A New Era for PlayStation Network Begins With Journey

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A New Era for PlayStation Network Begins With Journey

It is an incredibly exciting time for PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus. This week we not only saw a midnight launch of Mass Effect 3 on PlayStation Network, day and date with the retail release, but we offered access to one of the best games of the year and one of the best downloadable games ever—Journey—a whole week early to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Every month PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting more and more great content out of their subscriptions, and this week’s early access marked a new milestone.

A New Era for PlayStation Network Begins With Journey

PlayStation Plus now not only offers gamers early access to demos and betas but also to full downloadable games, in addition to the tons of free and discounted content and extra exclusive features like online storage for game saves and automatic updates. That’s why we are so excited to be able to deliver Journey, one of the most highly-anticipated games of the year, to our most die-hard fans, our PS Plus subscribers, a whole week early so they can experience it before everyone else.

Journey is blowing everyone away, journalists and the PlayStation Plus subscribers alike. With an average score of 92 and 12 perfect scores so far, Journey is the crowning achievement of thatgamecompany, one of our top-tier studios. Their games have grown in scale, quality, ambition and emotion, expanding from the relaxing, experimental flOw, to the accessible and award-winning ode to nature that was Flower, and now to Journey, a metaphorical representation of life, the people we meet and the connections we make during the courses of our lives.

A New Era for PlayStation Network Begins With Journey

Our fans know that PlayStation is about bringing authentic, innovative, and unique experiences to gamers that they can’t find anywhere else. Journey is exactly that, and represents what PSN is all about. With other exclusive games like Dead Nation, the PixelJunk series, Rochard and games like Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack and Escape Plan for PS Vita, PlayStation Network is the ultimate online game platform and premier content destination for gamers looking for the most unique gaming experiences available.

We are just getting warmed up! PS Plus subscribers – you’ve still got a few more days to download Journey before everyone else, and I know you’re going to love it and remember your experience with it for years to come. So check it out today with your PlayStation Plus exclusive early access, or starting next Tuesday when it is released to the entire PlayStation Nation. And don’t forget to watch for more early, exclusive, free and discounted content coming to PS Plus month in and month out.

One last Journey note: later this morning, thatgamecompany will be chatting live with fans on PlayStation.com. Come armed with your questions; we begin at 10am Pacific right here.

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  • A new era? Yes, but only in a bad way. We didn’t get Journey a week early. Everyone else is just getting it a week late. It is like kicking someone else’s shin and then telling us that you did us a great favor by not kicking our shin too. You want to do us a favor? Stick with realeasing games to everyone at the same time and giving Plus subscribers a discount. I’m not giving you money just to make the non-paying people wait longer.

    Lame, Sony. Very, very lame.

  • I really like this game. I like it and I still can’t figure out what I like so much about it. Fundamentally, it is a towel with legs running around the desert. At any rate, it is still a lot of fun to play and in the end, that’s what really counts!

  • This game is not only beautiful, but it is actually pretty fun.
    The way they implemented the multiplayer is really unique and just makes it an overall better experience. IMO

  • I still believe this game is overpriced at 15 dollars I would gladly pay 7.50 for it. Most likely I will wait for a sale to pick it up.

  • ‘You mean Sony hasn’t signed them yet? Their next game game will be on another console, but still the PS3 at the same time?? Oh dammit Sony WHATHAVEYOUDONE.’

    “We didn’t get it a week early. Everyone else just gets it a week late.” o_O

    This is why I cannot stand what has become of the PlayStation community. Overflowing with ineptitude.


    iver played a little bit of it and it is a very nice game.cant wait to continue my journy.
    looks amazing glad i gave it a try..

  • Hey Jack Buser!

    Congrats on the promotion my fellow gamer friend! I was listening to yesterdays PS blogcast and I really enjoyed hearing you on the show. I was quite happy to hear that you are a “gamer” who “gets it”. Just like me. Its great to know that SONY has such talented hard working people like all of ya’ll. I as a gamer truly appreciate.

