Your Journey Begins: Journey Comes to PSN Today

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Your Journey Begins: Journey Comes to PSN Today

It’s been a little over three years since we launched our last game, Flower. It was a difficult game to describe, but a game that we took great pride in. Many of you took a chance with it and were as moved by it as we hoped people would be. Now we’re here, three years later, on March 13th, 2012. We can’t wait to let you experience our latest PlayStation-exclusive game, Journey.

Journey for PS3 (PSN)Journey for PS3 (PSN)

It has been heartening to see the reactions from the press so far. We’ve had editors tell us how much the game moved them emotionally, or fundamentally changed the way they think about multiplayer in video games. Our goal was to change the impression players have towards each other over the network. We wanted to bring a thatgamecompany-style adventure to our players and create an emotional connection between them. And it’s been great to hear we might have achieved this goal.

Your Journey Begins: Journey Comes to PSN Today

We get very nervous before the reviews hit. With the early access for PlayStation Plus subscribers last week, we started getting reactions from the players. We couldn’t be more moved by what reviewers and players are saying about Journey on the web. Thank you for sharing your Journey experiences with us, they are what keep us going and make all of our hard work truly worthwhile.

Your Journey Begins: Journey Comes to PSN Today

Don’t forget to head over to Facebook to pick up your exclusive Journey avatar for your PSN ID. If you’ve played Journey already, let us know in the comments what you think of it. And if you’re waiting to get it tonight, let us know what you’re most looking forward to. I hope you enjoy the game, and I hope to see you online!

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  • Thank you for this amazing experience!

  • Bought this game last wednesday an I have to say it’s the best US$ 15 bucks I have ever spent in gaming. OMG. Seriously, thatgamecompany have just created a new masterpiece for the PS3 gaming library.

    Thanks a bunch for such an amazing exprience.

  • Don’t have PS+. I could only pre-order last week. Can’t wait for the store to update today!

  • Bring Playstation Network cards back to Amazon so I can actually use my $20 credit please! :)

    PS: Game looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • Facebook used to promote a game;( What is this world coming to someone once said if there using Facebook here what are they using in Hell. :)

  • “A” stands for Awesome.
    “B” stands for Beautiful.
    “C” stands for Critically Acclaimed.

    Simply by following the unique “zen” pattern, TGC’s games have no rivals. Seriously, are there any other games like these which we can compare?
    You guys got the whole world in your hands, keep up the good work!

  • There’s no words to describe journey it’s such an amazing experice I was just blown away… Thank you for such a great game I can’t stop playing it. Game of the year for sure.

  • This game was amazing. i recommend everyone play it. Seriously…

  • One of the best gaming experiences in all of my 20 plus years of gaming, the ending was so amazing, I highly recommend this game! :)

  • Journey is a must-buy for everybody reading this blog. The experience you’ll have with the game is truly unlike anything else out there.

  • I’ll be sticking to this avatar for a long time thank you thatgamecompany.

  • sony… has been 5 weeks since firmware 4.10 killed your official 7.1 stereo wireless headset….where is the fix?!?!?!? this is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One of the best games I have played! Is the soundtrack going to be available?

  • Since you make regular users wait, I’ll do you one better and wait for a sale.

  • Long time reader… first time “comment-er”… but I had to say how much I enjoyed the game! 10 out of 10… Number 1 on my list so far this year
    -nuff said!

  • Some people might be sitting on the fence because of the $15 price tag, but I would recommend getting this game anyways.
    It is kind of short, but games like these don’t come out that often. The visuals and music are beautiful and the way they incorporated multiplayer adds even more to the experience.
    I loved playing this game! GO BUY IT!

  • Got my preorder done; now just counting down till it goes through :)

  • well as you know your game is very good. I would like to say i hope you take the time to stick around and hang with the psn brand. We love you guys here you have alot of talent. I know the guys at sony would have to be foolish to not try sign you guys to big multi milliondollar contract.

    Evryone talking about the nfl peyton manning sweepstake , but the “thatgamecompany” sweepstake is one this brand cant afford to be losing. You guys are breath of fresh air on here and you bring life to psn gamers as well other indie devs here on the brand.

    I like to say thank you for the wonder experience with the journey. this is one of the best games of the genre on any type of platform. What you guys are doing is very dam hard to do in this generation of gaming and that be innovative and set a trend, expand the genre of gaming.Gamers are having fun for the 1st ime in along time here on the ps brand and proud to say so. I honestly thank you for that.

    vp-psn legioniaree group

  • I love Journey.
    I love thatgamecompany.

  • i preordered last wednesday….waiting for PS store to update….!! Also – might get Avatar. Lot of people judged this game without ever having played it….i actually enjoyed this game. If you play the navi portion of it….it is really a great experience. Open world, RPG elements, and beautiful graphics….kinda like WOW in an alien setting. Now hopefully PS store will update early today….!!

    BTW – Phineas And Ferb: Across The 2nd Dimension is actually a FUN game – check it out if the price is right….!!

