAVING about journey. Yeah it looks good and is a unique experience. But is is unforgivably short with no REAL satisfying desire for replayability. At $14.99 I would suggest people pass and wait for a sale. Don’t believe the hype for the price (it is seriously like 2 hours long).

  • This game is so beautiful. Will keep you saying WOW!!! Thank you for this wonderful game :)

  • Hi team, I just wanted you to know that your game has brought me hope that blockbusters havent already killed the ideology that a game is the most expressive art form in existence. You’ve truly brought back the passion that has been fading in me for quite some time now. Not only the art, but the literal journey you’ve created is amazing, i’ve played once, with a stranger of course. We stuck together, from the light hearted desert prancing in the start, to the cold struggle forcing us to become close and work together in the end. I think depersonalising multiplayer, has made it so much more personal.

    I sincerely hope that all your team reads my thanks and appreciation, and that you gain enough expose and funding to continue creating stunning interactive art, and i think you should continue in revolutionising gaming and social gaming no matter how hard things get. Honesyl, thank you, all of you, so much.


  • More people need to start making with the buying of this game. Seriously, this game is amazing. I can’t wait to start exploring more of the game once my midterms are over!

  • Please release the soundtrack as 24-bit WAV! I don’t mind paying $10 for a soundtrack, but it had better be HD quality.

    Loved the beta, and am loving the full game. The small graphical, cloth/sand physics, and audio quality improvements are noticeable and greatly appreciated.

  • @67 I don’t understand why you are the only one not raving about Journey. Honestly to each his own is my motto. I have only seen one person play the game and not like it. He is not a very mature individual and he was more concerned with what you shoot or why am I going so slow up this sand. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I despise Call of Duty but I never hate those millions of sheep… ah followers of the series. Most only play because everyone has it but it is the same game.

    I do hate when COD people want every game to be like COD. Fortunately they don’t run the gaming industry. The more games like Journey that are successful, the more diverse experiences we will have to play. I don’t want a lot of cookie cutter clones. How many games tried to copy COD? Sorry for the rant but just saying let people like what they choose. If you don’t like it move on to something else. That comes with maturity so if you are a kid you will learn one day. Hopefully

  • One problem,,,,, you can’t tell if someone is playing with you,,,, how can you connect with that person?
    And there is NO voice communication ,,, I don’t know if there are others with me in the game or just another computer generated player,,,gay! But the game is awesome other than that..
    Add me if you want to game …

  • One problem,,,,, you can’t tell if someone is playing with you,,,, how can you connect with that person?
    And there is NO voice communication ,,, I don’t know if there are others with me in the game or just another computer generated player,,,! But the game is awesome other than that..

    Add me if you want to game …


  • One problem,,,,, you can’t tell if someone is playing with you,,,, how can you connect with that person?
    And there is NO voice communication ,,, I don’t know if there are others with me in the game or just another computer generated player,,,But the game is awesome other than that..


    Add me if you want to game …

  • Whats this game about?! I didn’t get it.. the video is too brief..

  • I’m a bit of a trophy hound and I am asking for help with the co-op trophies. Using the “select” button will cause your player to sit. So if anyone sees someone sit down, please join them to help get the Reflection trophy. Thanks!

  • I just got the game today. It’s amazing! I found it very artistic/creative. I do have one complaint though (and I’m sure most people would agree)… It is VERY, no I mean VERY, short. I spent about 2 hours on it. If you’re one of those people who like short games, go ahead and buy it. Maybe PSN or whoever can release a DLC or something so you can make it longer (I’d definitely buy it).

    The animation for the game is superb, the music is great, the characters are interesting (they remind me of Jawas, those things from Star Wars if I got the name correct…). So, I’d give the game an 8.5 out of 10, now release a DLC and we’ll all be happy ;).

  • This game is amazing. My girlfriend noticed a typo in the game. In the very beginning, the typo says “Do not turn of the playstation”. It is supposed to be a warning about not turning the ps3 off while the game is saving.


  • I was a little confused at first but it quickly wore off. This ‘game’ is more of an experience than anything else but it was still absolutely AMAZING and well worth the money.

  • Never mind, I take back what I said. I gave it an “8.5 out of 10”. I changed my mind, I give it a 10 out of 10. It is a very short game (if you go quick, It’ll last an hour or so, but it won’t last over two hours). But, I found out that it is the perfect length. If something like this game would’ve dragged on longer, it may have made it worse.

    At one comment I was reading, they were talking about that you can’t communicate with the other player. That is true, but you can make BASIC communication by using the O button. When I first got the game, I thought I was playing with A.I., but my partner seemed too advanced to be A.I. (for example, they “replied” to me), so you can kinda tell that way.

    I do somewhat agree with one comment, about it not having much replay value, that is somewhat true. It is fun once and a while, but it does get a bit repetitive. I guess games like these are kinda supposed to be a “one-time thing”, but considering how popular the game seems to be, they might be able to make a sequel, or maybe even a prequel. I think it’s definitely something to consider.

  • I will be getting your masterpiece soon Mr. Chen. I can’t wait to play! Flower was one of the best games this generation, and Journey looks truly stunning. Kudos to sticking to your artistic strength as a designer and conveying something that looks to be truly powerful and sublime.

  • awesome

  • this amazes me

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