    In regards on PS PLUS I must admit that I went in buying it only for cloud saves, but boy did it offer a WHOLE lot more than I could’ve anticipated. It truly rocks. I recommend it to anyone. I’ll be a PS plus subscriber for life :)

    Journey has turned out to be one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had in my entire 29 year gaming life! So incredible. Tell thatgamecompany that it was such an enriching experience. It sounds corny, but I haven’t been this inspired by something like…….. EVER. I want to shoot for the stars after playing that game. I want to improve professionally and as an individual after playing that game. Forever grateful for that game.

    As always,

  • Journey is one of the best experience I had in a while about video games. Very appreciated title and probably the PSN winner of the year. I love the risks that Playstation is taking about innovation and experience.

  • X360 owners … where is your God now?

  • I really think thatgamecompany games are some of the best new ideas to come a long and love the fact that my Xbox buddies can’t play it on their lame Xbox consoles because it’s an PS3 exclusive! I seen some early screen shots and like what I have read about the game Journey. I will definitely be getting Journey.

  • @ Mr mcbuttz you said that Sony found Rockstar before Naughty Dog. Even though Crash was released a year before GTA 1 for PS1 which was also released for Windows and GB Color .Also if you have GTA 1 case lying around you’ll see they used a different name. They changed the name to Rockstar for the the 3rd GTA on PS2 which also released for Windows at the same time as PS2 later being made for the Xbox. So how did sony find Rockstar? Naughty Dog also released a game for the Sega Genesis called Rings of Power must of been 91 or around that time. Which sucked in imo and I believe even before that with 3D0 but I think they went under a different developer name.Again how did Sony find ND? Hopefully next time your knowledge of the Sony PS brand and it’s games are in fact true before posting ignorant statements. Good thing your no V.P of a company

  • “Gamers are the one who lose with exclusives, when you guys will realize that?”

    In a brief moment of clarity just before death, of course! I’m thinking you’re in the wrong place if you want to find gamers that aren’t obsessed with console exclusives and overly-committed fanboy/fangirl adoration for a product.

  • I bought Journey the moment I found out that PS+ had early access and I don’t regret the 15 dollar price tag one bit. I’m usually not one to pay full price for anything but I knew I had to have this game. I’ve played through it twice now, sadly both times on my own. The game claimed i ran into someone on my first playthough but I never saw them, dunno if i just pick slow times to play or if it’s my internet causing problems (can’t do multiplayer on a number of ps3 games for some reason) buy it, buy it now!

  • i have mine pre order .

  • Like Flow and Flower, Journey isn’t the sort of game you judge by how long it is. It’s the experience, which is worth every cent. It’s flawless! I especially love the silent online interactions. Very well done.

  • Just played through this game. Everyone owes it to them-self to play this! David2Crazy you are correct sir.

  • I am definitely looking forward to this game!

  • Well I just finished the game for the 4th time, during this 4 journeys i have experienced a new game every time, the visuals are not the best out there considering the PS3 capabilities, however they are breathtaking, the game is to short that’s also true but I cant imagine it being longer imho it has the perfect length for the type of game.
    About the price yes 15 dollars seem overpriced if you haven’t played it, but once you are done with it… well I can’t complaint (:

  • @ 42 Milagres_
    Finally regarding exclusives, well i agree with you, that would create a more “balanced market” we would buy or not a console not for its games but for its quality, price and offers/discounts, however that would also lead to games produced in “bulk” games that are like CoD (no disrespect for the franchise) the same for every console and that cant exploit the limits of the console, so what point in having the best processor, the best graphics processing unit, 3d capabilities, move, kinect (yes I know this one is not Sony, but you get the idea) if the game devs will not focus on taking advantage of those unique capabilities but instead will focus on making a game that can run on every platform, exclusive games are usually the ones that push the envelope.
    In the end every game would be like an EA game or a THQ one…
    So yes exclusive games give consoles a marketing edge but in the same time force the developers in to producing games that will in most cases become instant classics
    P.S. excuse my poor english, it is not my native language and I haven’t used it in quite some time.

  • i’m not going to lie…i’m a little disappointed at the fact that they didn’t have a midnight release for Journey…..i stayed up just so i can play it, but they didn’t release it yet…..kind of makes the whole pre ordering thing pointless…if they’re going to let you pre order it, atleast have it out by midnight….i thought that was the whole point of pre ordering a game. -.-‘

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