  • Great Review! Lo quiero xD

  • Question are PSN games playable on the PS Vita? & if not they should be. And since cross-platform play doesn’t look like that will happen with all PS3 games then i hope there will be more cross-play games with the PS Vita very soon.

  • This was one of the most exhilarating gaming experiences I’ve had in a long time. I truly enjoyed playing Flower and still fire it up sometimes, but Journey is leagues ahead of it. It gets you in places other games have not or cannot and is an incredible achievement. I’ve been a PS+ member since the first day it was available and being able to get and play this early is one of my top 3 favorite benefits from it. Visually stunning, precise and amazing audio, and smooth gameplay makes this one of my current favorites, even up there with Skyrim. An ultimate in the newly coined ‘zen gaming’ genre.

  • you don’t understand what we (who played) saying until you actually play and experience it!

    it’s just amazing…. heart warming game I ever played.

  • I pre-ordered this & i can’t download it yet… Does anyone know what time i can download it?

  • Does anybody know what time of day PSN games usually come out? The last one I bought was Flower, now I have pre-ordered Journey and eagerly anticipate it! :D

  • @pQiKuSHQq – I’m sure you’ll get your hands on this amazing game after the PSN Store updates later today! Woot!!

    Get ready to meet me n my White Cloak!!! :P

  • love white cloak!!
    I do wonder if I meet new guy in game, I should show him/her around the secret… or let him/her play himself…? to feel the flow of the game…

  • Bought it last week, beat it, and loved it, it’s a MASTERPIECE Jenova, a Masterpiece! 8)

  • WTF: there’s a white cloak? Thanks for the spoiler, jerks.

    In case Jenova is reading this: I bow & call you “Master”.

  • I remember when I was 8 years old and got my first NES, put hours into it, finally defeated bowser and saved the princess, years later and system after system, games after games.. Im a hardcore gamer, I own 4 playstations and I am a first time writer here, I played Journey the night it got released and could not put it down..first time in years I had a game like that grab me by the boo boo. It was beautiful, the music was like watching Star Wars, I cannot wait to play with sum of you when you see my name pop up at the ending credits, that I played with u on this Journey we took together, EPIC EPIC EPIC….


  • Thank you to the peeps at TGC for an amazing experience with journey.. Everyone please buy this game and support the developers who put 3 years of their lives into this masterpiece..

    Couple of tips : first time play the game in one sitting, and turn off notifications( friends signing off/on and messages)

    Enjoy your journey !!!

  • Pre-ordered. Can’t wait to experience this game!

  • As much as I love me some exclusive PSN exclusives. I dont have the slightest idea of what Journey is ???? I mean, it looks nice visualy, but the gameplay show not one thing. I will have to play a demo of this before I make the jump. BTW, cant wait for Uncharted 3, new map pack today. co-op here I come.

  • I know very little about this, other than I am very excited to play through with my kids. My daughter loved Flower a few years ago, and both my kids now are 7 and 5, looking forward to this new experience.

  • Awesome, awesome experience. Have played through it 3 times now & really enjoyed it every single time! Thank you so much thatgamecompany! This is a nice swan song for your work on the PS3. Good luck with whatever your company decides to do in the future. Whatever it is, it’ll be awesome I’m sure!

  • somehow, I believe it’s better to play this game without know anything about this game… XD

  • OK tell me why the game isn’t available for download on its release date…
    Playstation just lost a couple cool points…

  • Amazing game. I’ve already collected all of the trophies (minus the 1 week return one) but still keep going through the game over and over. The final push is worth every bit of it.

    On another note… That facebook thing for an avatar and some other photo… I hit like and then hit submit, and chrome popped up a message asking me to load or not load some script. I hit load and ….then nothing happened. Is there another way to get that code?

  • ahhhh. scratch that last comment. Chrome was just being a booger. I figured it out and got the code.

  • SO to all those people outraged about not being able to get Journey bc you pre-ordered it, why did you think you ‘d be able to download it before the store is updated? relax, it ll be here tonight.

  • Thanks sciteach, I thought it had updated earlier around four because it said something about the service being down, then I when I looked it up I read something about the release date being pushed to tomorrow, but I was hoping it was untrue.

  • Journey is my GOTY 2012. Never played a more artistically and visually beautiful game. It’s more of an experience you don’t wanna miss! Journey is hands-down the most awesome, mind-blowing PSN-game ever created.

  • When you say today, do you actually mean today, tonight, or your usual of late, 1 am?

  • Thanks for the free avatar! Can’t wait to play this game later today, I loved your last 2 games and this one looks amazing.

  • Journey was a very cool experience.. not so much a game as it is an experience, my only complaint is the length of the “Journey”.. it seemed more like a trip.. on acid.. I literally thought I was gonna have a seizure towards the end.. pretty mind blowing stuff, great work thatgamecompany

  • This game should have been release at midnight; not cool waiting for the store to update; when the last couple of weeks the store as update in the evening time,,,

  • when is the store going to update im tired of waiting to play it!!!!

  • with the hype surrounding the game i thought the psn and the team behind it would have been all over this update so we could all praise the game and the psn for giving it to us this morning and not tonight… kinda lame

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