Unit 13 Training: Mastering Game Types

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Unit 13 Training: Mastering Game Types
Unit 13 Training: Mastering Game Types

We recently kicked off our in-depth training series for Unit 13, the PS Vita exclusive shooter that puts you in the middle of some of the world’s deadliest covert missions. This three-part in-depth video series aims to teach you everything from the core fundamentals of how to play the game to tips on how to tackle each mission type and even how to fully take advantage of Unit 13‘s networking features.

Today we’re unveiling the second installment, which introduces you to the various mission types in Unit 13 and gives you advice on how to best approach them. It goes over basic mission rules, tactical strategies for how to take on each objective and things to look out for along the way.

If you missed the first training video be sure to go back and check that out to get a great overview of Unit 13’s fundamentals, and come back on Friday for the final part of the series, “Sharing and Competing,” where we’ll cover the game’s robust connectivity features.

Unit 13 is now available exclusively for PS Vita, so now’s the time to hone your skills and discover if you have what it takes to make it to the top of the leaderboards.

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  • @mscjr

    If you are planning on purchasing a Region 3 retail copy of Unit 13, you can play the game, but you won’t be able to redeem the voucher on a United States region account… You have three options at this point: Create a new Account from your region, purchase a digital copy of this title on your account, or purchase a region 1 title so that you can redeem the voucher with the online pass on your account.

    Or, you can just purchase the region 3 software title, and play offline :D

  • Unit 13 is a great game!!! theres just alot of things that could be better with in the game/online. This is what the developers said about this game in quotes. (unit 13 was devoloped for a hand held,so it doesnt need online multiplayer,although we did put online co-op in the game.) first off does sony and zipper interactive not relize how much more money they could have made with the game if they just added multiplayer. also gammers would have been alot more happy with the game. than the developers screwed up the online co-op also. the way they mest that up was yes you have online co-op,but you can only play the missions online that you have played and completed on solo. this kills the online of the game all togeather….. heres the problem…. now we cant move through the game togeather and it makes it un fun. so now to play togeather you will have to have one person in your loby/host that has completed the game all the way through on solo. theres no co-op in this game really. we want to play online togeather and progress togeather and earn trophys togeather and talk about the game as we progress. great game terrible online. if your getting the game for online, your probably gonna be disapointed……

  • i went to pick up my preoder of unit 13 an redeemed my online pass code using my ps3 now i cant play unit 13 online cuz it wants me to put in my online pass code, do i have to buy another copy?

  • +bettlegossip

    Man, you’re reply was too late, =(, purchased a retail region 3, and as what you said, the online redeem code doesn’t work. Asian Region PSN acct is not that good so i opt for a US PSN. And I don’t want a digital copy for this game. From where I am, region 1 games costs 15-20 dollars more =(.
    On a positive view, I can re-sell the game with unused codes. Oh well, still i am having fun with solo play and daily challenges.

  • Is there a region lock in vouchers code? I didnt know I already bought a retail copy of this game that why it doesnt work.. I should not bought this game! Region lock.. Pfp3f!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I downloaded Unit 13 of the Playstation Store and it is glitching quite hard. When I go sometimes to open it just keeps the icon on a pop up screen and then when I go to turn the entire system off the PS button starts flashing and I have to go into safe mode, and the online too. It really works most of the time but it doesn’t discover games unless you actually keep pressing the refresh button. And then if you find a game the screen just goes black and then when you quit the system does the whole flashing thing. It is getting quite annoying and the demo did it too. Pls reply by updating it through a patch that is downloadable and pls fix this because over all I love this game a lot but an just annoyed that I have to keep turning it into safe mode, is this everyone or just me so I might have to replace it with a new Vita then, dunno.

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